I’m back!! 9 HOLE COURSE VLOG | How low can I go?? | Micah Morris

6 jan 2021
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  • When you chip around the green with the 60 degree, do you close the face some to help it go? So it doesn’t lift so high. I have to use my 48 degree always because my 60 just flops Right up and goes nowhere. Awesome round. Keep up the progress. It’s amazing to see for sure!

    Jeff GouldJeff Gould22 timmar sedan
  • underrated channel tigs a beast I could watch him golf all day

    Ken MclawhornKen MclawhornDag sedan
  • SHOT TRACER SPONSOR DESERVED !! Dude ur good enough- let's get this shot traced from here on, and assistant to list graphic overlay of hole length, shot length, club choice, shot number. please!! Ask Callaway to provide film/tracer 1 man crew for you to share with Kyle? or something like them etc.

    FutureSportFutureSport3 dagar sedan
  • I think you should do a video about putting, your thoughts and how you read the green or think about putts in general. You are very solid with the putter.

    Corey ArthurCorey Arthur5 dagar sedan
  • Mud ball prior to the shot at 6:15? Just looks like a divot was close second time showing

    Matthew FlorenceMatthew Florence5 dagar sedan
  • The TIG show!!

    Yan GendronYan Gendron6 dagar sedan
  • Great video...Tig always keeps it real 👌🏻

    Josh WJosh W8 dagar sedan
  • Micah - Keep up the excellent content - you have by far taught me the most of any youtuber, even love the tiktok duets. Keep it up!

    Lee HubbardLee Hubbard8 dagar sedan

    Zachary (Zach) ZimmermannZachary (Zach) Zimmermann8 dagar sedan
  • I call it ENTERTAINMENT.

    Brad SmithBrad Smith8 dagar sedan
  • liking the lofi hip hop vibes

    Michael SklarMichael Sklar9 dagar sedan
  • “One down, nine to go...eight to go” Gotta love it. Great golf right here Tig!

    John EarlJohn Earl9 dagar sedan
  • What’s your stock shot with your driver

    Nicolas YeandleNicolas Yeandle9 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, fairways sure do look overrated on these Texan Courses.

    Drew ZDrew Z9 dagar sedan
  • The fairways on that course are definitely overrated. Come up North where our fairways are narrow and tree lined 😉

    spLASH GolfspLASH Golf9 dagar sedan
  • I have that same water bottle Tig!

    Noah GreenspanNoah Greenspan9 dagar sedan
  • Yo can I ask how u got ur name

    Maxxy V TheGolferMaxxy V TheGolfer9 dagar sedan
  • Tig linked twin creeks in the description🤣

    William ReisnerWilliam Reisner9 dagar sedan
  • @Micah Morris where did you get those place compression leggings??

    Preston BrownPreston Brown10 dagar sedan
  • micah embodies hard work and positive energy. bright future ahead of him.

    AaronAaron10 dagar sedan
  • 100% u can make pro if that’s what u want ur a great player and athlete beat of luck to u and your journey and can’t wait to see what u have in store for 2021.

    Ryan SandersRyan Sanders10 dagar sedan
  • More content PLEASE

    Gene KerrGene Kerr10 dagar sedan
  • 200 yards out. “Gonna hit a hard 8 iron”. 😳

    Tony FreseTony Frese10 dagar sedan
  • Welcome back! 2021 is gonna be solid for Golf!

    badbilly429badbilly42910 dagar sedan
  • To all of y’all that do not know already I am posting this on all the guys channels by the way. There is video on garrets other channel called garret clark vlogs and if it gets 12,000 likes they will get a pug for the good good house. It is the newest video on the channel hope you have a good day yaya

    Zeke ChittumZeke Chittum10 dagar sedan
  • love your work tig! hopr u and the wife had a happy and safe holiday!! much love from Australia

    Ronan ThwaitesRonan Thwaites10 dagar sedan
  • You should also keep long term stats through the entire season that you can show momthly improvement. Putts per round and 3 putts would be great stats to also include

    Shane DucholkeShane Ducholke10 dagar sedan
  • Play other courses.

  • great video you need tracers

    Youth GamingYouth Gaming10 dagar sedan
  • Can you please us the maverick driver?

    Legendary LEBLegendary LEB10 dagar sedan
  • Great round Tig! I’ve noticed during your address position, your ball is slightly aligned towards the heel of your driver. Was that because the angle you were filming or you’ve done that on purpose?

    Jay KanJay Kan10 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see someone still Uploading actual golf content. Your cousins head is getting too big for his own good.

