AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Audio)

6 okt 2020
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  • Play this at 1.5x speed. Thank me later.

    Beto MoralesBeto Morales4 timmar sedan
  • Thanks for saving 2020 AC/DC

    master lightmaster light4 timmar sedan
  • Can this be on the radio

    master lightmaster light4 timmar sedan
  • The best band to ever exist. Nice to see the back

    Colby SteffensColby Steffens5 timmar sedan
  • Incombustibles!

    tintowenotintoweno5 timmar sedan
  • after the loss of Eddie this was a much needed shot of positivity!! Glad your still here guys.

    The Power Source Radio ShowThe Power Source Radio Show5 timmar sedan
  • Rock this shit🥵⚡️

    Vlogs by ImkeVlogs by Imke5 timmar sedan
  • Hell yeah....all the things recovered sense....thank you Lord.

    Anibal ReyAnibal Rey6 timmar sedan
  • Long live rock & roll!!

    flathead catfishflathead catfish6 timmar sedan
  • I mean how can people dislike this? It's the best thing to come out of 2020!

    Michael LawsMichael Laws6 timmar sedan
  • AC⚡️DC is the greatest rock n’ roll band! 🤘🔥⚡️🎸

    Jose7683Jose76836 timmar sedan
  • Me: 2020 is the worst year. 2020: Perhaps you need AC/DC in this trying time HELL YUP

    doire aintudoire aintu6 timmar sedan
  • just what i needed, something new from AC/DC, thanks!🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈✨✨✨

    Henrik OutdoorsHenrik Outdoors6 timmar sedan

    RnbRhythmicalRnbRhythmical6 timmar sedan
  • Didn't get enough of Rock n' Roll Train or Anything Goes from Black Ice? Here it is again. ;)

    Sparky McFarlaneSparky McFarlane7 timmar sedan
    • Как-то звучит по Cinderella-вски. Но, все равно красавцы!

      doire aintudoire aintu6 timmar sedan
  • This is AC DC 🎸

    Agent_ CatAgent_ Cat7 timmar sedan
  • Imagine Being 34 and AC¡DC rips out a new song during a global pandemic that dance and hip hop radio stations are playing and when you show you dad he just smiles and rocks out!!! This is awesome!

    Ryan BrewerRyan Brewer7 timmar sedan

    Antal SzabóAntal Szabó7 timmar sedan
  • Şu rifflere bir bak. Mükemmel.

    Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud7 timmar sedan
  • 🎶 Out on the street, I'm stalking... 🎶 Oh wait, wrong one lol

    The last Gamer on the leftThe last Gamer on the left7 timmar sedan
  • el 2020 no es tan malo

    gatoverde grisgatoverde gris7 timmar sedan
  • Rock and roll train))))))))

    Дмитрий СуворовДмитрий Суворов7 timmar sedan
  • so people keep saying that their records all sound the same, I don't give a damn, they are fucking ac / dc, rock and roll forever my friends

    Jeison JimenezJeison Jimenez7 timmar sedan
  • Let there be Rock! I'm a Rocker! CH Oliver

    Oliver RechsteinerOliver Rechsteiner8 timmar sedan
  • Yeaahhh baby ! I'll be back 🤟🏻😎

  • Always as similar, but always as good!!! (We love AC/DC)

    Antoine-Arthur BretonAntoine-Arthur Breton8 timmar sedan
  • 🤟

    juan carlos carroza babianojuan carlos carroza babiano8 timmar sedan
  • El sonido genuino... GENIAL!!!.

    juan carlos carroza babianojuan carlos carroza babiano8 timmar sedan
  • Thank you so much for coming back with Brian. Long Live Malcolm Long live AC/DC and long live Rock and Roll

    Jordan BuckJordan Buck8 timmar sedan
  • Как-то звучит по Cinderella-вски. Но, все равно красавцы!

    VAVVAV8 timmar sedan
  • ce morceau c'est une tuerie je le dit encore ca fait du bien au mirettes ....

    bluesman468bluesman4688 timmar sedan
  • Прикол

    Руслан ДмитриевРуслан Дмитриев8 timmar sedan
  • Great song. Not so great video 😉

    Helge ErssonHelge Ersson9 timmar sedan
  • What an hommage to Malcolm ! Well done boys ! For those about to rock !

    Johan StaelensJohan Staelens9 timmar sedan
  • I'm really appreciating the bands new found enthusiasm for producing thrilling sounding rock music.

    Randy PullmanRandy Pullman9 timmar sedan
  • Makes me sad, this could have been a great opening song for a new season of Supernatural.

    T-800T-8009 timmar sedan
  • With AC/DC 2020 is a walk in the park

    T-800T-8009 timmar sedan
  • omg acdc is back omg!!!!!!

