Miniminter Reacts To The Custom Sidemen Car

3 maj 2021
125 150 visningar

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  • For what video was this?

    Maximilian BauerMaximilian Bauer12 dagar sedan
  • Rottton tomato 🍅 ssszzzxx asssh tray 😱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    yi chenyi chen12 dagar sedan
  • Why so much trump

    FreddyFreddy12 dagar sedan
  • They be copying the misfits

    YWR SovaYWR Sova12 dagar sedan
  • What happened to that car tho?

    Thee CompilerThee Compiler12 dagar sedan
  • "When ignorant kids involve themselves in things they don't understand"

    Asle MartinsenAsle Martinsen12 dagar sedan
  • USA road trip $100 vs $10,000

    Zac TomZac Tom12 dagar sedan
  • He should have a Simon Reacts channel

    SnowWolfXSnowWolfX12 dagar sedan
  • Oooo

    William MoffatWilliam Moffat12 dagar sedan
  • to watch this I had an un skippable ad that was as long as the video 🧍‍♀️

    KatyKaty13 dagar sedan
    • use brave browser no ads bro trust

      KhanKhan12 dagar sedan

    Mr. 4utMr. 4ut13 dagar sedan
  • In hindsight trump was 20x better than Biden. If you ignored his Twitter he actually did good for us while biden is just lying hiding from all interviews and making our border a disaster. At least Trump sent them home instead of keep them locked in cages like the liberals lied about and are doing even more of today

    MossyEYE CMossyEYE C13 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    SkigiSkigi14 dagar sedan
  • They Should do a 24 hours challenge to paint a car in teams

    Alexander Bach-ValeurAlexander Bach-Valeur14 dagar sedan
  • Jj and tobi gonna hate this but i love it

    MerinosMerinos14 dagar sedan
  • Harry loves it ! lol

    NRNR14 dagar sedan
    • Stfu stop making everything about harry he's not even related to the vid 🤡

      JMNJMN14 dagar sedan
  • Yiannimize take notes 😂😂😂

    Rishi SunilRishi Sunil14 dagar sedan
  • Why does the video sound like 5 minute craft lmao

    Sapnil RCSapnil RC14 dagar sedan
  • A bit of a peek car tbh

    Nintendo Fish BoyNintendo Fish Boy14 dagar sedan
  • That's sick, now put it on a lambo

    NibbonskiNibbonski14 dagar sedan
  • Ew

    Aro And leoAro And leo14 dagar sedan
    • Nah that car 🔥

      Matthew FortnerMatthew Fortner14 dagar sedan
  • Can someone link a SEworld video of the music, there just be one I've heard this loads, it won't let me access the link in bio from the app

    Sam WebsterSam Webster14 dagar sedan
    • its called Symbolism Part 2 by Electro-Light

      Nick WrightNick Wright14 dagar sedan
  • this was more a custom US Sidemen themed car, not a Sidemen themed car. just a bunch of ‘Merica and Donald Trump with the Sidemen logo

    Bailey SmithBailey Smith14 dagar sedan
  • song at 0:19?

    Mohamed FaadhilMohamed Faadhil14 dagar sedan

      Luke DaleyLuke Daley14 dagar sedan
  • theres lambos and shit but then you see this....

    NxT z94NxT z9414 dagar sedan
  • Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump sin vender kilos hice un millón

    Marco RamirezMarco Ramirez14 dagar sedan

    Deepan PrashanthDeepan Prashanth14 dagar sedan
  • They blurring the number plate like people aren’t gonna know that’s their car

    SidwooSidwoo14 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂

      MedMed14 dagar sedan
    • I think they do it so some prick doesn't call the police and say its their car and that it's stolen

      Sixth Volcano 988Sixth Volcano 98814 dagar sedan
    • Mon the royals

      lynx _UKlynx _UK14 dagar sedan
    • Lol yeah ffs

      daren kaulsaydaren kaulsay14 dagar sedan
  • I was expecting Stacey

    OozyOozy14 dagar sedan
  • so good

    Aatif KhanAatif Khan14 dagar sedan
  • That car looks fire

    Aatif KhanAatif Khan14 dagar sedan
  • hi

    Aatif KhanAatif Khan14 dagar sedan
  • I thought Simon hated Pantos

    Aryan KapoorAryan Kapoor14 dagar sedan
  • Daaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnn

    GuyThe GuyGuyThe Guy14 dagar sedan
  • Imagine rolling up to the store in this vehicle and everyone just stood there like: 😐

    Kay-DCKay-DC14 dagar sedan
    • sheeeeeeeesh

      YouTube NewsYouTube News14 dagar sedan
    • Nah nah nah everybodys gonna be standing there like:😍😍🤑🤑🥵🥵🥶🥶😩😩👌👌

      Reza-Farzan ZaidiReza-Farzan Zaidi14 dagar sedan
  • He should buy a tesla again and put that design on it

    Charlie BartonCharlie Barton14 dagar sedan
  • Kskxkdkkddkdkkc yo

    Jacob gamingJacob gaming14 dagar sedan
  • Yassss

    Devina JohnsonDevina Johnson14 dagar sedan
  • yo

    ッSetoshierouッSetoshierou14 dagar sedan
  • NGL it looks trash

    TD AwokenTD Awoken14 dagar sedan
    • @Eshaan Chaturvedi oh ok my fault

      TD AwokenTD Awoken11 dagar sedan
    • That's the whole point it was a joke and they just stuck rundom things on it for the videos and then they destroyed it

      ishiishi14 dagar sedan
    • @Eshaan Chaturvedi For the video.

      Ivan FloresIvan Flores14 dagar sedan
    • @Ivan Flores why wld they want a shit sidemen car

      Eshaan ChaturvediEshaan Chaturvedi14 dagar sedan
    • That's the point.

      Ivan FloresIvan Flores14 dagar sedan
  • sheesh that shit bustin

    ScotsmanScotsman14 dagar sedan
    • comedy genius my guy

      FloodedBucketFloodedBucket14 dagar sedan
    • cringe

      Alper896Alper89614 dagar sedan
    • Don’t act cool

      Vision NTVision NT14 dagar sedan
  • They should get custom cars looking like this for another road trip or holiday vid

    Glazers OutGlazers Out14 dagar sedan
    • @A Al get a life kid

      A dog who is smarter than Jake PaulA dog who is smarter than Jake Paul13 dagar sedan
    • @ImAnesu Get a life kid

      A AlA Al13 dagar sedan
    • @SEworld News they literally did that on the first road trip video, meaning they did a custom car

      TJ RexTJ Rex14 dagar sedan
    • That's not a great idea because fans will spot them and ruin vid

      YouTube NewsYouTube News14 dagar sedan
    • @The Pepe Kid get a life kid

      ImAnesuImAnesu14 dagar sedan
  • Yesss

    Jose Alexander OcampoJose Alexander Ocampo14 dagar sedan
  • yo

    frc Xuairifrc Xuairi14 dagar sedan
  • Hey

    Juan 7Juan 714 dagar sedan
  • Damn, vroom vroom bitches😎

    Rory KelliherRory Kelliher14 dagar sedan
  • Sheeeeesh

    Jack DJack D14 dagar sedan
    • Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh

      Dhruv MehraDhruv Mehra14 dagar sedan
  • First

    AssassinkenzAssassinkenz14 dagar sedan
  • This needs to happen again

    Joey DPJoey DP14 dagar sedan