What The PewDiePie Cocomelon Scandal Exposes, Joe Rogan Texas Controversy, Leaked Zoom, & More News

22 feb 2021
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00:00 - Fake Snow
01:04 - Kim/Kanye Divorce, DaBaby vs Jojo Siwa, & Pewdiepie's a Bully
04:01 - School Board Resigns After Public Zoom Call
06:53 - Sponsor
07:40 - Trump's Tax Returns & Changes To PPP Loans
10:23 - Texas Water Update & What Could Ted Cruz Do?
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People in Texas Burn Snowballs in Viral Videos to “Prove” the Snow is Fake:
DaBaby Responds to Claims That He Dissed JoJo Siwa:
PewDiePie “Really Disappointed” with SEworld’s Decision to Remove Coco Diss Track:
Entire California School Board Resigns After ‘Hot Mic’ Catches Them Insulting Parents:
SCOTUS Shuts Down Trump Bid To Keep Tax Returns From New York Prosecutor:
Biden Administration Changes PPP Rules to Better Target Small Businesses:
Nearly 9 Million Are Still Without Water in Texas:
Thailand Pushes Next Cash Crop:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • THE SNOW IS REAL PEOPLE. C'mon 2021 get it tf together.... Also pssssssttt ONE DAY LEFT @ ShopDeFranco.com​

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco2 dagar sedan
    • Phil....you really need to start having some hate in your heart for Joe Rogan.....He was okay for awhile but has become human garbage.

      skillcoilerskillcoiler5 timmar sedan
    • Maybe you should talk about David Dobrik and Jason Nash s*xually a**aulting Seth, victim blaming Trish, and degrading Big Nick....or are you scared of David and a bunch of 12 year old fans?

      Aoife TejadaAoife Tejada13 timmar sedan
    • The majority of parents don't give a fuq bout Covid. Their kids are still playing with all their friends from the neighborhood. That board member was right. Parents want free babysitting.

      JS MJS M15 timmar sedan
    • Fuck, guys ... If you knew the day I'd just had last night lol some suckas tried robbing me .. Then when I tried to go Client Eastwood in Gran Turino on some shady fools looking similar ... accidentally kicked the hornets nest hahahahahahahahaha ... cops are on it though, and I asked they don't get the ones who almost blew my brains out in trouble cause it was just a case of misunderstandings lol ... hopefully I'll find a job, or some more scholarships soon ... stay easy breezys ... P.S. No pds yesterday? .. I really wish I had social media to keep track of this shit

      TheStrGzr9000TheStrGzr900023 timmar sedan
    • @Ricardo Carrilho - Yep!! And Texas is even worse (which is where Joe Rogan lives now)

      Cuz I'm the MomCuz I'm the MomDag sedan
  • Phil got that adderall energy today lol

    Nicholas LedgerNicholas Ledger9 minuter sedan
  • Folks just like to bully regular folks, as corporations are people too.

    dijasomdijasom48 minuter sedan
  • Holy fucking shit I live in oakley and I know these people

    Nana YawNana YawTimme sedan
  • Best.intro.ever. 👏🏼

    cherrybombcherrybomb2 timmar sedan
  • "I live my life like I'm always being recorded"..(especially in the bedroom) giggitty!!

    Jay_Gutta_MusicJay_Gutta_Music2 timmar sedan
  • Heh, I've heard that kind of conversation before sadly. This seems to be really typical for people in high positions, anywhere. People talking shit on those they're dutifully made to help, or sniping at co-workers when they're not there. Trust me when I say they could've been saying far worse then suggesting half if not all the parents were pot-heads. I've known few people who've actually had the balls to say it aloud for everyone to hear. Inspirations all of them. Only kind of people I can moderately respect myself for following in the foot-steps of.

