Tesla’s Giga Press Orders Signal Huge Growth + Texas Batteries, Supercharging

6 apr 2021
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➤ IDRA group discusses Giga Press orders, what does it mean for Tesla?
➤ IDRA video 1: seworld.info/will/eprc3dfGj4qAnGQ/video
➤ IDRA video 2: seworld.info/will/eqHalaexm6eH3X0/video
➤ Battery cathode plant grading started at Giga Texas
➤ Assessing some rumors on the possible US federal EV tax credit
Tesla makes some changes to Supercharging fees in California as expansion continues
➤ Swell Energy launches virtual power plant in New York
➤ GM announces all-electric Chevy Silverado
➤ SpaceX set to launch another round of Starlink satellites
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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives

  • Well done, Thanks!!

    John ReeseJohn Reese8 dagar sedan
  • ❌❌❌❌People be aware if this SEworldrs as they are miss leading with their information that they provide you. Don’t take this seriously for an investment as you’ll loose your money. Be cautious don’t trust as this guys they are here to pump the stock stay away and if you need a financial advice pay for it and will be cheaper then taking advice of this channels plus more profitable. Also so you can see your self, check their other videos and you’ll see that they are full of SH.T all the things that they are saying haven’t happen, every time Tesla shares drop, they come up with something else to pump tesla stock shares. Tesla isn’t save to invest. Stay safe

    Food&LoveFood&Love9 dagar sedan
    • Except I started Tesla Daily when TSLA stock was below $70 per share haha. But yes I’d agree everyone should do their own research not blindly follow any SEworld channel.

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily9 dagar sedan
  • ❌❌❌❌Las personas deben estar atentas a estos SEworldrs, ya que se pierden el liderazgo con la información que le brindan. No tome esto en serio como una inversión, ya que perderá su dinero. Tenga cuidado, no confíe, ya que estos chicos están aquí para bombear las acciones, manténgase alejado y si necesita un asesoramiento financiero, pague por él y será más barato que tomar el asesoramiento de estos canales y más rentable. También para que puedas verte a ti mismo, mira sus otros videos y verás que están llenos de SH.T todas las cosas que dicen que no han sucedido, cada vez que las acciones de Tesla caen, se les ocurre algo más para bomba de acciones de tesla. Tesla no ahorra para invertir. Mantenerse a salvo

    Food&LoveFood&Love9 dagar sedan
    • Except I started Tesla Daily when TSLA stock was below $70 per share haha. But yes I’d agree everyone should do their own research not blindly follow any SEworld channel.

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily9 dagar sedan
  • Great video dude

    Owes Al-khateebOwes Al-khateeb9 dagar sedan
  • A machine that makes machines. Reminds me of the great Mitch Hedberg, who said there should be gigantic vending machines that dispense vending machines.

  • Is Tesla installing chargers at truck stops for the coming Semi trucks?

    333jas333jas10 dagar sedan
  • Why do Ted Cruz still have a job?

    Cyrell rSageCyrell rSage10 dagar sedan
  • It seems to me that the IDRA casting machines are a bottleneck for the gigafactory construction process. Giga Berlin alone will need 8, two o which are already being installed. Austin so far appears to get six of which one is already installed. According to my math, that is 14 machines, with only 9 being delivered this year that leaves Tesla four short for the year. Not to mention Shanghai. Also, the section where the Gigapresses are going is the only one not yet enclosed in Berlin. It seems that Tesla is waiting for the machines to be delivered before finishing the roof and walls. At this point, it is holding up completion of the factory and the same might happen in Austin. I think Tesla should buy IDRA and use their money and expertise to increase production. If Tesla plans to use these machines in future gigafactories as well there should be enough demand to keep IDRA busy for years to come with orders just from Tesla. Also, with this technology being so pivotal to Tesla's manufacturing plans, it would be smart to bring this crucial skill in-house. I think there is a good chance this might happen in the future if it hasn't already.

