Open Mat: UFC 257 Poirier v McGregor Full Fight Breakdown

10 jan 2021
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Full analysis and breakdown of Conor McGregor's rematch against Dustin Poirier that takes place at #UFC257 on Fight Island on January 23rd.
Dan Hardy, Adam Catterall, and Nick Peet discuss the tactics needed by both fighters as well as how they have developed since their first fight.
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  • 14:50 Hardy breakdown

    Doc RockDoc Rock7 timmar sedan
  • “Conor has only had 40 seconds in the octagon in 4-5 years since Eddie Alvarez” Even the fat pundit on the right has forgotten Khabib choked him and made him tap, he’s deffo is as romantic as he says . . .

    Ace PetersAce Peters8 timmar sedan
  • Imagine a UFC where rankings were based on points gained and the number fights fought

    The_man_from_del_monteThe_man_from_del_monte20 timmar sedan
  • Leaving one thing out...Conor’s likely, in the first minute or so, to attempt some tricky move to injure Poirier...what will it be?

    GrapeGrape21 timme sedan
  • connor is only coming back because khabib is retired lol

    Mr BeanzMr BeanzDag sedan
  • Half of Con-er's KOs come by way of him hitting the back of his opponents' heads as he tried to do against Khabib but failed even though he hit him on the back of his head...strange alot of these analysts and experts never observe this.

    Wilhelm HesseWilhelm HesseDag sedan
  • Great content guys. Very entertaining. Peace fronm Ivory Coast

    Robin WiebckeRobin Wiebcke2 dagar sedan
  • left hand. that is all

    James MillerJames Miller2 dagar sedan
  • Let's go DUSTIN......

    Loly MollyLoly Molly2 dagar sedan
  • The Northern England accent is insufferable!

    thehalokidsterthehalokidster3 dagar sedan
  • Is no one going to mention the fact that BT is making it a PPV. The main reason I got BT is too watch UFC, I’m paying £80 a month and they’re making me pay to watch a card when every other one is free. They always put it on box office when it’s the biggest fighters but never on any other. It’s infuriating.

    JD2006JD20063 dagar sedan
  • Love how these analysts have no idea what’s going on in the UFC 😂

    jhnnykid3 -jhnnykid3 -3 dagar sedan
    • What, Dan literally works for the UFC 🤣🤣🤣

      DawsyBallsDawsyBallsDag sedan
  • 0:48 3 am in the morning huh? As opposed to 3 am in the afternoon?

    Cold TurkeyCold Turkey3 dagar sedan
  • Dan Hardy’s head has gotten fat. Your pointy beard isn’t filling anybody Dan. Lol

    Heretic LifeHeretic Life3 dagar sedan
  • No matter the money, the arena, the fame and adoration, one thing Connor lost, was his soul, its the moment Khabib took it, and it belongs to him, the question is would he trade all of the above back for it... time will tell.

    Freemouse159Freemouse1594 dagar sedan
  • horrible Eastern European sparring partners? why:)

    O PO P4 dagar sedan
  • I Don't See Dustin Losing, Like At All. He Ate Gaethje's Best Shots And It Didn't Faze Him. Gaethje's Power > Conor's.

    King Julian Productions.King Julian Productions.4 dagar sedan
  • Top notch

    Paul MakinPaul Makin4 dagar sedan
  • Hard to imagine this version of Poirier getting knocked out. Dan's analysis is also based on the assumption that McGregor hasn't improved, which is still fairly possible if he's really motivated. Honestly though, Poirier has much more experience than Conor at 155lbs, and Conor isn't as active. I'm going with Poirier, though I want Conor to win because it'd generate so much hype.

    xKeNniiixKeNniii4 dagar sedan
  • Brush they teeth hardy

    Mad TontoMad Tonto4 dagar sedan
  • Conor is the goat!

    Jason LyJason Ly5 dagar sedan
  • Khabib give both of them lifetime lesson!!!