    Chills33Chills3311 dagar sedan
  • What is Micahs handicap and is he a club pro?? Thanks

    steven sprigingssteven sprigings11 dagar sedan
  • Are those golf shoes or just causal normal shoes

    Paul JonesPaul Jones11 dagar sedan
    • normal shoes haha

      Micah MorrisMicah Morris10 dagar sedan
  • 5k likes tigs gotta rock the hair down next video

    Rusty RobbinRusty Robbin11 dagar sedan
  • Solid game. Love your putting.

    DrosodDrosod11 dagar sedan
  • micah im just saying it youve came along way and you better win these sunday matches😂

    Solokill0126Solokill012611 dagar sedan
  • Man don’t fix his divots lol

    Jarrett EvansJarrett Evans11 dagar sedan
  • Just gonna hit it, go git it, and hit it again

    aron Duranaron Duran11 dagar sedan
  • Always great stuff, Micah. I can't pretend to know how much work goes into shot-tracers, but with how nice your ball flight is and the quality of your play I think it's the only thing missing from your golf videos. Love the positivity, love the play.

    Sam FolkSam Folk11 dagar sedan
  • “i didnt hit it good” probably a 300 carry😂

    Nate GolfsNate Golfs11 dagar sedan
  • Great editing, the swing looks pure bro

    Sauce MasterSauce Master11 dagar sedan
  • Can we please have some shot tracer on some of the holes ?? ❤️❤️

    Jamie BeckJamie Beck11 dagar sedan
  • Great playing Micah, keep it up and we'll be seeing you being filmed at some mini-tour event around Texas. Looking forward to someone filming the rounds at a real tournament.

    Scott SmithScott Smith11 dagar sedan
  • My guy Micah always improving. Killin it...

    Conor WoodConor Wood11 dagar sedan
  • I love the editing of Micah's videos. Straight to the point and not much fluff in between.

    Lauren PardiLauren Pardi11 dagar sedan
    • Appreciated!

      Trace EditsTrace Edits11 dagar sedan
  • I would love to be half as good as you someday... Unbelievalble golfer 👌🏼

    Paul KellyPaul Kelly11 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait for your match with Z-Rad.

    Ken MageeKen Magee11 dagar sedan
  • Love to see you genuinely trying to get better tig, keep it up man

    Cameron KellyCameron Kelly11 dagar sedan
  • I miss ball tracer more then enything

    Lasse NielsenLasse Nielsen11 dagar sedan
  • Agree with fw being over rated, but then you get to a course we’re the ball disappear in the rough and you’re done. Use oobgolf to keep your data and scores, pretty good tool I used before I have to stopped golfing

    Azael VillarrealAzael Villarreal11 dagar sedan
  • love it man

    Griffin3812Griffin381211 dagar sedan
  • Fairways are not overrated in desert golf

    Ben KBen K11 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the driver you got fitted for?

    Ethaniel ValdezEthaniel Valdez11 dagar sedan
  • does anyone else pause the video and put the speed to 25% and watch his amazing swing?

    Cohen SellersCohen Sellers11 dagar sedan
  • Always excited when you put out a video. Highly enjoy watching. Keep up the hard work brotha

    Gabriel ServinGabriel Servin11 dagar sedan
  • When is the mizuno driver coming in?

    Jacob BruhnJacob Bruhn11 dagar sedan
    • Soon

      Micah MorrisMicah Morris10 dagar sedan
  • Keep it going Micah, keep working hard man, you got what it takes. Your maturity is growing too, the knock down GW for example. Love it man. 👊🏼

    D-wreck B-checkD-wreck B-check11 dagar sedan
  • Did you order the Driver you got fit for at GolfTec, if so when are you getting it?

    Cody RondeauCody Rondeau11 dagar sedan
  • Hard work on the flatstick is really paying off. A couple more committed swings in there, and -2 could've been -4 or 5. Great playing, Micah.

    Adam BarnettAdam Barnett11 dagar sedan
  • Just curious why did you & Garrett split ways or at least quit making content together

  • Where is your mizuno driver coming from.. mars?

    Jordan HewittJordan Hewitt11 dagar sedan
    • Haha I think so

      Micah MorrisMicah Morris10 dagar sedan
  • When’s the new driver coming in?

    Ransom CreechRansom Creech11 dagar sedan
    • Soon

      Micah MorrisMicah Morris10 dagar sedan
  • You’ve inspired me to buy more bass pro hats

    Ben WeldnerBen Weldner11 dagar sedan
  • Who you playing with in this video?

