Building a full-size Star Wars Cockpit Arcade Machine!

23 maj 2020
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Can we convert the Atari Star Wars Arcade 1Up into the iconic sit down cockpit arcade machine on a shoestring budget & give you the stolen plans? I've got a GOOD feeling about this! Made possible by patrons & our friendly sponsor - high quality PCBs for just $5
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  • Thanks for watching! A few people have asked how much the CNC machine cost: To hire its usage cost $130 but at 9:12 we mention how to do it at home with a jig saw :-) Not many other tools are needed and there are budget alternatives for everything, e.g. sandpaper instead of the table sander... The biggest cost is time. We provide the plans & costs free of charge in the description to save you a bunch of that time, and so anyone can 100% definitely do it at home for the price we showed. Thank the maker! 🚀

    Retro RecipesRetro Recipes6 månader sedan
    • @Nick Lynd Those can be found via the description 👍🕹️

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes4 månader sedan
    • I'd like to have the sides made from a CNC machine, but I need the files to give them. Do you have a link to them?

      Nick LyndNick Lynd4 månader sedan
    • Amazing

      Basilios FafaliosBasilios Fafalios4 månader sedan
    • Aww man... you didn't use the force!!! 28:00

      HitManHeyHitManHey4 månader sedan
    • I clocked Star Wars back in the day (in a cockpit console too) Well when I say clocked I mean I got the score to 99,999,990 and it doesn't go any higher.... only took about 8 hours on one 10p

      HitManHeyHitManHey4 månader sedan
  • update it with a donor CRT

    SimplyBloxxedSimplyBloxxed4 dagar sedan
  • 10000000% underrated channel.

    SimplyBloxxedSimplyBloxxed4 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic! If I had access to a CNC machine I would try this lol It's just too cool not to! Awesome job, I know this is five months later but I just happened upon this video the other day. I bought the sit down 1up arcade that has taken so long to come out. But this beats it by miles, other than having a real Star Wars cockpit from 1983 of course. I mean I know you used parts of the Arcade 1up obviously but I wish they would've gone all the way and done a real cockpit design.

    Eric LizotteEric Lizotte6 dagar sedan
  • Thats effing badass. A buddy of mine has a samurai showdown music cabinet and we can't find scans of the vinyl. Sucks

    b1llygo4tb1llygo4t7 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely smashed it!! Didn't some of those old Arcade machines roll about like sega Afterburner

    mac salvormac salvor7 dagar sedan
  • That was great! I have had my eye on that modern arcade kit this year. I loved that old Atari game when it was new. Now my kid plays StarWars on XBox today. But it does not compute with me. I want that Atari original. I will consider your modification or get the one thats on the way in the market. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

    ocker mmmocker mmm7 dagar sedan
  • I'm currently watching this video again for the third time. Fantastic viewing.

    bobbus 74bobbus 747 dagar sedan
    • Thank you!

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes7 dagar sedan
  • Só uma coisa a dizer... Puta que pariu de negócio legal... Rs

    pedro Lucca toniete silvapedro Lucca toniete silva8 dagar sedan
  • Every time I watch one of these videos, I always think he sounds like Marvin the Paranoid Android

    MurderMostFowlMurderMostFowl8 dagar sedan
  • ....and what about a MechWarrior/Battletech cockpit?

    Olga RigoniOlga Rigoni8 dagar sedan
  • I want that lime green Atari logo for the wallpaper in my foyer.

    Plastic IconPlastic Icon9 dagar sedan
  • Girlfriend : Oh so he just ordered that stuff and had all that time to build it. Me : Well... Yeah. Her : I call bs. Take the trash out to the trashcan. Me : First of all, it's rubbish and I'm putting it in a bin. Her : ...look at the size of that thing.

    Plastic IconPlastic Icon9 dagar sedan
  • That's amazing! I too spend my childhood and many quarters in that cockpit. Great job!

