Minecraft, But Hacks Are Enchantments

1 maj 2021
3 007 830 visningar

Inspired By TapL's and Wisp's Minecraft But Hacks Are Enchantments
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  • Imagine getting a auto crafter

    Mike RamosMike Ramos15 minuter sedan
  • You didn’t get the red stone for the clock 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    David ThornleyDavid Thornley17 minuter sedan
  • Mcbirken:we just need to find some leather Rabbit hides:am i a joke to u?

    Thomas DanielsThomas DanielsTimme sedan
  • Do you can make a challange with only a half heart

    Rocky08Rocky08Timme sedan
  • Umm u said u r under a cave but u r in land

    RogerRogerTimme sedan
  • He said he was litterally dream. He's a genius, because they are both cheating! (Except you are openly cheating and its for the sake of the video)

    jAmsjAms2 timmar sedan
  • Imagine using aimbot in minecraft

    ツNakzツNakz3 timmar sedan
  • 22:14 like mongral said, “ITS A CONTROLLA PLAYA!”

    ImaginereadingthisImaginereadingthis3 timmar sedan
  • I wonder what is the link to do this

    Epic Gaming 5373Epic Gaming 53734 timmar sedan
    • me when my friend sees me hack using this lol

      Epic Gaming 5373Epic Gaming 53733 timmar sedan
    • jk I don’t use hacks lol

      Epic Gaming 5373Epic Gaming 53733 timmar sedan
  • Dude the sick base you can make

    Braden StephenBraden Stephen5 timmar sedan
  • Hbdxjban bodjbd?

    Amaan BGAmaan BG5 timmar sedan
  • What was the seed?

    Austin BoettgerAustin Boettger5 timmar sedan
  • Pls give me the mod/ command:*(

    Ameel AmeelAmeel Ameel5 timmar sedan
  • Hackers see this as an excuse to use hacks

    Holly SatterfieldHolly Satterfield6 timmar sedan
  • Ummm if u go threw walls then how can u climb them lol

    Holly SatterfieldHolly Satterfield6 timmar sedan
  • The whole village looked like my first world all diamond and gold

    Connor BoarmanConnor Boarman7 timmar sedan
  • A guy i have never seen pretty best friends 18:30 am i a joke to you

    Raeed AljohaniRaeed Aljohani8 timmar sedan
  • i love you

    Asher EichenbergerAsher Eichenberger8 timmar sedan
  • mcbirken is cannibal

    Dmitry KlimkinDmitry Klimkin8 timmar sedan
  • LOL

    张家骅张家骅8 timmar sedan
  • He sounds like a mix between preston and milad mirg

    Gav & BuzzGav & Buzz8 timmar sedan
  • How is this mod named

    stephano vdbeekstephano vdbeek9 timmar sedan
  • How do i get this for pocket edition?

    yaboi krisyaboi kris9 timmar sedan
  • The amount of speed ups he does make me wonder if he cheated with creative

    Death JoyDeath Joy10 timmar sedan
  • Link?

    Mabo_Mabo_11 timmar sedan
  • pls link for the mod pls

    yug choughuleyug choughule11 timmar sedan
  • borzaszto

    Andrea BallaAndrea Balla12 timmar sedan
  • I love how he did not use the clock one

    bob Speakerbob Speaker12 timmar sedan
  • Can you spotlight this please I never have been spotlighted

    bob Speakerbob Speaker12 timmar sedan
  • Is his favourite word “oh my gosh”?

    Nisa GaldiNisa Galdi13 timmar sedan
  • Do a wisp,silver and mcbirken collab

    Emma MitchellEmma Mitchell13 timmar sedan
  • Cool

    May HalabiMay Halabi14 timmar sedan
  • mod name

    Bartek LewandowskiBartek Lewandowski14 timmar sedan
  • Entire Video:"Super easy!"

    Geo LemonadeGeo Lemonade16 timmar sedan
  • Dollar general wisp bit almost better than him

    slushy420slushy42017 timmar sedan
  • Mcbirken:flexing The zombie in the back:HELP

    Perseus GamingPerseus Gaming17 timmar sedan
  • Seed?

    ONO ༺noAm ඞONO ༺noAm ඞ17 timmar sedan
  • pls name mod

    max777 max777max777 max77719 timmar sedan
  • This is my first time to watch your videos

    David Ben Ezra!!! Ben EzraDavid Ben Ezra!!! Ben Ezra20 timmar sedan
  • Needs redstone for book doesn’t get it 11:40

    Matthew LouwrierMatthew Louwrier20 timmar sedan
  • FAKE No way you found the stronghold so quick

    Noah NiddsNoah Nidds20 timmar sedan
    • Ok so?

  • I have x ray is well I am on survival I lived in minecraft was just so easy now

    Astrid MillarAstrid Millar21 timme sedan
  • pls give the download link anyone

    Gaming NilabhGaming Nilabh22 timmar sedan
  • Hi bro I love ur vids

    Jake BentleyJake Bentley23 timmar sedan
  • Play this on multiplayer

    Jakub RubinJakub RubinDag sedan
  • Is it just me or do I feel like this is modded

    iiTzAntfarm 1iiTzAntfarm 1Dag sedan
  • you shod add pterrodactyl (:

  • But we're right below a cave! - he said while above ground


    JwetzJwetzDag sedan
  • mc Biden

    JwetzJwetzDag sedan
  • My mom is fighting

  • WTH 555k sub

    Hunter bgHunter bgDag sedan
  • Why is he hacking like going in creative to get hacks?

