BRILLIANT Kylian Mbappe! The ESPN FC panel break down his epic goal vs. Bayern | Champions League

7 apr 2021
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Paris Saint-Germain surprised Bayern Munich Wednesday night in the Champions League, leaving Germany with a 3-2 win. Jurgen Klinsmann, Frank Leboeuf and Craig Burley are on the ESPN FC panel to talk THAT goal from Kylian Mbappe, and how the young superstar continues to impress on the biggest stage. They also break down Neymar’s contributions after a tumultuous week for the Brazilian.
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  • Leo Messi is the god of football 😍😍

    Amsenz OfficialAmsenz Official12 dagar sedan
  • These guys are just praising Mbappe because football need new players to use to market as CR7 & Messi time is up. Think about it.. Lewadoski scoring goals every game, his the best striker in the world but his 33 years old his not good for marketing and making the football industry £££€€€$¥$$

    Verse VidzVerse Vidz13 dagar sedan
  • Lewandowski is the best player right now. Messi and CR7 are obviously still top players and have shown consistency

    EdwurrdEdwurrd13 dagar sedan
  • Vinicius and Mount's goals were a 100 times better...

    Sheldin Du PlessisSheldin Du Plessis13 dagar sedan
  • Bayern Munich will beat Psg at Home Paris 1-3 and Bayern will win the Champions League again.

    Chandra ThoudamChandra Thoudam13 dagar sedan
  • You guys at ESPN too Bias . How you acting like Neymar didn’t play ?

    Alexander JacobAlexander Jacob13 dagar sedan
  • As usual, Craig shows that he doesn't have a clue about PSG. Anyone who highlights that Bayern didn't have Lewandowski and forgets that PSG played without Verratti, Paredes, Florenzi, Icardi, Kean (for all intents and purposes) and Marquinhos for practically all the game, identifies that they don't really give a toss about having an enlightened opinion. Sure Bayern can come back next week, especially since practically none of the PSG absents will be back yet Gnabri will be. This PSG team is playing with the 2nd or 3rd in the bench rankings in 6 of the 11 positions... The only normal starting 11 players that were on the pitch are: Navas, Neymar, Mbappé, Gueye, Kimpembe and Di Maria.

    vfwhvfwh13 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe will win ballon dor

    Mohammed jaberMohammed jaber13 dagar sedan
  • Guys chill ney doesn't play to impress the espn panel . Who cares if someone praises or not ? He plays for team wins for team . Haters gonna hate .

    Sougata MukherjeeSougata Mukherjee13 dagar sedan
  • Not helping out defensively? He attracts players to himself why mbappe had so much space. Look at that assist he gave mbappe drawing about five players to himself.

    Jimmy and the ResurrectionJimmy and the Resurrection14 dagar sedan
  • Neymar d best baller in the world. Psg gonna win.

    Jimmy and the ResurrectionJimmy and the Resurrection14 dagar sedan
  • dangg neymar is underrated

    Jackson RodabaughJackson Rodabaugh14 dagar sedan
  • The fact that PSG are still in a title race might just work in their favour.

    Trimaine Sylvanus NaidooTrimaine Sylvanus Naidoo14 dagar sedan
  • How many goals do Bayern need to go through.

    Kanishk WardhanKanishk Wardhan14 dagar sedan
    • They need to score by 2 clear goals

      Lungelo KubhekaLungelo Kubheka13 dagar sedan
  • The disrespect against Neymar is unreal. Like, did he not provide two class assists?

    Jose RenteriaJose Renteria14 dagar sedan
  • Quel match de kyliane c'est incroyable match

    Toure MamoudToure Mamoud14 dagar sedan
  • What a beast But No one will ever break Ronaldo’s 2014 UCL record

    harry athanasiadisharry athanasiadis14 dagar sedan
  • We all know both of the experts without Klinsman, don't like Neymar. If you criticize him when he does something bad, then you should give him his praise, when he's performing. He had 2 assist, worked hard for the team and where holding up the ball very well. He did some of Veratti's work, as an destributer in his absence.

    Bob BotshindaBob Botshinda14 dagar sedan
  • That French commentator needs to get Mbappes baguette out his mouth this is wild.