    Ayub KoshaniAyub Koshani5 dagar sedan
  • Khabib make conor mouth like a cat fish

    Mc zidaneMc zidane5 dagar sedan
  • Closed mattress 🛏

    Mackenzie GaultMackenzie Gault5 dagar sedan
  • The only reason why those BT's podcasts are not working as well as the US podcast is the accent. Like cmon man. The dude on the right side is a nightmare for all non english people to understand.

    Slim PopaSlim Popa5 dagar sedan
  • This is a bit of a McGregor circle jerk.

    Oliver GoslingOliver Gosling5 dagar sedan
  • I’m not paying for this fight when better cards have been free on BT

    Elliot Van SertimaElliot Van Sertima5 dagar sedan
  • cowboy just turtled

    wrds wpnswrds wpns5 dagar sedan
  • Some say Dan is still breaking down the fight

    The Poltical OneThe Poltical One5 dagar sedan
  • porier is probably gonna win

    PygmonicusPygmonicus6 dagar sedan
  • Great breakdown 👍🏼😌 all I hear is how good Dustin has gotten since his loss against Conor. But how much better has Conor gotten also? Much better in my opinion 🙈 can’t see Dustin lasting long in there again with Conor especially on how Dustin fights and gets clipped . Looking forward to ufc 257 👍🏼🇮🇪

    Craig FenlonCraig Fenlon6 dagar sedan
  • Poirier only has one problem he is to easy to hit.

    World DiscoveryWorld Discovery6 dagar sedan
  • Good work! Great breakdown! Dan da man!

    justin sanejustin sane6 dagar sedan
  • How many times did he break this fight down? Haha

    M KM K6 dagar sedan
  • Dan. Getting the respect and its well deserved. The other 2 chaps are awesome as well tho!

    Ric FRic F6 dagar sedan
  • Yes! Come on!!!!!

    beau phenobeau pheno6 dagar sedan
  • Yea it's defo a 50/50 This time But what Conor we gonna get Looking forward to this

    RaindeerRaindeer6 dagar sedan
  • Conor will finish the job in 60 seconds

    Benjamin RichardBenjamin Richard6 dagar sedan
  • Dan Hardy is the man 👊

    Ricardo PradoRicardo Prado6 dagar sedan
  • Think Dana means to say "live on illegal streaming sites all around the world" hahahahaha

    thomas burnsthomas burns6 dagar sedan
  • Gotta argue that all that footage of Dustin leg kicking guys not one of them were actually pressuring even max was walking forward slowly but we will see, stylistically Dustin's pretty screwed I will be pleased if he wins he deserves it but just not sure it happens 8/10 times

    thomas burnsthomas burns6 dagar sedan
  • MMA x Left hand fighter....

    Sea2Sea26 dagar sedan
  • Connor became khabib bitsh

    TonyTony6 dagar sedan

    First LastFirst Last6 dagar sedan
  • loved it!!!

    Vanessa D'AmbrosioVanessa D'Ambrosio6 dagar sedan
  • Dan "STOP THE FIGHT" Hardy

    Shoaib ButtShoaib Butt6 dagar sedan
  • where do I get the odd for a darce choke finish?

    Damien DempseyDamien Dempsey6 dagar sedan
  • This video is going to be longer than the upcoming fight. I predict these things!

    TobyToby6 dagar sedan
  • Conor smokes him

    JVCKPOTJVCKPOT6 dagar sedan
  • my god these media jackals - STOP fawning over a felon. good chr ist.

    bob loblawbob loblaw6 dagar sedan
  • That was sick dan hardy.

    Patrick NevinPatrick Nevin6 dagar sedan
  • I'm supporting Dustin and really hope he gets the job done. But, I think Conor will probably win... great counter puncher.

