i cut the tape

4 apr 2021
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thx for 2m

  • The og tape :(

    CaitCait14 timmar sedan
  • Why?

    Boomers ZoomersBoomers ZoomersDag sedan
  • Exactly 1 month later u gains 40k+ -may 4 2021

    Cedric TiongsonCedric Tiongson3 dagar sedan
  • 45 s wtf

    Clan TG3R1Clan TG3R15 dagar sedan
  • you missed the tape bro

    TheEggMasterLIVETheEggMasterLIVE5 dagar sedan
  • New title: "Best way to start a house fire"

    Police MovementPolice Movement5 dagar sedan
  • cut nah chainsawed off well not a chainsaw i will not explain what tool that is

    aria malaaria mala6 dagar sedan
  • Geff Jordon

    rustyowl19rustyowl199 dagar sedan
  • I think you missed the tape xD

    KevvEhKevvEh9 dagar sedan
  • now he has to use tape to hold it together.

    Talon 180Talon 1809 dagar sedan
  • You missed...

    Green CatGreen Cat10 dagar sedan
  • Thank God

    BaguetteBaguette10 dagar sedan
  • Should we be worried about the massive pair of scissors?

    Philip BorgumPhilip Borgum12 dagar sedan
  • so happy you hit 2 mill been watching since i was 12

    Cody TkaczykCody Tkaczyk12 dagar sedan
  • Finally

    redfishytredfishyt15 dagar sedan
  • Still waiting on the part where he cuts the blue tape...?

    James KeysJames Keys15 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to crispy guys and girls or whatever you are

    dylan Newelldylan Newell16 dagar sedan
  • Yayyyyyy

    Hive NoobHive Noob16 dagar sedan
  • Ayo. Billy Russo. Anyone?

    R-cheeR-chee16 dagar sedan
  • can i tell a yo mama joke?

    Antreas AggeliAntreas Aggeli16 dagar sedan
  • He played us so good

    Donte KnottsDonte Knotts18 dagar sedan
  • When he didn’t even cut the tape.🤦🏼‍♂️

    ShiftMoreShiftMore19 dagar sedan
  • Didn’t cut the tape just the mic stand

    Clayton ParkerClayton Parker21 dag sedan
  • let’s go

    Candym0nCandym0n22 dagar sedan
  • This man really used an angle grinder

    Corbin PCorbin P22 dagar sedan
  • Yo crispy trippythakid dissed momeboys

    sean robeysean robey22 dagar sedan
  • Just didn't cut the tape oml

    beefing tombeefing tom23 dagar sedan
  • you were supposed to cut the tape off the stand not the stand off the tape

    It's TornadoIt's Tornado23 dagar sedan
  • You didn't cut the tape

    Lhandon JonesLhandon Jones23 dagar sedan
  • Dude

    S0lar 15S0lar 1524 dagar sedan
  • That was smart

    OddBagel 6OddBagel 625 dagar sedan
  • Lmao

    Satanss LosttSatanss Lostt25 dagar sedan
  • About time

    Sunshine_ByPolarSunshine_ByPolar25 dagar sedan
  • The fact you didn’t cut the tape for some reason has angered me so much so congrats 😂

    Just Some GuyJust Some Guy26 dagar sedan
  • Ill buy that for 100 rn! or do a giveaway of it with your un released merch?

    D.C.H.D.C.H.26 dagar sedan
  • 2 mil, LET’S GOOOO

    SAO_Kirito07SAO_Kirito0726 dagar sedan
  • he still has to date omegirl

    JoeJoe26 dagar sedan
  • Last video we were promised something at 2 million, 2 million is here

    Connor ClarkConnor Clark26 dagar sedan
  • “I cut the tape” *explodes house*

    NemoNemo26 dagar sedan
  • mans hit 2 mil just to not upload a whole week straight

    SwoaqSwoaq26 dagar sedan
  • He looked like he was scared to death of them at grinder 😂 didn’t even have a cutting wheel on it

    Neil ParisNeil Paris26 dagar sedan
  • Arent Crispy and Omegle Girl supposed to be dating now

    CIACIA26 dagar sedan
  • Where the McQueen chain huh? WHERE IS IT?!

    Thomas LaRosaThomas LaRosa26 dagar sedan
  • No one is going to say anything about him not even cutting the tape?!?!?!?!

    Just GriimsJust Griims26 dagar sedan
  • Hey bro I'm coming to Austin for a while hopefully we can hangout I'll dm you later this week congrats!!!!

    JvckliveJvcklive26 dagar sedan
  • The cut tho 👌😏

    Surfer kid KidSurfer kid Kid26 dagar sedan
  • WE DID IT!

    CoolerGamingCoolerGaming27 dagar sedan
  • Its all entertainment and content until the sparks start a fire.

    maria Acevedomaria Acevedo27 dagar sedan
  • You hit 2 million You finna date Kate or...

    Fanta Th0Fanta Th027 dagar sedan
  • WHAAAAT?!?!?!

