Abandoned Ferrari 512 BBi Boxer Stripped Bare Reveals Problems

1 maj 2021
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After being neglected for so long sat outside left to rot away , the abandoned Ferrari 512 BBi project had little choice but to have paint work .... but how far will I need to take it to do this right ?
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    RatarossaRatarossa16 dagar sedan
    • @Mc Gill : Who was your comment directed to?

      L TL T9 dagar sedan
    • @northtexasrangers : I think you're right. As much originality as possible is the best option. Maybe the paint was damaged to much.

      L TL T9 dagar sedan
    • What was wrong with the og paint? Shoulda tried a cut and buff and super detail first. Not trying to be a downer. Keep up the good work.

      northtexasrangersnorthtexasrangers9 dagar sedan
    • Hilarious :-) I should say : you've got the balls to pull that of !

      Mc GillMc Gill12 dagar sedan
    • The BB should be with the bottom half black and the top half red.

      L TL T13 dagar sedan
  • Clearly talk to Larry, if you have not already!

    Benn McNeillBenn McNeill21 timme sedan
  • I think RED really pops on older Ferraris like this. GO RED!

    Eric BreivogelEric BreivogelDag sedan
  • I think that Red really pops on older Ferraris. GO RED!

    Eric BreivogelEric BreivogelDag sedan
  • It has been a full on restoration for quite a while now. So keep it white and original, do not mess with it. If you do change the colour you will regret it later on.

    ZxRx7ZxRx7Dag sedan
  • How rare was that car in white? I'm not a white car guy (I like blue colors), but my gut is saying a color change really might not be a good idea in this case.

    Reggie ReginatoReggie ReginatoDag sedan
  • Looking at that bare I kind of get the delorean it was ment to be something next level.

    mattwills87mattwills872 dagar sedan
  • looking for a old 308 , red . and id love to get one that is right side . if anyone have or know anyone selling , id love to look at it :P

    Sir DocMadSir DocMad2 dagar sedan
  • wow , only reason i can see to strip it from original paint is if you polish :( your car , but... sad

    Sir DocMadSir DocMad2 dagar sedan
  • Has to be white mate. Its such a rare colour for that model.

    Wraith01mgWraith01mg2 dagar sedan
  • Given I think you said that this was the only RHD in white of this car, and the lengths you have gone to preserve its originality one way or another, you clearly aren't gonna change the colour. For the screen, it's not worth the risk of breaking it, if theres no damage around the seals theres no point in removing it purely so you can paint an area no one will ever see (especially as im sure you will be getting the exact shade of white), it may be worth just taking extra effort to paint in that area, which may take some time, but likely not cost as much as a screen replacement.

    I'm not a MechanicI'm not a Mechanic3 dagar sedan
  • The general consensus is to keep it in its original white, and I would normally wholeheartedly agree. I remember how very popular white sports cars were back in 1984, along with Don Johnson, Wham, Duran Duran, box jackets with the sleeves pushed up and big hair... ...so for that reason I'm going to suggest breaking the golden rule and changing it to silver....

    Colin BarrettColin Barrett3 dagar sedan
  • Drop me a line and I will give you details of car screens specialist (some stunning specimens he rescued after many failed before him!) who deals with vintage/rare/exotic cars.

    Peter LabiakPeter Labiak3 dagar sedan
  • You’ve got to keep it the original white.

    Rick HarrisRick Harris3 dagar sedan
  • The idiot that let that car sit outside and rot should never be allowed to own anything nicer than a Yugo.

    gdb 544gdb 5444 dagar sedan
  • Paint it lime green or orange. Or get a Monster wrap.

    Ozzu DaliOzzu Dali4 dagar sedan
  • Surely with it being the only white right hand drive one, it has to stay white.

    John LongJohn Long4 dagar sedan
  • Keep up the good work buddy - looking good

    Brian DiasBrian Dias4 dagar sedan
  • Scott - love the vids. If it was red then I’d say change it, but since it’s white please keep it white!!! A 512 bb is rare and especially in white. It looks awesome! (Ok if you don’t like white then go blue :)). Thus is coming from a red 83 QV owner. Anything other than red! And wow - you weren’t kidding when you said ‘bare metal’!!!

    tberreth33tberreth334 dagar sedan
  • Original color !