    Edward HornerEdward Horner2 timmar sedan
  • do people really listen to this garbage i made to 5 minutes i cant

    Ninef SargisNinef Sargis2 timmar sedan
  • Ok, forgive me if I’m being real dense. But “his kid” said there seems like one set of rules for ppl who make SEworld lots of cash and another set of rules for everyone else. Implying that pewds’ video got removed coz he doesn’t make SEworld lots of money..... But doesn’t pewdiepie bring in tons of money and people to SEworld? I know this was said by a “three year old kid”, but surely it makes no sense? Please educate and correct me if I’m being a moron...

    Jo JoJo Jo3 timmar sedan
  • Ok, forgive me if I’m being real dense. But “his kid” said there seems like one set of rules for ppl who make SEworld lots of cash and another set of rules for everyone else. Implying that pewds’ video got removed coz he doesn’t make SEworld lots of money..... But doesn’t pewdiepie bring in tons of money and people to SEworld? I know this was said by a “three year old kid”, but surely it makes no sense? Please educate and correct me if I’m being a moron...

    Jo JoJo Jo3 timmar sedan
  • 6:20 Philip DeFakeo

    Wurde zu diesem Account gezwungenWurde zu diesem Account gezwungen3 timmar sedan
  • i lost my shit when u said ted was “shamed into coming back to america” oh my god

    Melanie LampaMelanie Lampa3 timmar sedan
  • What could have Ted Cruz done? let's see not run like a coward, if he must go somewhere go to neighboring states to ask for help and resources, the man is wealthy he could take what he has and use it to help those in his immediate vicinity, he literally could have done anything rather than running away and it would have been better if you want the cushy job of being a public official then you got to stick it out with the people when things get tough and lead from the front

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro4 timmar sedan
  • "We need to stop lowering the bar because I already need a shovel to get to it at this point" lmfao

    SkjetchSkjetch4 timmar sedan
  • boring - bring back the behind the scenes videos...... We miss the real talent - Kristy, Joe, Brianna, Nina, James and all the rest............ugh why did phil delete the old vids - jealous they got most positive reviews.....

    Will That3dPrintguyWill That3dPrintguy4 timmar sedan
  • Please Phil, get your 3 year old to actually say that and record it, it would be hilarious

    Miss VidzyMiss Vidzy5 timmar sedan
  • Cover coke giving be more white trainings

    Ryan WilliamsRyan Williams5 timmar sedan
  • Those parents are too sensitive.

    Munkee ManMunkee Man6 timmar sedan
  • This is the BEST DeFranco episode ever. Change my mind.

    Amanda FerlingAmanda Ferling6 timmar sedan
  • 1:24 Nearly jumped with both my headphones on lol

    roamertotheworldroamertotheworld6 timmar sedan
  • those teef are racist

    axemurderer010axemurderer0106 timmar sedan
  • "Faaatheer"

    Cante RiggleCante Riggle7 timmar sedan
  • My sister worked at McDonald’s as a manager last year and they had her schedule and work every employee even part time for a 40 wk so they could meet some requirement to get the federal aid.

    Chili PepperChili Pepper7 timmar sedan
  • The Leaked Zoom was freaking hilarious to me, as both a parent and a teacher I know that teachers are people. It's hysterical, honest, and again TEACHERS are people.

    Missy KMissy K8 timmar sedan
  • Joe Biden reopened cages at the boarder. No talk at all

    Renee GalvanRenee Galvan8 timmar sedan
  • Leave it to AOC to pick up the slack left by establishment politicians... I wish I could see her name on the ballot in my state.

    Chi_squaredChi_squared8 timmar sedan
  • As a Fort Worth resident, I can assure you the snow was real.

    drummerman1206drummerman12068 timmar sedan
  • Feelin the backwards b-ball cap & ALL its connotations

    Ugushi OgonorUgushi Ogonor8 timmar sedan
  • Plot twist the snow thing was a troll

    YZ RippinYZ Rippin9 timmar sedan
  • “It’s like you’re asking for the blackmail against you to be in high definition “ Zoom could never

    ShaliekShaliek9 timmar sedan
  • These people are secretly miserable inside but lack the self-awareness to reflect and realize that, which is why there is always some big bad and their evil sheeple minions that they have in their minds for them to "fight" against and hate. Their self-loathing and depression just gets pushed off onto whoever they view as the "other". These people are cancer in society and the rest of us need to be more involved so as to drown out their voices. They should never be let anywhere near the levers of power at any level. They aren't even qualified to manage a McDonald's let alone direct the course of a complex civilized society.

