The Great Google Crash: The World’s Dependency Revealed

22 dec 2020
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  • Hey, great insights into everything, can you get information on QNet??

    prash Kuchimanchiprash Kuchimanchi7 timmar sedan
  • This is the reason why I prefer Microsoft because the software and web designs are more beautiful. And almost everywhere I go, a bunch of websites and ads keeps recommending me to download Google Chrome and it is annoying. So I downloaded Microsoft Edge instead.

    Papichi05Papichi0523 timmar sedan
  • Hacked by the foreign entity? It's the chinese

    EmEmDag sedan
  • Google is much, too, powerful.

    Hikage SidcowHikage Sidcow2 dagar sedan
  • Damn, Google shut down for an hour... Months ago... And I’m only finding now?! (Yeah, saving *your precious data* on *someone else’s computer...* NOT Bright, at all) Ha!

    Jaime DaleJaime Dale10 dagar sedan
  • Well, they promised 99.9% uptime. Occasionally, they realized they have outperformed it and decided to shut down for an hour (0.01%) to ensure 99.9%. Fair enough, Google.

    Johann LoJohann Lo13 dagar sedan
  • Google? What is Amazon went down for an hour. lol

    SwampBewdySwampBewdy15 dagar sedan
  • I never heard of it. O_o

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns199220 dagar sedan
  • A Google SRE is the hardest IT job in the world.

    Greg FredericksGreg Fredericks26 dagar sedan
  • SEworld is the only Google "service" I use. Noticed I couldn't sign into it when the outage happened, otherwise wouldn't have known. Firefox, Duckduckgo.

    JCO2002JCO200226 dagar sedan
  • This is a wild conspiracy theory: what if google launched the cyberattack as a demonstration of power to the goverment? What if google is so powerfull that even the government cant do anything?

    Z3LTIOLZ3LTIOL27 dagar sedan
  • Luckily there is a place called "The Dark Web" so if google services fail again i have someone to talk to🥺🥺

    GDUTCHGDUTCH27 dagar sedan
  • Wow...the outage was that major I didn’t even realise.

    Paul SuggittPaul Suggitt27 dagar sedan
  • but when the world needed him the most, he vanished

    ᚺ 7ᚺ 727 dagar sedan
  • "This will be the final episode of the year" Me, a non intellectual: But.... but its March 19...

    Studio ChaptersStudio ChaptersMånad sedan
  • The home app is not that good. The google ai speaker I bought wont install on the app for a year, and google are unresponsive to error reports. I bought a movie the other day and the voices in the movie were missing, days later no reply to a error report. They used to be on spot for fixes, the company seems to have gone down a level in recent years, I think it used to answer questions better before too. It's dumber now.

    D ManD ManMånad sedan
  • @coldfusiontv could you do a video on 'how big is LG' please

    Kelly ArmantradingKelly ArmantradingMånad sedan
  • Also to be honest with you. microsoft does a better job in business side. With their office 365 (sharepoint, etc) because it is highly integrated to Windows 10.

    Ferricity AMVFerricity AMVMånad sedan
  • Well that is why we should promote competition.

    Ferricity AMVFerricity AMVMånad sedan
  • bruh this guy's content is topnotch af, way more immersive then Veritasium

    Jason ChuJason ChuMånad sedan
  • It's not even a question. Yes, big tech is too big and influential. Thanks for making the video.

    Price SmithPrice SmithMånad sedan
  • Google going away would be GREAT for America

    Aaron AngleaAaron AngleaMånad sedan
  • As an individual, I can say is that I am not dependent on google since I am not even aware that it went dark temporarily...

    R FR FMånad sedan
  • This why i still maintain my yahoo mail i created in my mid-school.

    NeirdNeirdMånad sedan
  • People will never trade in convenience. Convenience is the driver behind google, we just want more of it constantly. A service doesn't even have to be better, just more convenient.

