NHL Game Highlights | Jets vs. Canucks - Feb. 21, 2021

21 feb 2021
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Pierre-Luc Dubois had three points including the overtime winner as the Winnipeg Jets defeated the Vancouver Canucks 4-3.

  • Fire Green.

    WayneWayne2 dagar sedan
  • don't skate back too fast Hughes, you might accidently play defense.

    Arv BArv B4 dagar sedan
  • Most childish scenery of hockey, fighting like toddlers.

    Mark IVMark IV6 dagar sedan
  • Холтби и здесь ДЫРА

    Vladimir BONDVladimir BOND6 dagar sedan
  • 1:48 Now thats a Hat Pick

    Cobra8529Cobra85296 dagar sedan
    • So is the one at 5:06 😏

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets6 dagar sedan
  • Dang! I love the fight between Derek and Zack

    Ashly MontoyaAshly Montoya6 dagar sedan
  • Canucks need a new goalie ASAP

    CMDRmCMDRm6 dagar sedan
  • Dubois was crafty - overtime goal - sneaky

    relcychohorelcychoho6 dagar sedan
  • we won the trade

    kthaanoskthaanos6 dagar sedan
  • lol Canucks suck!

    Videos of RedditVideos of Reddit6 dagar sedan
  • This team loves finding new ways to disappoint me

    edboy484edboy4846 dagar sedan
  • Barn burner.

    Bryan SimpsonBryan Simpson6 dagar sedan
  • One good game does not a season make, I still maintain CBJ won the trade in a landslide, with what laine and roslovic are doing consistently. Just like Dubois didn’t want to be judged solely on the “shift”, he can’t be solely judged based on this game.

    LBJ Nation LeaderLBJ Nation Leader6 dagar sedan
    • @LBJ Nation Leader Because I know ya already, and you're stupid comments so why wouldnt I comment?? That supposed to bother me or something?

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets6 dagar sedan
    • @TRU Winnipegjets I wish there was a prop bet I could’ve placed on who would be the first Jets fan bated by my comment, I could’ve won some money, I knew it would be you.

      LBJ Nation LeaderLBJ Nation Leader6 dagar sedan
    • "Laine and Roslovic playing consistently" dont you mean Roslovic who has been outshining Laine. Dont hate because Dubois is a good two way player, this was only his 3rd game already has 2 goals 1 assist. Also you're a leafs fan typical. lol

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets6 dagar sedan
  • cOlUmBuS wOn a TrAdE

    MGMG6 dagar sedan
  • Pionk’s slapper is nasty

    Andrew NelsonAndrew Nelson7 dagar sedan
  • Well they got lucky in over time. Good game. Forbrot got what was coming to him. They got a lucky bounce in over time. We had some great highlight goals and skated pretty fast. We should have won but thats hockey. We played a great game. GO CANUCKS🍻🍻🍻

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice7 dagar sedan
    • @TRU Winnipegjets thanks me too GO CANUCKS 🍻🍻🍻

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice5 dagar sedan
    • @Nathan Stice All good, I'll be rooting for the canucks tonight tho that's for sure, hope they get the win.

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets5 dagar sedan
    • @TRU Winnipegjets oh sorry well good luck then

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice5 dagar sedan
    • @Nathan Stice Today? Jets don't play till thursday bud.

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets5 dagar sedan
    • @TRU Winnipegjets yeah good luck today

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice6 dagar sedan
  • 132nd comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du7 dagar sedan
  • Holtby.......

    Dood BDood B7 dagar sedan
  • Almost had 3 goals

    WildG204WildG2047 dagar sedan
  • Which player are canucks fans going to harass after this one?

    Travis PennerTravis Penner7 dagar sedan
  • Wooooo Cap E Tan Dubois!

    Brent StarkesBrent Starkes7 dagar sedan
  • Sports Net Rocks!🤟🏼

    Brent StarkesBrent Starkes7 dagar sedan
  • Missed jets penalty in overtime

    Joshua IsaacJoshua Isaac7 dagar sedan
    • Nope. You just suck.

      cablemanizationcablemanization5 dagar sedan
    • Not you again, Mr excuses. lol

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets7 dagar sedan
  • Wake up holtby

    ryan rempelryan rempel7 dagar sedan
  • The absolute disarray/confusion/ defensive awareness/ effort by the Canucks this year is absolutely embarrassing

    Brandon MitchellBrandon Mitchell7 dagar sedan
  • Holtby ready to become the new flower he’s gonna be the star for Seattle

    Shut the Fuk upShut the Fuk up7 dagar sedan
    • Please get him out of Vancouver

      Shark o ShakShark o Shak5 dagar sedan
  • And we thought Fogbert could get more of a looser. Nice step up from mcewan

    Mulph 77Mulph 777 dagar sedan
  • YES LETS GOOO PLD!!! At first I was a lil hesitant from the trade but I’m loving it!!

    all about challengesall about challenges7 dagar sedan
  • Frankly I don’t know how can Vancouver throw this (lead) away and they should be lucky enough to get away with a point.

