Tyson Fury meets Floyd Mayweather

15 feb 2021
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  • Looks like true Geordie in the thumbnail

    Fin StoneyFin Stoney3 dagar sedan
  • These two should exchange last names, Floyd Fury has a nice ring to it.. 😂

    vzgsxrvzgsxr6 dagar sedan

    savsav7 dagar sedan
  • He knows a winner when he see s 1 😅☺️😂😂. Tyson fury 🎉

    is itis it7 dagar sedan
  • If fury did try any dumb stuff wouldn't be enough to clean up off the floor Floyd Jr got straight killer bodyguards not Wilder type they would mop the floor with Fury if he raised his hand don't ever think U got a shot hand picked by Floyd jr too please

    Edward JordanEdward Jordan8 dagar sedan
  • Tyson Fury meets a manlet 🥱

    bobbob8 dagar sedan
  • They should foight. I’d love to see Floyd get whooped!

    Knights of MelvinKnights of Melvin8 dagar sedan
  • That video is too short that i didn't even saw the bodyguard!!! I was watching the Champs! Fury was the main Super Star there!.

    Sami KashtSami Kasht8 dagar sedan
  • Floyd is a fake snake

    steve187steve1878 dagar sedan
  • 0:11 watch how he squeezes Floyds hand like he's a little kid lol

    greveeengreveeen8 dagar sedan
  • Floyd would drop fury

    XmasXmas8 dagar sedan
  • You can be rich all you want but you will always be a manlet 😂

    Dottor CisafrulliDottor Cisafrulli8 dagar sedan
  • Man i love fury great boxer great person

    AbuSchi TvAbuSchi Tv10 dagar sedan
  • Fury the man tyson

    Ivan MilosavljevicIvan Milosavljevic10 dagar sedan
  • I bet his body guard felt useless lol

    LouLou10 dagar sedan
  • Almost broke his wrist in that short bout.

    Stas TwinkletonStas Twinkleton10 dagar sedan
  • Floyd bet on him probably because of his horse hair gloves he reckons he was wearing 😆

    Padjoe O cealPadjoe O ceal10 dagar sedan
  • When even the bodyguard is scared

    Jacob IcardJacob Icard11 dagar sedan
  • This tyson fury looks like an absolute viking

    estefan blackestefan black11 dagar sedan
  • Bruh the body guard probably knows some sort of martial art right??? I think there’s a reason he stood up to Fury. 😂😂 but idk that’s just me 😂😂

    A MoralesA Morales11 dagar sedan
    • Just doing his job 💰

      shaolen C.Ashaolen C.A9 dagar sedan
  • Stfu about the damn bodyguard. Dude just making bread for his family.

    OptimusHighMegaBongOptimusHighMegaBong11 dagar sedan
  • Bodyguard seeing Tyson fury like oh shit his big 😂😂

    Third GarciaThird Garcia11 dagar sedan
  • Warning: A bunch of keyboard combat sports analysts who are easily intimidated by black men are living vicariously through Tyson Fury all throughout this comment section.

    Dan TrellDan Trell11 dagar sedan
  • Poor body guard catching hits lol

    compassionate predatorcompassionate predator11 dagar sedan
  • Wasnt he shitting on flyod not too long ago?

    JasonJason11 dagar sedan
  • That bodyguard did he seriously thought that he would stood a chance against Tyson Fury wtf man just sit down before you're being forced to sit down.

    Hardcore GamerHardcore Gamer11 dagar sedan
  • the body guard is just doing his job, i don't understand why people are dissing him

    JacobJacob11 dagar sedan
    • @MuhammadAli_GOAT i love tyson fury but his skills wont matters once the bodyguard pulls up his gun + its the bodyguard job to be on alert ou see he cooled down when he realised tyson isnt a threat

      henry cejidohenry cejido7 dagar sedan
    • @Marcel Plambeck exactly no need durr brain

      MuhammadAli_GOATMuhammadAli_GOAT8 dagar sedan
    • @MuhammadAli_GOAT Are you stupid? He just stand next to them

      Marcel PlambeckMarcel Plambeck8 dagar sedan
    • because he acting like he can do something when he can't do shit, its the lineal champion of the world lol

      MuhammadAli_GOATMuhammadAli_GOAT8 dagar sedan
  • Y’all talkin shit about his bodyguard, what if he does mma? Tyson can’t do shit off his back. Let’s not judge by looks yall.

