Minecraft, But Crafts Are Multiplied...

19 feb 2021
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  • This is the first person I have seen who is never satisfied with his volume🤣

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  • 3:51 tapl why are you damaging the sheep skeleton!? The Skeleton you are seriously damaging it your self!

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  • What mod is that

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  • He was building whith netherite like it wAs nothing

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  • i play Minecraft one day and this happen I say a lot of skeleton 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 n l Die 😭😭

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  • Why pickaxe have numbers

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  • Was anyone thinking he could of just made enchanted god apples

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  • yeah but you don't know if u want try not too bad for him but I'm not sure if you don't have a great time with you guys doing anything

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  • In the minute 13:51 under u have a piramyd :0 in the village

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  • people who use tlauncher but keeps trying to join not cracked servers: THATS ME

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  • =/ I just saw an ender man be in stone

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  • Lmaooo thought it was a UHC and I was like wtf you going to the the nether for

  • The amount of luck he gets makes it look like he is cheating. Like if you agree

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  • The 360 was so COOOOL

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  • 7:13 Sekhui February 28 2021 When you make iron or wood they go up into 127 not 64

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  • Item: Stacks over 64 Me: What is this magic?!

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  • minecraft but sheep give OP items when sheared

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  • 160˚ that final bow was

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  • 20:20 holy that shot and mlg was insane

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  • I saw a temple that you missed.

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  • Hey, I see me in the chat!! This one was fun to watch him follow the chat's instructions to where diamonds are in vain...liars.

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  • You should do “Minecraft, but your always punching” haha..

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  • Why are people writing C h a d m o m e n t

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