How The Internet Hunted Down This "Anonymous" Employee, Using His Own Photo

18 nov 2020
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Did you know that any photo you post online may trace back to your physical location? Today we’re talking about online security, and how metadata works in digital photography through saved EXIF data. Let’s get into it!
[The Burger King Employees Standing on Lettuce]
[Donald Trump’s Stay at Walter Reed]
[John McAfee’s Bizarre Adventure]
[What is EXIF Data, And How to Remove It]
[Brew’s intro song]
Manhattan Twist by Avocado Junkie

  • Number 15

    Cypher.SonicCypher.SonicTimme sedan
  • So they applied for a job at Wendy’s and now they are probably doing the same thing. 😂 Should’ve probably been criminally charged or something.

    Losanto MusicLosanto Music5 timmar sedan
  • Memories 😌

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  • Burger King *FOOT LETTUCE*

    Puppy LoverPuppy Lover2 dagar sedan
  • Love the jojo ref- _-_

    sara exe EEEsara exe EEE2 dagar sedan
  • Jokes on people that want to figure out my location using photos I don't turn on GPS or my location ever, I'm not even legally allowed to drive and I don't have the money to use GrubHub in the first place also why would you want to find me anyway

    Optimistic WatermelonOptimistic Watermelon2 dagar sedan
  • If you've been kidnapped, you most definitely want your GPS tracking activated.

    Annette youtubeAnnette youtube2 dagar sedan
  • Every burger king employee looking at that picture, "Yep that's burger king, I recognize those hold time stickers anyday"

    ReavermystReavermyst3 dagar sedan
  • noice

    Creepy SpinoCreepy Spino4 dagar sedan
  • From Lettuce to Belize story is all over the place!!

    Villagrans Pit StopVillagrans Pit Stop4 dagar sedan
  • You can't turn off tracking, if you did your phone doesn't work anymore

    MagneticitistMagneticitist4 dagar sedan
  • I remembered seeing this photo in Roblox

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  • Me: has homework due. Also me: Burger King foot lettuce lore

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  • 2:28 this looks kinda cursed because his realistic... but he’s also missing a nose

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  • Whats the intro song that lasts until 0:47? Thanks in advance

    ignacio unanuaignacio unanua5 dagar sedan
  • "You mean I can use a photo to track someone down?" Me: and that's how they found the minecraft panorama seed

  • Is that a JoJo reference

    GlitchFGlitchF5 dagar sedan
  • Is that a Jo Jo's reference

    Art artArt art5 dagar sedan
  • Interesting that the photos of Madeleine McCann shared to journalists had all their EXIF files carefully removed beforehand. Grieving parents would naturally think of that first, wouldn't they? One day we'll know the truth.

    Sarah VeganGardenSarah VeganGarden6 dagar sedan
  • Ok now let's track down Dream

    Costin88BossCostin88Boss6 dagar sedan
    • Keep his privacy PRIVATE

      Cat Goes GamingCat Goes Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • I love your animations. Yours reminds me a lot of Goro Akechi from Persona 5!

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    Redside Terraria 2 .0Redside Terraria 2 .07 dagar sedan
  • From the EXIF meta-data inside the image file. The end.

    AlphaCentauri24AlphaCentauri248 dagar sedan
  • It’s such a horrible way that this video is structured. “Jpg-Metadata Stripper” remember it, people.

    AlphaCentauri24AlphaCentauri248 dagar sedan
  • You can still be tracked when gps setting is turned off. So if you really don’t want to be tracked don’t bring your phone or your car. Your car has gps tracking as well. Best thing is to walk or ride a bike. Public transportation is not a good idea either. They have photo and video capabilities. If you are walking best to stay of main roads. Businesses as well as government buildings, hospitals, etc.. all have photo and video capabilities.

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  • All of the ppl look like voldemore

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  • DonMcRons......😃😃😃

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  • Never. Mess. With 4chan.

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  • metadata from the camera

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  • get rid of the hiphop brew. it's not you.

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  • I still don't know why this was almost 9 minutes long

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  • Wait so I can threaten my bullies by tracking them down so now I can't get bullied

    Omar AboudokhanOmar Aboudokhan12 dagar sedan
  • 8:00 hey that is where i live

    Ax3 xdAx3 xd13 dagar sedan
  • The core content is good, but the format is so cringe So much cringe. I feel like it's an 80's baby millennial trying to be "cool" ... "like the kids" Or something Man I just wanted to know how they tracked the burger king foot lettuce guy

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  • I completely forgot that this was abou number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

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  • nUmbER 15, buRger kINg FoOT LEtTuCE

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  • hany lookin like offbrand voldemort

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  • I actually use mcafee.