    John DoeJohn Doe11 dagar sedan
  • Love the sketchers

    Darin GloverDarin Glover11 dagar sedan
  • Playing in shorts in January. Must be nice.

    Marshall GrossackMarshall Grossack11 dagar sedan
  • Tig, Can you upload a practice putting session? I'd like to see what tools and process you used to improve your putts. Your game is looking very sharp!

    nicholas mossnicholas moss11 dagar sedan
  • driiiiiver wedge no need for any other clubs

    Tara SmithTara Smith11 dagar sedan
  • Great video

    Kameron KoskimakiKameron Koskimaki11 dagar sedan
  • Wish y’all fixed your divots a little more often

    david jeffriesdavid jeffries11 dagar sedan
    • @Micah Morris Micah if you want good golf karma it is essential you go to the beach and get some sand and bring it with you next time

      david jeffriesdavid jeffries10 dagar sedan
    • They don’t have sand in the carts most of the time now

      Micah MorrisMicah Morris10 dagar sedan
  • Such a pleasure to watch some good quality golf💪🏌️‍♂️

    RuanRuan11 dagar sedan
  • Micha can you do a video on how to shape the ball please

    PARKER_GOLF IPARKER_GOLF I11 dagar sedan
  • You should use an app called SwingU, will give you a birds eye view of the course, distances, all those stats plus heaps more. Well worth while!!

    Jason DarkeJason Darke11 dagar sedan
  • Those are some hairy ass legs, Tig

    Crumpled PlaysCrumpled Plays11 dagar sedan
  • Hey Micah I’m honestly not sure if you’re doing your own editing but if you are your making awesome progress, really well edited video. The beat at 4:56 was so dope! Greetings from south texas!

    Luis GarzaLuis Garza11 dagar sedan
    • Aye, thanks!

      Trace EditsTrace Edits11 dagar sedan
  • Whys your club aiming way left with drivers

    La FlareLa Flare11 dagar sedan
  • Micah the goat

    Henry BakerHenry Baker11 dagar sedan
  • Where is the mizuno driver bro???

    Garret Vander PloegGarret Vander Ploeg11 dagar sedan
  • Best of luck Micah from Surrey bc Canada

    Rick MasonRick Mason11 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see you make a video where you don’t mention or think about your score. Just tally it all up in the end.

    Yaro MartsenyukYaro Martsenyuk11 dagar sedan
  • I wish i have a wedge game like you love the video

    Johnny golf LuckJohnny golf Luck11 dagar sedan
  • you're a beast

    Dusty DeckerDusty Decker11 dagar sedan
  • Nice 9 holes. Well played.

    Daniel BoeningDaniel Boening11 dagar sedan
  • Good stuff Micah 👍👍👍

    Ian ButlerIan Butler11 dagar sedan
  • Yup you are right fairways are overrated. Look at Mark Brodie. He is the one that brought strokes gained to the PGA.

    Patrick VPatrick V11 dagar sedan
  • Love watching quality golf from the 👑

    Andrew KuljisAndrew Kuljis11 dagar sedan
  • Tig this ur best video yet brother

    danrilbardanrilbar11 dagar sedan
  • Micah’s Chanel to everybody else’s is like wine to beer

    John WallJohn Wall11 dagar sedan
  • Why do they call you Tig?

    Ashley Pourciau RitcheyAshley Pourciau Ritchey11 dagar sedan
  • Very high quality video and good my man!

    Tanner RamseyTanner Ramsey11 dagar sedan
  • Micah and Garret v Rick Shiels and Peter finch would be the one to watch SEworld Ryder cup!

    Tom WoodleyTom Woodley11 dagar sedan
  • Got to love the yellow dead rough look lol. All the courses near me in Kansas even have desd fairways lol

    Hunter HughesHunter Hughes11 dagar sedan
  • I agree about fairways being overrated. Greens in reg are what I shoot for. Games looking great. Keep grinding

    Gilbert AyalaGilbert Ayala11 dagar sedan
  • Fired up for Zac and Tig match!! Let's go!! Both are A+ golfers that take their game seriously.

    Daniel McCauslandDaniel McCausland11 dagar sedan
  • Its so funny you and the boys don’t even wear golf shoes lol

    Arthur baderArthur bader11 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait for the next Sunday match

    Jon GJon G11 dagar sedan
  • You should have a match with Luke Kwon

    Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor11 dagar sedan
  • My record is 3 under 😅

    D Du PlessisD Du Plessis11 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video. Good golf, no silliness, right commentary. Keep it up!

    Joseph LewisJoseph Lewis11 dagar sedan