    Aaron W.Aaron W.11 dagar sedan
  • Tyson Fury > floyd

    TRINEXTRINEX11 dagar sedan
  • The bodyguard looks like he was taken off guard. He just saw some monster roll upon mayweather. He was probably thinking. Damnit it!

    Brian PowersBrian Powers12 dagar sedan
  • Djoko is the GOAT

    Gabriël van der BergGabriël van der Berg12 dagar sedan
  • Everyone’s talking shit about the security guy - he may know wrestling. Then how is Fury gonna box him up from the side control on the floor? He’s an ACE in stand up but could be an amateur on the ground

    Jacek VeltzeJacek Veltze12 dagar sedan
  • Looking at the comments section will give you an idea with what's wrong with the people of this world.

    Jane GavinJane Gavin12 dagar sedan
  • I like tyson fury voice 😀

    KK SoulKK Soul12 dagar sedan
  • Dudes hand makes floyds look like a kids hand lol

    noel19_88noel19_8812 dagar sedan
  • You guys have a lust for size, he is bigger, he is taller, 1 foot, 20 inches, all the comments about idolizing height and size, even women don't behave like this. We can all get what is going on here.

    panos kevrepanos kevre12 dagar sedan
  • Bodyguard is jealous 🤣🤣

    Ricardo BastosRicardo Bastos12 dagar sedan
    • Of what?

      shaolen C.Ashaolen C.A9 dagar sedan
  • This the Floyd they don’t show

    ThejayL0456ThejayL045612 dagar sedan
  • Dude can't just watch a basketball game and meet fellow boxing champs without everyone hating, lol.

    Rene AyalaRene Ayala12 dagar sedan
  • the big show meets kevin hart

    Joe NewtonJoe Newton12 dagar sedan
  • Are people really comparing the lineal heavyweight champion with a bodyguard?? Smh 😒

    H BrothaH Brotha12 dagar sedan
  • 1 isn't really 50-0, as Castillo 1 was a loss and the other is only anything because he's 6'8" or 9 and nearc300 lbs. Both are pussies.

    Zeus MannZeus Mann12 dagar sedan
  • Lol what exactly do y'all want the bodyguard to do... Run away and sit in a corner when Fury shows up? 😂.. He is just standing where he been standing

    Sankofa NYCSankofa NYC12 dagar sedan
    • @Jame Gumb Facts 😂

      Raheem EnnisRaheem Ennis8 dagar sedan
    • No, but it is funny watching the bodyguard who is a man who uses his dominance everyday among smaller people and probably enjoys it at some level get truly put in his place in the pecking order by a friendly giant who doesn't even notice him.

      Jame GumbJame Gumb8 dagar sedan
  • What's the crack with everyone slating the bodyguard? He just stood there doing his job. Maybe you all are just over sensitive but he didn't look confrontational at all.

    Letslick TonguesLetslick Tongues12 dagar sedan
  • Imagine being the guy in the whole stadium there that nobody can beat in a fistfight

    Nakupo BuhayNakupo Buhay12 dagar sedan
  • Imagine being the guy in the whole stadium there that nobody can beat in a fistfight

    Nakupo BuhayNakupo Buhay12 dagar sedan
  • Floyd really be like: "Nice lady bag"

    James StewartJames Stewart12 dagar sedan
  • It was more like oh fuck that's tysen fury. Any man would have that look

    Santiago OrtaSantiago Orta12 dagar sedan
  • La guardia del corpo non aveva capito chi era poi.. 😂😂🔥🔥

    Ton ZanTon Zan12 dagar sedan
  • Great sportsmanship 🐐🐐🐐

    Mahmud BashirMahmud Bashir12 dagar sedan
  • “I’m proud of you” like that man wouldn’t kill you Floyd lmfao

    DamianTheBeholderDamianTheBeholder12 dagar sedan
    • @Broner 50-0

      David BalcanDavid Balcan11 dagar sedan
    • It can’t be a good thing to be proud of a man that’s been through some shit? You’re pathetic 😂

      Aaron W.Aaron W.11 dagar sedan
    • @David Balcan 50-0

      BronerBroner11 dagar sedan
    • @Broner doesnt matter lmaoooo Tyson is so huge he'd knock floyd out with his little finger