    Stefan ScholzStefan Scholz10 dagar sedan
    • IDRA is part of a huge multinational, L.K of Hong Kong that has branches(factories) in Canada and China so the China Plant will supply Tesla China to make Tesla's in China all Chinese manufacture which the Chinese buyers love

      J . P GoodwinJ . P Goodwin9 dagar sedan
  • Great info as usual

    James PatrickJames Patrick10 dagar sedan
  • The more difficult is for Tesla, the more impossible is for others.

    Micael PedrosaMicael Pedrosa11 dagar sedan
  • For me it will be IONIQ 5 since i can use the car as a mobile battery, has HUD and solar roof. Tesla s interior is so basic and sleek it s depressing.

    fifilafilochefifilafiloche11 dagar sedan
  • Anyone concerned about the macro environment and inflation? As oil cost rise so do the cost of doing business. Let’s face it, Tesla consumes oil to accelerate the transition ( 🤔 ). The tax environment? Will the big players cash the chips before capital gains taxes rise ( assuming they will )? I get the tax credit will be a boost to sales, although overall I think it’s a bad idea as we’re printing money like mad. 🤷🏽‍♀️ just a though I was cleaning my rose colored glasses. 😬

    John JayJohn Jay11 dagar sedan
  • TESLA will make the Compact car with unibody Gigapress making one car in one shot.

    Mark PlottMark Plott11 dagar sedan
  • Rob, I think it's worth addressing the tax credits in more detail, there's a general level of confusion/misinformation as to how it impacts the buyer. To be clear, with tax credits it *appears* that the buyers are capturing the whole tax credit. The reality is that it's split with the manufacturer. The manufacturer raises prices to partially offset new tax credits, and lowers prices to partially offset expiring tax credits. This was seen during the wind-down of Tesla's initial 200k tax credit, during which prices were partially lowered to offset the tax credit halving. Otherwise, not lowering prices would have created inefficiencies in matching supply/demand. Expect Tesla to raise prices to partially offset the credit amount if/when the tax credit passes.

    Financially Independent LlamaFinancially Independent Llama11 dagar sedan
  • What the heck is a "Virtual Power Plant"? The power you get isn't real?

    John VanderbeckJohn Vanderbeck11 dagar sedan
  • I wonder when Tesla will start putting more solar in place to help power their Superchargers? That was what Elon originally communicated back in 2013 at launch. This would alleviate time-of-day variable pricing. It would also help support Tesla’s sustainability mission. This doesn’t have to be a priority, but it would be nice to see some progress on this front.

    WiddermakerWiddermaker11 dagar sedan

    Tony PocheTony Poche11 dagar sedan
  • Now imagine a press for casting Giga-presses.

    BoZo McDooozyBoZo McDooozy11 dagar sedan
  • Musk has explicitly said that Berlin will use the new architecture. He's also said-either directly or just as the logical conclusion of various statements taken together-that all new vehicles and production going forward would use that new architecture after Berlin does it first. So whether these presses are going to Berlin, Texas, the possibly-new factory in Shanghai, or for retrofitting Fremont, it's extremely likely that they're all for the new architecture. I'm also pretty sure that piece on the structural battery won't use a giga press. It is _much_ smaller, in terms of mass and especially dimensions, than either the front or rear casting, so if it is a single cast piece it would not need nearly as large a casting machine. IF it's a single cast piece; that wasn't specifically said at any time. It looks to me like it's just the frame/riser for the front seats, but since we're not sure what it is and what purpose(s) it will serve, we can't be certain one way or the other. That said, my guess would be that halving is how we should estimate capacity, so the ~650k you stated sounds about right to me.

    QuantorfulQuantorful11 dagar sedan
  • Really wish people would stop thumbs downing this channel

  • It is two pieces for each car. one for the front and one for the rear. slice the number you have in half... there is no casting for the structural battery.

    Eddie MoyEddie Moy12 dagar sedan
  • Make it so that tax incentive goes to you regardless of your tax bill rather than how it is now that you only get up to your tax bill. Otherwise only the wealthy will get the full benefit.