    Jeremy RosalJeremy Rosal10 timmar sedan
  • How can people think snow was faked in Texas lol

    Aidan GrayAidan Gray10 timmar sedan
  • To be fair, PewDiePie doesn't exactly have a good reputation. Before anyone says "REEE don't believe MSM", seeing and hearing the video is not MSM manipulation. He's an anti semite. He's a racist. He's a shitty person. Period.

    The TermThe Term10 timmar sedan
  • "I live my life like I am being recorded at all moments"... All Those late-night Xbox conversations just got dicey

    pxy onlinepxy online10 timmar sedan
  • Phil, it's Texas. Like your expectations are WAY too high. Florida looks like it's full of geniuses compared to Texas

    The TermThe Term10 timmar sedan
  • A Captain isn't the last one off his ship because he can stop the sinking boat. Ted Cruise just pulled a Costa Concordia and Joe Rogan's totally fine with that? I guess Ted Cruz just accidentally fell into an airplane seat!

    TableWrensTableWrens10 timmar sedan
  • Lol I was highly amused by the outrage about the teachers talking like that. This pandemic, if it’s done anything, has shown teachers that we don’t care about their health and safety. As someone related to multiple educators, I’ve personally seen the nasty letters, the slough of blame and hate they can receive in the best of times when Better-Than-You Becky is mad that her little angel is flunking when they don’t turn in any homework. Now that the pandemic has happened, this has only worsened things for educators, many of whom are being pushed into in person risks with one of the biggest potential virus vector sites our society has. So yeah. Fuck people who harass teachers. Of course, I understand that the district couldn’t keep them on after that, but people need to realize what they are demanding of teachers.

    Ariemea SomniaRosaAriemea SomniaRosa10 timmar sedan
  • It is not true that 2 outta 3 guys experience male pattern baldness by 35 lmao

    GamersonlyGamersonly11 timmar sedan
  • No Daftpunk news?

    Ross DRoss D11 timmar sedan
  • Joe Biden’s comments on Chinese gen o cide.

    C JC J11 timmar sedan
  • This is peak sassy phil and I love it.

    Liz WoodLiz Wood11 timmar sedan
  • I just have to say yeah, yeah Joe rogan's intellect is entirely overrated. He is a toxic individual let alone a scary representation of the male archetype. There is true danger behind a good witty cynic. For the sake of a punchline people tend to respond to sarcasm when it comes to a debate. People like him don't understand diversity in perspective. They turn the world into a black and white situation where if you're not on their side you're the opposing team and then boom cynicism and sarcasm. Don't try to fight the information fight the pattern.

    Acid ReignAcid Reign11 timmar sedan
  • That applause scared the shit out of me with my headphones 😅

    Alyssa DaniellaAlyssa Daniella11 timmar sedan
  • I'm dying at this thumbnail 😁😁

    secretaryhollowaysecretaryholloway11 timmar sedan
  • So let me understand this.... His video broke the same rules 3/4 of the music videos/random videos on here break daily? That's some bullshit

  • Cruz is supposed to be a LEADER. Lead.

    Critical MindsetCritical Mindset11 timmar sedan
  • Look at Texas not understanding what "snow" is cuz they've never seen it. (I kid.)

    wolfman1241wolfman124111 timmar sedan
  • Hey everyone stop asking Phil to cover DD. After James Charles and Tati he said he would no longer be covering SA stories until he had certain proof of guilt. That’s a blanket thing, he has not covered a single SA story since then. Currently, it’s all just allegations and here say. He’s not going to cover it.

    Sophie AuldSophie Auld11 timmar sedan
  • Note that one of the board members straight up said her kids don't go to those schools. Is there a policy where they cant or are the schools just not good enough?

