After Sitting 20 years will this Big old Wheel Loader Drive 3 miles home!?!? Pt.2

3 apr 2021
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Lin Boucher- Artist
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  • Hey yall! I know there is a few rough spots in the audio! I apologize for that, not sure what went wrong but please bare with me it doesn't last long. Hope ya like it!!!

    Diesel CreekDiesel Creek19 dagar sedan
    • @Bluntly it’s the very first line in the description

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek7 dagar sedan
    • Whats the gals info for that painting? Don't see it in the description. Can you please edit info

      BluntlyBluntly7 dagar sedan
    • can't wait to see.updates on this beast put a new exhaust pipe on it so comes out top not the side of it good luck MATT

      Dan CurrierDan Currier10 dagar sedan
    • @Shane Schlievert I think he's on the Ohio side of PA.

      Barney MM2Barney MM211 dagar sedan
    • @Every thing I can video PA. Read the logo on the bucket arm (OH).

      Barney MM2Barney MM211 dagar sedan
  • Cost effective to keep? Hasn't stopped me from buying more shit and keeping what I already have. lol Watching this video, I instantly knew If i came across it, I'd never get rid of it. Eventually you'll run out of stuff to replace. lol

    LoneRiderLoneRider4 timmar sedan
  • proably had several leaks when it was abandoned, that may have been the reason the 1st owner stopped his oil change. Found out the prices to fix things and said to hell with it

    Bradford GalbraithBradford Galbraith5 timmar sedan
  • Quality equipment! Good to see you got her back on her feet.

    leyland9999leyland99998 timmar sedan
  • Awesome job. like a kid at Christmas

    Steven MartinSteven Martin13 timmar sedan
  • Exhaust

    Gregg MckinneyGregg Mckinney14 timmar sedan
  • Brakes

    Gregg MckinneyGregg Mckinney14 timmar sedan
  • you look like a younger version of my dad

    iAmPerplexediAmPerplexed19 timmar sedan
  • As I'm looking for a loader and excavator I thought dang for that price id love it. But let's be real.. THAT THING IS HUGE

    Michelle The Retro Gaming PrincessMichelle The Retro Gaming Princess20 timmar sedan
  • Well done Matt, nice Job.

    AngeliqueKagaAngeliqueKaga21 timme sedan
  • My father had a few 55 Michigan loaders. One had a V-6 Cummins and the other had Detroit screamers. That Cummins always wanted to hear the either can spray. 70 degrees out and it still needed a whiff. I mean just spray it by the air cleaner. Just a whiff. Give it a direct shot and she would either lock. Lol. Back when men were men I guess. No snowflake could have survived an hour working in construction a k in the 70’s and 80’s.

    TowME trailersTowME trailers21 timme sedan
  • Old iron. Good stuff

    Manuel CarrilloManuel CarrilloDag sedan
  • Gonna be funny in the year 2090 when we are trying to revive equip from 2020 and have to replace entire wire harnesses

    RickityRaccoonRickityRaccoonDag sedan
  • Pretty good deal. Nice work.

    David WellDavid WellDag sedan
  • so, do you collect these things? looks like you like large equipment!

    John StancliffJohn StancliffDag sedan
  • $500.00 bucks.

    Captain DeadheadCaptain DeadheadDag sedan
  • Love seeing stuff like this 🙌🏾

    almighty gamingalmighty gamingDag sedan
  • please do show us the painting I have some old stuff and wondered would i do more harm than good trying to pain it.

    Joseph LenihanJoseph LenihanDag sedan
  • For 300K subscribers you could do something unexpected and delete your channel

    Emanuel JohanssonEmanuel JohanssonDag sedan
  • Love this type of content and I subscribed!!

    Ron TrentRon Trent2 dagar sedan
  • You're at 224k subscribers just days later. Well earned.

    IhaveausernametooIhaveausernametoo2 dagar sedan
  • Fair deal bro

    Weston HunguWeston Hungu2 dagar sedan
  • Tune that 12- string better... 😆

    Len PytlewskiLen Pytlewski2 dagar sedan
  • At 27:35 you've got me yelling "No!" at the screen because you didn't extend the curl cylinders further before cleaning them. With the way you did it, there will be a rust line right at the seal that you can't get.

