Best Moments of Ted Nivison

14 okt 2019
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I spent a whole week making this.
Just a nice hefty compilation of what I think are Ted Nivison's best and funniest moments.
Disclaimers: I AM NOT TED! I did not make any of the clips! I did not edit the captions in any of the clips! I did not record any of the clips! I do not own any content shown here! I am not even in any of the clips shown! This video is NOT monetized!
All of these clips were taken from SEworld, Twitter, and Twitch.
The only thing I will take credit for is editing this entire video and compiling the clips. I do not take credit for the captions that might appear here. Everything else belongs to the respective owners (the ones who recorded what was here).
Note: If you are the owner of any of these clips (ex. Carson, Ted himself, etc.) and you do not want my content shown in this video, give me time stamps where certain clips occur that you want taken down and I will happily remove them from the video. Or, if you want the video removed, let me know.
Edit: I never anticipated this would hit a million views! I hope that anyone who came to this video became more infatuated with Ted's content just like I did. There is so much more love and passion behind the man's work that I couldn't ever hope to capture in highlights videos. I will not be making any more than the two that I had, I want YOU to find the rest of those funny moments yourself! Give Ted some extra love, he's an amazing guy.