    Yuga AoyamaYuga AoyamaDag sedan
  • Msjsjdnjsskjxjxjdhufg is a good day ry is the day you get to go to the gym with your mom day you can come to your house to make your

    Matthew GamiiingggMatthew GamiiingggDag sedan
  • How do you get this

    Dr FishyDr FishyDag sedan
  • The bridge made of gold at 16:35 looks like the stairway to heaven.

    Fortnite Gamer157Fortnite Gamer157Dag sedan
  • how he got that mod? someone can tell me?

    script creatorscript creatorDag sedan
  • Hacker!!

    TragoTragoDag sedan
    • Bro its on the thumbnail and the title... *sigh*

  • Imagine auto mlg and minecraft but when you mlg you get op items

    PotatogangmemberPotatogangmemberDag sedan
  • Its funny how you just so happen to have everything thats needed for that certain thing you need to craft 🤔🤔🤔

    Mr. EverythingMr. EverythingDag sedan
  • I like that

  • Minecraft, but the enchantment table is a hacker.

    DrewsNews /DrewsicleDrewsNews /DrewsicleDag sedan
  • Dude the spider that gave you string also gave you the spider eye

    james whitakerjames whitakerDag sedan
  • "Am literally invencible" *dies from fall damage*

    BEKY190BEKY190Dag sedan
  • We are right bellow a cave’

    Hayden HowellHayden HowellDag sedan
  • ‘Looks like we are right above a cave

    Hayden HowellHayden HowellDag sedan
  • #fake

    Diane MaddisonDiane MaddisonDag sedan

    • #urdumb

  • Get you own video ideas you leach

    ZenitsuZenitsuDag sedan
    • I guess..

  • 3:10 the place where youtubers go miningnoff camera....

    Gabriel AvilaGabriel AvilaDag sedan
  • mcbirken: these spider enchants are kind of annoying spider-man: b-b-but..

    SeaQueen UwUSeaQueen UwUDag sedan
  • Where is the clock enchant?

    rare jongenrare jongenDag sedan
  • dream

    Luna CinerosLuna CinerosDag sedan
  • Lmhhh

    Lars Ø. BergLars Ø. BergDag sedan
  • 3:19 the pick hasn't lost any durability hmmmmmmmmmmm

    Exciting Stuff lolExciting Stuff lolDag sedan
    • Dreams boat clutch isn’t that

      aola wiliaola wiliDag sedan
  • Illegal

    Kienanderu NararyaKienanderu NararyaDag sedan
  • He said I don't remember like this in the hack client 10:55...

    GamerBOYOMG516GamerBOYOMG516Dag sedan
  • the fact that he was searching for leather eventhough he had enough rabbot hide to make some triggers me so much.

    Niklas GutenbrunnerNiklas GutenbrunnerDag sedan
    • @Robin B Have you seen his other videos?Your only sayin that to make yourself feel better because your bad at the game.Don’t do that type of shit.

      Oh GoshOh Gosh15 minuter sedan
    • Yeah hes not good at the game, thats why he needs litteral hacks to beat the game

      Robin BRobin B6 timmar sedan
  • Why you dint make god apples

  • Morgz 2.0

    SpellSpellDag sedan
  • Why are you so gay?

    Cheeseballls DabCheeseballls DabDag sedan
    • Why are u so toxic?

    • very gay

      Cheeseballls DabCheeseballls DabDag sedan
    • yes

      Cheeseballls DabCheeseballls DabDag sedan
  • You copied bionic

    redboy playzredboy playzDag sedan
  • 01:35 cobblestone pickaxe.

    GrowCraft ChannelGrowCraft ChannelDag sedan
  • How to get this plugin?

    gregoreggregoregDag sedan
  • I thought this was tple

    kurt cedric Ordoñezkurt cedric OrdoñezDag sedan
  • please can anybody tell me what datapack he using?

    MartyMcPlayerMartyMcPlayerDag sedan
  • wisp from wish

    GroNoXGroNoXDag sedan
  • You find the stronghold while using phase

    R3 GregR3 GregDag sedan
  • I like how you mixed the title

    -Molted • Oreo • Crumbles--Molted • Oreo • Crumbles-Dag sedan
  • Did Minecraft actually copy dreams scaffold trick also?

    Zhiyuan ZHAOZhiyuan ZHAODag sedan
  • Dreams boat clutch isn’t that

    Zhiyuan ZHAOZhiyuan ZHAODag sedan
  • Did anyone else see strong hold when he fazed first time

    Samuel ReederSamuel ReederDag sedan
  • he just has a good gaming chair

    Hugh IngramHugh Ingram2 dagar sedan
  • 24:25 I sounds like he is on auto tune

    Foxyn NoahFoxyn Noah2 dagar sedan
  • 😎😎😎😎😎🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈= Coolshark

    John AndersonJohn Anderson2 dagar sedan
  • You really should’ve titled it “Minecraft, but enchantments are hacks”

    LuigidogLuigidog2 dagar sedan
  • Do a manhunt with everyone having this mod. It'll be very interesting

    voolsvools2 dagar sedan
  • is this a datapack? i would love to play a world with this :D or even a mod a anything?

    Oliver FernandoOliver Fernando2 dagar sedan
  • mcbriken god ender dragon noob

    Kiran KaurKiran Kaur2 dagar sedan
  • you have been banned from hypixel for enchanting

    Erica GoodwinErica Goodwin2 dagar sedan
  • 14:15 run

    carter the memercarter the memer2 dagar sedan