Steve Reviews: Ethel and Ernest

21 feb 2021
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This week we review the 2016 film, Ethel and Ernest. A story which follows the life of the married couple... Ethel and Ernest, from the beginning, to the very end.... I warn you guys, this is a heavy one!
Mesmerize by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.

  • Working class socialism isn't progressive. Upper class socialism is progressive. Working class socialism is just poor people trying to do what appears to be their best interest.

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  • It’s me again, I was just hoping you would check out the movie Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart, very underrated and dark for a kids movie. Crossing my fingers you do one day

    Grim SweetenerGrim SweetenerTimme sedan
  • That Ethel reminded about Everywhere At The End Of Time Albums. Dementia is Some really dark shit.

    Vladislav IvanovVladislav Ivanov2 timmar sedan
  • If movie about living a full life cycle then...why give a spoiler warning...are there people that stupid?

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  • You should review Fantastic Planet its a French Film from 1973 its very... Particular

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  • If two people with different views and beliefs can get fucking married, why can't we all be nice to each other?

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  • Here’s one that’s stuck in my head; A monster in Paris. I don’t remember all of it, but I think it was either pretty good or pretty bad for me to remember some of it.

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  • 6:41 Couples can have different political opinions

    affaaffa afjkfabhjkfaaffaaffa afjkfabhjkfa7 timmar sedan
  • Could you review Oggy and the Coach Roches it was my favourite show as a kid

    DerpyTopHat Dc2DerpyTopHat Dc27 timmar sedan
  • Back when poor people were dandier

    Abie PratamaAbie Pratama9 timmar sedan
  • you should review a movie called, "in this corner of the world" i really think you'll like it, its about japan in ww2 i know you reviewed barefoot gen but this one has really beautiful visuals

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  • Please do a review on Raggedy Ann and Andy: The Musical Adventure

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  • I Recommend: 'In This Corner of the World' (Netflix) (Emotional-Heartwarming)(Gore at some moments) (Animated Film) Plot: The movie follows an 18-year-old girl named Suzu who is married off to a man she barely knows during World War II. She faces constant challenges because the environment around her slowly worsens as her actions always seem to have a negative impact (No matter how positive she tries to be) and as bombings slowly worsen in her area. I won't say much about the ending but it's really bitter-sweet.

    Kitty CatKitty Cat12 timmar sedan
  • just wanted to say I love your reviews! Everyone is very well done and always leads me to a treasured film I otherwise would have never found (even if some of them do contribute to my already severe depression). Keep up the great work!

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  • Lmao sending dick pics to get a date is gonna have the exact opposite effect. If a woman doesn't ask for them that means she does NOT want to see them.

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  • Bro check out paranorman. It's from the creators or Coraline

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  • Do you think you can review Raggady Ann? It's really good and weird at the same time

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  • Who should review Happy Tree Friends

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  • Got to see this a while back. Really enjoyed it.

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  • It takes a fine writer to present ordinary life so well. The people may not have been extraordinary but their lives were monumental to them, and lovingly remembered

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  • Wanna make the ending even more depressing. His parents died in 1971 but what the movie doesn't tell you is raymonds wife died in 1973, so two years after he lost his parents he lost his wife, thats just soul crushing right there.

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  • so Ethel died from dementia

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  • Review gendy tartovkeys primal

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  • Steve could you please review midori shojo Tsubaki

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  • this one isn't sad but I recommend Jojo Rabbit

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  • This movie is what The Notebook thought it was

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  • this seems like such a cute movie, but also very heartbreaking

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  • Steve Reviews: _"Imagine being civil to someone who has different political views than you."_ Me: _"As if such a thing exist in these day and age of social media."_

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  • Ooh! Can you do monkey bone with Brendan Fraser??

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  • My bf's parents put the milk in first before making a cup of tea, it's horrendous

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  • 10:31: *sad things goin on* me: *presses fortunate son on discord as it blasts over the events*

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  • PLEASE Watch & Review "My Little Goat"!!!

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  • This is like a very ordinary slide of life anime

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  • Review time out (1984)

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  • this... is going to remind me of my grandparents when they die... they are good people....

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  • you should definitely watch stormy night

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  • 3:18 damn ain’t that the truth

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  • Could you maybe review ragedy Ann and Andy a musical adventure

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  • This reminds me of my grandma who when I was one the phone with she forgot my name twice as well as who I was

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  • 1:20

    savage rat monkey gamingsavage rat monkey gamingDag sedan
  • Take a look at ''Rango''. I really think this is a forgotten Masterpiece🤘

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  • Can you do Lord of the rings 1978 by Ralph bakshi

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  • It takes a lot to have a movie be feel-good wholesome and yet gives you cripplingly sadness at the same time.