    Andres JAndres J14 dagar sedan
  • Eh... it was against a 32 year old basically retired boateng they pached up halfway through and was forced in unready. I would like to see the same situation with upamecano there instead of boateng.

    Hank StormHank Storm14 dagar sedan
  • neyma 2 asst.. nice.. this noob say drop neyma.. and now say differently.. 🖕🏽... opp sory

    Atok GrungeAtok Grunge14 dagar sedan
  • Wait for second leg 🙃🙃🙃

    PES CityPES City14 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe was selfish, Neymar was not

    Akash DahaneAkash Dahane14 dagar sedan
    • How

      Mustafa المحارب النوبيMustafa المحارب النوبي11 dagar sedan
  • Bayern weakness is that they believe the best defence is always offence. PSG know Bayern secret, their achilles heel. They have a weak defence being sugar coated by their colourful offence.

    Albert HenrietteAlbert Henriette14 dagar sedan
    • You are genious . Bayern weaknes was that there dont play Gnabri and Lewandowski what for offense of Bayern mean similar what for PSG lack of Mbape and Neymar . J bet that without them they can lose even with Borussia and Haaland when he has good day .

  • PSG was lucky that Goretzka got injured, Lewa was injured and Gnabry got Covid. And Süle had a bad game and then also got injured...

    wohnungsnomadewohnungsnomade14 dagar sedan
  • Well it was easy against Barcelona but I did not expect him to perform this way against Bayern 🤩!! Respect ✊.

    Мартин БранковМартин Бранков14 dagar sedan
  • Those Neymar stats are insane!! Averaging a G/A in every single game in the best competition itw

    Toby HawthorneToby Hawthorne14 dagar sedan
    • @Chekka T even better then lol. but yes agree the show isn't the best is a shame though because some of the pundits are excellent (jan especially)

      Toby HawthorneToby Hawthorne14 dagar sedan
    • They're actually wrong but this show is farce run by clowns Neymar 66 apps 41 goals 29 assists

      Chekka TChekka T14 dagar sedan
  • That was an excellent high intensity game to watch for the neutrals. Bayern's attacking threat is like a steamrolled train don't count them out for the second leg

    SavageRicktatorSavageRicktator14 dagar sedan
  • These comments are really dump even Borussia Dortmund can win with Bayern without Lewandowski and Gnabri .

    • ​@Joseph Antony Excuses ?? You are dump ?? or you joking ?? Offensive play of Bayern without Gnabri and Lewandowski is like PSG playing without Mbape and Naymar i think they can have even with top team of bundesliga problem to win without them . They total dominate game with PSG and make 30 shots they have total problems without them with efficency .Gnabri is most creatitve and dangerous midfileld player and Lewandowski even when dont shot goal ( what is very rate ) he is big part ofensvie game of bayern he great move on field and focus lot of defense attention oponent so that other players have better opportunities it was machine without verry importatnt parts most deadly finisher and best offesive midfileld player who give often advantage of players on field .

    • Yeah imagine creating excuses when Psg missed Florenzi, Veratti, Paredes, and Bernat.

      Joseph AntonyJoseph Antony14 dagar sedan
  • What is with the hate towards neymar? They really said that if mbappe wasn't on the field psg would have been fucked, but the same could be said about neymar as well.

    Raheem BrowmRaheem Browm14 dagar sedan
  • Please praise neymar not mbape the guy Didn't do much

    Samuel NwaiwuSamuel Nwaiwu14 dagar sedan
  • this channel just won't give neymar any credit, the agenda is real smh

    Trevor ElmendorfTrevor Elmendorf14 dagar sedan
  • Navas is the man of the match. Bayern dom8nated like crazy. Without Navas and with Lewa Bayern would have won 15-3 😂 ..they dominated PSG more than the worst Bundesliga team.

    Ma BruddahMa Bruddah14 dagar sedan
    • @Joseph Antony 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Ma BruddahMa Bruddah12 dagar sedan
    • And you forget Psg were missing Florenzi, Veratti, Paredes, and Bernat 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      Joseph AntonyJoseph Antony14 dagar sedan
  • Just like I have been saying

    christensen myrthongchristensen myrthong14 dagar sedan
  • Two lucky headers and u think Bayern will win in pag lol

    nandu 166nandu 16614 dagar sedan

    Joe CorreaJoe Correa14 dagar sedan
  • Neymar was today as good and as essential as Mbappe, he created both Mbappe's and Marquinhos goals out of nothing. First goal he got the ball very deep, played one/two, drove with the ball and with his left put up a quality pass for kyllian. Second assist was even better, if we talk mbappe goal how is ESPN not talking about that assist? only Messi can do that....Why hate Ney so much?