    ClassicGlue ReviewsClassicGlue Reviews9 dagar sedan
    • I just did a playthrough last night.

      ClassicGlue ReviewsClassicGlue Reviews9 dagar sedan
  • In the spirit of re-living childhood, someone should make a cockpit that plays Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)

    R3V3RBR3V3RB11 dagar sedan
  • you sound like Henry Cavill

    OnlyErnestoOnlyErnesto11 dagar sedan
    • @Retro Recipes 🤣

      OnlyErnestoOnlyErnesto11 dagar sedan
    • That's super, man

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes11 dagar sedan
  • I'm more of a sucker for the vectorgraphics that are used in the game, I play the heck out of Tempest

    Robert FRobert F11 dagar sedan
  • Now they have a way cooler one where its like a real tie fighter!

    CalvariCalvari12 dagar sedan
  • I'm literally a minute in and am so excited as I used to love this game and spent a small fortune on it when I was in my teens. But its 12:37am and I have to be up in just over 6 hours so will have to watch the rest tomorrow.

    Nicholas BlakeneyNicholas Blakeney14 dagar sedan
  • That's so cool! You accepting orders? 😬

    Will RussellWill Russell17 dagar sedan
    • Sadly not but you can build it yourself

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes17 dagar sedan
  • That is a sick build now just bring it round to mine Cheers!

    AxemanAxeman20 dagar sedan
    • @Retro Recipes Bless you guys for really cheering me up!!! hahahahaha

      AxemanAxeman20 dagar sedan
    • Yep see you in 5!

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes20 dagar sedan
    • hahahaha Thanks guys

      AxemanAxeman20 dagar sedan
  • Daytona USA

    Michael AndersonMichael Anderson21 dag sedan
  • Arcade 1UP is releasing Outrun!!! Can you do a conversion please? Motorized? :-)

    TheKiman2TheKiman222 dagar sedan
    • Sure I'll have it ready in 5 mins! ;-)

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes21 dag sedan
  • This dude has some legit ASMR soothing voice.

    NoelNoel23 dagar sedan
  • You made a 45 year old very happy

    connect4kingconnect4king23 dagar sedan
  • I love this

    Mr B VRMr B VR24 dagar sedan
  • Gadgets in New York Long island I used to run to that game every time we went when I was a kid watching you build it brought everything from my childhood and that game back in my head I appreciate the video and it was amazing watching you build something that meant a lot to all of us as children in the eighties hope you enjoy it for decades May the force be with you

    T LockT Lock25 dagar sedan
  • Why do ppl call it AT AT. The movies and games etc pronounce it as A.T...A.T, so you say the letters basically as an acyronym, not an actual word lol.

    Donzo StellyDonzo Stelly26 dagar sedan
    • @Donzo Stelly Yeah that's possible. I just always calledi it AT-AT (I still have my 80s Kenner one). I agree it's inconsisten with AT-ST though, but I just called that a Scoutwalker :-)

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes26 dagar sedan
    • @Donzo Stelly Nice, keep us updated! 👍🕹

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes26 dagar sedan
    • Btw great video bud,, yall did a fantastic job, this video has given me an idea for a lil project with a different arcade1 up cabinet.

      Donzo StellyDonzo Stelly26 dagar sedan
    • @Retro Recipes well there's several walkers, at-at, at-st, at-act, at-rt, At-te. I'm not sure which movie. But your 100 percent right about empire strikes back just calling them walkers. I'll see if I can find which movie and games. But as you can see above it wouldn't make since to only call the at at that and call the AT-ST by the letters as an acronym but they are indeed acronyms, example AT AT = all terrain armored transport. At-ST is all terrain scout transport, At-Te is all terrain tactical enforcer. Hope that helps. EDIT: the walkers from return of the jedi are called AT ST. But no original trilogy movie says it, but I'm 100 percent positive the dark forces/jedi knight video game serious pronounces it as an acronym.

      Donzo StellyDonzo Stelly26 dagar sedan
    • Which movie calls it A.T.A.T.? ESB calls them "imperial walkers".