    Andrea tobyAndrea toby7 dagar sedan
  • *Подписывайтесь на канал с обзорами голов в НХЛ с русскими комментаторами*

    НХЛ по РУССКИНХЛ по РУССКИ7 dagar sedan
  • GREAT WN BABY!!!! With Pionk on a 4 game point streak (2G 3A) and the 10 game point streak for Scheifele (7G 10A 17P) and now PLD Finally settling in there's lots to be excited for!!!!

    Peg City HockeyPeg City Hockey7 dagar sedan
  • Холтби дыркс

    Варвара ПавловнаВарвара Павловна7 dagar sedan
  • Nice to see Elias starting to play well

    J RocckJ Rocck7 dagar sedan
  • Even though Nate Schmidt refused to waive his no trade to Winnipeg, he did help Scheifele score a goal.

    Waders27Waders277 dagar sedan
  • Daaaamn. I thought Forbort was a tough guy, but he got his ass whooped.

    mokumboi19mokumboi197 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen 😅😆🤣😅🤣😆😆🤣😅 right get you. But hey when we do we will be totally stoked from all the years of getting bashed. Good luck to you sir.

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice4 dagar sedan
    • @Nathan Stice canucks are like the jets, never acheived anything, even with your soft sedin sisters prancing around :D

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen4 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen figures yeah I will give you the whole got to put down others i mean its been a while since you guys have done anything so ill let you have it

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice4 dagar sedan
    • @Nathan Stice saying lowry should have clued you in but no canadian team is winning the cup for yeares to come mines the jets

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen4 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen so who's your team this year. I dont know who's all on the first seat so which one of the 5 do you root for? It dont matter you must like change it after the cup is won

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice5 dagar sedan
  • god damn Mackewen can fight!

    sasha hartsasha hart7 dagar sedan
  • One sentence to sum up the game should be, "the defense couldn't cover the weak side and figure out who's got PLD, and so Schmidt happened"

    i Laii Lai7 dagar sedan
  • why are the Canucks coasting 30 seconds into the OT

    Meloni88Meloni887 dagar sedan
    • The lack of back check/defensive effort/ disarray is absolutely disguisting by the Canucks this year.

      Brandon MitchellBrandon Mitchell7 dagar sedan

    Jets VRRROOOMMMJets VRRROOOMMM7 dagar sedan
  • Pretty cheap shot there after the fight, that being said, I do really appreciate that SN actually shows the fights

    Imma LeafImma Leaf7 dagar sedan
  • Holtby....should’ve saved that Scheifele goal and probably that OT goal by Dubois. It’s good that we got a point, but we need to start winning in regulation.

    Nicholas LouieNicholas Louie7 dagar sedan
    • Tuff year with our rerebuild. Next year is starting to look good thou. And they got lucky at the end.

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice7 dagar sedan
    • That Dubois power play was roofed over his shoulder. No one saves that. But I'll give you the scheifele one

      DM0NEYDM0NEY7 dagar sedan
  • VAN outplayed WPG mostly but good veteran teams don’t need to play the entire game to win :/ difference is when WPG plays bad they’re still defensively sound enough that they keep the game within reach but when VAN plays bad they always give up goals

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips7 dagar sedan
    • @DM0NEY Clearly you dont watch Jets games you couldnt be more wrong, we only did here because Van needed the win more lol

      Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2807 dagar sedan
    • Winnipeg often starts slow. And struggles to hold on in the last 5mins.

      DM0NEYDM0NEY7 dagar sedan
    • @Trevor Phillips Van only played well in the First, from there things changed.

      Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2807 dagar sedan
    • Not in the second and third

      Baby YodaBaby Yoda7 dagar sedan
  • VAN gotta go 6-2-0 vs EDM and 10-8-1 in the rest of their games, and then even EDM goes 12-9-0 in others, VAN will finish above EDM but it VAN goes 5-3-0 or anything less, it’s near impossible to catch EDM - so the VAN vs EDM games this week will decide whether VAN has any change left at all or not win next 2 games vs EDM this week and it’s at least doable if we play well lose the 2 games this week and TBH doesn’t even matter if we play great hockey rest of season - we won’t catch anyone unless they utterly collapse. ((same scenario applies to WPG too but it’s slightly worse. and MTL is a lot less in our control since we don’t have many games against them so it’s hard to catch up ground.))

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips7 dagar sedan
    • @joelface I say it’s with it cuz losing in the playoffs is still +XP at a certain point you don’t need more rookies, you need EXP to level-up

      Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips7 dagar sedan
    • I highlight that because VAN catching MTL is largely out of their control. too few games left between them. VAN could play .650 and still not catch MTL because too MTL could be winning their games too. but if VAN goes .625 then mathematically many of those have to be from four point games either vs EDM or WPG - it’s only way VAN could ‘control the math’ ... they gotta beat EDM most of their remaining season series but if they do that they only need to play .550 hockey against the other teams

      Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips7 dagar sedan
    • @Winnipegjets 280 I meant WPG same as EDM - the math for VAN to catch WPG is similar to catching EDM but slightly worse ... means it’s a bit harder to catch WPG than EDM. one fewer four point game between the two, and WPG also slightly higher PTs%

      Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips7 dagar sedan
    • @ Trevor Philips Pretty canucks are in a much worse postion then the Jets the hell you mean by, "Same scenerio applies to the Jets"😂

      Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2807 dagar sedan
    • Canucks might win 1 game vs Edm but I think edmonton will win both

      lil Perc30lil Perc307 dagar sedan
  • Why does holtby have another weird ass number lmao

    Pick 6 PetermanPick 6 Peterman7 dagar sedan
  • Last year made me forget about the suffering now we're back to the same old same old

    Pixelated BluPixelated Blu7 dagar sedan
    • Look at the bright side we’re going to get a better draft pick!! I’m going to go stick my head in the oven now

      alpha omegaalpha omega7 dagar sedan
  • once again good game jets, outside the first period, total dominance, canucks may be the worst 3 on 3 team in nhl history.

    Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen7 dagar sedan
  • 2:57 J.T. Miller could have saved this goal if he hadn't been lazily coasting down the ice

    SCJSCJ7 dagar sedan
    • @Diakonos I would agree with that if the jets weren't all on a change at the time, a fact which he knew.

      SCJSCJ5 dagar sedan
    • Miller has been defensively poor for stretches this season, but I don't put this one on him. He needs to pick up potential trailers or rebounds; with a goalie and a dman there before him, it is unreasonable and maybe even unwise to expect him to rush at the net when there's a shot.

      DiakonosDiakonos6 dagar sedan
    • Rangers fans know this JT Miller

      Jarrad KJarrad K7 dagar sedan
  • where are those canuck fanboys who said that the canucks were gonna win the rematch easily tonight? seems rather quiet on that front

    Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen7 dagar sedan
    • Canucks haven't matched up well against Winnipeg.. ever? The stats are crazy bad for the Canucks for some reason... so I don't think there were many fans saying we'd win this one easily, though we did come close.

      joelfacejoelface7 dagar sedan
  • ol' Postterson

    D RossD Ross7 dagar sedan
  • No Loui No win

    Loui ErikssonLoui Eriksson7 dagar sedan
    • @Winnipegjets 280 i like how you edit your comment after i SNORT SNORT

      Loui ErikssonLoui Eriksson6 dagar sedan
    • @Loui Eriksson I know pretty funny stuff right, for me atleast.😁

      Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2806 dagar sedan
    • @Winnipegjets 280 HAHA THATS SO FUNNY SNORT SNORT

      Loui ErikssonLoui Eriksson6 dagar sedan
    • @ Loui Eriksson Jets beat Van even with Loui Playing last game.

      Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2807 dagar sedan
    • yup huge key

      Blowmy CockBlowmy Cock7 dagar sedan

    KingMastodonKingMastodon7 dagar sedan
  • Remember when everyone thought the Pink Jackets won the trade? 🤣😆💯

    Aaron SilviusAaron Silvius7 dagar sedan
    • @Captain Pepsi who were the 2 great players, cuz roslobitch was never good enough to crack our roster.

