What Happened to TSM Daequan? (UPDATE)

25 mar 2021
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The eventual fate of famed professional gamer/streamer/and content creator Daequan Loco or TSM Daequan has been somewhat of a mystery ever since he randomly disappeared in early 2020. He was once a legend in the Fortnite community, leaving many fans questioning his eventual fate.
This is, What Happened to TSM Daequan? Updated edition.
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  • He’s still on the toilet

    lm Lunarlm Lunar2 timmar sedan
  • Fame comes at a price, and on top of everything else it was probably hard and he tried to get better but that never worked because that's not the actual way. Jesus is the only way.

    mathew garzamathew garza6 timmar sedan
  • Why is this so depressing... the last updat he did he said he was stuck in another country seeing doctors for his girl.. due to COVID they couldn’t fly back.. that was literally what he said ... so at this point who knows .. don’t listen to this vid . Regurgitated word vomit about what is already known. He’s looking for views .

    SadnotBrokenSadnotBroken7 timmar sedan
  • Vim pra cá pra entender o que aconteceu, cheguei aqui não entendi nada, não falo inglês.

    CrazzyCrazzy8 timmar sedan
  • we will all make him feel welcomed when he comes back! miss you de hope you doing good bro

    Matt LanzaMatt Lanza9 timmar sedan
  • He posts a lot on his insta

    Squirrel GamezSquirrel Gamez10 timmar sedan
  • Come here boi

    Zachary FullerZachary Fuller14 timmar sedan
  • Nice video, no clickbait. But gave some really good claims. Nice

    NathenNathen14 timmar sedan
  • All this video is based off speculation. Put some sad music and spew bullshit and it perceives a sad story. The tweet about chic fil a was a meme because chic fila closes on sundays. Idiot

    GaryTheChinchillaGaryTheChinchilla14 timmar sedan
  • That game where he killed nearly half the lobby in solo squads will always be legendary

    D.ED.E16 timmar sedan
  • I feel like the same thing happened to faze rain

    Samad QuddoosSamad Quddoos16 timmar sedan
  • Tsm just doesn't want too stream anymore I think

    aantaant17 timmar sedan
  • I had the same sickness but for 2 years and it went away

    Cory MajewskiCory Majewski19 timmar sedan
  • I think he just got tired of all that streaming shit so he just dipped

    Jesse FloresJesse Flores21 timme sedan
  • He’s back problems

    Dragon ThiengthamDragon ThiengthamDag sedan
  • if you follow yanni on twitch you'd know he's playing apex undercovered along with hamlinz

    Cody UnknownCody UnknownDag sedan
  • 360 oga boga boga

    Michael SmithMichael SmithDag sedan
  • He’s working on himself, he has a lot of shit going on in his life he wanted to just take a long break from gaming/social media I’m happy for him cause he sometimes showed himself as being very unhappy, and now he’s working on things

    Psycho SeraphimPsycho SeraphimDag sedan
  • Wym Brother

    Evan _Evan _Dag sedan
  • Please not another Etika

    Modest pelican gaming juniorModest pelican gaming juniorDag sedan
  • Is he actually missing?

    Andrej KocicAndrej KocicDag sedan
    • I mean is he missing in a meaning police cant fi d him or is he just quiet on internet

      Andrej KocicAndrej KocicDag sedan
  • Bless him:(

    Fierce1xFierce1xDag sedan
  • How is his girlfriend doing?

    Butterfly WatchingButterfly Watching2 dagar sedan
  • This brought me back to the golden days of fort. Chapter 2 really was the nail in the coffin for what was perhaps one of the best gaming experiences any of us will ever have.

    tmd1tmd12 dagar sedan
  • Mane a real legend

    901SavageEj901SavageEj2 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t know Big Sean streamed Fortnite

    Banana JoeBanana Joe2 dagar sedan
  • when i would get super super depressed i would have similar feeling in my stomach. i hope he good though man... didnt realize how much i missed watching him play until i realized he hasnt beeen on in such a while. miss you bro

    Menoua HakopianMenoua Hakopian2 dagar sedan
  • Bro I’m technically an adult now and it’s crazy to think when I first started playing Fortnite I was living with my parents and now I have my own place and a girl I’m gonna propose to hopefully soon, this shit makes me sad to see how Fortnite was such a good game and I’d play with the friends I don’t have anymore. Like I can’t even bring myself to play it anymore because it’s so bad now, it’s not necessarily the developers or even the players fault for this reason, you can’t blame them for the players being good because they’ve played for years. It’s just that kind of game where it will never be fun for players that take breaks because they’ll always be on the lower side of the skill scale because of those said breaks. Shits real sad man.