    Lizette RamirezLizette Ramirez12 timmar sedan
  • joe 'why does ted cruz need to stay in the state' phil 'well look at AOC she started a fundraiser online' joe 'is she in texas' phil '...your thought process is incredibly sad and stupid'

    Brayden KayeBrayden Kaye12 timmar sedan
  • I missed Bringer of Sadness 2021 and I'm devastated cause I wanted to have all of them...

    Muzic LoverrMuzic Loverr12 timmar sedan
  • Yasss Tell Joe to stop being stupid !! Look at what Beto did. He called people ABC helped them find water, shelter ect. .

    MicheleMichele12 timmar sedan
  • When you're so stupid even the snow is a conspiracy

    ember raushember raush12 timmar sedan
  • I'm like this too... Always careful with what I say even in private online meetings with only one person I'm always paranoid ... Better be like this than like them ...

    AJHDAJHD12 timmar sedan
  • That school board wasn't wrong.

    Cloud QueenCloud Queen12 timmar sedan
  • If you ain't from tx then stfu and stay in Cali.

    TheLovelessaustin88TheLovelessaustin8812 timmar sedan
  • Damn Phil, your kid has an awesome vocabulary at such a young age 😂

    Issa HIssa H12 timmar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/rWnSnt-Yg5-Zqqc/video

      Maunon AutokorjaamoMaunon Autokorjaamo12 timmar sedan
  • Don’t care at all for Ted Cruz but why wouldn’t he be able to make a fundraiser from Cabo

    Nathaniel LangeNathaniel Lange12 timmar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/rWnSnt-Yg5-Zqqc/video

      Maunon AutokorjaamoMaunon Autokorjaamo12 timmar sedan
  • No Philp you don't want to be that stupid listen here sir Stupidity is a pandemic and there is no cure also Ted Cruz could have stayed in Texas and oh idk raise money to help the people that put him in office as an elected official

    Rukia KuchkiRukia Kuchki12 timmar sedan
  • I live in Texas. Trust me, the snow was definitely real

    Uhhh ChanUhhh Chan13 timmar sedan
  • YES. YES. A thousand times YES!! Spot on with the AOC/Joe Rogan/Ted Cruz debacle. Thank you, Phillip. Please keep ‘em coming.

    Bradley VanTreeseBradley VanTreese13 timmar sedan
  • Phil idk why you're doing an anti Trump rhetoric in 2021. It's just too much cancel culture for one video. Stop it, it's lame and biased.

    M4RM4R13 timmar sedan
  • Only here cause Ethan called you out on Frenemies and it looks like he's right u really do only report on irrelevant bullshit 🤷‍♀️

    Sierra OSierra O13 timmar sedan
  • Please cover David Dobrik and Jason Nash abusing Seth. There is video footage and Seth has been interviewed on the H3H3 podcast. There are many interesting intersections between media, celebrity and power here.

    Emily G.Emily G.13 timmar sedan
  • Have you done any reports on David???? No???

    Maddy FrancoMaddy Franco13 timmar sedan
  • Talk about David Dobrik and Jason Nash sexually abusing Seth. It is covered in video footage and Seth appeared on an interview on the H3h3 podcast.

    Emily G.Emily G.13 timmar sedan
  • Ball is in your court, Rogan....

    utrvg4utrvg413 timmar sedan
  • Talk about david dobrick and Jason nash assaulting Seth

    Ruiz Benavides ValeriaRuiz Benavides Valeria13 timmar sedan
  • Joe Rogan stands for nothing, he has no principles.

    Wildlife JeffWildlife Jeff13 timmar sedan
  • Some of ya’ll are just too comfortable! 😂

    Jacqueline SchneiderJacqueline Schneider13 timmar sedan
  • Why wont you cover the David situation??????????????

    KtKt13 timmar sedan
  • Oh yes, I am aware of Cocomelon. 😂

    Jacqueline SchneiderJacqueline Schneider13 timmar sedan
  • @phil looking tanned AF.. Or his teeth are super bright!