    B CB C4 dagar sedan
  • I’d paint it green

    Ben DavisBen Davis4 dagar sedan
  • The Ferrari might be cocaine white but not sure anybody wants to buy maranello dust

    Ben DavisBen Davis4 dagar sedan
  • Its a classic Ferrari and came from the factory in a rarely done colour, keep the white. The tyre pressure stickers you could redo as a water slide decal, like an airfix model. Print your own and fit it in place before the clearcoat goes on. that way the clearcoat seals the label in, I did it on a custom racing wheel and joystick rebuild. It will never get rubbed off or peel away under cleaning and always look brand new. Keep going, wish I had a garage at home to do a rebuild.

    A TomlinsonA Tomlinson4 dagar sedan
  • Assuming no rust in the windscreen area and if you can replace the windshield trim, I would pull the trim, tape and protect the screen and paint t the car, then reinstall the trim. Catalyzed paint ( aka 2k or 2-pack) doesn't melt into the previous work, and once it dries, new 2k doesn't melt into it. The catalyst chemically alters it so once it sets, that's it. The point is, your edge will show and eventually peel back if you leave it exposed. Paint beyond the trim, then cover with the trim and you are good to go.

    Brian CorriganBrian Corrigan5 dagar sedan
  • keep it white, please

    Geoffrey FakeGeoffrey Fake5 dagar sedan
  • Enjoying the series!

    patmanrickpatmanrick5 dagar sedan
  • what do you do for a living that you can afford to do this?

    captainsuds1captainsuds15 dagar sedan
  • To even see a car like this in such a sad shape and so low mileage, the previous owner has a special place in hell. As to your struggles, it's great to see this car go to someone who cares. So much to do ahead of you in bringing it back to original. I shudder at the undertaking & monumental task you have. Kind of like building the great pyramid of Khufu by yourself! Be ready for lots of late nights & weekends and hundreds ((Thousands?) of hours. What will you do with it when done? Own & drive it or sell it?

    Speedway Van LinesSpeedway Van Lines5 dagar sedan
  • Invest in some overalls please.

    Super GlideSuper Glide5 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if you will have any problems with the vehicle technical inspections in the future... I don´t know how it works in your conutry, here in Spain it´s a hell...you can´t change a rim without pay the ITV for that...

    YorchibusYorchibus5 dagar sedan
  • Scott, your rebuild has been so articulately managed, you could almost paint this any color you want. And it would still be one of the most significant reveals on SEworld. Really great work. 👍🚙

    John SpanosJohn Spanos5 dagar sedan
  • Why sand instead of stripper?

    John SpanosJohn Spanos5 dagar sedan
  • Yes keep it white

    gavin jonesgavin jones5 dagar sedan
  • Please don't change the color!

    Phillip WattersPhillip Watters5 dagar sedan
  • Why sand it and not use a paint remover?

    Marc DavisMarc Davis5 dagar sedan
  • These "keep it white" comments have some unfortunate connotations, so I feel like yelling BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!

    RzogLRzogL6 dagar sedan
  • Please keep it in white since you mentioned in earlier videos its a rare car partly due to the colour

    Bocaj11Bocaj116 dagar sedan
  • bolt down your damn bench grinder ! lol

    ira gibsonira gibson6 dagar sedan
  • Rosso Fiorina is great

    kris Larsonkris Larson6 dagar sedan
  • what are you doing aboutthe asbestos?

    pete turbopete turbo7 dagar sedan
  • White is not such a preferable color in Ferrari's but this is an original car and should be kept like it is. As a result of that please keep the car in the original color.

    Gökhan SaraçoğluGökhan Saraçoğlu7 dagar sedan
  • I found this channel by accident and loved watching the 512 videos. This sort of thing is an ambition for me - take a car that’s sat on someone’s drive and rebuild it. My input for the questions: Keep it the original colour!

    dbanberydbanbery7 dagar sedan
  • Magnific work!!!I think that you have to leave the OEM white

    Goyo VesperinasGoyo Vesperinas7 dagar sedan
  • Keep it original color, Recreate the door decal, remove the channel on the windshield but leave in place. Too risky to remove completely.

    Matthew DerrickMatthew Derrick7 dagar sedan
  • White is not my favourite colour but in this case I would go for originality and keep it white! I'm very impressed by your hard work, and it's very interesting to follow a full car restoration like this. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

    psevensonpsevenson7 dagar sedan
  • Leave it as-is.

    Simon TumanSimon Tuman7 dagar sedan
  • White is the way to go.