    Daniel PelcDaniel Pelc12 dagar sedan
  • Rob, Chicken Genious Singapore gave you the most awesome of shoutouts, along with other Tesla SEworldrs :D

    ElektrotehnikElektrotehnik12 dagar sedan
  • off topic>> OMG I hope Spacex can get a million humans off the planet like E[ON said TO MARS before humans get millions more of this covid virus and variants

    Bob AtcpuBob Atcpu12 dagar sedan
  • If they are doing a a front AND a rear cast, you may need to half your estimates

    retrodragginretrodraggin12 dagar sedan
    • you were far from being alone in that haha

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily11 dagar sedan
    • @Tesla Daily Yes, sorry. I should wait until the end to comment.

      retrodragginretrodraggin12 dagar sedan
    • I discussed this

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily12 dagar sedan
  • Listened to the Idra video... they said 3 castings Front ,Back AND Battery ... that could easily be 9 machines = 3 per car type or plant etc... but they spacifically said cast the center battery pack.

    Game Master ResourceGame Master Resource12 dagar sedan
    • I discussed this

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily12 dagar sedan
  • $10K off my new Cybertruck! Whoo hoo!

    joughjough12 dagar sedan
  • I think Elon mentioned a target of ~50% growth Tesla plans on using structural battery + 1 front casting + 1 rear casting on model Y In Berlin this year. Model Y in Fremont/Shangaï will probably remain the same with single rear casting only for the foreseeable future, mostly because changing something that works is costly and risky (i.e. S/X refresh Elon hoped to ship in February, Zach in March. We're in April and haven't seen it yet nor the official announcement event of S they spoke off that's presumably before deliveries). If Tesla want to deliver on their production planning, they'll need to start construction of 2-4 new factories in the next 12 months. This leaves very little spare resources to try to improve something that already works.

    Florent HenryFlorent Henry12 dagar sedan
  • GM = general morons

    alfalf12 dagar sedan
  • TSLA's back down -$20+ dollars again today down to $671.xx and i'm so sick of this up and down bullshit with the "market"....whereas we never had these issues pre-stock split letting retail investors in...gggrrrr

    alfalf12 dagar sedan
  • Silverado to start production in 2024.

    Who WhyWho Why12 dagar sedan
  • The tax credit needs to be a tax rebate. You only get to take the credit if you have a tax liability. This won’t promote adoption of EVs. A tax rebate will benefit anyone who buys an EV. Another case of government leaders not understanding the best way to achieve a goal.

    Big Doug’s CommentaryBig Doug’s Commentary12 dagar sedan
  • The full castings and 4680s are probably going to be used for Performance or Long Range models only at first. Then work their way to lower priced SKUs over time. Berlin Model Y, Berlin Model 3, Austin Model Y, Semi, Cybertruck, Plaid+. Probably 2 more years before this makes its way to all the Standard Range models.

    Joel LeichtyJoel Leichty12 dagar sedan
  • Thank you!

    Robert FoxRobert Fox12 dagar sedan
  • European model Y will have both front and rear single piece casting machines. Not sure if the structural battery pack is also a single piece casting? That could be 3 machines to build one car. If volume is 150k pr year pr machine. Model Y Europe would need roughly 3 sets of 3 gigacasting presses.

    Teit PoulsenTeit Poulsen12 dagar sedan
  • i usually use 80% as the utilization rate of equipment, allowing for maintenance, etc. So maybe 1.0-1.2MM vehicles per year.

    Tom MckinneyTom Mckinney12 dagar sedan
  • Could somebody please explain the yield controversey?

    micaiah middletonmicaiah middleton12 dagar sedan
  • My grandfather was telling me about a facility Tesla built between Houston and Galveston where they just build Tesla batteries it was on their local news nothing national tho.

    TheMapTurtlesTheMapTurtles12 dagar sedan
    • Maybe more information locally ?

      J . P GoodwinJ . P Goodwin10 dagar sedan
  • Tesla intend to start Berlin with structural battery pack so I'd expect the middle to be casted. That said this is likely an easier casting that may not require a gigapress. I anticipated that they would do front and rear castings right from the start but this may not be the case for any number of reasons. Unless other companies have the bespoke metal research arm they will struggle to make use of a gigapress so I suspect you are right assuming that they are all for Tesla. This 9 is just the ones from IDRA. If I recall correctly they have also ordered 1 or more from a Chinese manufacturer too. Probably only for Shanghai but who knows.

