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Dark Den Two:
Complete Tarantula guide video:
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Intro and outro song:
monocentropus balfouri
communal enclosure

  • the woods is an english expression for a small forest, so technically no need for correction; other than the lack of the pluralisation, but its very common for slavic people whom speak english to not utilise plurals correctly; and in all honesty man, Id watch you if you spoke straight croatian, you're an utter legend with a character of gold mate

    Comrade GalvusComrade Galvus4 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful enclosure

    Marina D'haeneMarina D'haene13 dagar sedan
  • Plsss let me know what's that thingy under the enclosure. The anti scratch and crack thing.

    Mr. EverythingMr. Everything15 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love the design of your enclosures !! So awesome !

    toni cantleytoni cantleyMånad sedan
  • Wow that's so amazing

    Scorpion Kill4zScorpion Kill4z2 månader sedan
  • Can i get one pcs of m.balf 😊🙏 so beautiful tarantula

    Arden BonArden Bon2 månader sedan
  • 8 is a good number of arachnids

    Max ClipsMax Clips2 månader sedan
  • I died at 18:27 when he said "let me handle this situation in peace"!

    Adam AAdam A2 månader sedan
  • 10:15 "Reminds me of something but I can't remember what exactly... " 10:28 Yeah, thanks...

    Anthony AllenAnthony Allen2 månader sedan
  • Super video samo tao nastavi

    Dan RovisDan Rovis2 månader sedan
  • Those little things you outnumber the glass panels are called felt

    Zac FensinZac Fensin3 månader sedan
    • In english*

      Zac FensinZac Fensin3 månader sedan
  • Furniture sliders . But yeah its whatever you wanna call it when your not using it as it's purpose so yeah you got it bro

    jdubbfam37jdubbfam373 månader sedan
  • I didn’t know tarantulas could be obese

    Thugnificent JThugnificent J3 månader sedan
  • since they live communally do they ever fight or kill each other?

    Amber pAmber p3 månader sedan
  • I came accesos your Chanel randomly, watching videos. And I subscribed!! I don’t even have an interest for spiders, but watching your animals and the way you talk about your pets so genuinely, you can just tell you love all of them and actually have a passion. I love watching your videos for fun!! Keep it up!! You earned a random subscriber because of your genuine passion!!!

    Saulo Galicia-JuarezSaulo Galicia-Juarez3 månader sedan
  • Miss Fettie :))

    Robert FierceRobert Fierce3 månader sedan
  • Is there another balfouri video?

    Ellis BackEllis Back4 månader sedan
  • Can u make me an enclosure

    Dennis Lopez-vegaDennis Lopez-vega4 månader sedan
  • Is There a video of the result of the webing

    Noah VandroogenbroeckNoah Vandroogenbroeck4 månader sedan
  • did you make a timelapse of them webbing their new enclosure?

    Lilly VDLilly VD4 månader sedan
  • Acracophobians seeing spooder: *disgusting ugly mean scary creature* Acracophiles seeing spooder: *cute Lil boi who's a good boi you are*

    《 J u p i t i e r 》《 J u p i t i e r 》4 månader sedan
  • I haven't got any pet T's at the moment, but ever since I found this channel I say "bolty, bolty!" In your accent whenever a spider/centipede goes skittering by.

    Dan KaufmanDan Kaufman4 månader sedan
  • Is there an update video on the webs they built? New to the channel

    Shana DarbyShana Darby5 månader sedan
  • Seeing the community together with all the webs is like a horror movie or game. It's honestly really cool to see.

    Adam RodgersAdam Rodgers5 månader sedan
  • 1:06 the king of diy in the background. Nice!

    IamTx PhysicxIamTx Physicx5 månader sedan
  • hey bro it's alright i'm from Brazil and i don't understand what you say what you call that kind of coconut tree that you put in arboricola terrariums and how you do it for lighting like you said i'm from Brazil

    Animal Fishing BRAnimal Fishing BR5 månader sedan
  • Hi sir any updates on the balfouri communal :)

    Nezuko CortezNezuko Cortez5 månader sedan
  • Mom: what are you doing in there? me: 10:12

    bad voicebad voice5 månader sedan

    Mr Stupid Idiot FriendsMr Stupid Idiot Friends6 månader sedan
  • "Despacito what the hell!?" is forever engraved into my memory.

