Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look

22 feb 2021
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Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party lying about the Green New Deal and the 2020 election as the U.S. passes a grim coronavirus milestone and Texas experiences an unprecedented power crisis.
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Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    Aanastasshia CameronAanastasshia Cameron16 minuter sedan
  • Just as a matter of interest. As Newsmax are complaining and the 'state' of President Biden's perfectly healthy and well cared for dog, will they be criticising Ted Cruz for leaving his little dog in an unheated house with the same enthusiasm while he went off on vacation?

    jay conwyjay conwy27 minuter sedan
  • This show is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen, not funny, just pathetic

    ggallinmoko123ggallinmoko12332 minuter sedan
  • Seth discluded the real Heath the best ever Joker and destroyed our accent Australia is upset now....

    mikhailv67mikhailv6737 minuter sedan
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    range purerange pure44 minuter sedan
  • his dog looks so poor... is basically what they are saying. because ripping on poor people is bad, poor looking dogs is fine tho as long as its the presidents. ya know, freedom of speech.. "im not hating poor people im hating on the presidents dog" ok buddy sure you are, here *throws a maga hat* go get it boy

    Obi Wan CannabiObi Wan Cannabi52 minuter sedan
  • Trump tells the big lie and his puppet followers keep playing riffs on it even when there's no credible evidence of election fraud. How do they sleep at night?

    J CloutierJ Cloutier57 minuter sedan
  • If Texans are stupid enough to put these GOP cronies in power, they deserve stupid prizes!!!!!!!

    Miss JoMiss JoTimme sedan
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    tae ohtae ohTimme sedan
  • I just had to watch this again to feel sane.... and try to laugh at the nightmare Fox News continues to create. Even my family is feeling the effects of all the misinformation. My uncle refuses to speak to me, my cousin stopped speaking to her mother....just because we don't believe the lies! I love free speech, but how do we help people see through fox poop?

    LMLMTimme sedan
  • The Green New Deal is a 2 year old concept. Texas windmills have been in place years before GND was even a thing.

    I.M. GregI.M. GregTimme sedan
  • That dog is great its a healthy k9

    Brad FraserBrad FraserTimme sedan
  • Texas: Oh God we are freezing to death! Fox News: THIS DOG IS UNFUCKABLE!

    1992Hauke1992HaukeTimme sedan
  • Those lunatics are on television because they are US senators..

    Yadir YeroYadir YeroTimme sedan
  • Honestly, Bernie is the best person to solve the Joker issue, since his fellow VT Senator, Pat Leahy, is a Batman expert.

    MrHypnofanMrHypnofanTimme sedan
  • the "green energy isn't ready for prime time" guy looks like Rudy Giuliani and Mitch McConnell did a fusion

    mike pmike pTimme sedan
  • *You're the one lying Seth*

    hootieTVhootieTV2 timmar sedan
  • Joe Bidens dogs are beautiful.

    Astilea LavaticaAstilea Lavatica2 timmar sedan
  • 6:45 Sorry, my bad.

    Kyle von JacobiKyle von Jacobi2 timmar sedan
  • Dear yt, stop putting unfunny sellouts in my feed. Ty!

    Andrew HaganAndrew Hagan2 timmar sedan
  • Australia also suffers power outages, but not for days. Prices are also set and the only part of the energy sector that get's away with price gouging is the petrol stations.

    andrew strongmanandrew strongman2 timmar sedan
  • Nice and on spot! Great critique

    Christian O. HolzChristian O. Holz2 timmar sedan
  • Agree not to invite political addition jets on television to tell "election kies."

    Veda WhiteVeda White2 timmar sedan
  • Very funny 😆

    Eddie D.Eddie D.2 timmar sedan
  • More lies while the rich get richer and the regular people pay

    Bob OakesBob Oakes2 timmar sedan
  • All them rich elitist Texan senators and corporate entities have SOLAR power and back up generators worth thousands. #eattherich we will find you and your cow wives.

    Random overpopulated world ideasRandom overpopulated world ideas2 timmar sedan
  • Those pathetic ignorant people talking about dogs are so angry at life itself they prob want the entire earth to be blown up by nukes, so their filthy rich families can try to survive in the ELITIST bunkers they think will protect them from their own profit driven wars. One COVID variant makes it in you're dead. Oh... wait, that's us, the normal people who can't afford stem cell treatments like Trump did. All we need to know is where the rich are staying and they're not safe anymore. #eattherich

    Random overpopulated world ideasRandom overpopulated world ideas2 timmar sedan
  • Lol,. This just in, NewsMax is desperate as F for a story.

    Razalas InkRazalas Ink2 timmar sedan
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    iwillget aoneclick6iwillget aoneclick62 timmar sedan
  • A panel on a split screen, talking about a dog... while people a are freezing, starving... Only in America...