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes26 dagar sedan
  • If I was going to go to that much trouble, I'd never put Arcade 1up garbage in there. Skip the 1up and spend the cash on a real arcade Star Wars yoke + a bigger screen.

    Robert HartRobert Hart26 dagar sedan
    • Nah I'm good, I love this. I don't want the headaches of rotting wood and $5k just for the stand up machine. I'm happy 😊 But I look forward to seeing yours 👍🕹️

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes26 dagar sedan
  • This is great and it’s the only game I really played when I was young, I would like one, thanks for bringing back lost memories.

    Darrell EllisDarrell Ellis27 dagar sedan
  • I played one of these in the Fab Cafe in Manchester whilst incredibly drunk... The dark, the strobe lights, the immersive nature of the game and, yes, the ale all got the better of me and I shamefully vomited in the footwell. Then legged it.

    Philip MalcolmPhilip Malcolm28 dagar sedan
  • This might be the best Arcade1Up mod ever... Love it. So well done.

    James WatsonJames Watson28 dagar sedan
  • Sir, you should consider on X Wing helmet, that have bluetooth inside for sound system.

    Dr. Nizam - PersonalDr. Nizam - Personal28 dagar sedan
  • That's absolutely sh*t hot! My favourite arcade game of all time. I actually have an atari yoke from one of the original machines. I need to build one of these!!! Do you have any idea where I can get an Arcade 1up Star Wars in the UK? I've done a bit of Googling but they don't seem to be available over here :-(

    Iain ParkinsonIain Parkinson28 dagar sedan
    • Sorry I don't know other than Amazon import

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes28 dagar sedan
  • I still refer to a Star Wars arse even to this day

    Chris WaistleChris Waistle28 dagar sedan
  • This is to short! " Totally Awesome takes me back to the days i was an Ace at this." Thank you thank you thank you. 😁

    Mark Vande SandeMark Vande Sande29 dagar sedan
  • Awesome work - well done

    Monkey ZooMonkey Zoo29 dagar sedan
  • u rock!

    obelisksoundobelisksound29 dagar sedan
    • Thank you! So do you!

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes29 dagar sedan
  • That was my absolute favorite game even though I sucked at it.

    Broke NerfingBroke Nerfing29 dagar sedan
  • OMG! I didn't know there was a Star Wars version! I'm buying this one....

    Zombie ShootZombie ShootMånad sedan
  • Grade A Nostalgia! Many an hour wasted in seaside arcades playing that!

    DanLoudShirtsDanLoudShirtsMånad sedan
  • Sweet job dude!!!

    cmloscmlosMånad sedan
  • MAGGIE -THARCTER became PM in 1979 NOT 1983

    • Did she change her name too? 😉

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • As an og star wars fan, your build was excellent! The only thing that would make it better is an original vector crt monitor ...impossible to recreate on an led screen (however those things were very problematic!) Great job👍

    Leon From SaskatchewanLeon From SaskatchewanMånad sedan
  • you talk so slow

    Scotty GScotty GMånad sedan
    • @Retro Recipes If you mix all the colours of light together you get white, but mix all the paint colours together and you will get black.

      Scotty GScotty GMånad sedan
    • The sky is blue!

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • you missed a trick with the speaker covers. you should have made them the design of the empire or the republic. it would have looked cool

    Alan McilwraithAlan McilwraithMånad sedan
    • Easy fix! I'll be back in 5 mins... 😉

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • Next time do Afterburner! ;)

    Zan JaynaZan JaynaMånad sedan
  • I should have bought that for my 50th BDay present to myself. Instead I got a boat.