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  • I literally noticed that there's the Snowman next to the cake at 1:08 what an Easter egg

    Luke 06Luke 06Dag sedan
  • The husband kinda sounds like Wallace

    Nick MontoyaNick MontoyaDag sedan
  • Looking at their home, it reminds me a lot of how my grandparents house was when i used to visit them. Kind of easy to forget that your grandparents weren't always just old folks and that they also have their own story.

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  • I watched this and it was beautiful

    Luke BennettLuke BennettDag sedan
  • I watched this just because you recommended it and both me and my mum really enjoyed it. Thanks for this recommendation, Steve!

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  • Would like to see Steve review Paranorman next. If he hasn't seen it.

  • "but i do want to warn you however, that this show was a slow burner" *shows literal fire slowly burning a house*

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  • Steve can you please review the great dear please i,m just asking.

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  • Saw this with my little brother right after the passing of our grandma. An absolute beauty and I'm so glad I found it again.

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  • You should review The Venture Bros

  • Please watch neon genesis evangelion

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  • 8:25 Dill kitty al it bit s i had to ehehahahaho

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  • May I suggest you review Opal? It’s currently on SEworld and really fits the vibe that your videos have! It’s a short film by Jack Stauber and is an absolutely beautiful movie.

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  • Review the animated tv series The Long Long Holiday (2015) or in French Les Grandes Grandes Vacances

    Kevin Jonathan LKevin Jonathan LDag sedan
  • It's sad knowing that a possible reason for Ernest's death could be actual heartbreak as usually the death of a loved one can cause their partner to die within a few weeks to a few months. But this just shows that he really did love her with all his heart.

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  • Very beautiful Steve. Im glad having you reviewing this in such a beautiful manner as always

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  • While following all your reviews on shows and movies, they encourage me, and thanks for those grand moments with your opinions and thoughts on them as well! Can you do a review on The Dark Crystal show: Age of Resistance?

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  • You HAVE to review The Hellstrom Chronicle (1971) and Phase IV (1974)

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  • You should really take a look at the triplets of belleville. Its a french mostly silent animated film that is quite imteresting

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  • "this is basically that, the movie" Pixar: laughs

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  • I was watching your video about all dogs go to heaven, and I was reminded of The Black Cauldron as well as The Princess and the goblin. Not sure why.

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  • Up? Who that? I came to suffer emotional

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  • *Spoiler Warning* But my jaw physically dropped when I heard Ethel say "Who was that old man leaving just now?"

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  • I would love to know how you got this footage because I want to do reviews too but I don't know how to get the footage, yet.

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  • Hey steve can you please review a movie called the great bear please

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  • Aww now I'm sad

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  • Do up review

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  • this is so great grandma had Alzheimer's evry time we visited her she started to forget about us. its truly depressing to see them fade away

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  • I admit, I cried.

    Alter Alter!Alter Alter!Dag sedan
  • This film is so gorgeous, yet so depressing.

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  • I’d love to see you review Wolf’s Rain. While it’s not a movie it seems right up your street for depressing but beautifully made media

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  • my grandmother has dementia, and does not remember who my grandfather is, after being married for 40 years. he went out to buy the paper, and when he came home, she had locked the door. he had to climb in through the window. she called the police, saying that "there is a strange man trying to get into the house". p.s. at 11:28, i got an ad for Morris and Morris funeral directors

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  • Yay! Another Steve review! Have you seen the Danish animation Hjaelp Jeg er en Fisk (Help I'm a Fish)?

    Aleksandra Buhl ThostrupAleksandra Buhl ThostrupDag sedan
  • the way this hits me is that my own grandma is having trouble moving sometimes and is often forgetfull... my tears almost just blew out all over my PC when the last Steve showed the last shot

    smiley satansonsmiley satansonDag sedan
  • my wifes a libtard and i still love her smh

    Chris MortChris MortDag sedan
  • Princess Mononoke. Wolf Children. Your Name. Garden of Words. A SILENT VOICE. When Marnie Was Here. ANOHANA - THE FLOWER WE SAW THAT DAY Patema Inverted. GLEIPNIR. Psychopass. HIGURASHI - WHEN THEY CRY. Lol I could seriously do this all day.