    Jean-Luc PicardJean-Luc Picard2 dagar sedan
    • Overall great video though. I'm glad that machines like this can get brought back to life, and sad that I can't do it (I'm only 17, so I'm comparatively broke and I can't keep this sort of stuff at my parents' house. Keep up the good work!

      Jean-Luc PicardJean-Luc Picard2 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a real beast! Those loader arms are huge!

    BuildALot AcresBuildALot Acres2 dagar sedan
  • thats cheap

    stuart slingerlandstuart slingerland2 dagar sedan
  • that road isnt even skinny

    stuart slingerlandstuart slingerland2 dagar sedan
  • he should of just rammed at the hydraulics before he changed them

    stuart slingerlandstuart slingerland2 dagar sedan
  • Good buy bro

    Siju ThomasSiju Thomas2 dagar sedan
  • I envy these two gents.. As a kid after WW2 i was brainwashed by society and family to enlist and never learned the trade of taking care of engines. As decades came and went i got involved a lot by learning from jack of all trades and still enjoy motors...! Good job to revive this beast..!

    Dominique SchaffnerDominique Schaffner2 dagar sedan
  • If it suits u do it sod all the doubters go for it & have fun with it (watching ur vids on a reconmendation 👍

    paul atkinsonpaul atkinson2 dagar sedan
  • Great Job ! 20 years old = Gold Dust ! No unrepairable expensive computer shit in that baby. All repairable, for all time.

    agaaga2 dagar sedan
  • 80 bucks, you have to pay to

    Manny C WeissManny C Weiss3 dagar sedan
  • damm it was cheep here in Danmark find a loader like that you need to pay 3 times that amount and it well have a blowen out engine hehe

    uwsnake1uwsnake13 dagar sedan
  • New to the channel and I love it.

    AntD36AntD363 dagar sedan
    • Awesome! Glad to have you!

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek3 dagar sedan
  • Hee

    อานนท์ คาถาอานนท์ คาถา3 dagar sedan
  • If you can drive it to Canada I'll buy it for $8000CDN !!

    The Dirty BirchThe Dirty Birch3 dagar sedan
  • I imagine new tires are pricey for that loader.

    M L.M L.3 dagar sedan
  • You definitely deserve more subscribers, like 2 million more. Thank YOU for filming and posting this stuff.

    Giovanni FoulmouthGiovanni Foulmouth3 dagar sedan
    • @Giovanni Foulmouth no plans to stop!

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek3 dagar sedan
    • @Diesel Creek you will if you keep doing what you're doing.

      Giovanni FoulmouthGiovanni Foulmouth3 dagar sedan
    • That would be amazing, I don’t think I’ll ever get that big though! Lol

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek3 dagar sedan
  • You are living what many consider to be the American Dream. Not getting rich in the stock market gambling casino but by adding economic value with the sweat of your brow and the cleverness of your mind. Having a big piece of land where nobody comes and tells you your lawn is too long or your mailbox needs to be painted is a big part of that dream. Anyone can do this. People should stop complaining about the corrupt system and go live their lives doing what they love because life is so short. G_d bless you for sharing your experiences with everyone and I hope you prosper on social media as some kind of recompense for the extra effort that it takes to share with others.

    DIYDaveTDIYDaveT3 dagar sedan
  • What part of PA you in

    Back the blue FarmerBack the blue Farmer3 dagar sedan
  • 500

    Christina RosierChristina Rosier3 dagar sedan
  • I particularly liked that part were you said you could have got it for less than $1500 but you choose for it be a fair deal for both parties. That speaks volumes about who you are as a person 👏👏

    Peter RoyPeter Roy4 dagar sedan
  • Awesome. Why do people dislike these videos? Environmentalists? 😦

    Dan_EcosseDan_Ecosse4 dagar sedan
  • hydraulic lines about $288 each

    jacko377jacko3774 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoy the videos I had to go back & watch the first just to get up to speed & thanks for taking us along with you for the journey ! From a new subscriber I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to do this for us.

    Robert LytchRobert Lytch4 dagar sedan
  • "cuz it was broken clean in half" it was broken clean in half by you

    TrisTTrisT4 dagar sedan
  • Lol. You sure aint no lets dig 18 or dirt perfect lol

    Da GrinchDa Grinch4 dagar sedan
  • Says his farm is just around the ways.....proceeds to drive it halfway across America.