    lear60manlear60manMånad sedan
  • Purchased this game recently. (Super impressed with your custom sit down version!) I remember playing as a kid and loving it and thinking that “one day when I’m rich I’ll be able to have one of these in my house like the kid on Silver Spoons”. Fast forward to 2020 and I’m not rich but I finally have it. What a dream come true. I recall in the 80’s going to a Pizza Hut and begging my Dad for a quarter to play the arcade game again. “But I bought you the home version!” he said. True, I did get the Atari 800 version for Christmas one year but it just wasn’t the same. The Tie fighters were just sprites that didn’t change size and floated around the screen and the joystick wasn’t analog like the arcade yoke. Then in the 2000’s and I got to play the game again with MAME but still not the same without the yoke. Played a rare functioning sit down at the Pinball museum in Asheville two years ago and got to experience the game as it was intended. Now I don’t have to go anywhere but my own den. One of the few good things to come out of 2020 for me.

    C.J. StanzC.J. StanzMånad sedan
  • hi if you are a fan of star wars do you now that the latest star wars arcade the star wars battlepod arcade can be emulated on pc with technoparrot emulator

    Marnix VerschraegenMarnix VerschraegenMånad sedan
  • Some kid in about '87 told me he had this cockpit machine at home. It was his first day at junior school. On the way to his house after school, he began to back track on his lie. It went from cockpit to stand up machine, eventually he said he just had the controller. I still remember feeling scammed but just the thought of holding the controller made me continue. He had nothing but and older brother who wanted to bully us both.

    Rich AardvarkRich AardvarkMånad sedan
  • How wow the amount of quarters i spent playing that game.

    KaynosKaynosMånad sedan
  • my table isn't nailed down either

    Paul HughesPaul HughesMånad sedan
  • Awesome, i really enjoyed watching that. Got it on my amazon wish list if they ever decide to produce more. :)

    kris goodgroveskris goodgrovesMånad sedan
  • I saw the day this was created and realized you did this video 21 days late... Shouldn't you have done this on May the Fourth? Why May the Fourth??? May the Forth be with you!!!

    Walter GreenWalter GreenMånad sedan
  • outstanding work! hope you have many years of enjoying it! i enjoyed watching.

    killamajigkillamajigMånad sedan
    • Thank you and may the Force be with you!

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • "You're Welcome" - RedJive

    Leroy Tech TipsLeroy Tech TipsMånad sedan
  • For all that work the cabinet deserves a true RGB CRT.

    biffrapperbiffrapperMånad sedan
  • Gorgeous.

    Emerald DanjonEmerald DanjonMånad sedan
  • I am doing this but making vacuum formed original bezel and I borrowed an original cabinet then copied it. Only did a few minor adjustments. Got someone to supply the tinted plexi for the top with correct bends. Check out 417arcades on facebook

    superfly1842superfly1842Månad sedan
    • Nice!

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • This is awesome man. I like it alot

    Michael EvansMichael EvansMånad sedan
  • 👌

    killachief187killachief187Månad sedan
  • Being a simp combines those two things!

    Based SnowmanBased SnowmanMånad sedan
  • Great job. Now just need to fit it with a pc or PS4 with Star Wars Squadron. Those other games are classics but really bad.

    ARFF TARFF TMånad sedan
  • This is 2020 can you not build a more realistic star wars simulator with actuated seat like the f1 simulators?

    Kris RobertsKris RobertsMånad sedan
  • i would install that new starwars squadron on that :)

    peterpeterMånad sedan
    • @Retro Recipes Use the cabinet then a VR setup would be perfect! check this out.

      peterpeterMånad sedan
    • Nice idea! Is it possible?!

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • Awesome! When 1up makes TRON and Discs of TRON, show us how to make the EDOT!

    Johnny Hardkore!Johnny Hardkore!Månad sedan
  • battle for nABOO was my favorite game as a child when i was stuck int he hospital multiple times

    TraningSwordTraningSwordMånad sedan
    • Thank you for sharing that. I am glad the game helped you. May the Force be with you.

