CallMeCarson VODS: Minecraft SMP Live (Part Twenty Nine)

17 apr 2019
73 858 visningar

Part Twenty Nine of SMP Live.
CallMeCarson's SEworld Channel can be found here:
Along with his Twitch:
And his LIVE channel here:

  • coin luagh 24:54 influencer: 39:38 crying 50:05 mini zombie son: 55:25

    WainemierWainemier26 dagar sedan
  • 41:42

    George_George_2 månader sedan
  • Man this callmecarson guy sure is funny, I hope he doesn’t get into any legal trouble in the future.

    DallasDallas3 månader sedan
  • 52:28 why not?

    FroggehFroggeh5 månader sedan
  • i love 38:24

    Iziko7 fischerIziko7 fischer6 månader sedan
  • 1:13:00 L

    D ogD og7 månader sedan
  • 9:45

    creepjaxcreepjax8 månader sedan
  • when josh poured lava on his dog, my jaw dropped

    Beck HartBeck Hart10 månader sedan
  • Lol I actually remember him posting the double digits thing a few weeks ago

    Unmyth1calUnmyth1cal11 månader sedan
  • Checkpoint: 1:22:00

    Grace DapatGrace DapatÅr sedan
  • That ender pearl trickshot was sick ngl

    ayeronayeronÅr sedan
  • the 5 second rule is the reason COVID spreads so fast 😳✌️

    Laccof- GamingLaccof- GamingÅr sedan
  • The pranks at this point in the series genuinely are obnoxious at this point as it really ruined the content for the viewers seeing Carson not able to make process because of the excessive amount of hard obsidian peni

    K1ngNoahK1ngNoahÅr sedan
  • i watch vods because i HATE watching streams

    Julia MarkeyJulia MarkeyÅr sedan
  • At 1:01:30 I was drawing and picked the wrong color so I said “wrong” to myself as Carson said he isn’t gay

    Laccof- GamingLaccof- GamingÅr sedan
  • 52:30 :flushed:

    TolmluTolmluÅr sedan
  • 5407

    Koolaid JammersKoolaid JammersÅr sedan
  • 34:03

    FaebFaebÅr sedan
  • my face when carson started talking about the vid watchers: 😳😳😳

    clover !!clover !!År sedan
  • does he not realize vods are an easy way to skip around the parts where he's cleaning his constant pranks or when he's quiet and cranky? love the guy but he gets pouty a LOT. not saying it's not warranted, but it ain't entertaining. therefore because vods exist, we can skip around.. it's not a hard concept to grasp.

    spooksspooksÅr sedan
  • at like 37:00 in he basically captures most of the reviews of the most recent star wars movie and I hurt myself laughing "I go see it first day then release 1 hour long video talking about how it suck"

    Nenona or JoNenona or JoÅr sedan
    • "we dropped 250 viewers during that" truth hurts.

      Nenona or JoNenona or JoÅr sedan
  • vod squad sounds awfully familiar. but it feels good to bE APART OF SOMETHING

    Avery BrinerAvery BrinerÅr sedan
  • 35:02

    Muffin ButtMuffin ButtÅr sedan
  • 1:02:05

    huehueÅr sedan

    ToceToceÅr sedan
  • Hey when's senzu streaming?

    brian whombrian whomÅr sedan
  • What shaderpack is he using? the game looks really nice

    AricinAricinÅr sedan
    • Don't know if you already found it but just in case you didn't it's sildur's enhanced default

      bigswoocebigswooceÅr sedan

    WS2WS2År sedan
  • 1:12:45 how did they know about water sheep before water sheep was water sheep?

    Isaiah or somethingIsaiah or somethingÅr sedan
  • Honestly, yes

    Deanedong doorbellDeanedong doorbellÅr sedan
  • 1:13:29

    Soup ßadassSoup ßadassÅr sedan
  • 58:23 i said something in chat once and he called me four (idk which vod it is anymore but it's at exactly 14;20 in whichover one it's in)

    erin lolerin lolÅr sedan
  • I be at 1:16:36

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
  • What shaders are these?

    SchucSchucÅr sedan
  • 1:11:59 this was terrible.

    slabslabÅr sedan
  • 1:13:30 Michael Jackon has awoken in his soul

    PatiPatiÅr sedan
  • when my mom says I'm useless me: 50:36

    no soy nadano soy nadaÅr sedan
  • 1:13:30 HeeHee

    SuspectShot420SuspectShot420År sedan
    • Lmao

      PatiPatiÅr sedan
  • Vod Squad

    AtryanAtryanÅr sedan
  • Says he feels left out, literally didn’t want to go to the end because of his highway.