    Lajos FidyLajos FidyMånad sedan
  • The foamy tuna genetically curve because dancer arguably slip despite a fragile wrecker. worthless, psychedelic frame

    dan sanghadan sanghaMånad sedan
  • So, I'm on the fence with this one. Whilst I can appreciate the service that Google provides, it's hard to ignore the shady practices they're involved in. That said, I use DuckDuckGo as my default search engine.

    The Analytical MenaceThe Analytical MenaceMånad sedan
  • Ironic how the NSA got hacked

    Iwan NikschIwan NikschMånad sedan
  • Gooooooo degogo !!!

    J. Burg MediaJ. Burg MediaMånad sedan
  • I actually didn't know this was a thing until now. There was a day I was confused why I couldn't access like half the internet, thought it was my computer.

    waffle_zonewaffle_zoneMånad sedan
  • I absolutely love the music this guy includes in his videos.

    D. ProfetD. ProfetMånad sedan
  • 10:18 Gotta love that media outlets consider css "hacking" (':

    Joeri Van den EyndenJoeri Van den EyndenMånad sedan
  • Have you been to china

    Joe WilliamsJoe WilliamsMånad sedan
  • American government is Overrated, they ain't $**t.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Churchill Shemi T.VChurchill Shemi T.VMånad sedan
  • And that's why I use bing.

    Leo VorelLeo VorelMånad sedan
  • it's really weird because every google app worked in incognito

    Oscar JürnaOscar JürnaMånad sedan
  • Their hack program doesn't work. Some of the exploits require tens to hundreds of millions to find, and they want it for thousands.

    TheNoodlyAppendageTheNoodlyAppendageMånad sedan
  • It was around midnight in my time zone so i was asleep

    Mulamuleli MammbaMulamuleli MammbaMånad sedan

    Issam MalhisIssam MalhisMånad sedan
  • Didn't the .com boom become the .com bust right when Google came into existence?

    BigRedTowerBigRedTowerMånad sedan
  • I don't think it's a question of "are there alternatives", because obviously there are. But rather, how secure are they? Service reliability? How well do they scale? Company fiscal stability? Ownership? What bottlenecks and weak points are there? How well do their services integrate and work with other systems? If you're trying to replace what Google provides, it's kinda important to do due dilligence to ensure you're not trading something flawed, with something worse. Having all your eggs spread across a whole bunch of different baskets, poses its own birds nest of operational, reliability and security challenges.

    pr0xZenpr0xZenMånad sedan
  • I remember this, got to miss an entire class google meet

    Streamergamer 69Streamergamer 69Månad sedan
  • @0:53, what's wrong with the good old switches??

    Cheah Yuet PengCheah Yuet PengMånad sedan
  • Wayne-Westland Michigan schools?? That's the school district I live in! My kids are adults so I hadn't even heard schools were cancelled that day until just now.

    Christine CrawfordChristine CrawfordMånad sedan
  • Its sabotage. Some other countries don't like us. The secret USA is best. I thought. So sabotage. SECURITY YEAH.... wE DREAM OF THE DAY WHEN NO ONE RUNS ANYTHING. tHAT DAY IS HERE.

    Rodney KaweckiRodney KaweckiMånad sedan
  • *Google were the ones who stole the government secrets because as soon as the government realized that they'd been hacked, that's when Google realized that the government was now aware of being hacked, so instead of being indicted by the grand jury and eventually all the top dogs going to prison for life, they instead used damage control measures to scrub any footprints that could ever lead back to them, and incidentally, that takes an average time of 30 to 45 minutes to scrub, but seeing as Google is just a tiny bit larger than the average company out there, it would have taken around an hour, but in that time they couldn't just leave their software and hardware running, because of the fact that the government DOJ, NSA & DHS use the very best trackers to track down who hacked them. Google obviously knew this, so instead of letting them track the breadcrumbs back to the company, the higher-ups simply took all of Google OFFLINE for the first time since the late nineties!! They pulled the massive on-off switch to the "OFF" position for the very first time ever. They then had an hour to scrub any trace of a footprint or backlink, then they put Google back online once again, this time CLEAR of any "wrongdoing"!!!*

    Old SkoolOld SkoolMånad sedan
  • Long live Duckduckgo!!!!!