    TheSolarFuture EnthusiastTheSolarFuture Enthusiast12 dagar sedan
  • Dont we expect that in Berlin and Texas that 1/2 the casting machines are front casting and 1/2 for rear casting? In Fremont we have 2 casting machines both for rear. In Shanghai do we know how many? They are all rear I assume. I also assume the 9 doesnt count presses delivered in 2020. That would be the Fremont and Shanghai presses. Was the 1st in Berlin delivered in 2020 or 2021?

    Keith FranklinKeith Franklin12 dagar sedan
    • IDRA is owned by LK of Hong Kong which owns manufacturing plants in China under different brand names , apparently the Gigapresses in Shanghai are made by LK's China branches under their own name, so here we are talking IDRA Milan orders which are unlikely to supply Shanghai

      J . P GoodwinJ . P Goodwin9 dagar sedan
  • Mower is the Lord of Podcasters.

    aardvarkansawaardvarkansaw12 dagar sedan
  • If each press has interchangeable dies for front and back, model Y castings, throughput would be one-half.

    Thomas KuczkowskiThomas Kuczkowski12 dagar sedan
  • For those that don't know, Elecrtek (sp) is owned by VW. This is why they do write craap.

    Bart usBart us12 dagar sedan
  • Well, good timing on my IDRA giga press video. lol!

    Dr. Know-it-all Knows it allDr. Know-it-all Knows it all12 dagar sedan
  • I think based on Elon’s comments is that Berlin would definitely be using the full front casting and structural battery pack. It’s part of why he’s been hedging Berlin’s ramp expectations as lots of new technology. It’s safer to assume that the capacity is half as they will do 2 castings. The real toss up is Texas, as I don’t know if he’s commented on whether the Texas Model Y would be the new technologies. I know he’s said it’s be a few years until Fremont and Shanghai are retrofitted. Wouldn’t make sense to do Texas in the old style to then retrofit in a few years.

    mandriodmandriod12 dagar sedan
  • 1000% that's a "regular" 6k ton giga press at Austin. It's been there since January and Idra announced the 8k ton order in March. It's getting a bit irritating seeing everyone *state as fact* that it's the 8k press when all the evidence contradicts that conclusion. Too many people are projecting their desires onto this, stating it's the 8k for no other reason than they want their Cybertruck now.

    Brendan O'BrienBrendan O'Brien12 dagar sedan
  • Model Y SR is coming back!!

    SwingleboxaSwingleboxa12 dagar sedan
  • How casting and stamping energy consumption can be compared? Stamp 70 pieces + welding and assembly + transport + storage vs casting one piece?

    Gabor MarkGabor Mark12 dagar sedan
  • 9 gigapress, but one for the back and for the front, so 1.5M/2 cars can be produced, depending on the factory where it is installed

    Gabor MarkGabor Mark12 dagar sedan
  • Tesla is not getting anything unless they get unionist...the DC marxist want control

    VelaVela12 dagar sedan
  • Best Tesla info!

    Y LY L12 dagar sedan
  • Rob, I don't believe that Tesla is ever going to cast a structural battery component, just the front and rear of the car. Why? Because the structural battery is a torsion box sandwich design. The structure consists of a top plate, a bottom plate and the batteries glued in place between the two and giving the whole its required torsional rigidity. No need to cast any of the three components. There may also be some side rails to protect the batteries from side impacts, but those are best extruded, they don't need to be cast in a giga-casting machine either.

    dlwatibdlwatib12 dagar sedan
  • For the EV inventive I think they should reduce by a percentage each month till expired

    Hock Meng Vincent ChanHock Meng Vincent Chan12 dagar sedan
  • More Giga presses once proven feasible

    Hock Meng Vincent ChanHock Meng Vincent Chan12 dagar sedan
  • What could be a minimum target price per share for the next 2 years 🤔

    Undefined ProductionsUndefined Productions12 dagar sedan
  • Elon will be looking at 2022 production numbers by now which should be around 2 million annually by end 2022.