    KillerSmileKillerSmileÅr sedan
    • Im 11 months late, but i think he didn't go because they started without him.

      xX_M1N3CRAFT_ST3V3_XxxX_M1N3CRAFT_ST3V3_Xx11 månader sedan
  • Vod squad here

    That One Dude 123That One Dude 123År sedan
  • Him and the Basshunter in his floor lol

    Lockjaw RLockjaw RÅr sedan
  • 57:14 Top 10 lost media

    Christopher DoubiagoChristopher DoubiagoÅr sedan
  • 39:40 This man is a creative director/influencer, dm for colab

    The DarafThe Daraf2 år sedan
  • Please watch 1:10:39 on playback speed on 2x

    Isaiah __Isaiah __2 år sedan
  • Please note: you actually can heal zombie villagers with a gapple.

    gimmy gumbogimmy gumbo2 år sedan
    • Too bad gapples are banned

      Sourpatchninja 22Sourpatchninja 22År sedan
  • Dude I am the 420th like ha ha thats the weed number

    RadReed 14RadReed 142 år sedan
    • my minecraft world is named 420 haha weed number

      HandimoverHandimoverÅr sedan
  • where my VOD Chads

    Purple ApplePurple Apple2 år sedan
  • 10:00

    LoneShadow295LoneShadow2952 år sedan
  • 52:30 “is there anyone here in chat that watches the VODS, is so why.” Me: h- Me: don’t call me out like this

    smolscosplayandartsmolscosplayandart2 år sedan
    • h

      AeruniemAeruniem9 månader sedan
  • Carson I watch your vods cause you stream whenever I'm not awake, cause my sleep schedule is broken

    BenShockerBenShocker2 år sedan
  • Man I really wish Zuckles joined the server, I think he'd have fun with it.

    BenShockerBenShocker2 år sedan
  • Carson has given us a name, The Vod Squad

    IAreGrafIAreGraf2 år sedan
  • 1:13:29 HEEHEE

    no soy nadano soy nada2 år sedan
  • It's 4am i'm playing Minecraft alone and watching your VOD I just wanna say i love watching VODS and i love you

    Baker StreetBaker Street2 år sedan
    • big gey

      boof hitterboof hitter2 år sedan
  • Vod squad

    Tommy DavisTommy Davis2 år sedan
  • I thot Carson was the mod

    Corn YodaCorn Yoda2 år sedan
    • He banned himself as a joke you goober

      lileaflileafÅr sedan
  • what happened to carsons base?

    BarnfindBarnfind2 år sedan
  • 1:35:05 its like that fucking scene from The Walking Dead

    guittyaguittya2 år sedan
  • he should build an asian cuisine shop where he just sells 'dog meat' and lets you choose which dog you would like to feast upon from a glass cage

    Comfy FloorComfy Floor2 år sedan
    • @Cam M Okay Cameron Zipperhead.

      Boy GeniusBoy Genius2 år sedan
    • haha racist comment so funny!

      Cam MCam M2 år sedan
  • that villager part was so funny lmaoo

    ayuhayuh2 år sedan
  • how did carson make the note block song can someone link me the vod?

    RoddyRoddy2 år sedan
    • Water On Toast it was a prank/someone else built it

      Normally NormalNormally NormalÅr sedan
  • What shader is he using

    CuzrCuzr2 år sedan
    • You can do !shader and it'll give you a link

      Beluga WhaleBeluga Whale2 år sedan
    • Cuzr sildurs default

      Bryce StevensBryce Stevens2 år sedan
  • how could he steal diamonds from the police???

    Massive BoiMassive Boi2 år sedan
    • I think he was the police for that week and so he gets the diamond

      Logan MacNeillLogan MacNeill2 år sedan
  • When does he usually stream?

    Hugh MungusHugh Mungus2 år sedan
    • Yes

      Sourpatchninja 22Sourpatchninja 22År sedan
  • 52:29 yes

    ChaseChase2 år sedan
  • Oh hey, 40:32 is relevant to my name.

    The Anal AtheistThe Anal Atheist2 år sedan
  • wait i thought carson was the owner of the server. when did he get demoted to just a player??? i thought he had like all the commands and he could like upgrade the server. why cant he just unban himself from the console lol

    RyanRyan2 år sedan
    • it was a joke you goob

      lambdalambdaÅr sedan
    • He did it on purpose

      Logan MacNeillLogan MacNeill2 år sedan
  • For real though The Last Jedi sucked ass and Revenge of the Sith wasn't that bad.