    Jon MooreJon Moore14 timmar sedan
  • oh yeah cocomelon sub bots and view botted its been proven by a sub bot and viewbot channel

    AuraicHaloAuraicHalo14 timmar sedan
  • Rogan is a rw schill now.

    Aaron DeyoungAaron Deyoung14 timmar sedan
  • Okay, but why Bill Gates? What does he have to do with weather? Or even snow?

    SpartainsSpartains14 timmar sedan
  • Phil, when are you going to cover David Dobrik?

    Hannah PompaHannah Pompa14 timmar sedan
  • "Is the snow fake?" aaaaand question's like that is what's wrong with everything!

  • Phil I love you but why haven't you spoke about the David Dobrick controversy going on after you supported him for so long?

    Ren -Ren -14 timmar sedan
  • I feel like I'm watching a man slowly go insane when I watch a new Philly D.

    Sirios OliversSirios Olivers14 timmar sedan
  • The thumbnail with Joe Rogan gave me life.

    The Not-Especially-Intimidating OneThe Not-Especially-Intimidating One15 timmar sedan
  • Oh my god my home town finally made it for all the wrong reasons 😂

    Cherise RullamasCherise Rullamas15 timmar sedan
  • The only thing the school board did wrong was resign.

    GuyGuy15 timmar sedan
  • What kinda fake shill garbage did I just stumble upon.

    opencasketfaceliftopencasketfacelift15 timmar sedan
  • Where was the Tuesday show!!!!

    bmsdancer310bmsdancer31015 timmar sedan
  • Oh, and Ted Cruz should be out shoveling snow, if that's what people need. Politicians should be going *nowhere* until stuff like this is resolved.

    badnewsBHbadnewsBH15 timmar sedan
  • Phil this was one of your funniest videos in a while. I absolutely love your attitude when you’re just past your limit with the bullshit. It’s super satisfying to live through vicariously. Stay safe and stay sane. Love you man

    Cactus KawaseeCactus Kawasee15 timmar sedan
  • Never liked rogan and don't understand the draw for certain people. I get that if you're a white guy, but any other demographic? Why?

    mzjamiecmzjamiec15 timmar sedan
  • Are you gonna talk about the Seth interview about David Dobrik or what

    JossJoss15 timmar sedan
  • Yo talk about David

    Melvin MorenoMelvin Moreno15 timmar sedan
  • Please talk about everyone that came forward about David Dobrik more people need to be talking about it I will comment this everyday until you do

    Carly HeleneCarly Helene15 timmar sedan
  • I'm glad I'm still up on current events; none of those "big names" meant a thing to me...

    badnewsBHbadnewsBH16 timmar sedan
  • nothing those trustees said is wrong. They were speaking facts

    2WheeledGeek2WheeledGeek16 timmar sedan
  • PPP loans seem like a bad idea. Going into massive debt always seems risky.

    Sir ZachariaSir Zacharia16 timmar sedan
  • Jojo reference button

    Kevin ForstKevin Forst16 timmar sedan
  • So when are you going to talk about David Dobrik?

    Caitlyn PrineCaitlyn Prine16 timmar sedan
  • Wow Philip is extra annoying now

    keoni _keoni _16 timmar sedan
  • Be careful about the lenght of the nap Phil. If you stay away too long things go to shit

    signum18signum1816 timmar sedan
  • Ignorance would be bliss if you weren’t using that ignorance to foment hate and anger.

    Sir ZachariaSir Zacharia16 timmar sedan
  • As a Canadian I can tell you Americans that the snow in Texas is real. You literally had a freeze in 2017. You that don't believe in the snow are clearly too stupid to know how even snow melts, it is best melted in the sink of your home not a fire. Why? Because snow in igloos or a kid snow bunker, which are made of snow, always can have a fire in them as snow REFLECTS HEAT MORONS!

    WildKat25WildKat2516 timmar sedan