    Hock Meng Vincent ChanHock Meng Vincent Chan12 dagar sedan
  • TSLA 🧐 400$

    Franc ArsenaultFranc Arsenault12 dagar sedan
  • Great show, Rob! Thanks for covering the Tes-Fringe.

    Dj BubDj Bub12 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the content as always Rob

    J BJ B12 dagar sedan
  • The whole word is finally rapidly moving towards EV, now the government wants to help. God help us. 1970, 2010, and now 2021. Every Tom Dick and Harry will come to get a piece of the pie then disappear when China completely takes over and the credits go away. And if Biden thinks we are going to take the lead away from China than I don't know what he's smoking. All this bill will do is make China stronger. Even Sandy Munro says we are about to be invaded by a wave of Chinese EVs as we were by the Japanese ICE cars in the 1980s.

    Mike GuardMike Guard12 dagar sedan
  • A tax credit is not the best way to encourage and support EV purchases as it excludes buyers that do not have the high tax levels. If you don't pay $10,000 in Federal income tax, then you can't take advantage of the entire credit. Wouldn't it be nice that more modest income earners could afford a EV?

    dahveed284dahveed28412 dagar sedan
  • excellent

    Leopold5100Leopold510012 dagar sedan
  • :aesome:

    Pinay TheoryPinay Theory12 dagar sedan
  • Do you think if I purchase a M3 today and the tax credit comes within this year after my purchase, will be retroactive?

    Happy Life SimplifiedHappy Life Simplified12 dagar sedan
  • All true. Just they might need several casting machines each doing a different of the car (like rear and front). Not all are capable of doing the whole car at once.

    mastergoolmastergool12 dagar sedan
  • Are the IDRA giga press machines exclusive to Tesla? I imagine that they are not open to sell these devices to GM?

    shigetasanshigetasan12 dagar sedan
    • @Big Dream Without that special proprietary alloy the casting would need to be annealed for strength which with a casting that size leads to substantial warping and distortion which leads to massive problems

      J . P GoodwinJ . P Goodwin9 dagar sedan
    • They're an independent company, so can sell their machines to anyone. However, Tesla is certainly their biggest customer, therefore they'll want to keep Tesla happy. If Tesla is willing to buy as many machines as IDRA is able to produce, I would expect IDRA to accommodate them. Also, the _machines_ aren't proprietary, but Tesla does use a proprietary metal alloy when casting.

      Big DreamBig Dream12 dagar sedan
  • Thoughts on Tesla acquiring IDRA?

    Jay JayJay Jay12 dagar sedan
    • @Denise Lam Everything's for sale, at the right price.

      Jay JayJay Jay12 dagar sedan
    • i dont think so. IDRA is a subsidiary company of LK Technology Holdings

      Denise LamDenise Lam12 dagar sedan
  • 6:02 The key word in this Fact Sheet is “proposing”. Let’s wait and see what the actual numbers are before we get too excited. Biden made a lot of proposals and promises during his election campaign. Not many of these have come to fruition though. Let’s hope that the important ones do. Another action-packed video from Rob. Cheers!

    Gordon WarlowGordon Warlow12 dagar sedan
  • Best Tesla channel out there, thank you!

    Chris GrosserChris Grosser12 dagar sedan
  • Huge news update!! Thank you for sharing Rob 👍🏽

    Lifestyle4DividendsLifestyle4Dividends12 dagar sedan
  • Hi Rob, any info or news that you found on the building in giga shanghai to supposedly build more superchargers?

    Staffan BanckStaffan Banck12 dagar sedan
  • When doing injection moulding with plastic, sometimes certain prefabricated pieces are put in the mould and integrated through the casting. I wonder if that is possible with aluminium?

    Bengt BjörckBengt Björck12 dagar sedan
    • It might weaken the structural integrity of the part...

      Big DreamBig Dream12 dagar sedan
  • Casting allows variation of thickness which makes it possible to optimise strength and stiffness better than with pressed sheet metal. Maybe the use of more aluminium could have some benefits when it comes to dulling sound too? I think we will see more of the skeleton cast with glued on simpler panels.