    Snake EyesSnake Eyes2 år sedan
  • I watch the VODs cause I aint american so I have absolutly no Idea when he streams

    PozitivvPozitivv2 år sedan
    • he streams in either the god has forsaken you hours or good hours and its usually the forsaken ones

      Kevin MillardKevin MillardÅr sedan
    • I live in america and dont know when he streams

      MrMadmanMrMadman2 år sedan
    • @Seth FTW I dont like watching vods on twitch, I like the YT player more

      PozitivvPozitivv2 år sedan
    • His streams are on his twitch after the streams end u don't have to watch them here

      Seth FTWSeth FTW2 år sedan
  • 4:14 " I could run both companies phenomen- , pheno-... really well..."

    SaltierSaltier2 år sedan
  • Hey my favorite streaming Dingus, a tip for ya, axes wear down armor durability better then swords so sharpness, efficiency and fire aspect work well for axe/armor damage

    Tier GamingTier Gaming2 år sedan
    • You silly boy, this isn't Carson's channel. He has checked a couple of the videos though.

      Boy GeniusBoy Genius2 år sedan
  • How does the sub server work? Like is it survival? If so how like gay is it? Or is it good gay?

    DosedGGDosedGG2 år sedan
  • get bullied for uploading vods

    aloealoe2 år sedan
  • Quaker Oats

    HkdoritosHkdoritos2 år sedan
  • Is travcraft a public server what's the IP

    wooofwooof2 år sedan
  • what shaders does carson have? i never noticed he had one

    lemuhnnlemuhnn2 år sedan
    • lemuhnn sildurs default

      Bryce StevensBryce Stevens2 år sedan
  • Does anyone know the seed to world??

    QoomerQoomer2 år sedan
  • So no one’s talking about the diamond pickaxe with 21 attack speed?

    BilboBinSagginBilboBinSaggin2 år sedan
  • when he steals thy diamonds

    Amelia MathesonAmelia Matheson2 år sedan
    • Haha

      ari muahari muah2 år sedan
    • Alright

      ari muahari muah2 år sedan
    • Yes

      ari muahari muah2 år sedan
    • Ok

      ari muahari muah2 år sedan
  • 50:53 the fly buzzing around my room at 12:00 AM

    Nut BreadNut Bread2 år sedan
    • @TomatoManPan honestly I don't remember it was a year ago

      RirekosuRirekosu9 månader sedan
    • @Rirekosu I hope this is ironic

      TomatoManPanTomatoManPan9 månader sedan
    • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 LMAO IM DEAD DUDE

      RirekosuRirekosuÅr sedan
  • 1:26:35

    Sk3rSk3r2 år sedan
  • Bruh

    Sk3rSk3r2 år sedan
  • I don't like how his roof S Q U I R M S

    PolySakenPolySaken2 år sedan
  • vod squad

    BRJ5BRJ52 år sedan
  • Zuckles qwq

  • 50:45 is the breakdown of man

    Xiv XiyanXiv Xiyan2 år sedan
    • gamer*

      RestoriaRestoria2 år sedan
  • 49:35 is heartbreaking

    Xiv XiyanXiv Xiyan2 år sedan
  • Why he got banned carson is the most innocent person in the world lul

    KindredKindred2 år sedan
    • Because gapples are banned and he looked at one and as a joke he banned himself

      Ploopie SquadPloopie Squad9 månader sedan
    • @Chase bruh

      KindredKindred2 år sedan
    • @Chase boi he did it on purpose

      PolySakenPolySaken2 år sedan
    • He banned himself accidentally

      ChaseChase2 år sedan
    • Leaving comment for answer.

      Dr. Werewolf Vampire Pirate BillionaireDr. Werewolf Vampire Pirate Billionaire2 år sedan
  • Carson looking dummy cute

    FabricFabric2 år sedan
  • Thank you for uploading these!

    Raven XRaven X2 år sedan
  • Yeah smae

    Seb MaccaSeb Macca2 år sedan
  • Oranges are actually green

    Boostyour3'supBoostyour3'sup2 år sedan
    • Blood is really gravel

      SC43 7SC43 72 år sedan
    • Oranges are blood

      MrMadmanMrMadman2 år sedan
  • Milk

    Noodle DoodleNoodle Doodle2 år sedan
    • Juice

      DiehardSphinx86DiehardSphinx86År sedan
    • ok

      SonnetSonnet2 år sedan
  • he really likes it.

    TopicalTopical2 år sedan
    • CallMeCarson lol dude Carson watches his own vods dude that’s crazy dude dude :0

      Annabel MehringAnnabel MehringÅr sedan
    • @Roo lol you're are 😂😂😂

      KryilleKryilleÅr sedan
    • @PowerMetalic you're are dumbo mode (😂) . This isn't not real carbonstan. Disliked and unsubbed 😡😡😡

      Roo lolRoo lol2 år sedan
    • @CallMeCarson oh boy its the Reeeeel crabson

      PowerMetalicPowerMetalic2 år sedan
    • @CallMeCarson Is this the part where i blow my brains out.

      TopicalTopical2 år sedan