    Just MeJust Me14 dagar sedan
  • Man Kylian mbappe is the best player we should be happy and enjoy coz Messi and Ronaldo era is ending.

    Bbbmbb LBbbmbb L14 dagar sedan
    • Mbappe isnt better than Neymar

      Chekka TChekka T14 dagar sedan
  • can anyone tell me the name of that bald guy with white beard

    Hriday AdwaniHriday Adwani14 dagar sedan
  • So you need Bayern

    AdamAdam14 dagar sedan
  • Jesus the goal wasn’t that good why wasn’t there this much hype about his 3rd goal against Barca

    Archie SimpsonArchie Simpson14 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe is turning into Ronaldo. Hattricks and braces against Europe's top giants. Insane.

    Lv. 5000 GodotLv. 5000 Godot14 dagar sedan
  • neymar deserved the headlines. yall really hate on him haha. it was ney and navas that saved psg

    Manuel LopezManuel Lopez14 dagar sedan
  • Craig clearly watches alternate reality football. PSG put a B team against Bayern today and won. After so many years we can finally say we have a squad of individuals who play as a concrete team. Really proud of the boys. Allez Paris !!!

    Alex JacobAlex Jacob14 dagar sedan
  • Neymar best player on the pitch in the world.

    Shazad aliShazad ali14 dagar sedan
  • It's not that Leboeuf is an incompetent pundit, it's just that he's a very stupid man.

    OctaveOctave14 dagar sedan
  • 31 attempts for bayern. They wont miss that many again. With or without lewa . and mbappe wont score every shot. Thats what a bayern fan wants. Sth epic

    Sascha _GERSascha _GER14 dagar sedan
  • if psg won 8-0 craig would still say that theyre getting knocked out. JUST ACCEPT PSG IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

  • Lol 1 game and we have a best player? Now all want him and not haaland? Hahaha. Enjoy celebrating some days. It wont be less than 31 shots at navas next leg. Psg made bayern angry. Now they have a game

    Sascha _GERSascha _GER14 dagar sedan
  • mbappe aint carryin this team neymar is but haters will still talk and not realise the fact here

    santhosh dayananthansanthosh dayananthan14 dagar sedan
  • ofc u lot are gonna still hate on neymar without him psg wouldnt have won that game nor would mbappe or marquinious would have got that goal

    santhosh dayananthansanthosh dayananthan14 dagar sedan
  • Lewy is coming 🧗🧗🧗

    Endour StageEndour Stage14 dagar sedan
  • That was no epic goal from Mbappe. It was just sheer luck, Nuer was blocked from view.

    Peter KariukiPeter Kariuki14 dagar sedan
  • Without Gnabry and Lewandowski Bayern's attack is heavily crippled. They had 31 shots on goal compared to 6 and only converted 2.

    Iliya.VIliya.V14 dagar sedan
  • Boateng be like : why always me ?

    Abhishek YadavAbhishek Yadav14 dagar sedan
  • Its no doubt ,if psg wins this year champions league, mbappe is more likely to win a balond'or ,he put psg through against barca and now against bayern ,so yeah mbappe has been far important than neymar this season..

    Gray SuGray Su14 dagar sedan
  • One of the important thing for Mbappe is he is trying to help his defence mates when everything goes more critic.

    asutificationasutification14 dagar sedan
  • I would not be surprised if p$g wins this year cuz the team who beats barca ultimately wins cl

    Nischay Jit SinghNischay Jit Singh14 dagar sedan
  • We have our next Ronaldo, now we wait for the next Messi.

    Barcelona ForeverBarcelona Forever14 dagar sedan
    • next messi is not possible

      LUCAS 123LUCAS 12314 dagar sedan
  • Props to choupo GOATing,guy did well

    Brian KerageBrian Kerage14 dagar sedan
  • From a Bayern fan: Of course I thought that we deserved to win. However, I must congratulate PSG on being tremendously efficient and Kelyor Navas on a true man-of-match performance. Also, I thought that Neymar was at least as good as Mbappé, especially his second assist. Looking forward to the second leg!