    NIKOLAS YTNIKOLAS YT9 timmar sedan
  • See this song in Stranger things 4🤩😍😁

    MIRKOMIRKO10 timmar sedan
  • it's like see the god´s come back to the olympus

    Elias Alfonso Romero QuirozElias Alfonso Romero Quiroz10 timmar sedan
  • lol its rock n roll train plus back in black thez ran out of ideas which is unerstandable considering that they are in years

    Aleksa MirkovicAleksa Mirkovic10 timmar sedan
  • Imprecionante,buenísimo!!!😎🤘🤘🤘 desde Córdoba, Argentina.

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia13 timmar sedan
  • I just cried because I love them so much. 🙈🙈🙈❤️ Angus you rock the world Thankyou for all your contributions to music. Live long my friend. 🤘🏻best band to have ever lived. Long live bon Scott’s memory. 🙏🏻✌🏻

    Marshal EMarshal E13 timmar sedan
  • Never expected till now I couldn't believe my eyes and ear 😁 I came searching for copper I found gold❤️🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Nangpynkhraw KharmalkiNangpynkhraw Kharmalki13 timmar sedan
  • Nothin we haven't heard yet from them... 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Sebastian StockSebastian Stock13 timmar sedan
    • yeah, i was really hoping they'd make a rock opera this time....get real.

      Jesse HorvathJesse Horvath13 timmar sedan
  • Yep. Sounds like AC/DC.

    Greg TroyanGreg Troyan13 timmar sedan
  • Phil drummer ever you know when it’s him drumming.

    G TG T13 timmar sedan
  • AC/DC are to me known to be Rock & Roll Liberations of Music, Can Anybody agree with that .

    vincent nevelsvincent nevels13 timmar sedan
  • super

    peter gadaspeter gadas13 timmar sedan
  • Let's Get it Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice tune.

    Fred EscherFred Escher14 timmar sedan
  • good song, sounds like every one of their songs

    thedecthedec14 timmar sedan
  • Definitivamente más de lo mismo, en mi opinión un grupo sobrevalorado.

    MSHOESMSHOES14 timmar sedan
    • Más de lo mismo por suerte para sus fans. Un tema inédito dentro del marco de un estilo que sólo le pertenece a AC/DC. El que busque sonidos diferentes definitivamente tiene que escuchar otras bandas

      R. MotorHeavyR. MotorHeavy9 timmar sedan

    pedro 0000089pedro 000008914 timmar sedan
  • I need a pick me up, a Rollin' Thunder truck I need a shot of you That tattooed lady wild like a mountain lion I got a hunger, that’s the lovin' truth You got a long night comin' And a long night pumpin’ You got the right position The heat of transmission A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark all through the whole night A shot in the dark yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah Blasting on the radio, breaking on the TV show Send it out on all the wires And if I didn't know any better, your mission is to party Till the broad daylight You got a long night comin' And a long night goin' You got the right position The heat of transmission A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark all through the whole night A shot in the dark, yeah, elеctric spark A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yеah My mission is to hit ignition A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark all through the whole night A shot in the dark, yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah A shot in the dark, ooh, a shot in the dark A shot in the dark, a shot in the dark A shot in the dark make it feel alright A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park

    Angel VigoAngel Vigo14 timmar sedan
  • AC/DC are back

    Mitch BoyceMitch Boyce14 timmar sedan
  • AC/DC for ever !!!

    Max PILOUMax PILOU14 timmar sedan

    Ignacio Tapia LopezIgnacio Tapia Lopez14 timmar sedan
  • My neighbour's are going to love this! I can hear them joining in already banging on the walls to the rock!

    D CURTISD CURTIS15 timmar sedan
  • Yes there is potential. It rocks. i predict a great career.....😉😉😉 LOVE YOU ALL

    stefan bonzeliusstefan bonzelius15 timmar sedan
  • laaaaa mejorrrrr bannndaaa de laaa historiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    jaime tovarjaime tovar16 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for bringing Brian Johnson and his vocals back..... Sounds like the good old days.

    Barry GerenskiBarry Gerenski16 timmar sedan
  • Dunno about this.. Dont get me wrong, I am huge fan of ACDC, and this classic acdc sound, but nothing more. Feels kinda dissapointing. Rock or Bust had at least 2 or 3 catchy good songs, i hope this album will too. But its not the Shot in the Dark. Malcolms absence makes ACDC sterile imho.

    razsh bruxmeisterrazsh bruxmeister16 timmar sedan
  • I want more its time to shake the foundations

    Jamon HartzerJamon Hartzer16 timmar sedan
  • awesome song acdc is one hell of a rock n roll band rest in peace malcolm and bon scott its great to see brain back in the band

    michael ingrammichael ingram16 timmar sedan
  • Sure it sounds like AC/DC, but... It might be just me, but I feel like it's not as great. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad, but sounds quite decent. Hope the rest of the album will shock me more. Still, one of the better NEWS of 2020 that we all need.