    CV 8ZCV 8Z4 dagar sedan
    • @Diesel Creek ha ha. I know but seemed like a long time.

      CV 8ZCV 8Z4 dagar sedan
    • 3.2 miles

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek4 dagar sedan
  • Who something crazy put for new tires on that beast so we can actually push and pick up dirt.

    Cormac KeenanCormac Keenan4 dagar sedan
  • fix the exhaust!

    Pavel TolchinskyPavel Tolchinsky4 dagar sedan
  • It was fun seeing this thing come back to life. nice job

    Dwide ShrudeDwide Shrude4 dagar sedan
  • You lucky man. Well done.

    Munro MarkMunro Mark4 dagar sedan
  • I would like your channel a lot more if, there was not so many's.

    LaserssafeLaserssafe4 dagar sedan
  • Just to get it moving is costing hundreds and you know what you are doing.For a machine that has been sitting for so long and to get it working is fantastic.

    William MorrisonWilliam Morrison4 dagar sedan
  • Now, Matt, you want to get rid of me ......? Look beside helping for the roof, I will do plenty of other work and if you are renting me per day you will make good money and I am staying with you......? So let me stay with you please !!! Matt I think she is right, just keep her and rent her to make some money for repairs and maintenance !!! Warm regards friend !!!

    Marcel GérinMarcel Gérin4 dagar sedan
  • My friend Matt !!! SEE that machine is telling you " if no roof at big workshop, I stay right here I will not move I want the roof !!! " I agree with this old loader, just like me !!!!

    Marcel GérinMarcel Gérin5 dagar sedan
  • Better to long. Than to short. Regarding ya hoses. 🤗 What the universal joint brand on your dewalt driver Like ya Jpay dirt cap 🧢 New fan from over the pond Uk 🇬🇧

    Only one lifeOnly one life5 dagar sedan
  • You got a Amazing Awesome of a loader enjoy

    Abel PadillaAbel Padilla5 dagar sedan
  • Now this is Amazing you got a awesome toy helper around the property keep it up you got a peace of great equipment for those heavy jobs out there.

    Abel PadillaAbel Padilla5 dagar sedan
  • Should let it warm up some before ravin like that. .

    Abel PadillaAbel Padilla5 dagar sedan
  • Your tires are in those holes my Brother try getting it running enough to rock it out or push or pull out but like that no it’s not moving but I’m sure it will come out . That be cool to have around move stuff move dirt then give it a pretty cool paint it already looks cool.

    Abel PadillaAbel Padilla5 dagar sedan
  • You gotta do a re-paint the front end loader video

    jaMEs J0hN m0REtOnjaMEs J0hN m0REtOn5 dagar sedan
  • $1500 usd man deal of a lifetime you did good bro. It needs a nice yellow paint job to top it all off. That dozer must be like...yeah I'm doing it again...

    jaMEs J0hN m0REtOnjaMEs J0hN m0REtOn5 dagar sedan
  • I love this video, wish it were my doser. The awesome job you did to revive it was good to watch bro. Thanks for the upload

    jaMEs J0hN m0REtOnjaMEs J0hN m0REtOn5 dagar sedan
  • Duuuude, what a deal. Totally worth it.

    Aspire198Aspire1985 dagar sedan
  • 10000 usd

    Simon GacheruSimon Gacheru5 dagar sedan
  • 200K - You should do a complete bare metal restoration. Make it better then brand new!!!!

    Philip KongPhilip Kong6 dagar sedan
  • I subbed. Lil bit of countryside ASMR is GOOD 👍

    james turnerjames turner6 dagar sedan
  • Keep making videos! I felt like I learned something! Subbed

    B. DemayB. Demay6 dagar sedan
    • Awesome! Glad to have you!

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek6 dagar sedan
  • Русских не победить !

    Russian HackerRussian Hacker6 dagar sedan
  • She definitely needs new tires or if there thick enough hot cut them some new jagged knobs

    Yung BittaYung Bitta6 dagar sedan
  • "We cant afford the tire guy on this build..." 5 mins later " Well the tire guys here". LMAO

    HoldMyBeerHoldMyBeer6 dagar sedan
  • Seemed like a 10 mile trip !