    Victor ArutyunovVictor Arutyunov14 dagar sedan
  • Last episode That Frank lebouf was on about pochettino having to drop neymar calling him a baby and that his not going to be match fit and he wont be good enough

    Foreign CurrencyForeign Currency14 dagar sedan
  • So even when Neymar plays well all Craig can do is talk about the 2 or 3 passes that he got wrong. Pathetic

    MR PMR P14 dagar sedan
  • You have to feel for Boateng... first Messi leaves him on his back, then Mbappe lets him have it between the legs. Then he has to watch the highlights over and over again.

    Steven RogersSteven Rogers14 dagar sedan
  • No idea if it's a copyright issue, but I'm so frustrated with these clips in that they talk about this amazing goal for 10 minutes but don't show a replay highlight at all... search continues

    Prince of MathematiciansPrince of Mathematicians14 dagar sedan
  • French Baldy not being asked anything :D

    junaid sjunaid s14 dagar sedan
  • This was best game of football in last 20 years.

    mike bamburmike bambur14 dagar sedan
  • These Guys can't accept they were wrong about Neymar and Madrid's Midfield comments!

    ToadOnBoardToadOnBoard14 dagar sedan
  • Now I can see...PSG 2021 UCL winners !!! Allez PARIS !!! WE ARE PARIS !!!

    Grumeza NicolaiGrumeza Nicolai14 dagar sedan
    • Will have to beat city first

      Les SkyLes Sky12 dagar sedan
  • Bayern pressing is out of football and it's not over until it's over and I believe bayern can win and knock out PSG

    Blacky LampardBlacky Lampard14 dagar sedan
  • Listening to Burly makes my head and ears screech. Neymar was the best player for PSG, PSG's first 2 goals came from Neymar's creativity. The second assist was the genius moment of the game. He did slow down in the 2nd half but that's natural, the snow and he got a few wacks from Bayern. Mbappe's 2nd goal was class, first was a bad moment for Neuer which normally he saves with his eyes closed.

    Lvg PhilosophyLvg Philosophy14 dagar sedan
  • 3:46 So reliant on Mbappe huh? Is that why they bottled it for 2 seasons in a row with Mbappe and no Neymar? Is it why Neymar carried them for a full year in the UCL?

    Bo ChakaBo Chaka14 dagar sedan
    • @Joseph Antony Yep but Neymar is clear.

      Bo ChakaBo Chaka14 dagar sedan
    • exactly. Mbappe is great tho no doubt.

      Joseph AntonyJoseph Antony14 dagar sedan
  • 31-6 shots, 2-3 lost. Its absolutely crazy how Bayern lost a game they should have won 7-2 or so :D

    DennyCraneReloadedDennyCraneReloaded14 dagar sedan
    • @Lvg Philosophy #1 is man city tho

      LUCAS 123LUCAS 12314 dagar sedan
    • Bayern were the better team, PSG have no midfield without Verratti, I know Bayern missed Lewandowski but PSG also missed Verratti and Paredes. If both teams had their first 11 out it would 50-50, along with Man City they are the 3 best teams in Europe.

      Lvg PhilosophyLvg Philosophy14 dagar sedan
  • Neymar was the best player, the first 2 goals PSG scored was because of Neymar's genius.

    Lvg PhilosophyLvg Philosophy14 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand all this exaggeration with Mbappe. He scored one that neymar created and another that was poorly defended. He's a top player. Are we supposed to be shocked whenever he scores?? Apart from that. I didn't see him or the team do much. I think neymar was the best from PSG in my opinion.

    Oswin Perez LuaOswin Perez Lua14 dagar sedan
    • The first goal 5 players were around Neymar, not 1 Bayern player covered Mbappe and that was a normal save for Neuer but Mbappe got some luck. The second Neymar assist was the real genius moment of the game.

      Lvg PhilosophyLvg Philosophy14 dagar sedan
  • The reason why Bayern lost today was not Neymar Mbappe, the reason was Keylor Navas.