    Vivek SahiVivek SahiMånad sedan
  • There is always a solution.

    digital tv networkdigital tv networkMånad sedan
  • another sign we are in need of a decentralized network

    A AA AMånad sedan
  • This entire video just sounds like a vendetta against Google. People are dependant on Google because it offers a superior product over all it's competitors. That's like saying "is the world too dependant on food?".

    Objects in MotionObjects in MotionMånad sedan
  • This is why I don’t rely on Google at all. I have various other services for everything.

    Daniel NDaniel NMånad sedan
  • I never even heard about this outage. I guess I don't rely on Google that much.

    Adam BaldwinAdam BaldwinMånad sedan
  • Not really we have a choice in that time. You pointed out at issue without giving any useful solution. I’m not going to explain why these alternatives is not real alternatives, and you know why exactly, because otherwise you would post this video on Vimeo. On the other hand I did not believe in new Google services because Alphabet killing them after couple of years after launch.

    Untamed CorgiUntamed CorgiMånad sedan
  • Yep we are watching a Google product, sleep well tonight!

    Terry RodbournTerry RodbournMånad sedan
  • i can tell you what happened is their 2 step verification failed that day. it locked many out. that code is broken. even when google was back up. it took me a week to get my account back up. so turn off that feature.

    TV TheoriesTV TheoriesMånad sedan
  • Go to Rehab.... learn about codependency

    Jim PikoulisJim PikoulisMånad sedan
  • "even stadia" lmaooo

    Fried Chicken BoiFried Chicken BoiMånad sedan
  • All big tech companies need to be broken up. Too much influence over people and making them dependent on their services.

    Eric AndersonEric AndersonMånad sedan
  • "The following information is from today's sponsor" .. sure best way EVER to stay independant in what you can expose on your videos.

    Michael MartinMichael MartinMånad sedan
    • @Cold Fusion is this from central Michigan ? Also, Why ?

      Michael MartinMichael Martin22 dagar sedan
  • Google is the systemd of tech companies

    JoeyJoeyMånad sedan
  • I don’t know what I was doing on December 14th, 2020 but I didn’t even notice Google was down lmao.

    Sabrina RosarioSabrina RosarioMånad sedan
  • The oval vest medicinally overflow because beet conventionally suspend pace a obeisant active. eight, cute bronze

    dylan carmeldylan carmelMånad sedan
  • What are the alternatives?

    Abhishek VermaAbhishek VermaMånad sedan
  • *The day when Google becomes conscious*

    RyuzakiRyuzakiMånad sedan
  • I used Bing and it worked way better than i expected. Atleast i have alternative now😀

    Nikunj RankaNikunj RankaMånad sedan
  • Hope you are feeling well!!!

    Irwin GraulichIrwin GraulichMånad sedan
  • No one's mentioning role of affirmative action tokens.

    jkirk1626jkirk1626Månad sedan
  • I use a Pixel phone and all the associated Google software products. But I legit didn't even know this happened lol. Maybe I was sleeping?

    KomainuKomainuMånad sedan
  • We just need more unified ecosystems to compete with Google, Microsoft, Apple and the likes.

    JeyDJeyDMånad sedan
  • Uhm... how come I have never heard of this??!

    DanielDanielMånad sedan
  • The school I teach at uses Google for everything. Our email, our shared drives, online classrooms, virtual meetings... everything. We were in school when this happened and I had to shift our lesson for the day to omit the Chromebooks completely. Just a few short years ago our school corporation used traditional on site shared hard drives with computer labs. Back then it would have not really bothered us much. But today... we rely on it FAR too much. I always keep everything backed up on a physical drive in my home.

    WrighteousWrighteousMånad sedan
  • how ironic this was uploaded on youtube

    Gareon ConleyGareon ConleyMånad sedan
  • All companies that use google so much that they even couldn't go a day without must be so stupid that would be better for world if they lose their business as soon as possible.