    J SIMMJ SIMM6 dagar sedan
  • you never CHECKED the axle fluids.. differential

    b pb p6 dagar sedan
  • A ,C version ??? , usually a "C" has a cummins L10 or a detroit 6v71 , also front fenders on c versions usually square angled not curved. Unless this is a very early c version

    Roger KeeganRoger Keegan6 dagar sedan
  • Im loved to this machine for first look, absolutely incredible, its a beast who deserve to care of them. Thank you for whis amazing video. Sorry for my english.

    AlexAlex6 dagar sedan
  • You have a new subscriber Mi love your content, is AMAZING.

    Jottun HeimJottun Heim6 dagar sedan
  • Love your work! What a bargain...but you won’t part with it, it’s to good! 😂

    Con KomodromosCon Komodromos6 dagar sedan
  • Nice Job recovering that old loader 👍😎👍

    John DeNardoJohn DeNardo6 dagar sedan
  • Hell of a buy ! I’d buy it for that price as well other than I don’t have anywhere to put it !

    Jerry PJerry P6 dagar sedan
  • Buy a scrap tank. Great video, follow is there💪🏻

    A RA R7 dagar sedan
  • Will we get a restoration video (series)?

    Lukas MLukas M7 dagar sedan
  • 1500$ was a crazy low price. Good find and great work getting the thicc girl home 👍🏾

    Clown Shoes MMAClown Shoes MMA7 dagar sedan
  • Using a drill as an impact driver?

    NickNick7 dagar sedan
  • greetings from italy waiting for more videos

    Antonio De SierviAntonio De Siervi7 dagar sedan
  • Good job!!!! Greetings from italy waiting for more videos

    Antonio De SierviAntonio De Siervi7 dagar sedan
  • In my opinion you got a really, good buy!

    whotknotswhotknots7 dagar sedan
  • I fixed a pair of similar size rams in comparable condition using fine emery tape wetted with diesel.

    whotknotswhotknots7 dagar sedan
  • you are good

    Kingaroy KidKingaroy Kid7 dagar sedan
  • Sorry to write a second time. My dad's contracting firm had a '60s vintage Michigan 75 non-articulating loader that I just loved (rear wheel steer). It was the coolest looking machine. It was operated by a wonderful 'good old boy' with the improbable name of Stomper Skeeter. He was a cracker jack on that loader. He would drive it across town backwards as though he were driving a caddy! I loved it so much, that I'd sneak up on that Michigan loader whenever I could and start moving some dirt around. I was just a kid, so it's lucky I didn't drive it into something. I loved the sound of that Detroit Diesel two-stroke engine too. Your loader brings back great memories, even if that Cummins motor is a four-stroke one. These 175's and 275's were used often on large diameter sewer and storm water pipeline projects.

    barry guerrerobarry guerrero7 dagar sedan
  • Those Clark and Michigan loaders used to have GM two-cycle diesel engines. Your Cummins motor sounds like it's probably four-cycle (?). For your reader's sake, here's a working Trojan loader with a Detroit Diesel two-stroke engine. As you might expect, they're higher pitched. The two-cycle engines made them accelerate faster, in my experience. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think two-cycle diesel engines have pretty much been banned for air quality reasons. They were noisy too.

    barry guerrerobarry guerrero7 dagar sedan
  • عمل متقن وممتع

    Mohmmad NabtMohmmad Nabt7 dagar sedan
  • 1500 ??? That price right there is worth investing a couple parts and some love ! I think this loader deserve some level of renovation and some care.... Its good to see someone do care about that kind of machines :) 2 years ago i helped retrive and restore Komatsu wa180 after side flip in the woods... don't have details of how this happened but it sat there for 9 years....

    AdamAdam7 dagar sedan
  • $1,500 you stole it. Now the work comes

    waynenevadawaynenevada7 dagar sedan
  • It needs ad blue ha ha

    flash51050flash510507 dagar sedan
  • Wow ! You got a great deal . My guess less than 3k in a badass loader like that 💪👍

    Chris SullivanChris Sullivan7 dagar sedan
  • That would make a nice daily driver in the city :)

    TerhoTerho8 dagar sedan
  • So strange this big ol machine was just a abandoned for 20 years ... good to see it back up and running and back on the road. Your mechanical skills have real market value, and you've recovered your costs thru this video.

    Ivan KinsmanIvan Kinsman8 dagar sedan
  • Awesome job !!! I love the old iron also. Great channel.

    Greg in Indiana.Greg in Indiana.8 dagar sedan