    lts Frostedlts Frosted2 dagar sedan
  • Also fortnite was at a decline

    dalton sparksdalton sparks2 dagar sedan
  • I have depression and hate comments and unsubs really do hurt us creators

    alphadog 32alphadog 322 dagar sedan
  • only ogs remebers says '' booga booga ''

    Peter ProPeter Pro2 dagar sedan
  • Only ogs remember 360 Ooga booga (for daequan)

    Demon DeveloperDemon Developer2 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like anxiety to me. Probably why the doctors aren’t getting a diagnosis from anything physical. he continuously mentions depression but never once anxiety when anxiety and depression are the most common mental illnesses and almost always occur together. That being said something a lot of people don’t know about anxiety is that it can cause you to feel physical pain that is not actually there. And it hurts horribly. I know this because I’ve been through the same thing Daequan is describing I was in physical pain for over a year and had been to doctor after doctor and nobody knew what was wrong with me until one ER doctor suggested maybe you have anxiety that’s linked to your depression. I had X-rays, ekgs, ultra sounds and blood tests countless times to make sure I was ok etc doctors thought maybe I had something wrong with my heart and even cancer was on the table but after they ran tests everything seemed fine and I just got sent home. EVERYTIME. Watching this and hearing him describe his pain made me emotional because It made me think of that one year I couldn’t do anything because of the pain my anxiety was causing me. that feeling is one of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt in my life I don’t wish it on my worst enemy and knowing he dealt with it for 3 or 4 years and still streamed while all of this was going on!! I can’t imagine! I hope he’s doing much better now it never really goes away but being on meds can make it less of a problem so It does get better! Hoping he’s possibly on mental health meds now which could also be another reason he stepped away from the spot light sometimes they’ll put you on them for years until they feel you’re stable enough or in a good enough place to come off of them unfortunately often times when it’s this severe as he’s describing it they’ll permanently leave you on meds for your entire life. when you’re feeling physical pain your mind automatically goes to somethings wrong with my body which is understandable especially when it comes on so suddenly but often times that’s not always the case that’s why your mental health matters so much and believe me it does! when you are in a bad place mentally your brain can send signals to any and every part of your body that causes you to feel physical pain although it can’t do any real harm to you it can still cause you to feel pain that can be worse than a heart attack!

    EmilysEmilys2 dagar sedan
  • Daequan literally said he’s one of those people who is just happy to be alive. He clearly doesn’t care about his social blade, he has health issues, your video ABOUT him got 3.4 million views in a couple weeks, his popularity is still there. People need to STOP making assumptions about mental health and what people are going through

    That one guy with a bucket for a headThat one guy with a bucket for a head2 dagar sedan
  • Damn this video. that were some sad 15 minutes

    reeaazyreeaazy2 dagar sedan
  • We need this guy, we miss old fortnite, we dont play fortnite anymore but... We have to let him go trough his pain.

    reeaazyreeaazy2 dagar sedan
  • if u and ya homies ain scream WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAN yall missed the golden era

    uzuuzu2 dagar sedan
  • i hope daequan get better

    Amare liggans-beltonAmare liggans-belton2 dagar sedan
  • im crying i miss his fortnite videos😭😭

    Amare liggans-beltonAmare liggans-belton2 dagar sedan
  • Who?

    Ultra LungsUltra Lungs2 dagar sedan
  • people can hate me but i have two theories 1:if you seen he was doing two w's.w's are west side gang signs or he was just doing w's cause he won and he just left youtube theory number 2:he's depression was so big he would cry a lot and he didin't want to get embarrassed in front of his whoule fan base

    Ilie Alexandru StefanIlie Alexandru Stefan2 dagar sedan
  • daequan "came back" in my birthday. it would be a very good gift :(

    Gustavo Henrique RosaGustavo Henrique Rosa2 dagar sedan
  • we miss u :(

    jayjay2 dagar sedan
  • Who lol

    aleiterfulaleiterful3 dagar sedan
    • 😟 ?????