    AdLP640AdLP6406 dagar sedan
  • hardy knows what he’s on about get him on the commentary team i say

    Ben KnowlesBen Knowles6 dagar sedan
  • Top notch as always lads! Dan the forensic Hardy! What a breakdown. Feel like i'd have a chance against Conor with that advice :):):)

    Michael PalmerMichael Palmer7 dagar sedan
  • Dan hardy = most likeable guy ever

    Mbappe 2021Mbappe 20217 dagar sedan
    • Morgan freeman

      KygoDragon4KygoDragon42 dagar sedan
  • Blah blah blah mcgregor blah blah blah connor blah blah blah battered by khabib blah blah blah

    Mohammed SaddiqueMohammed Saddique7 dagar sedan
  • Please how can I get to purchase a ticket for ufc 257 drive in concert on 23rd?

    Jay maryJay mary7 dagar sedan
    • @John Golden OK am doing that now....I have followed and dropped a dm

      Itsdenice fishermanItsdenice fisherman7 dagar sedan
    • Search itsacrypticthinkyeah on IG,I just bought one ticket for holloway vs kattar January16the drive in concert

      John GoldenJohn Golden7 dagar sedan
    • @Itsdenice fisherman I hope I could

      Jay maryJay mary7 dagar sedan
    • I didn't know I could get tickets before 23rd,the d-day

      Itsdenice fishermanItsdenice fisherman7 dagar sedan
    • @John Golden please how can I contact such a person? Am buying them tickets because its meant for my junior brothers.

      Jay maryJay mary7 dagar sedan
  • Smashed it

    Adnan JalilAdnan Jalil7 dagar sedan
  • When does the main event takes place in uk time?

    Lorenzo dal savioLorenzo dal savio7 dagar sedan
  • WoW what an Analysis. Thanks dan 👌

    Kirk PriceKirk Price7 dagar sedan
  • Its so funny that these two guys go so crazy over Dans analysis but this is just who Dan is and always was when he stopped fighting. The man has a really great eye for strategy. Its nothing special its a Dan thing lol

    Susan ApplebySusan Appleby7 dagar sedan
  • No one is interested in this fight... stop the manufactured hype it's a NON STORY! Dustin is washed up and McGregor well he would do better taking on old men in the bar.

    Hammer LaneHammer Lane7 dagar sedan
  • Dan Hardy is the best sports analyst in the world, period.

    Mike LonerganMike Lonergan7 dagar sedan
    • @Mike Lonergan oh ok sorry

      wrds wpnswrds wpns5 dagar sedan
    • @wrds wpns I said analyst, not predictor. Go find me anyone who picks all fights/matches etc correctly

      Mike LonerganMike Lonergan5 dagar sedan
    • he said khabib would lose to mac tapper n justin

      wrds wpnswrds wpns5 dagar sedan
  • I love McGregor as a fighter but the moment he opens his mouth I just cringe 😬

    MotherCityCapeTownMotherCityCapeTown7 dagar sedan
  • A main card scrap at 9am??? Trippy

    SoyBoy69SoyBoy697 dagar sedan
  • Let's wrestle !! Let's wrestle! Let's wrestle!!

    ThePourtoumaniaThePourtoumania7 dagar sedan

    Varo SlemanyVaro Slemany7 dagar sedan
  • Dan Hardy brings so much depth and clarity in understanding the mechanics of MMA. This is PhD level or above!

    Fp23121Fp231217 dagar sedan
  • Excellent analysis as ever cant wait for this fight

    Liam MolloyLiam Molloy7 dagar sedan
  • It's always about mentally ....fck it .. reality is he just smoke him in first time ...dustin was 7 rank at that time.....

    avoo Mavoo M7 dagar sedan
    • @Varo Slemany thanks for correcting

      avoo Mavoo M7 dagar sedan
    • 4 not7

      Varo SlemanyVaro Slemany7 dagar sedan
  • Conor is here only because he wants khabib rematch

    Luyester LuckyLuyester Lucky7 dagar sedan
  • why does everyone think conor has 1 weapon being his left hand he can do alot more and his ground game is underrated

    BrandonBrandon7 dagar sedan
  • Dustin is my boy but Conor via tko. Excited to see them both go at it, much tougher fight then the first for both guys

    MakoMako7 dagar sedan
  • Any Dan Hardy fight breakdown is good content , but this was great stuff , and by far the best at it .;

    raymond sweeneyraymond sweeney7 dagar sedan
  • Matt hardy's third breakdown, 😂

    Geoffrey NoonanGeoffrey Noonan7 dagar sedan
    • The wrestler?