    Loren WillisLoren Willis7 dagar sedan
  • Exotic car in white are not that comment and I believe it makes a brilliant Combo with the beautiful blue interior keep it original!

    Francis ParentFrancis Parent7 dagar sedan
  • Hi Scott, you definitely have to make this car as standard as possible and especially keeping the original colour because it effects the value of the car.

    cavallinocavallino8 dagar sedan
  • Loving this restoration! Please keep the original colour.

    Greg FitzpatrickGreg Fitzpatrick8 dagar sedan
  • Deep black pearl or candy red with dark rims!

    LeWoth Consulting ABLeWoth Consulting AB8 dagar sedan
  • No dust extraction? Yet the orbital your using has the set up? Then you blow yourself down using an airline, really dangerous, and your doing it in their shop and they are letting you! Even the bench grinder wasn’t bolted down. The content is good and you present well, H&S is piss poor though!, Come on your better than that fella.

    Graham MorleyGraham Morley8 dagar sedan
  • There is no Question you keep it white. Its all ready special it doesn't need to be a different color.. Don't be a wanker keep it original..

    Aaron BacaAaron Baca8 dagar sedan
  • I’d like to see how customs handles you shipping little white bags ow powder, lol. The car is coming along nicely. I think I’d try to keep it as original as possible. You could try using the WDR spider glass removal kit. We use it to remove glass from BMW i3/i8. Might be able to remove the glass without breaking it. wrdspider.com

    Rear Engine ShopRear Engine Shop8 dagar sedan

    ElbowzElbowz8 dagar sedan
  • Original white for me and if you don't like the white, original red. As for the windscreen go with the 2nd option.

  • Original colour. White dude. You've come this far.... Don't spoil its beauty. It caught your eye in first place. Keep the vids coming. Really enjoy seeing it coming back to life.

    Nightmare2102Nightmare21028 dagar sedan
  • Definitely keep it the original colour Scott. It looks awesome in white, personally I think it would detract from its originality and value to change it. Keep up the fantastic work, I’m really looking forward to every new episode! 👊👊👊

    James HeathJames Heath8 dagar sedan
  • Do manscape sell a large kit for men over 40, with a bungee so you can support them as they tend to be too far out of reach. 😎

    Rick AnsteeRick Anstee8 dagar sedan
  • Hahaha, your wife judging the Ratarossa Balls ... awesome... keep up :D the good work...

    Jonny RocketJonny Rocket8 dagar sedan
  • For the tyre pressure stickers, could you take a high-resolution picture and have them re-printed? Of course, measure them before you sand them off.

    Jason DayJason Day8 dagar sedan
  • You and the craic, funny as.

    Jason DayJason Day8 dagar sedan
  • Anything but red

    John RodgersJohn Rodgers8 dagar sedan
  • You are a beast 💪🏼

    Benny SpaghettiBenny Spaghetti8 dagar sedan
  • epoxy that bare metal straight away or it will start to rust

    phil mcrevisphil mcrevis8 dagar sedan
  • Aircraft stripper could be good too. Less heat and potential warping of the metal

    PavlosPPavlosP9 dagar sedan
  • Keep the original white. Regarding the windshield, I've got one truck I regretted not removing it's windshield because at the age of these cars the rubber needs to be replaced - great way for water to get inside. By the way, curious why you went with the orbital sander versus a chemical stripper? Thx for doing these videos and letting us follow along!

    Rob ShomakerRob Shomaker9 dagar sedan
  • White every day, your doing a great job.

    Mark FullerMark Fuller9 dagar sedan
  • Pussy pink with white polka dots!!

    Luke AllenLuke Allen9 dagar sedan
  • Keep it white man, not only does it look cool, it’s in keeping with the original spec. Much harder to change colour also...door seals, hidden areas etc.

    richard greenrichard green9 dagar sedan
  • Great video, keep it original.

    stiggstigg9 dagar sedan
  • Please keep it white and do not remove the windshield, just the trim.

    Aqf QfaAqf Qfa9 dagar sedan
  • WHITE!

    Marty DillingerMarty Dillinger9 dagar sedan
  • I vote the original white. Keep up the great work mate!

    Musclecarczar IGMusclecarczar IG9 dagar sedan
  • Please bolt that grinder to the bench or at least clamp it down - your balls will thank you...

    ThesquattingdogThesquattingdog9 dagar sedan
    • LOl will do

      RatarossaRatarossa9 dagar sedan
  • White, definitely. If you ever come to sell it.