      TrapAntixTrapAntix10 timmar sedan
  • Im looking this video and everything that Daequan say and i have the same feelings but i fell that in the heart. I have been goin to hospital and things but the don't know what I have. I hope he gets better he is one of the best player it doesn't matter of he doesn't play no more

    Bronko11Bronko113 dagar sedan
  • Maaaan,... Dae ist just a legend ... Always smiling and positive, even in physical and psychological pain. I went through a similar scenario and man, if I tell u it destroys ur mind if u don't even know what wrong with ur body. + this thing with a gf and his losses. He is a strong person. A very strong person and I respect and support him with everything.

    Lil_ MØwglieLil_ MØwglie3 dagar sedan
  • My niece has the same stomach problem, doctors don’t know what it is and they just try different medicines for kicks

    WAGE WoPWAGE WoP3 dagar sedan
  • Just want to say great vid. You respected him and his stuff and didn’t do anything/say for views u told us the truth and didn’t use him

    LunarLunar3 dagar sedan
  • I miss daequan and hamz man I hope they are doing amazing right now I used to binge their streams

    KyojiiKyojii3 dagar sedan
  • POV: Du är svensk och såg SunnyV2 och tänkte på SampeV2 ;)

    WejtzeWejtze3 dagar sedan
  • One of the greatest streamers to ever be

    Anthony IbarraAnthony Ibarra3 dagar sedan
  • man this is so sad bro, I hope he gets better soon :(

    A JA J3 dagar sedan
  • We won't see no more "COME HERE BOI GIMMIE THEM TOES!" I really hope he streams more in the future

    SomeShitHeadSomeShitHead3 dagar sedan
    • :( fr

      Waylon PoindexterWaylon Poindexter2 dagar sedan
  • His hairline kept getting sucked back until his head was gone.

    Seamus McDonnellSeamus McDonnell3 dagar sedan
  • I could watch Daequan and Hamz play any game

    SebastianSebastian3 dagar sedan
  • Idiots lol chick fil a is closed on sundays

    Martin HernandezMartin Hernandez3 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Lino MonsterpieLino Monsterpie3 dagar sedan
  • Waste of time this content is like all the other one

    JesseJesse3 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes I forget thar Poki started big on Fortnite :/

    Landon SmithLandon Smith3 dagar sedan
  • His life is big sad

    The Go Bro Sho’The Go Bro Sho’3 dagar sedan

    Rush NexusonrrRush Nexusonrr3 dagar sedan
  • RIP drake

    Vapidmonkey 1839Vapidmonkey 18393 dagar sedan
  • He may have had somatic symptom disorder. In Psychology, we discussed that there is no physiological indication of an illness, yet the person has real symptoms.

    Acai Luvs UAcai Luvs U3 dagar sedan
  • Ogs remember 360 ogabobk

    Penguin DeePenguin Dee3 dagar sedan
  • I killed this man in fortnite and myth came in with the god damn grenade launcher and tore me the fuck up

    Arkto PolarArkto Polar3 dagar sedan
  • Old fortnite will be missed

    Taylor GangTaylor Gang3 dagar sedan
  • Damn I miss Dae! I had a huge smile on my face just listening to all his catchphrases. I hope he's alright and happy

    Buggah MannBuggah Mann3 dagar sedan
  • Broo I remember this guy used to funny as hell making jokes while playing fortnite

    DORXXDORXX3 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if myth knows his whereabouts

    steezooosteezooo3 dagar sedan
  • 💔

    steezooosteezooo3 dagar sedan

    pantspants3 dagar sedan
  • You clicked on this vid cuz you care bout him

    Brian JrBrian Jr3 dagar sedan
  • "Gimme them toes" will forever be what I chase people

    Landin SobushLandin Sobush4 dagar sedan
  • Ceeday to deaquan this is very sad😔

    Cat AKA pikachuCat AKA pikachu4 dagar sedan
  • Do you guys remember when tacs did damage

    ReelmReelm4 dagar sedan
  • i think he has gastritis

    KronkzKronkz4 dagar sedan
  • pokimane aint pro poke is bad

    Tobi UchihaTobi Uchiha4 dagar sedan
  • look at the Minecraft creators dmos they were popping now look at them now you have the Creator snapping off about a son can't see him cuz it's wife used to be wife ex-wife I don't know you know who I'm talking about the guy that intro says what's up guys dmos here stuff like that it is Minecraft demos do Minecraft used to be my childhood I see him now I see him messed up f***** up seem off track see him going down wrong path or what I'm saying life it's different