    Bengt BjörckBengt Björck12 dagar sedan
  • Die casting of large body sections seem to be superior in most aspects. I expect Tesla to apply this technology to even larger sections and more parts in general. I also expect that all those legacy companies that are supposedly "catching up" need to order casting machines too. Maybe that is what IDRA referred to? I mean if VW wants to be competitive they cannot stick to inferior production methods.

    Bengt BjörckBengt Björck12 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    Rasmus FjellströmRasmus Fjellström12 dagar sedan
  • Ron Baron had previously stated Tesla had ordered 11 of them. I believe this was in a CNBC interview where he was sat in his back garden on Skype IIRC. Don't have the link to hand at the moment. He did not give a timeline though, that's new.

    Nicholas ShanksNicholas Shanks12 dagar sedan
  • Nice job.

    Stephen HowardStephen Howard12 dagar sedan
  • I think the best assumption we could do is that since Elon has said that Berlin is going to use structural battery pack then front and rear castings are also needed (seems logic since they've designed it that way. Now, Berlin needs 8 Giga Presses so we could assume 2 for rear, 2 for front and 2 for battery pack casting, that means 250k/500k.

    Marcello MarinelliMarcello Marinelli12 dagar sedan
    • @Marcello Marinelli I understand there will be a battery pack, but considering that it will, by it's nature, need to be made of multiple parts I don't, myself, see any use for a giant casting machine. BUT, who knows, we will see! :)

      Lensflare DeviantLensflare Deviant11 dagar sedan
    • @Lensflare Deviant It's just a guess but they have to do it somehow, also on battery day there's a gif they showed of a structure inside of wich were going to be put the cells, but we'll see :)

      Marcello MarinelliMarcello Marinelli12 dagar sedan
    • I don't think they'll need a casting machine to make the battery pack at all.

      Lensflare DeviantLensflare Deviant12 dagar sedan
  • Going forward (the new structural pack architecture), each vehicle needs 2 castings, front and rear. You should probably halve your predicted numbers based on casting machines alone. Nvrmind. You mentioned it later in the video. Sorry Rob.

    Samuel PriceSamuel Price12 dagar sedan
  • EU emissions trading credits at ATH on Tuesday! Go green or go bust!

    w0ttheh3llw0ttheh3ll12 dagar sedan
  • You have to assume that some of the orders are for Chinese competitors

    Utahskiing1Utahskiing112 dagar sedan
    • @J . P Goodwin WAY off topic here. We are talking about Tesla’s lead and the ability of the competition to catch up.

      Utahskiing1Utahskiing17 dagar sedan
    • @Utahskiing1 Those that forget or ignore their history are doomed to forever repeat their same mistakes and with a poor outcome

      J . P GoodwinJ . P Goodwin7 dagar sedan
    • J . P Goodwin the other automakers aren’t taking the transition to electric vehicles as seriously as the Chinese automakers are. It’s interesting how you went from “they don’t have have the alloy” to “duh” of course they took samples. Now let’s take that last little logical step that if they took samples, they know the right composition and thus can use that composition to make the right alloy. We don’t have to wander off into random irrelevancies about enemies and marines. Tesla still has a lead but let’s not kid ourselves, the competition in China is no more than a year behind at most.

      Utahskiing1Utahskiing18 dagar sedan
    • @Utahskiing1 Duhhh Even Sandy Munro has reported on that, every OEM in the world is doing the same thing so don't just point the finger at the Chinese. That has been standard practice since Adam was a boy. But then of course there has to be a PC enemy to unite the sheep rather than have them actually use the brains they were born with and ascertain who their real enemies who may well be within their own countries are. Read up on America's most awarded Marine. General Smedley D Butler for a clue

      J . P GoodwinJ . P Goodwin8 dagar sedan
    • @J . P Goodwin let’s guess how long after the first of the Shanghai Teslas made with that alloy was driven off the factory property before it was up on a lift having samples taken from the chassis to determine the exact metallurgical makeup. I will guess 15 minutes.

      Utahskiing1Utahskiing112 dagar sedan
  • Are you considering the front casting also?