    Magic Cleaning Specialists David boultonMagic Cleaning Specialists David boulton9 dagar sedan
  • Keep the original color.

    Rich SRich S9 dagar sedan
  • To get the screen out, how about you carefully cut the welds at the bottom corners and enlarge the opening? Make a jig or some marks to hold the roof in position and to ensure you can weld everything back in precisely its original position.

    Rob FrostRob Frost9 dagar sedan
  • If you change the colour it's gotta be Magnum PI red.

    Rob FrostRob Frost9 dagar sedan
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    catcat9 dagar sedan
  • Definitely keep it white, it looks killer

    Cool Sh#t MagazineCool Sh#t Magazine9 dagar sedan
  • Keep it white. Jim Hall used white on the Chaparral racer cars he raced, they stood out from the rest. You said that this car was rare because very few were right hand drive with that paint combination and blue interior. White it is. That way you don't have to try and remove those stickers. Keep it white.

    jack combsjack combs9 dagar sedan
  • Personally I think the car should remain the original colour. The white was a rarity when it was new, probably even rarer now.

    Alfa BravoAlfa Bravo9 dagar sedan
  • Banana hammock ready lol

    Joe GoinsJoe Goins10 dagar sedan
  • Dude! The ball shaving thing ad is so much better than the mofo online casino you promoted earlier! Thanks for not feeding us with that gambling shit anymore at least this is ad is trustworthy. Regarding the colour, keep it original for sure! And keep up the good work you doing there, Scott, love your channel!

    lukaonly1lukaonly110 dagar sedan
  • i restore old muscle cars in my garage.. but id love to do an exotic one day . When ur finished ill come take a spin ;)

    Dax BranhamDax Branham10 dagar sedan
  • Car looked pretty solid under the paint, great work keep at it, we are loving watching the transformation 👍👍👍👍 I would say you want to get the screen out, on old cars (I don’t know about the Ferrari) those areas are classic rot points. Vtuned has a really cool gun/putty knife thing that he uses to get screens out, makes it look easy

    jamesread11jamesread1110 dagar sedan
  • Gotta stay white keep it original.... purity Marty

    jamesread11jamesread1110 dagar sedan
  • Original colour please, as if you need to ask!!

    MarkinIrelandMarkinIreland10 dagar sedan
  • Great content but unwatchable as too many ads

    QuadswallopQuadswallop10 dagar sedan
  • While I usually prefer stock and original,for this build,because of the blue interior, I would paint it blue. Specifically Blu Mirabeau from 2020. It would really show off the 512's body lines. It would be stunning! Great job on this video series!!

    TurboPumperXTurboPumperX10 dagar sedan
  • Keep to the original colour, it was so satisfying to see you strip the paint. You have a beautiful wife by the way!

    English Man In PragueEnglish Man In Prague10 dagar sedan
  • You can probably reproduce the tire pressure stickers. Leave the windscreen in place. It's not worth it, just cover them up and mask around the trim if you want to repaint it. As for the colour, that's your choice in the end, but paint it the original white, and if you want another colour, wrap the car over the white. I think it would look great in any colour, but red or yellow would be my choice.

    Reg AbernathyReg Abernathy10 dagar sedan
  • If you are going to paint it properly the screen has to be removed.

    lowcarbonchrislowcarbonchris10 dagar sedan
  • Rattaboxer????!!!?!!!!

    Anthony CiceroAnthony Cicero10 dagar sedan
  • Keep it the original colour - with so little mileage on it, this car WILL be more valuable with it's original colour of paint still on it, even if it's a respray. At least it will be a bare metal respray as it will reveal any repairs needed to the bodywork. Love the videos, keep em coming!

    Mauricio and Tanya PaezMauricio and Tanya Paez10 dagar sedan
  • The bench grinder really ought to be attached to the bench.

    phil towlephil towle10 dagar sedan
    • Maybe add a flange to sit it in the vice.

      phil towlephil towle10 dagar sedan
  • Keep it original white! Preserve it's history!

    Pietro GuastiPietro Guasti10 dagar sedan
  • Sticker: mask it off and work carefully around it. Windscreen: Mask it off really carefully. Will save you any grief if it is masked off really well.

    Nick AldersonNick Alderson10 dagar sedan
  • ... keep it 'bianco', signore :-)

    Jens Peter SimonsenJens Peter Simonsen10 dagar sedan