    The MaskmakerThe Maskmaker6 månader sedan
  • ... no boltili just walkiki .. aaah bastard ! Miss Faty sooo much love in the Dark Dens place .... body shaming and bullying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and a camera addicted Despasito...!! I love your chanel ! Always so funny! 😂😂🕷🦎🦎🕷🕸

    LilithvonDarkLilithvonDark6 månader sedan
  • Despasito needs a camera ! Give him a camera! @Dark Den damn it! He wants to make a vlog....🦎🦎🦎!!!!! On his own SEworld ... poor Despasito nobody understands him :(

    LilithvonDarkLilithvonDark6 månader sedan
  • 10:29 min cowshit drop XD lmao

    bitey_critters_ TMbitey_critters_ TM6 månader sedan
  • The things you put on the bottom in English are called felt pads.

    Idaho RC guyIdaho RC guy7 månader sedan
  • In this episooooode: Balfouri new home! Despacito noisy! Find the hidden roach!

    FernFern7 månader sedan
  • @dark den petko the males will live for 3-4 years so you have one or 2 years left with them

    DarkPrince19941DarkPrince199417 månader sedan
  • wish he never had learned the word goddam

    Roy ShirkeyRoy Shirkey7 månader sedan
  • Any update of this... Iam very excited of this sp one of my fav hehe

    Dario T Boligao JrDario T Boligao Jr7 månader sedan
  • What happened to this communal???

    A's PetsA's Pets7 månader sedan
  • 2 brothers and 2 sisters

    Gillian DayGillian Day7 månader sedan
  • Hi, you dont touch them because they would bite? How long will they live together? thank you

    TenfdyTenfdy7 månader sedan
  • Cant get over how you he said bastard, never seen a man so mad at a spider

    Mr. NecroMancerMr. NecroMancer7 månader sedan
  • felt pads

    TheAustin9110TheAustin91107 månader sedan
  • Anyone else getting goosebumps at 3:25

    ZumslZumsl7 månader sedan
  • If one of those holes weren't capped you could use the foolproof method to drop them in. Just need a way to seal it later.

    Random UserRandom User8 månader sedan
  • Those first spiders remind me of silver back apes.

    Random UserRandom User8 månader sedan
  • This was so awesome. So cool that that enclosure...

    cbr 900 rr becbr 900 rr be8 månader sedan
  • Beautiful 🥰🥰🥰

    DDbrasterDDbraster8 månader sedan
  • No air on that enclo?

    Nhadz ObilleNhadz Obille8 månader sedan
    • The lid has ventilators

      Q2Q28 månader sedan
  • for future reference " I found it in the wood" is proper english, just using the term wood is a bit more old school of a term for forrest

    YackYack8 månader sedan
  • Oh man are a pistol. Love when you told Despacito to stop making noise and eat his vegetables. Maybe he wanted to get into some camera action too. Perhaps he wanted some publicity to try out for the next Jurasic Park movie

    Randall HipsRandall Hips8 månader sedan
  • how does communals work? never knew you could do that. is it only for babies then adults you split them up?

    DreamScapeDreamScape8 månader sedan
  • question: isn't it dangerous for them to fall from such heights?

    3Clod3Clod8 månader sedan
  • At 0:54 a cup ???

    Johnny ShoresJohnny Shores8 månader sedan
  • So are all of these spiders venomous?

    junkjousterjunkjouster8 månader sedan
    • Most tarantulas are venomous, but their venom isnt very potent

      Q2Q28 månader sedan
  • When you're standing behind a horse. 10:27

    Kawame WilliamsKawame Williams9 månader sedan
  • This dudes personality and accent cracks me up. Great job bro.

    The GoochThe Gooch9 månader sedan
  • Can we get a balfouri webbing time lapse?

    PredatorXPredatorX9 månader sedan
    • Oop spoke too soon 😅 sorry man love you

      PredatorXPredatorX9 månader sedan
  • i love u!

    gutter sludgegutter sludge9 månader sedan
  • 14:18

    Secretary BirdSecretary Bird9 månader sedan
  • Your collection is amazing and neat. 10 outta 10

    KorthosKorthos9 månader sedan
  • sir update

    Notice me SenpaiNotice me Senpai10 månader sedan
  • 14:18 me when my avicularia avicularia bolted from my arm onto my back 😂

    kay kruegskay kruegs10 månader sedan
  • Dark where are you from

    Rayinator 06Rayinator 0610 månader sedan
    • Croatia

      Q2Q28 månader sedan
  • Why do you dont touch the balfouri? Are they like Really damgerous becaus i have one and mine never bite me