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • Today, being over exposed to huge flat screen TVs, Cellphones and digital advertising boards it is hard to comprehend the joy people got from seeing an arcade machine Donkey Kong, Scrambler, Defender, Decathlon or Galaga. Then seeing a sit down game with cockpit and 2 handed controls! The graphics may be sub par compared to todays games, however it is about the game play. Great stuff!

    Giovanni P.Giovanni P.Månad sedan
  • Out of the 875,652 times I played this in the arcades, I never realized the Death Star had "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" on it as you approach. At 4:47

    Rhyno186Rhyno186Månad sedan
  • this was one of my FAVORITE arcade games... I played it until I was broke everytime I went to the arcade.... I wish I could afford this one

    adonianadonianMånad sedan
  • 25:05 Then Star Wars Squadrons in VR is definitely something for you. I think nothing comes closer to that. But you did a very cool and nice job here. Keep up the good work!

    Maarten van RoijMaarten van RoijMånad sedan
    • Yeah I really want to try that!

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • The only thing I would change is I would tint the plexiglass you put on the top

    Often ElsewhereOften ElsewhereMånad sedan
  • you one crazy guy

    rc519rc519Månad sedan

    Dirk PittDirk PittMånad sedan
  • This might be wishful thinking, or if not, maybe everyone else already knows this, but after you shoot the exhaust port on the Death Star, as the view zooms out I'm sure the lights on the Death Star say "May the Force Be With You." Am I losing the plot, or is this an Easter egg?

    SuperFurry68ASuperFurry68AMånad sedan
    • I played this game to death in the arcades back in the day, but I never noticed that before. It was only while watching your episode on a UHD screen I finally spotted it. Good to know I’m not losing the plot, well, in this instance anyway.

      SuperFurry68ASuperFurry68AMånad sedan
    • You're not wrong!

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • Amazing!

    TvspelsgalenTvspelsgalenMånad sedan
    • Thank you! Cheers!

      Retro RecipesRetro RecipesMånad sedan
  • Brilliant stuff. I remember playing this in the arcades in either Blackpool or Southport back in the 80s. Never thought back then that someone could actually make one of those and have it in their house. Very cool :D

    Alex SummersAlex Summers2 månader sedan
  • Great job!

    AmericanAkosmAmericanAkosm2 månader sedan
  • Good job bro!

    Jay SandsJay Sands2 månader sedan
  • man that dog is so in love with you...i knew she was a girl b4 u said or i cud tell by looking just by the way she looks at you btw totally love the sit down version and back then when it was in the arcade I wished it had a door u cud close to get more of the feeling without the next in line poking his head in...

    mark oshieldsmark oshields2 månader sedan
  • anyone sell this???

    Learn guitarLearn guitar2 månader sedan
    • No but you can download all the plans via

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes2 månader sedan
  • I used to have the stand up. A palmetto bug fried it. Got it for $200.

    Brian MBrian M2 månader sedan
  • Are you sure he is a Bee Gees? He seems George Lucas.

    Cisano AppdevCisano Appdev2 månader sedan
    • You'll get used to my sense of humour!

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes2 månader sedan
  • I make wood signs with a router at fairs n such... Your freehand channel cut looks very nice. Id like to see more freehand router work

    JOHN GRAHAMJOHN GRAHAM2 månader sedan
  • This is absolutely brilliant. Wish I had the space to do a project like this!

    Samurai PiSamurai Pi2 månader sedan
    • So do I ;-)

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes2 månader sedan
  • Star Wars Galaxies for life....._..._btw great job on the arcade machine!

    Shadowmick MShadowmick M2 månader sedan
  • You can just buy this 🤣🤣

    Wilson MWilson M2 månader sedan
    • What?

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes2 månader sedan
  • I still remember the first time I saw this cabinet in the arcades as a SW loving kid, the feeling i got from playing it comes back to me every time i hear the sound effects. Playing the PSVR mission in Star Wars Battlefront is the only other time i've felt it while playing a game, amazing.

    Arty DeetyArty Deety2 månader sedan
  • That's amazing. You have to sell these - I wanna buy one so bad!