    #BLDM#BLDMMånad sedan
  • "they've been really quiet about it"? seriously? they wrote a full explanation on their service outages page (

    mincrmatt12mincrmatt12Månad sedan
  • I didn't even know they were down, I'm not dependent on them at all, other than watching some SEworld which I don't do all the time. I don't use their browser or search engine or email, in fact I hide as much as I can from them and snoops like them LoL

    Knights Multi-MediaKnights Multi-MediaMånad sedan
  • Hoping Apple links up with DuckDuckGo

    La Antifeka PRLa Antifeka PRMånad sedan
  • cold fusion after prompting users to use vimeo insted of YT on YT. CF- not so stonks📉📉

    पेड़ Treeपेड़ TreeMånad sedan
  • Me who uses Microsoft Edge chromium:

    SpooksSpooks2 månader sedan
  • oh i remember that time i blamed my poor wifi

    azzam_azzam_2 månader sedan
  • The same plate ethnically preserve because saxophone presumably attract next a enchanting purpose. terrible, aspiring bush

    mira edoraysmira edorays2 månader sedan
  • DuckDuckGo Users:

    SirBaumSirBaum2 månader sedan
  • This video was not shown to me until recently, and i always get CF notifications... they seriously censored this thing, i never even heard of it

    beatyouoncebeatyouonce2 månader sedan
  • Never put all of your eggs into one basket.

    Genki FeralGenki Feral2 månader sedan
  • If we don’t rely on google, we’ll just end up relying on something else anyways

    JustDisc - JDJustDisc - JD2 månader sedan
  • That hour stock dip would be an investor's wet dream

    HDTomoHDTomo2 månader sedan
  • I think it was around 11am and I noticed by SEworld wasnt working. I was on whatsapp at the time i believe and moved on by going on gta 5 on my xbox

    HDTomoHDTomo2 månader sedan
  • lol i was fast asleep when the google outage happened

    Enter NameEnter Name2 månader sedan
  • I remember that happened when i watched vtuber collab stream and everyone there chaos about it lol even though its back to normal the stream was still going which it ended

    YourOrdinaryViewerYourOrdinaryViewer2 månader sedan

    Devarain SDevarain S2 månader sedan
  • didn't even notice that happened until i watched this video today

    Victor DauphinVictor Dauphin2 månader sedan
  • Your videos are great but the audio quality is not very good. If you are using a compressor please lower the "attack" and use a de-esser at the end of the chain. And you don't need to be so close to the microphone. It will minimize the strong"K" "P" "F" "S" sounds.

    MuZekTechMuZekTech2 månader sedan

    Rana Ataur RehmanRana Ataur Rehman2 månader sedan
  • A person has to have always a backup solution

    Ilian KarasimirovIlian Karasimirov2 månader sedan
  • I hope it crashes

    Games TVGames TV2 månader sedan
  • We used google docs and what’sapp for a shitty weed shop I worked for. So glad they got knocked outta life for a day. The fact that they made me download WhatsApp shows how shit they are

    Dancing DarkDancing Dark2 månader sedan
  • No doubt about it C.F is ' ya ajabu ' ( Fantastic in Swahili )..

    Kewsi YehboahKewsi Yehboah2 månader sedan
  • The fact that google is buying every major software companie isnt a good thing. Diversity is required. If we rely on it then we are vunerable to a large scale failure. Also why would you use google to access your lights. XD thats just lazyness. Oh no we need to use old school tech to continue our daily life. Whatever will I do. Man. This is funny and scary that no one ever thought of a backup for this kind of situation.

    Burnt Chicken NuggetBurnt Chicken Nugget2 månader sedan
  • I immediately thought it was a heck when i found the problem to be global.

    ptalukptaluk2 månader sedan
  • Or we can just read the COE (Correction of Error)?

    Adrian SmithAdrian Smith2 månader sedan
  • I have a smart google speaker anyway..... so

    S CoolS Cool2 månader sedan