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen6 dagar sedan
    • @Nic Garscum kind of like everyone was jumping on the bandwagon that the useless blue jackets won that trade, wait till roslobitch goes back into his usual 30 game hibernation :D

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen6 dagar sedan
    • Everyone is talking laine gets more points but in the playoffs is when i think PLD really pays off. Last year he was a Austin Mathews neutralizer.

      Lars HaderLars Hader6 dagar sedan
    • @Nic Garscum I love how you used leaf level stupid😆

      Lincoln 101Lincoln 1016 dagar sedan
    • @10 - 3 true! I'm just muddying up the waters for some debate. Cheers

      Aaron SilviusAaron Silvius6 dagar sedan
  • Well, at least Pettersson got two goals tonight.

    Slammin' eagle babiesSlammin' eagle babies7 dagar sedan
    • Dubois and Peterson are quite close and I’m a jets fan but Peterson seems more consistent but on the other hand Peterson is tiny Dubois has good size and is fast but I think overall it’s very close

      Shark o ShakShark o Shak5 dagar sedan
    • Loved the commentary on his fancy between the legs goal: "Who else would even try that? Maybe Djokovic."

      Trent ReimerTrent Reimer6 dagar sedan
    • @Karter Rowsom I would have to agree

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
    • @labattlite isn't as good lol, he really isn’t

      Karter RowsomKarter Rowsom7 dagar sedan
    • Dubois Is better. Clutch goal burned brock

      labattlite isn't as goodlabattlite isn't as good7 dagar sedan
  • 3:00 wow shocker look whos doggin it up the middle

    jefjef7 dagar sedan
    • Yikes didnt like seeing that

      Brandon GoetzBrandon Goetz7 dagar sedan
  • WTF was that officiating? Winnipeg got away with alot of missed calls. NHL officiating is as always, inconsistent. But Jets are the better team.

    Don MackieDon Mackie7 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen sadly, I'm in agreement.

      Don MackieDon Mackie7 dagar sedan
    • @Waders27 says no one but you. The Canucks most definitely have many issues with their team, but their schedule up to now has kinda sucked and officiating has been suspect at times. But as stated, I feel Winnipeg is the better squad.

      Don MackieDon Mackie7 dagar sedan
    • Blame the refs again. Apparently, if it wasn't for the refs, Vancouver would be undefeated this season.

      Waders27Waders277 dagar sedan
    • both teams got away with murder again, and the refs tried to help the canucks at the end and gave them a free point, but winnipeg is the better team.

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen7 dagar sedan
    • uh no they weren't Holtby just sucks ass even the announcers said Canucks should had took this one

      Jasjot HayerJasjot Hayer7 dagar sedan
  • PLD shows why the trade was good for the Jets as well. Both GMs earning their $.

    An Evolving ApeAn Evolving Ape7 dagar sedan
    • Paul Maurice said it perfectly. Jackets are getting an elite goal scorer and Jets are getting an elite point scorer.

      Darrion RobertsDarrion Roberts4 dagar sedan
    • @TRU Winnipegjets doesn't bother me at all actually. And I have no hate on for the jets but due to my job I have to be honest about what I see. Call a spade a spade all the time. I like the thrashers to be honest. I wish them all the best. But one thing I can't do is lie about things and run blinders. Its all good my friend be biased love your team. I respect that. But you also should and do not have to respect my opinion for being truthful. I wish your jets all the best and maybe they could make it out of the Canadian division in the playoffs. Realistically probably not.

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
    • @Hockeyiqover9000 Lol Jets fans dont depend on a single player to produce goals hockey is a team sport, multiple players on the Jets can. You sound like a Jets hater commenting everywhere I have. Ha I know it bothers you alot seeing them do well but my god move along already.

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets6 dagar sedan
    • @TRU Winnipegjets we shall see. I have my doubts pld is not gonna ever achieve what laine will. But the second piece coming through for Columbus is a bonus. Just saying right now I would still give the win to the jackets. I am a fan of neither team so my opinion contains no bias, and you being a jets fan of course your going to think you won. It's just reality.

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
    • @Hockeyiqover9000 Nah Dubois wont quit on a newer better team then the Jackets as much as you'd wanna see it, Also does it look like we've been missing Laine? Jets are 3rd in the north 11-6-1. Btw Roslovic seems to be outshining Laine with CBJ not really missing "two Pieces" pal. 😂

      TRU WinnipegjetsTRU Winnipegjets6 dagar sedan
  • Jesus christ pettersson has hit a ton of posts/crossbars this season.

    porkwopporkwop7 dagar sedan
    • @adrianjdevries soon postman-in-Pete

      Mulph 77Mulph 777 dagar sedan
    • World record. But soon they go in

      Mulph 77Mulph 777 dagar sedan
    • Even previous seasons. Manages to hit the post more than the actual net somehow.