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  • Time to get a flip-phone...

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  • "A picture has a thousand words." *Do you know what a CODE is?*

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    • Ever heard of the Luka Magnotta case?

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  • Wow always read as Mc-Cafe lol

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  • Number fifteen

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  • How does it take 8 mins to tell a 2 min story

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  • The other 2 characters are so annoying and unnecessary

    Izabelle ChoongIzabelle Choong18 dagar sedan
  • Macafee was arrested in Spain I thought

    Pyro FlokiPyro Floki18 dagar sedan
  • All pics have GPS data. Date, time, ect.

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  • Who still eats at Burger King ?

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  • 0:09 lettuce foot fungus (If you get the refrence you are a god)

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  • Clickbaited hard. Real video starts at 8 minutes in.

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  • The 2 characters with the silly voice doesn't work bro. It's annoying

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  • Jedi youngling: “Master Skywalker, there are too many of them. What are we going to do?” Anakin/darth vader: number 15 burger King foot lettuce

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  • I love the Alexisonfire reference :p (8:50)

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  • An this is why I NEVER Geotag ANY of my photos! I already knew you could give away your location, though I didn't know it got THIS detailed

    Jessica TJessica T19 dagar sedan
  • I remember reading about a case were some reddit user found out the location of an ISIS training camp based off a training video

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  • Anyone who has ever worked at a BK could tell that was a BK at first glance.

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  • *says in a low pitch voice* Number 15.burger king foot lettuce oh wait wrong script

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  • Haven’t watched the video because family is asleep, but this is why I don’t like having location services on

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  • Great video

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  • Lemme guess....he left location on? 😂

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  • 8:48 alexisonfire?

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  • Number 15

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  • Wow now criminals know, why u do this

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  • Brew says "Gulag", without "You're going to"

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  • 0:46 You mean "Characters"

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  • he ran for pres-

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  • That’s the last thing I want on my Burger King burger.

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    • @VCVCFans Although he had his shoes on

      John PriestJohn Priest3 dagar sedan
    • Unless you have a foot fetish.

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    • Unfortunately that's what you may gæt

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  • glad someone with a large influence finally made a video on EXIF data. Too many people post pictures not aware how much information they are giving people

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  • These character are annoying, unfunny and bloat what could have been a much more concise video.

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  • Can we get 15 likes for these Burger King Lettuce?

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  • From now on, I'll be taking pictures exculsively on my brownie cam.

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  • I love the topic and all but those two side "characters" are so annoying and useless :|

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  • Turning of GPS on a phone does not stop your phone tracking everywhere you go with it

    Mark SmithMark Smith22 dagar sedan
  • John McAfee went into snake mode.

    Samuel MontenegroSamuel Montenegro22 dagar sedan
  • gaet

    anaphylaxisanaphylaxis22 dagar sedan
  • I'm assuming they're a fan of Alexisonfire its not the first video I've seen them use that album

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  • The picture just screams Burger King idk whey bro...

    • roblox guy huh..... me too

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  • That's the last thing I'd want in my Burger King burger

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  • Stand user: mcafee Stand name: Antivirus

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  • So basically John McAffee does not follow the "don't commit a crime when you're already doing something illegal" rule

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  • Ok. Dude, Brew. Your portrayal of the "common man" or "lay person" is literally unwatchable. It ruined the video. The people that just "aren't experts" (like everyone) are either supposed to be 9 years old, 90 years old, or mentally challenged. Very hard to identify with, and in the end, not even worth the content. I couldn't even tell you what happened to the guy standing on the lettuce, all I know is that there were people learning a lesson on technology and they are unteachable. This is a 2020 video? Jeez.

    Perrah NormelPerrah Normel23 dagar sedan
  • This video is unnecessarily long.

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  • "The last thing you want in your Burger King Burger is Burger King Foot Lettuce" I assume this is where it comes from

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    • Yep, the guy who said it is a top 20 SEworldr called chills

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  • “Number 15 BuRgEr KiNg FoOt lEtTuCe”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 2:18 Nah, it's the Usos.

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  • Number 15

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  • Honestly why does camera need my location permission in the first place..

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  • Burger King Foot Lettuce

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  • Dude so many people will use this to stalk

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  • BuRgEr KiNg FoOt LeTtUcE 🥬 ➡️🍔

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  • Looked like subway.

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  • Pictures literally only say 57 words. Its been calculated. Why they say a thousand? I’ll never know

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  • Burger King Foot Lettuce

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  • Y'all ever heard of Don't F*** with Cats lol

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