    Piotr WestPiotr West17 timmar sedan
  • All of a sudden 2020 just started to get better 😊👍👏🎸⚡🎸

    Stephen GreenStephen Green17 timmar sedan
  • Tune 🙂

    Tony Earnshaw1Tony Earnshaw117 timmar sedan
  • oh my god ! Idol Come Back ⚡⚡⚡⚡ ACDC Never Die

    Peter SemlerPeter Semler17 timmar sedan
  • Radio 2's Record of the Week! :D

    TR1PLE_6TR1PLE_617 timmar sedan
    • Great

      Leonardo CaprisiLeonardo Caprisi10 timmar sedan
    • Great

      Leonardo CaprisiLeonardo Caprisi10 timmar sedan
  • Satan bless ACDC.

    AnsemAnsem17 timmar sedan
  • I want this type of AC DC lights in my house

    Manish TakManish Tak19 timmar sedan
  • Come to New Zealand... Covid free. Play to a full house 🥳🥳🥳🥳 we have the venues and the crowds that are able to come along. Then you have entry to Aus without quarantine. WELCOME TO PARADISE!

    Tania CTania C19 timmar sedan
  • ACDC back to save the world 🌎

    Mf421Mf42119 timmar sedan
  • This song reminds me of Stiff Upper Lip with a sprinkle of Ball Breaker

    NagatoNagato20 timmar sedan
  • astrein

    Friedrich GriepentrogFriedrich Griepentrog20 timmar sedan
  • God is good he always provides!.... ACDC

    Paul LoubserPaul Loubser21 timme sedan
  • know it brother.

    Tim OneillTim Oneill21 timme sedan
  • Is this new AC/DC rock??

    Not WorthyNot Worthy22 timmar sedan
    • Sure is

      666mathew666mathew21 timme sedan
  • 2020 ยังฟังอยุ่

    วิสิทธิ์ นึกชอบวิสิทธิ์ นึกชอบ22 timmar sedan
  • AC/Dc forever! LONG LIVE ROCKN' ROLL!!!!!!!

    Shua MyronShua Myron22 timmar sedan
  • Très bonnes chansons eugene lagace

    eugene lagaceeugene lagace22 timmar sedan

    John G. FrittingJohn G. Fritting23 timmar sedan
  • The biblical sound of one of the greates Rock and roll band ever and this song is not an exception...Hail AC⚡DC

    Jose Luis PlazaJose Luis Plaza23 timmar sedan
  • 1980 "Hells Bells": Brian Johnson rocks!! 2020 "Shot in the Dark" : Brian Johnson still rocks!!!!

    opzz xsinopzz xsin23 timmar sedan
  • This tune flows perfectly and just flat out rocks - true to form. Met Cliff at NAMM - had to thank him for all the solid bass he does for us. Never muddy - always tight with that Fender P-bass and Ampeg.

    Tim LouisTim Louis23 timmar sedan
  • Thank GOD for AC /DC !! Great tune

    Eclipse Solar 83Eclipse Solar 8323 timmar sedan
  • AC/DC is not Deceased but ACing again!

    Wheeler DreamerWheeler DreamerDag sedan
    • Welcome back, fellas!

      opzz xsinopzz xsin23 timmar sedan
  • Thank you Lord Jesus

    Brooks DurdenBrooks DurdenDag sedan
  • They need a love button ;)

    Diane BDiane BDag sedan
  • ACDC's awesome...but seriously, EVERY song they've ever written sounds exactly the same.

    william johnsonwilliam johnsonDag sedan
    • @Jayden Calderis I hear ya. They're awesome. Better than 99% of modern bands.

      william johnsonwilliam johnson10 timmar sedan
    • not really. they sound similar, but not the same. its a good thing!! theyre reliable!! theyre staying true to their sound

      Jayden CalderisJayden CalderisDag sedan
  • There Back!!!

    Crazy CousinKACrazy CousinKADag sedan
  • AC/DC for the super bowl PLEASEEEE!!!!!

    Jorge MoralesJorge MoralesDag sedan
  • 🥁🎸🎼🎤

    Isaiah557_zyxdzn vaafusuagaIsaiah557_zyxdzn vaafusuagaDag sedan
  • The kick in your ass CORTOBAR BLOG

    Pablo Pol RodriguezPablo Pol RodriguezDag sedan
  • The magic is back too in the ---> CORTOBAR BLOG

    Pablo Pol RodriguezPablo Pol RodriguezDag sedan
  • Me: 2020 is the worst year. 2020: Perhaps you need AC/DC in this trying time *HELL YUP*

    exaumexaumDag sedan
  • The only good news of 2020!!!! AC DC NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!

    Martin Leonardo SuarezMartin Leonardo SuarezDag sedan
  • AC🔔DC BRASIL 🤘🤘🤘

    alexandre 01alexandre 01Dag sedan
  • everyone: 2020 sucks AC/DC:hold my beer and watch this 💪

    Buster SpinksBuster SpinksDag sedan
  • They're back in BLACK

    ItsNinjaKingItsNinjaKingDag sedan