      Fayad OmarFayad Omar7 dagar sedan
    • Postman Petey

      adrianjdevriesadrianjdevries7 dagar sedan
    • Canucks luck

      Jordan MonahanJordan Monahan7 dagar sedan
  • Holtby is horrible

    Billy CBilly C7 dagar sedan
  • I wonder what the nucks are going to complain about tonight or maybe theyre going to burn down their city 🤔

    Master9Master97 dagar sedan
    • They blew a 2-0 lead this game just like they blew a 2-0 finals lead in 2011 against Boston, then burnt down our city and have been saying it's our year for 50 years now.

      gumbygumby7 dagar sedan
  • Hellebuyck seems to love make things harder than they need to be.

    The Cando RailfanThe Cando Railfan7 dagar sedan
    • The first goal was an unlucky bounce. The puck was bouncing more than a basketball on the second goal. And the third goal was wired by a goal scorer during a 6 on 4. Not sure how he made anything harder.

      Gout BurnellGout Burnell6 dagar sedan
    • Hes a good goalie but nothing special this has been seen season after season. When he's on hes on but when he's off look out.

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
    • Jets are again into taking penatlies late...except it's not the new kids...

      T FT F7 dagar sedan
    • how is the first and last goals his fault lol

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen7 dagar sedan
  • This game was worth the MacEwan bout alone 🥊. The 1 point was just a bonus.

    Kevin TranKevin Tran7 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen Ehh why should he fight? This isnt the 90’s where everyone fought.

      Heavy4thHeavy4th4 dagar sedan
    • @Hockeyiqover9000 its too bad he didnt want any peice of lowry the game before if he wa that tough he should have fought him instead, but since lowry kicked reaves ass last year, i doubt he wants any piece of him

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen6 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen he is a teammate. So the tough guy answers the call.

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
    • @Hockeyiqover9000 hogpussy is not a star though

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen6 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen thats what fighter are for in hockey. They fight the battle for the stars. You truly do not understand the game of hockey. Now go sit down kiddo let the adults talk.

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
  • Go Jets Go !!

    Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2807 dagar sedan
  • Same move McDavid did against the leafs but he ain't gonna get any recognition for that

    canuckglovescanuckgloves7 dagar sedan
    • It wasn't as pretty thats for sure.

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
    • McDavid did it way better

      KaetoKaeto7 dagar sedan
    • Right?!

      Ian JohnsonIan Johnson7 dagar sedan
  • PLD YOUR TIME HAS COME! Third game in Winnipeg and he gets 3 points to make up for the first two games!

    Nolan Hockey PodcastNolan Hockey Podcast7 dagar sedan

    Bender Bending RodríguezBender Bending Rodríguez7 dagar sedan
    • @A_username Nice comeback with nothing to actually add. That's the response of someone that actually has literally no hockey knowledge. Leafs fan level Iq

      Nic GarscumNic Garscum6 dagar sedan
    • @Nic Garscum You obviously dont have much hockey knowledge

      A_usernameA_username6 dagar sedan
    • @Nic Garscum I don’t think you know what the trade was for

      Coolnezz 09Coolnezz 097 dagar sedan
    • @Nic Garscum that wasnt the point, we wouldve gotten nothing if we didnt trade Laine. He wouldve left and PLD was the best we can get back for losing Laine

      SwooshツSwooshツ7 dagar sedan
    • @Nic Garscum for sure we lost the value but something tells me in the long run columbus will be empty handed when all is said and done

      El DudearinoEl Dudearino7 dagar sedan
  • Brutal game by boeser. N tanev > Schmidt

    Don AtelloDon Atello7 dagar sedan
  • I hope holbty get traded during the deadline

    G SinghG Singh7 dagar sedan
    • @Jairo Barrios no way Seattle takes him with how dogwater he's been this year

      Robert WallingtonRobert Wallington7 dagar sedan
    • if i'm a Canucks fan, i'm hating life having to stomach Markstrom/Tanev>>>>>Holtby/Schmidt

      A. Scott DoughertyA. Scott Dougherty7 dagar sedan
    • He'll end up in seattle

      Jairo BarriosJairo Barrios7 dagar sedan
    • Nobody will trade for him. He has negative value.