    That Homeless ScrubbaloThat Homeless Scrubbalo27 dagar sedan
  • my friend: casually has 5 foot long scissors me: casually has an electrical saw blade in his room

    The Dub GodThe Dub God27 dagar sedan
  • Why the tape?

    xd chadxd chad27 dagar sedan
  • idk why... but i love this vid😂

    Drake BerryDrake Berry27 dagar sedan
  • Why did he cut the mic?

    [NNS] Gamerjalyn[NNS] Gamerjalyn27 dagar sedan
  • Lmao

    BigImageBigImage27 dagar sedan
  • Where’s the “don’t try at home”?

    Filip JonssonFilip Jonsson27 dagar sedan
  • Yes.

    FrostbyteFrostbyte27 dagar sedan
  • Yo i wanted that mic why you cut the mic lol

    Bry4dBry4d27 dagar sedan
  • Every time I clear the SEworld window and re open it it takes me back here?

    Cookies N DreamCookies N Dream27 dagar sedan
  • Wheres the iced out mcqueen chain

    ColorlessR6 _ColorlessR6 _27 dagar sedan
  • Man said thx for 2mill and was never seen again

    Splez vrSplez vr27 dagar sedan
  • Tape

    TelepathyTelepathy28 dagar sedan
  • He didn’t even cut the tape...

    camcocamco28 dagar sedan
  • omg crunchy extension cords hit 2 mil

    zotyaxzotyax28 dagar sedan
  • Not to brag, I’m just a dumbass. But I usually use tools such as Saw Jaws or any saw blade tools to be exact without gloves, face coverings or a shirt so fuck yeah!

    DieEnttäuschung c:DieEnttäuschung c:28 dagar sedan
  • What plot twist

    Truett MartinTruett Martin28 dagar sedan
  • bro didn't even cut the tape

    Ruben's BarbershopRuben's Barbershop28 dagar sedan
  • Finally

    NOTASHTON00NOTASHTON0028 dagar sedan

    natecwebernatecweber28 dagar sedan
  • oh

    NathanFreeNathanFree28 dagar sedan
  • Don’t cut the tape just cut the boom arm

    BUZZHIXBUZZHIX28 dagar sedan

    Master JediJCMaster JediJC28 dagar sedan
  • Well that’s one way to do it

    DOMMIDOMMI28 dagar sedan
  • The parallel asia postsurgically trip because desert acceptably kill before a male dish. purring, truthful quality

    Eric ZhangEric Zhang28 dagar sedan
  • Technically did not cut the actual tape though.......

    LL WeedLL Weed28 dagar sedan
  • ayyyyy

    harns is deadharns is dead28 dagar sedan
  • I like the jacket

    GhostinngGhostinng28 dagar sedan
  • Perfect, you cut right on the tape

    DjsEpic GamesDjsEpic Games28 dagar sedan
  • i think you missed the tape

    A87TA87T28 dagar sedan
  • EPIC

    ProGeneticGaming OfficialProGeneticGaming Official28 dagar sedan
  • everyone: yes he finally cuts the tape crispy:

    BruhapsImYeetiBruhapsImYeeti28 dagar sedan
  • The tape is going to be there until 3 mil 😂

    Tobi :‘.Tobi :‘.28 dagar sedan
  • You can tell he can’t find a new mic stand by how long he has not been uploading.

    DoggoDoggo28 dagar sedan
  • We were here for the cutting of the tape not the cutting of the arm on your mic

    Dabuilder _Gp4Dabuilder _Gp429 dagar sedan
  • *on stream when hitting 2 mil* Crispy: I want the tape video to be something really special” Also Crispy:

    Noah BrownNoah Brown29 dagar sedan
  • You didn’t even cut the tape?

    Gabriel CruzGabriel Cruz29 dagar sedan
  • it's still not cut tho😔

    YesItsDomYesItsDom29 dagar sedan
  • Dam 😐

    Alex [PORT]Alex [PORT]29 dagar sedan
  • 2mill this sounds like a crispy concords meal in my books🏃‍♂️💨

    scuffyluff YTscuffyluff YT29 dagar sedan

    Elusive CalElusive Cal29 dagar sedan
  • Now he has to tape it back together

    disappointmentdisappointment29 dagar sedan
  • Hahahahaha

    issalilworldissalilworld29 dagar sedan
  • Hey umm crispy I think you cut off the wrong one

    Alvaro MendezAlvaro Mendez29 dagar sedan
  • you didn’t cut the tape you cut the mic you liar

    Kadon ReadKadon Read29 dagar sedan
  • Crispy this wasn't the deal you still didn't cut the tape, the tape is still alive

    Julian DruijtsJulian Druijts29 dagar sedan
  • Nooooooooooooooo

    panda killpanda kill29 dagar sedan
  • the moment we have all been waiting for

    andres Recendizandres Recendiz29 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Austin MatthewsAustin Matthews29 dagar sedan
  • You missed the tape

    Alex AndersonAlex Anderson29 dagar sedan
  • Now he has to use other tape to fix it and at 3M he has to cut the TAPES

    JPJP29 dagar sedan