    Devin WeatherspoonDevin Weatherspoon4 dagar sedan
  • I looked at Ninja doesn't look like the old Ninja number doesn't act like the old Ninja like I remember

    Devin WeatherspoonDevin Weatherspoon4 dagar sedan
  • I feel sad man all these old creators man they just 20/20 for them it's just bad 2021 is bad for them a year they were popping doing good now or dried the fan base is just there and not there at the same time all famous people got to go down at some point

    Devin WeatherspoonDevin Weatherspoon4 dagar sedan
    • I saw Ninja he doesn't look like the same ninja I saw before

      Devin WeatherspoonDevin Weatherspoon4 dagar sedan
  • I hope this dude gets better! All the best luck to him!👍

    Jack GrovesJack Groves4 dagar sedan
  • bro you're doing so much damage with your choice of scripting and words, just because his actions don't match up to his words doesn't mean anything. You assume him returning to streaming is what he will do when he is healthy. If he's feeling healthy for a day then his viewers should support it and not expect a stream so quick. Also making all these videos about his whereabouts don't help with his mental state??? there's no humanity online anymore.

    Richard HRichard H4 dagar sedan
  • Daequan had so much potential... He was going to be a top streamer I hope everything gets better fr fr. If u see this Daequan. I love u bro

    Jah Da DemonJah Da Demon4 dagar sedan
  • I mean Faze Rain hast the same “sickness”

    t0xict0xic4 dagar sedan
  • sigh i subbed i cried

  • what about TSM myth?

    BEEMAN 420BEEMAN 4204 dagar sedan
  • I hope his ok😞🙏

    Cylo Doloyui YTCylo Doloyui YT4 dagar sedan
  • SMH poor man

    Basu YarbroughBasu Yarbrough4 dagar sedan
  • Fortnite with out dae is not fortnite my guy made it fun to watch and just good vibes back in the day every lobby you'd join you'd here what do you mean my brother or gimme them toes now it's just boxed like a fish

    dassa guydassa guy4 dagar sedan
  • Um pokimane isn't a pro but whatever

    999 forever999 forever4 dagar sedan
  • you made the chic-fil-a one so dramatic

    SleetSleet4 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry but the first 30 seconds of this is so dumb. It’s obvious he’s making a joke referencing chick fil a being closed on Sundays. Couldn’t have had a worse intro because now you lost all credibility

    Cameron SCameron S4 dagar sedan
  • Bruh this deadass made me cry. Not tear up or shed a few tears, this really made me cry man. Just knowin that one of my faviorite streamers/entertainers is going through this. I watched not just daequan but myth and hamlinz since day 1 and i been hooked ever since. I would have videos and playlists on repeat and would just sit there and just watch them. I joined streams i did everything and this broke me dawg. I miss tsm. I miss daequan, i miss myth and hamlinz and i know I’m not the only one out here that does. We need to bring them back not just for them to be streamers ir entertainers, we need to bring them back as people. Hamlinz and myth ate probably going through stuff too and we need to help them. If we really love them as streamers and as humans, then we need to fight fir them. We need to do everything we can to help them. Spread the word, post it on insta or twitter, tsm needs help yall. Please dont let me be the only one that still cares. Spread awareness, get people involved, professionals to really study and see how we can help daequan, give support to hamlinz and myth. #SaveTSM #HelpTSMDaequan

    V31XC1TYV31XC1TY4 dagar sedan
  • Just bcus he doesnt post doesnt mean hes not feeling good

    Tania & WindsorTania & Windsor5 dagar sedan
    • 🤦‍♂️

      Tyrese KTyrese K4 dagar sedan
  • Social media is not life.

    J FJ F5 dagar sedan
  • only og’s will remember "come here boiiii"

    kurt 17kurt 175 dagar sedan
  • He was a good leader for young black kids, seeing someone who looks like you making it big in something you love is good for you. Sucks to see him gone, all love.

    It's ProxyIt's Proxy5 dagar sedan
  • Never knew somebody else who played gunz the duel. The most amazing pc game of it's time. God damn. Throwback

    CyvilisedCyvilised5 dagar sedan
  • Ninja, and pokimane are not “pro” players..

    Коштрец天帝Коштрец天帝5 dagar sedan
  • Man. I feel for daequan I have a stomach problem as well. It's debilitating and no doctor after 10 years can figure it out. I just have to fight everyday through pain. :(

    Sean SenkSean Senk5 dagar sedan