    PYROXPYROX10 månader sedan
  • no bolty bolty just walky walky

    todaXPTOtodaXPTO10 månader sedan
  • This was crazy!! I only have one of these specimens, really enjoyed watching their behavior and the creation of this huge enclosure! Thanks so much for sharing!! 🤩

    TheGrowlingAraknid c:TheGrowlingAraknid c:10 månader sedan
  • This video was chaos and i loved it

    Paige HodgkissPaige Hodgkiss10 månader sedan
  • Anxiety intensifies, thought the glass would break. I think hinged top door would work better on this one, or slide rail, because how big both the brood and enclosure are. You can see how difficult it is to keep track of all of them and record. Also, how are they to crawl on glass; I thought their claws can't grip??

    Amauri HerreraAmauri Herrera10 månader sedan
  • Good video,& very informative.How B.I.G. is the glass Encloscer?And how thick is the glass u used?

    T & T Exotic Animal’sT & T Exotic Animal’s11 månader sedan
  • "No bolti bolti, just walki walki" 😂😂

    Rain 16Rain 1611 månader sedan
  • This videos are so amazing. I am learning so much from them 😊

    john sickjohn sick11 månader sedan
  • i was so hoping to see the time lapse video

    eric.highkeyeric.highkey11 månader sedan
  • I knew u were a "slav", just couldnt put my finger on which country ur from

    IvrukoIvruko11 månader sedan
  • I know its s bit late. But those little pads you put under the tank are called Felt pads.

    semisolidbman22semisolidbman2211 månader sedan
  • I wished you would bead your edges....

    TheLinkoln18TheLinkoln1811 månader sedan
  • I can't wait were web new home. I show feel that my favourite spider

    Graham highland chieftain 43 hstGraham highland chieftain 43 hst11 månader sedan
  • 2:15 "I can't go out with her she's basically like my sister!"

    403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN11 månader sedan
  • 16:28 You can't call a girl "Miss Fatty" and expect her not to be pissy 😆

    Slish TheUnwantedSlish TheUnwanted11 månader sedan
  • You're a pretty funny guy! Good to see even a 'professional' scares sometimes😂👌🏻 Video was really entertaining Me.

    Der_Fuchs_ 9140Der_Fuchs_ 914011 månader sedan
  • I love your honesty about things and love the shout out to the tarantula collective with the shirt!

    Mr HouseMr House11 månader sedan
  • monocentropus balfouri is definitely one of my dream species to keep

    Isaac KyleIsaac Kyle11 månader sedan

    MustardMeatMustardMeatÅr sedan
  • That log/wood is amazing

    Ghetto AquaticsGhetto AquaticsÅr sedan
  • thank you for helping me over come my fear of these fasinating creatures

    Jamie MacDonaldJamie MacDonaldÅr sedan
  • I was so nervous watching you move them to their new home! Haha but it does look nice. Do make a video when they web their new home 😃

    Bea WeeBea WeeÅr sedan
  • "No bolty bolty" 😂😂😂. This guy is awsome. The care for the spiders is amazing.

    Turtle9013Turtle9013År sedan
  • I still don't get why when he first did decpacitos enclosure people were complaining about him using clay

    The Graveyard ShiftThe Graveyard ShiftÅr sedan
  • Really nice enclosure 🙂it will look good in the middle of the room

    mr whitehammermr whitehammerÅr sedan
  • i am truly speechless.. there are species that can be kept together at all times? are there more?

    TheCalcarAvisTheCalcarAvisÅr sedan
  • Furniture pads :)

    chris jchris jÅr sedan
  • Hey so I'm looking to get a tarantula but I want it to be a old world tarantula do you know of any old world tarantulas that's good for beginners?

    Derrick ValentineDerrick ValentineÅr sedan
  • It will be a great enclosure for metallica's

    Rajiv LazuardyRajiv LazuardyÅr sedan
  • Why do you keep tarantulas but ate scared to handle them? Are they poisonous

    yamaha race crewyamaha race crewÅr sedan
  • The dark den have a camera. What is the model him camera ?

    MySpidersPLMySpidersPLÅr sedan
  • Do pink toe tarantula need a heat source??

    Area 310Area 310År sedan
  • 14:17 bAsTaRd 🤣🤣

    cailin.felicecailin.feliceÅr sedan
  • hahahaha boys will be boys

    based lordbased lordÅr sedan
  • Well. Boys will be boys. lol

    Christian LamesChristian LamesÅr sedan
  • Bottom things are felt pads.

    L MalkinL MalkinÅr sedan