      Jesusarus RexJesusarus Rex7 dagar sedan
  • Congrats dubby. But can we all take a minute to just think why Jack roslovic is playing so good rn. Like he couldn't do any of that stuff in winnipeg and all of a sudden he's like the blue jackets equivalent to mcjesus

    canuckglovescanuckgloves7 dagar sedan
    • @Hockeyiqover9000 PLD is a first line center, was in Columbus and would be for a lot of other teams. He ain't taking Scheifeles spot but he'll have good wingers on his line.

      Darrion RobertsDarrion Roberts4 dagar sedan
    • Couldn't have said it better. No one's taking Scheifs spot and rosy just didn't really do well on the 2nd line when little got hurt. Playing in his hometown must be a big boost for him.

      Darrion RobertsDarrion Roberts4 dagar sedan
    • @Guy Major i would disagree with the jets being that deep. Lots of 2nds and 3rds no 1sts and trading a 1st line winger and a 2nd line center for a 2nd line center and a 3rd rounder is a straight loss. Although if the 3rd was a 1st pick the deal.would have been fair.

      Hockeyiqover9000Hockeyiqover90006 dagar sedan
    • He’s getting top line minutes Winnipeg is so deep up the middle!

      Guy MajorGuy Major7 dagar sedan
    • It’s not too hard to analyze. He’s streaky. He was the 1st star of the week in the NHL at one point and disappeared right after

      tyguyrockstyguyrocks7 dagar sedan
  • Hmm the moody Frenchman finally did a thing

    GrfGrf7 dagar sedan
    • @Winnipegjets 280 "I mean they traded one moody malcontent for another just good to see that Winnipeg’s is actually producing", is the actual quote from what I said. I don't know if basic reading comprehension and or copy and pasting is above your skill level but I thought I'd help you out.

      GrfGrf6 dagar sedan
    • @Grf "Good to see winnipeg producing" lol pretty sure they've been doing just fine lately.

      Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2807 dagar sedan
    • @Winnipegjets 280 I mean they traded one moody malcontent for another just good to see that Winnipeg’s is actually producing.

      GrfGrf7 dagar sedan
    • Lol your just salty because he got 2 Goals and 1 assist and this is only his 2nd game in Winnipeg 1st at 100% health and he’s producing 😂😂

      Gradtzky88Gradtzky887 dagar sedan
    • Lol 2 goals in 3rd game for PLD, meanwhile Laine 9 games only 4 goals.

      Winnipegjets 280Winnipegjets 2807 dagar sedan
  • Vanloser

    Nic GarscumNic Garscum7 dagar sedan
    • Vancouver "51 years no cup but this is our year, every year is our year" Canucks

      gumbygumby7 dagar sedan
    • Vancooter Cafucks

      KingMastodonKingMastodon7 dagar sedan
    • It’s casucks thank you very much

      Jameson 123Jameson 1237 dagar sedan
  • These aren’t the same canucks that were in the playoffs last year

    • @Seamus O'Leary you dont understand why jets fans hate the canucks cuz when we had no team we had to watch our moos plyaers taken by the canucks when they were the farm team, we knew what palyers were going to be great befor you guys even knew who they were, for instance, bieska, Showing results for dead manitoba moose players Search instead for dead manitoba moos players Luc Bourdon , mark rypien, kesler , burrows, list is endless. Im only harping on the canucks fans (not you) that dont know your own teams history and the canucks will be a good team again but some of your fans just dont get the old rivalry if you are even old enough to remember the 80s. thats where the hate comes in :)

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen6 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen : you may be right... as a Canuck fan I'm disappointed again, and it's worse than past years because for several years they were rebuilding and this is 'the rebuild'... but I also think they are under performing this year, and for some reason they just do poorly against other Canadian based teams... but I also sense a bit of 'hate' for the team on your part, which is not quite objective.

      Seamus O'LearySeamus O'Leary6 dagar sedan
    • @Seamus O'Leary every team gets lucky once in a while but the jets are 2-1 vs the casucks, even toronto lost to the lames today, upsets do happen. and the casucks beating anyone this year is a major upset. doesnt take away from the quality of their opponents though everyone just overlooks the canucks and takes it easy on them. Nothing mroe.

      Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen6 dagar sedan
    • @Ryan Friesen They may not be a good team, but they've split their games with the Jets so far this season... so I guess the Jets aren't that good either.

      Seamus O'LearySeamus O'Leary6 dagar sedan
    • @10 - 3 nah you’re just a loser with no life hating on mcdavids career for no reason You have nothing better to do I feel bad for people like you