    Brandice WBrandice WDag sedan
  • the decline of Ethel reminds me a lot of my own family. currently my grandmother's health is declining due to dementia and the same happened to my grandfather and my great grandmother. while the bond I had with my grandparents was never the same as the bond between a child and their own parents, its still very heartwrenching and painful to watch someone you care about deteriorate to the point that they can't even remember who you are. its a sad reality but I think its important that its brought up in children's media since many children will have to watch their grandparents go through Alzheimer's or dementia at a young age, and its difficult for small kids to understand what's happening or why. its great that this film portrays it in a respectful and realistic way, and not for the shock factor.

    skyeskyeDag sedan
  • Have you done House of D? (Underrated! Lesser known film by David Duchovny. Who stars along Erykah Badu and two of my faves who have sadly passed, both in awful circumstances, Robin Williams and Anton Yelchin. Anton blew my fn mind with his performance!) I'd love to know others opinions on it tbh and they are both really good. But House of D, makes me want to get people to watch it and share the beauty of it with them. 💜

    Brandice WBrandice WDag sedan
  • Of all the things in here to make me cry it was the tree the tree at the very end

    Foxy Cinnamon KittenFoxy Cinnamon KittenDag sedan
  • Love your videos Steven! Your manner speech is clever and humorous. No one else I watch had content like yours making you very unique to make. Keep having fun!

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  • Hey Steve, you should review Jack and The Cuckoo-Clock Heart. It’s a French film and has some sad and disturbing moments.

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  • You may recognize the style. Me: Where the Wind Blows Ahh yep, there it is.

    Shauna SmithShauna SmithDag sedan
  • 10:25 I guess you could say... _It's just a burning memory..._

    daffodil6 Productionsdaffodil6 Productions2 dagar sedan
  • Can you review Help i'm a fish\ A Fish Tale? It is a Danish animated film came out in 2000. Its not a rip off of finding nemo, because it came two years before finding nemo. Like Padak, it has dark moments in it. Except that padak is much more darker. By the way, it's rated G.

    The PosthumousThe Posthumous2 dagar sedan
  • Hello helloooo Steve reviews I am really glad you are doing alright really enjoying your videos a lot excellent videos as always can't wait for new videos go get em tiger.😸😸😸

    Anika CurryAnika Curry2 dagar sedan
  • You mentioned some of the 3d elements not fitting in exactly. I haven't seen it yet (will definitely look it up though) but the main thing that was conspicuously out of place was the building falling down. Might be that the animators were showing how frightening and unreal the Blitz seemed. For some of the other things, have you ever noticed how it feels to go somewhere new, or are with someone new? It can make the world feel disjointed and out of place. Just a thought, it seems that with the amount of dedication put into the film, it seems odd that some points stick out so much.

    EternalSeneschalEternalSeneschal2 dagar sedan
  • Oh god. I remember watching it.... It's such a heartwarming and sad story. It shows what love really was like back then.

    forever emeraldsforever emeralds2 dagar sedan
  • Can you review "Judas and Jesus" or "Perfect Blue"? I would actually recommend Perfect Blue. People said that it was pretty dark and it's kind of like misery.

    Madden ThurmanMadden Thurman2 dagar sedan
  • I could not get through watching this as my nan was undergoing dementia at time too painful and my grandad died several years earlier

    Mathieu LeaderMathieu Leader2 dagar sedan
  • Have you done a review of ginga denestu weed ( I don't know how to spell)

    Bella The DogBella The Dog2 dagar sedan
  • Many years ago, the Daily Mail in the UK used to publish short strips from the book every week in their weekend supplement magazine as a way of promoting it. One such strip that I remember was when the father was talking to his son over the phone, and learnt that the love of his life had passed away in hospital. In three panels he went from barely holding himself up to slumping onto the floor in complete bereavement. It’ll be a strip I’ll never forget.

    Jeremiah WallaceJeremiah Wallace2 dagar sedan
  • My gran is the only one in my family who votes Tory. She doesn’t even agree with their policies she just likes Boris. She didn’t even read their manifesto before voting. It drove me mental. I still love her though ❤️ she’s just a bit daft

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  • You should check out the animated short Firiko (pendulum)

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  • Fun game: play this movie with your significant other or friends over and see who is the first to start crying

    J VanstoneJ Vanstone2 dagar sedan
  • 11:58 What does he say? I can't make it out. "Well, I couldn't sand eye in the bathroom"?

    TheRamblingSoulTheRamblingSoul2 dagar sedan
  • Wow that honestly made me tear up

    CMDR Gazelle-AlphaCMDR Gazelle-Alpha2 dagar sedan