      Dan HardyDan Hardy7 dagar sedan
  • I don't watch any other build up or fight breakdowns than these guys. By far the best out there

    Tom keaneTom keane7 dagar sedan

    David FarrellDavid Farrell7 dagar sedan
  • Round 1 mcgregor KO

    bunsen burnerbunsen burner7 dagar sedan
  • Dan as a fighter is great but as a commentator he's the best ! Love seeing open mat with Dan Hardy

    Danny RosarioDanny Rosario7 dagar sedan
  • Dan hardy clearly struggled with the word "influence"....

    Ben SmithBen Smith7 dagar sedan
  • Nice hearing a northerner .

    Ben SmithBen Smith7 dagar sedan
  • The fight will last shorter than the breakdown

    Si xSi x7 dagar sedan
  • It is cold in AD right now. Very strange weather. It must be super weird fighting at 9am.

    Ricky ForbesRicky Forbes7 dagar sedan
  • Heart is telling me Dustin, Brain is telling me Connor.

    taminem90taminem907 dagar sedan
  • The best breakdown out there

    scottr640scottr6407 dagar sedan
  • Great vid lads can’t wait 👊🏼

    Lor079Lor0797 dagar sedan
  • Dustin better win he deserves it unlike conor

    beastmaster 64beastmaster 647 dagar sedan
  • Great chemistry between these guys and Adam coordinates it all really well but Dan's breakdowns and insights are the cream on the cake. Excellent from BT Sport and other broadcasters could learn a thing or three.

    Rama lufcRama lufc7 dagar sedan
  • I see Dan..I hear “ STOP THE FIGHT!

    DAMPU DULOM vlogDAMPU DULOM vlog7 dagar sedan
  • That’s legit the weirdest radiator I did ever see

    It’s KuboIt’s Kubo7 dagar sedan
  • As long dustin can make his mental tough as khabib mental..he can win OVER mctapper...even by split decisions..

    Gilang RamadhanGilang Ramadhan7 dagar sedan
  • Nick peet is a bellend

    Carl BarnettCarl Barnett7 dagar sedan
  • 24:04 That neck is piece of cake for Oliveira.

    1.41421.41427 dagar sedan
    • Oliveira will beat Conor if that match up ever happens

      Srk SharmaSrk Sharma6 dagar sedan
  • That breakdown got me sooooo pumped

    Michael SmythMichael Smyth7 dagar sedan
  • I have a question for all the experts here: why getting inside of the head of your opponent is so effective?

    1.41421.41427 dagar sedan
    • Because it makes people act emotionally and that leads to a lack of patience and calculation, making is easier to control them and counter. Aldo, for example, was so wound up by the time he got into the Octagon with McGregor, that he did something very uncharacteristic. He charged in and ate a left hand.

      Dan HardyDan Hardy7 dagar sedan
  • Dan hardy is phenomenal.👍🔥👊

    Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson7 dagar sedan
  • Easy fight prediction Conor tko with 2 rounds if Dustin plays the stand up game

    thailand smilethailand smile7 dagar sedan
  • I went forward in time to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict. - Dan the outlaw Hardy

    Worst Episode Ever!Worst Episode Ever!7 dagar sedan
  • This is not a close fight its going to be more easy for Connor than cerrone fight, and that is not because Dustin is not world class fighter he is, but he is made for Connor, for that reason this fight finishes very quick, with not a scratch on Connor and Dustin waking up on the canvas wondering where he is.

    F AF A7 dagar sedan
  • Granted, conor has used CRUSHING mind games ALOT! Im not sure he NEEDS it! Its an added pressure yeah, more so with the heart guys, so maybe it would help with poirier but i honestly dont think its 100% necessary! I could be wrong, he works magic ALOT! P.S. im a romantic too and i dont see a win for conor as "shocking the world"

    Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm JacksonSir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson7 dagar sedan