    Lee FennellLee Fennell12 dagar sedan
  • If northern Italy would be on its own we would be on US level, idra Is 20 km away from my home

    Antrax PippoAntrax Pippo12 dagar sedan
  • gigacasting mashines will propably replace current capacity

    IlkanarIlkanar12 dagar sedan
  • EV credits question. Anyone planning to do a fleet purchase for robotaxi, will you be able to get any credits? I’m presuming most will have a LLC for the company. Will you have to prove 1 for 1 replacement for ICE taxi? If this is for any US made EV and no limits on how many you purchase then that would be huge.

    UnitedflyierUnitedflyier12 dagar sedan
  • I don't think the new incentive would do anything to Tesla's sales, because they are production limited anyway and will be for years. But it will allow them to increase their margin and make a bit more money. Or a metric fuckton of money if they take a large share of the incentive, but that's unlikely.

    András BíróAndrás Bíró12 dagar sedan
  • Remember that Fremont is only using the gigapress for the rear section at the moment, but Elon has said that the long term plan is to do the front as well. So probably two separate gigapresses to make both parts for one car (doubt they would install them in such a way as to have to retool them constantly).

    Fall Line JapanFall Line Japan12 dagar sedan
  • Huge potential. Elon did say they are casting the front and rear sections so assuming of the 8 giga presses, 4 are dedicated to front and rear respectively, it will represent 1.5M / 2 production rate

    Mike TwomeyMike Twomey12 dagar sedan
  • Drone flyover at Fremont - how embarrassing would it be to lose your drone inside the gigapress and have it end up a part of one of the future cars? LOL

    Fall Line JapanFall Line Japan12 dagar sedan
  • I curious to who gets to work with you(r team)! Hope I can be part of the team

    Know ArtKnow Art12 dagar sedan
  • Listening to you with my morning coffee from France . Part of my morning routine now ;-) Thanks

    Blanc NoirBlanc Noir12 dagar sedan
    • Nice cat!

      Mike CounsellMike Counsell12 dagar sedan
  • such great amazing news. all in $tsla !

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  • Regarding the gigapress, in Berlin they will have one casting for the front and one for the back. So your number would have to be cut in half? But the cycle time will probably go down improving the rate.

    4theistInfidel4theistInfidel12 dagar sedan
  • Casting of the cybertruck stainless steel?

    M BarakatM Barakat12 dagar sedan
    • You get a lot of the strength from the cold work so I doubt they would. Likely just score and fold.

      Lensflare DeviantLensflare Deviant12 dagar sedan
  • don't they need 2 castings per car so not 9x170.000 instead 9x85.000 additional cars ? and if they change the production to casting a portion of that replaces the production that is installed now, instead of being completely additional. my take 9x85.000*0,85 uptime = 650.000 cars with dual castings + they already have 2 casting machines? so 835.000 cars with 2 castings each. If the new machines have fsater cycle time add another 10-20% to that so 900.000 to 1.000.000 stretch which aligns roughly with elons Email.

    Christian GeiselChristian Geisel12 dagar sedan
  • Allowing conservative down time, would give 125k per year for x2 MY presses. 8 presses, so 125k x 4 = well well well 500k Model Y from Berlin!

    Graham BrownGraham Brown12 dagar sedan
  • Known from the plans, there will be 8 presses at Berlin, and these cars will have front and rear casting.

    Graham BrownGraham Brown12 dagar sedan
  • Just one important difference between this podcast and dozens of other pro-Tesla podcasts: you capture the whole story and separate fact from speculation in a definitive manner. Discussing the 50% saving for charging at Superchargers during (presumably) off-peak hours but adding that Tesla is a business which tends to try and recapture this "gift" is an example of telling the whole story. Thanks again for your great podcast.

    John CooperJohn Cooper12 dagar sedan
  • The cold delivery makes me keep looking for a warm delivery of information. Dialog is fast and conveys more of an indifferent attitude. Pretend you are with family in your kitchen...

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    • If you want manic energy, go find Gali at HyperChange. Rob is known to deliver "just the facts."

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