      David BalcanDavid Balcan11 dagar sedan
    • 50-0

      BronerBroner12 dagar sedan
  • Let's be clear, as far as that guard is concerned he's looking after $500 million. The fact that he portrayed himself sizing up Fury was purely for Floyd's attention & whatever cameras may be watching. Why such a rash assessment? The former, being a part of a team guarding an asset like that every single approaching threat must be assessed well ahead of time if he's to get even within spitting distance of Floyd. That's the job, so we can deduce he was either enjoying himself in the moment causing him to forget his surroundings & duty to the point where he was genuinely shocked by Fury being there so he acted the way he did orrrr (more likely) he saw a chance to "prove himself" ready to pounce for Floyd. Which.. why either way? TLDR: muh boi needs other employment.

    I VI V12 dagar sedan
  • Fury meeting the real king money Mayweather 👊👊👊👊

    puresim316puresim31612 dagar sedan
  • all the great black NOPE supporters in the comments salty as hell seeing the two greatest to ever grace the ring come together

    NotpoopNotpoop12 dagar sedan
  • Everyone here is not using there head when they are talking about the body guard. He’s not going to throw hands with him he is just going to tackle him. The greatest boxers that have ever walked the earth will get fucked up by a jiu jitsu blue belt that’s 5 weight classes below them.

    DTG499DTG49912 dagar sedan
  • all body guards and security guards are pusssies got banned a month ago from a casino and had a go at 5 security guards then they got scared and got 10 other security guards and I was fucken abusing the 15 surrounding me and they didnt do shit weak pricks

    YaBoyBeastyYaBoyBeasty12 dagar sedan
  • The bodyguard did a very good job controlling his emotions and at the same time protecting TBE. His mind is on the right place.

  • What a gentleman Tyson Fury is, an all day nice guy

    Maria StenljungMaria Stenljung13 dagar sedan
  • *Bodyguard just stands there Comments: "OMG guard acting like he's tough his ego can't take Fury's presence"

    I luh u MyyykeI luh u Myyyke13 dagar sedan
    • ​@Mister NovelBro You mean selective camerawork. If the camera didn't zoom-in to emphasize him half these keyboard juggernauts wouldn't even mention him.

      I luh u MyyykeI luh u Myyyke6 dagar sedan
    • That name

      DufusDufus8 dagar sedan
    • selective vision i see....

      Mister NovelBroMister NovelBro8 dagar sedan
    • @NappyHeaded Niglet Osss see u there

      I Heelhook Day 1 whitebeltsI Heelhook Day 1 whitebelts9 dagar sedan
    • @I Heelhook Day 1 whitebelts thank you Cheers from hell!

      NappyHeaded NigletNappyHeaded Niglet9 dagar sedan
  • Greatest boxer of all time standing next to a short black guy

    Judo BaboJudo Babo13 dagar sedan
  • Tbe meets Tbe

    Asher AlbertAsher Albert13 dagar sedan
  • floyd seemed so awkward 😂

    romayoromayo13 dagar sedan
  • All those people saying he cheated just mad deontay wilder lost. That's it. Period.

    Braindon RobertBraindon Robert13 dagar sedan
  • Masonic handshake 0.10

    Hunger TrapHunger Trap13 dagar sedan
  • Tyson Fury looks like he could’ve broken those feeble little hands of Floyd during that handshake

    MMAKOMMAKO13 dagar sedan
  • Make sure you don’t cheat this time

    Wonky GustavWonky Gustav13 dagar sedan
  • The bodyguard looks ready😂👍🏾

    Jesus HoyaJesus Hoya13 dagar sedan
  • Who is the richer man?

    Jesus HoyaJesus Hoya13 dagar sedan
  • Everyone dissing the bodyguard like my man isn’t just tryna feed his family.

    DawwgHouseDawwgHouse13 dagar sedan
    • Your man is feeding on his family, indeed.

      Lionel GustafssonLionel Gustafsson7 dagar sedan
    • Bruh, the camera had to zoom in on his face lol

      FeralzFeralz8 dagar sedan
    • @David George actually we don’t need to pretend the truth is in a street fight Floyd mayweather gets eaten alive. It ain’t all about pillow hands in street fights 🤷🏽‍♂️

      The RE: BrandThe RE: Brand10 dagar sedan
    • I seen him turn his head.. not disrespectful but in a way of body language that expresses I don't need to involve myself with him once he seen who it was so I say he was just standing there doing his job..