    Darren StrangeDarren Strange2 månader sedan
  • Am i missing something? Where are the drawings? Thx

    Craig PaulCraig Paul2 månader sedan
    • In the description

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes2 månader sedan
  • Impressive, but can it run Crysis?

    Fist FingerFist Finger2 månader sedan
  • Absolutely awesome build!

    el blanco _el blanco _2 månader sedan
  • Would it be possible to add the real arcade control panel/yoke if you were able to find and restore one?

    Chris tChris t2 månader sedan
  • They had this game at primrose Valley, Scarborough. It was at a time when it was cool to play games, especially if you were good at them. Great video. Ive not been subscribed long, i didn't realise you'd been in the star wars movies. Could I ask where you are from please? Thank you

    Anthony WakeAnthony Wake2 månader sedan
    • Thanks for sharing! I'm from SW London but now live in California 👍🕹

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes2 månader sedan
  • Awesome job! Well Done!

    Ernie MancoErnie Manco3 månader sedan
    • Thank you very much!

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes3 månader sedan
  • Amazing build! Definitely the cockpit is the way to go! I may eventually build a cockpit version especially how you detail the build here! I just finished the cabinet here

    Gadget MartianGadget Martian3 månader sedan
  • Screen's probly the wrong refresh rate.

    Leto AtriedesLeto Atriedes3 månader sedan
  • I bet the controls don't work like the arcade's.

    Leto AtriedesLeto Atriedes3 månader sedan
    • @Retro Recipes You would be better off getting the patched A1200 version of this game. Plays at a silky smooth 60fps with properly optimized controls for a mouse.....oh wait.

      Leto AtriedesLeto Atriedes3 månader sedan
    • @Leto Atriedes Whilst I understand the technical points of what you are saying, if one simply sits down to play, the issues aren't apparent to me personally. If I thought about it long enough I might start to see the refresh rate conflict, but I haven't noticed it so far. For me, the nostalgia overpowers Hz. However this project isn't for everyone. ✌️

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes3 månader sedan
    • @Retro Recipes This game has a refresh rate of ( tabs down on MAME ) 41.016 hz. You are using a 60hz display i assume. Would you play PAL region Amiga games on a 60hz display?

      Leto AtriedesLeto Atriedes3 månader sedan
    • @Leto Atriedes Fine I'll give it to someone else then!

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes3 månader sedan
    • @Retro Recipes Variable refresh rate monitor + Groovy mame or bust dude.

      Leto AtriedesLeto Atriedes3 månader sedan
  • Great stuff! Quick question for you, the plans don't seem to have any dimensions or a reference to use in the PDF/DFX . Perhaps I am missing a trick here but does one need to use special software to get the correct measurements? Thanks in advance : ) ───▄▄▄▄▄▄─────▄▄▄▄▄▄ ─▄█▓▓▓▓▓▓█▄─▄█▓▓▓▓▓▓█▄ ▐█▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▓▓█▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▓▓█▌ █▓▓▒▒░╔╗╔═╦═╦═╦═╗░▒▒▓▓█ █▓▓▒▒░║╠╣╬╠╗║╔╣╩╣░▒▒▓▓█ █▓▓▒▒╚═╩═╝╚═╝╚═╝▒▒▓▓█▌ ─▀█▓▓▒▒░░░░░░░░░▒▒▓▓█▀ ───▀█▓▓▒▒░░░░░▒▒▓▓█▀ ─────▀█▓▓▒▒░▒▒▓▓█▀ ──────▀█▓▓▒▓▓█▀ ────────▀█▓█▀ ──────────▀ your Vids : )

    Damien GrahamDamien Graham3 månader sedan
    • Did you scroll down a little in the PDF? It states to print at "100%" size. That will give you the correct measurements. DXF is AutoCAD which reveals the measurements in-software. Thank you for your kind words. Means a lot! 👍🕹

      Retro RecipesRetro Recipes3 månader sedan