    Sledge DogSledge Dog14 dagar sedan
  • Neymar was the better player

    Vikito AwomiVikito Awomi14 dagar sedan
  • Leroy Sané looked like he didn't even feel like playing, he was absolutely awful

    Pranav KrishnaPranav Krishna14 dagar sedan
  • Bayern should borrow Junior Firpo from Barca 😂😂

    Simoko James PhiriSimoko James Phiri14 dagar sedan
  • Allez psg

    Raja AbdullahRaja Abdullah14 dagar sedan
  • I think Psg will go through this tie because its hard to win champions league again twice in raw

    Dak AhDak Ah14 dagar sedan
  • Klinsman

    Eyob TsegayeEyob Tsegaye14 dagar sedan
  • I heard FC Bayern Munich lost and it just makes me happy everyday hahahaha 😆😂😂😂.

    Anto EricksonAnto Erickson14 dagar sedan
  • a man who you said was unfit but he created the two goals.that pass fr the second goal was out of this world.Neymar is still the best and important player of that team.

    AthulAthul14 dagar sedan
  • Ney..... he is different.

    Harshal YadavHarshal Yadav14 dagar sedan
  • This is the difference between Mbappe & Haaland.

    Syc 254Syc 25414 dagar sedan
  • Don't play Neymar..!!!! Frank u stupid

    Amal PrabhakarAmal Prabhakar14 dagar sedan
  • Bayern were unlucky should have been 6-3 if they could finish thr chances.

    Sanket KumarSanket Kumar14 dagar sedan
  • 67 goal involvements in 66 games in the champions league. Neymar is incredible.

    Zib NdixZib Ndix14 dagar sedan
  • I am surprised why no one is fixating on how it was Alaba's fault Bayern conceded the third goal. Davies was all alone on the left channel screaming for the ball and Alaba playing LDM tried to switch the play to the right channel to Sane and gave the ball away.

    Daksh DuggalDaksh Duggal14 dagar sedan
  • Neymar assist for Marquinhos goal 👌👌

    Vismay GuptaVismay Gupta14 dagar sedan
  • As good as Neymar and Mbappe were, Keylor Navas saved a lot of Bayern's chances. Other chances were also near misses. They way Bayern attack is so dangerous. Only the miracles of Navas saved PSG from conceding at least 5-6 goals. And that was without Lewandowski on the field even.

    Ivaylo IontchevIvaylo Iontchev14 dagar sedan
  • PSG would be a mid-table club without Navas

    x xx x14 dagar sedan
    • Bayern without neuer too

      PSC help 360PSC help 36014 dagar sedan
  • The praise PSG too much, but Bayern couldn't tie game or lead by one goal if they didn't miss couple chance. I think it's gonna be interesting game next week. If Bayern attackers can score when it matter and don't miss any clear chances

    Zajlaug EntertainmentZajlaug Entertainment14 dagar sedan
  • OMG ! really ? NO Lewandowski, No Gnabri, No Goretska, No Costa, No Roca, No Tolisso, with No striker, with the slowest man of the team (Sule) and (Boateng) on Mbappe and Neymar, and STILL they got 2 .............. This is on Flick's STUBBORNNESS to play sule and Boateng.

    Lazy FingersLazy Fingers14 dagar sedan
    • Chillax Marquinhos, Veratti, Bernat, and Florenzi all out for PSG.

      Joseph AntonyJoseph Antony14 dagar sedan
  • It was a Neymar brilliance that. I know you judge on his attitude and not ability, but stop being fuckall and give Neymar some respect.

    Shubh DugarShubh Dugar14 dagar sedan
  • Haha these are the same guy who said they should bench Neymar 😂

    Vishav JhandVishav Jhand14 dagar sedan
  • If Psg have verratti, gueye, parades , bernat , florenzi then psg would do much better in midfield and counterattack. This is too much for mbappe & neymar to carry the bayern 7 players comes for the ball & twisting & turning crossing nobody can cope this attack only way is to nullify bayern with strategy. But i would like to see PSG dominate from midfield & wing backs which psg lacked .

    AkonAkon14 dagar sedan
  • And these guys still think neuer is best keeper in the world he can't manage to clear a shot to his body funny😂😂 😂

    Nikhil ReddyNikhil Reddy14 dagar sedan
  • Marquinhos was absolutely beast today though he played only 28 minutes. He is underrated .. he is one of the best CB currently in the world.

    RandyRandy14 dagar sedan