      LastTraceLastTrace11 dagar sedan
    • AhahahAha f

      mrt27mrt2712 dagar sedan
  • Fury cud pop his head in between his fingers ... 🤣🤣🤣

    Planet NRONPlanet NRON13 dagar sedan
  • Охранник такой стоит и думает: хорошо что они друзья и ни в коем случае не надо с ним связываться.

    Руслан БабоевРуслан Бабоев13 dagar sedan
  • I'm proud of you floyd is full of shit we all know why he really does not like furry.

    Christopher CollardChristopher Collard13 dagar sedan
  • That bodyguard isn't that small . Probably a little shook , but y'all talking ish about him but can't bust a grape in a fruit fight

    Gaberiel BarnardGaberiel Barnard13 dagar sedan
    • Body guard looks 6’5 250

      NappyHeaded NigletNappyHeaded Niglet11 dagar sedan
  • Is TF standing on a platform or something?

    DJDJ13 dagar sedan
  • I didnt see anything til I saw the comments talkin about the bodygaurd . he literally did nothing wrong lol

    Mohamed Abo onoqMohamed Abo onoq13 dagar sedan
  • FM: I'm proud of you TF: Good stuff, all the best 😂

    Christopher LeechChristopher Leech13 dagar sedan
  • Shaking hands with a toddler

    Daniel FjällDaniel Fjäll13 dagar sedan
  • Both undefeated champs

    AlfieAlfie13 dagar sedan
  • Fury would whoop them both if he didnt like their attitude.....😂....but he is a nice guy....n people are saying that bodyguard would win...lmaoo...they dont know what the world heavyweight champ can do....fuckin idiots😂😂

    Anchita DevAnchita Dev13 dagar sedan
  • Bodyguard had his self esteem shot down when he realized he wasn't the biggest dude in the room anymore.

    • Or maybe he’s just doing his job? U fury fanboys are weirdos

      Mrpaulojorge97Mrpaulojorge9713 dagar sedan
  • The body guard had more of an expression like oh shit it’s Tyson fool he’s bigger then I imagined I’m just gonna play cool even thou ik he’s the champ he looked scared guys come on lol

    Ian FitzgeraldIan Fitzgerald13 dagar sedan
    • Yeah people made a lot out of such a short interaction

      NappyHeaded NigletNappyHeaded Niglet10 dagar sedan
  • here before this blows up

    Oscar MahyOscar Mahy13 dagar sedan
  • Two legends

    Alen PAlen P13 dagar sedan
  • Ppl really think the security guard can touch Tyson fury 😂 that man has hands for days and that boul has no weapons or anything

    JohnJohn13 dagar sedan
    • Who’s saying that tho? Stop projecting thru fury jfc

      Mrpaulojorge97Mrpaulojorge9713 dagar sedan
  • Bodyguard didn’t know who he is until fury said something. The zoom was on point

    johnny kajetjohnny kajet13 dagar sedan
    • Looked like a scene from “The Office”

      coN7rØLcoN7rØL12 dagar sedan
  • Kratos: "..BOY"

    dcta51dcta5113 dagar sedan
  • Let's see this exhibition, lol

    Hou7226Hou722613 dagar sedan
  • Tyson Fury vs Mike Tyson

    Benjamin CaldonaBenjamin Caldona13 dagar sedan
  • Floyd telling Tyson that he is "proud of him" is just his ego talking lol

    Josh PDJosh PD13 dagar sedan
    • @Josh PD or to even suggest that you are proud, then yes. It's okay man.

      me youme you8 dagar sedan
    • @me you Being truly proud, then yes. Good convo I'm done now also...My bad that it had to be this long lol

      Josh PDJosh PD8 dagar sedan
    • @Josh PD yes I know that you are only saying it because it's Mayweather, okay whatever. But regardless who he is or if you like him or not, being proud of someone is the opposite of being egotistical and that's why I said what I said.

      me youme you8 dagar sedan
    • @me you He attached that baggage himself. Downplaying Ali and stuff like that... If someone loses my respect(ik that doesn't matter) imma make any statement I want about them

      Josh PDJosh PD8 dagar sedan
    • @me you I don't hate Mayweather I respect his boxing and what he has done. It's just when you reach the caliber of where he is at its easy to think you're superior to others. Like I said, he has his bodyguards laugh on command for him. Flaunts money all the time, it's not my fault he does things like this. So when he tells someone he is proud of them, is he really though? Or just trying to look good? When you put a certain image out there, it's going to get picked at. That's why I commented what I commented.

      Josh PDJosh PD8 dagar sedan
  • Smart fighters 👏💪👌

    Angie HallensAngie Hallens13 dagar sedan
  • Floyd should have sat on his bodyguards shoulders

    hh hhhh hh13 dagar sedan
  • Big Show and Mayweather post Wrestlemania

    Genghis KhanGenghis Khan13 dagar sedan
  • Fury’s hand size made Floyd’s hand look like baby hand 😅

    Winter WolfWinter Wolf13 dagar sedan
    • @Broner You gay af

      Boom ShakalakaBoom Shakalaka11 dagar sedan
    • Floyd got BBC tho

      BronerBroner12 dagar sedan
  • One of if not the greatest champions in boxing history, and Floyd Mayweather

    joshy •joshy •13 dagar sedan
    • @L R yeah I just said that to piss off mayweather fans lmao

      joshy •joshy •11 dagar sedan
    • Bruh, Fury doesn’t even crack the top forty lol, his third best win is against a journeyman with ten losses who at the time only had 14 fights, and his best two wins are a fluke over a 40 year old were Fury constantly fouled him, and a win over the worst paper champion in history which he also needed to foul constantly to beat. Zero defences and zero unifications, zero nothing. Fury’s the greatest overrated and hyped up fighter in history that’s for sure

      L RL R13 dagar sedan
  • This is why there's a weight class.

    Captain Voluntaryist The Statist SlayerCaptain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer13 dagar sedan
  • It’s crazy how athletes can be in The best shape of their life and still Look outta shape... (Tyson fury, Kyle Lowry, NATE DIAZ, DANIEL CORMIER).. anybodybody with no muscle tone

    SubZeroSubZero13 dagar sedan
    • @SubZero benching dont mean anything, like I said they can't jump high or run fast. You can carry weights wow, probably can't even do a front lever and carry ur own weight.

      Getsuga AllenGetsuga Allen12 dagar sedan
    • @Getsuga Allen I bet u believed he actually benched 500 , and That’s false cuz the most athletic people in all sports are lineman

      SubZeroSubZero13 dagar sedan
    • They're not athletic, they can't run fast, jump high, they have the build for what they're doing. Wilt chamberlain is the definition of athletic.

      Getsuga AllenGetsuga Allen13 dagar sedan
  • Who do you think would win in a fight?

    PreacherLawsonPreacherLawson13 dagar sedan
    • @Matt M You can hate all you want but he's the most evasive boxer to ever do it. That's why he's 43 and still doing it. He hasn't taken damage over the years.

      Drink MeDrink Me13 dagar sedan
    • That is funny, when I read this I feel like I am the only one who assumed you meant Fury and the antsy body guard lol

      Alex DiazAlex Diaz13 dagar sedan
    • @Niranjan Desai nah you're wrong, but it's ok

      Tsu FredTsu Fred13 dagar sedan
    • @Tsu Fred yeah Mayweather would be faster and more agile

      Niranjan DesaiNiranjan Desai13 dagar sedan
    • Preacher why do I see you commenting on every video I watch? Lmao we must be on the same algorithm dude, you're everywhere 😂

      Feizaan BashirFeizaan Bashir13 dagar sedan
  • Tyson would put that bodyguard out with one punch

    Gotti GGotti G13 dagar sedan
    • Bodyguard would put you down with one punch

      shaolen C.Ashaolen C.A9 dagar sedan
    • @puresim316 maybe he wouldn't finish him with one but theres no sdouth tyson would slap that lad around cuz if he couldnt that lad wouldn't be Floyd's bodyguard he be in the ring instead

      lol a lol lol hhhalol a lol lol hhha11 dagar sedan
    • @Broner naw because Fury is a world fucking champion boxer that knows how to throw a proper punch

      Joshua PastorJoshua Pastor11 dagar sedan
    • @puresim316 You doubt it cause ur a moron with zero knowledge

      Bruno MarinBruno Marin11 dagar sedan
    • @puresim316 Cus Fury is white and the guard is black?

      BronerBroner12 dagar sedan
  • Tyson fury is all class! Great athlete with amazing skill

    Wild oneWild one13 dagar sedan
  • is this recent or ages ago

    ItsameAlexItsameAlex13 dagar sedan