    Frank Van AelstFrank Van Aelst3 timmar sedan

    Jeremy MacDonaldJeremy MacDonald3 timmar sedan
  • Seth is right. Why are these liars still on national news? Just gives them a platform to continue spreading BS

    Wolfgang BraitWolfgang Brait3 timmar sedan
  • Absolute Trash. 👎🖕

    Scott YoungScott Young3 timmar sedan
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    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung3 timmar sedan
  • Those three men on Newsmax look like they are from the junkyard.

    21mhz21mhz3 timmar sedan
  • It's actually refreshing to see Seth talk about politicians who actually impact people's lives, and but they act like its fine. The GOP and Dems both allow this to happen, but for the past 4 years everyone was talking about some guy ''Destroying our democracy'' whenever they would sneeze a tweet.

    DudeomfgstfuxDudeomfgstfux3 timmar sedan
  • The thing is these people keep getting away and they WILL repeat these misleading claims. Their whole point is to mislead the public. Unless they are held accountable for their words on a tv network to a vast and wide audience, nothing is gonna change. And Americans will keep getting 3rd world grade desperately incapable, lying Republican politicians

    J LJ L3 timmar sedan
  • This guy is not funny and doesn't deserve to be on tv.

    Jesse PeraltaJesse Peralta3 timmar sedan
  • Love how Seth mocks the constipated douchebag, Tucker.

    CathyCathy3 timmar sedan
  • Actually the bit about the dog is very clever suggestive reporting. There are a lot of people who look at how people treat animals, dogs in particular, for discerning whether they are trustworthy and altogether good people. Here they are suggesting Biden is not to be trusted and not a good person. You can laugh about it, but that doesn't change the effectiveness of the message.

    Miss InformedMiss Informed3 timmar sedan
  • The 1st dog looks like it just came out of the pool to me. What say you?

    Neill ConroyNeill Conroy3 timmar sedan
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    big vapebig vape3 timmar sedan
  • What a moron... He's a beautiful dog and loves and trusts his human companions, as they do him. Something I'm willing to bet this guy has never experienced. Finally, a dog that doesn't look identical to every dog of its breed. Champ looks great. And hey, if he's got some grey he's earned it at 14. If the long accepted formula of aging dogs against human years is still used, I think that makes him around 98. Let's check back in with this as*h*le when he's 98. Heck...68 should be telling enough. This lowlife is hard-pressed to find something to attack, so in the absence of anything, he goes for his dog. 🙄

    Athena HillAthena Hill3 timmar sedan
  • Lying ,the Christian thing to do even tho the bible says it will ban you from heaven.they are the gop ,god opposition party

    Justice 4 AllJustice 4 All4 timmar sedan
  • People who still have orange all over their nose from sniffing and kissing the @$$ of an Orange wearing a toupee have no right to comment on a dog's looks.

    Nichole HaddonNichole Haddon4 timmar sedan
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    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez4 timmar sedan
  • Fox News is so delusional. I can’t believe people watch this trash

    Arlo's mummyArlo's mummy4 timmar sedan
  • Seems like the us is narrowing itself down to a third world country in some more ways than it already did.

    Tilmana BoeckTilmana Boeck4 timmar sedan
  • Society is doomed. We are in a pivotal moment in society and most people can't see whats coming because they have no idea how things work. Biden is no better than Trump, they are the elite and we are their subjects. Better get used to it people. At least you can complain on social media, for now anyway until they cut you off and that's coming soon.

    Ricky RickardoRicky Rickardo4 timmar sedan
  • I had a lady in my drive-thru telling me that the reason why Texas is freezing right now is because we shut down for covid-19. Because of the shutdown, less people were traveling so there weren't enough planes in the air to affect the keep the jet stream farther north. She seems to still be under the impression that it's not that serious not that many people died. 😒 I was secretly looking around for someone in scrubs to come take her car keys at least. I really really REALLY wish I was joking... she did have a Trump 2020 bumper sticker so... I think the mystery was solved on where she got her information. I'm thinking fox?

    Nichole HaddonNichole Haddon4 timmar sedan
  • Youre a fool

    Blue Iris PhotographyBlue Iris Photography4 timmar sedan
  • Hey Seth, the noise a wind machine makes is not wop, wop - it’s whop, whop

    An RoAn Ro4 timmar sedan
  • That Fox anchor has to be on some fuckin crack or something.

    chopped Tchopped T4 timmar sedan
  • Poor humor

    M VM V5 timmar sedan
  • Seriously you Americans need to vote the right people in.

    TK HawTK Haw5 timmar sedan
  • The hapless male kelly joke because band substantially wriggle before a cuddly shadow. mighty, internal c-clamp

    Larissa TashjianLarissa Tashjian5 timmar sedan
  • I remember when this guy was funny. And he didn’t look so sad and drained.

    Patrick SimeonePatrick Simeone5 timmar sedan
  • Fox News aren't that far away from saying "The windmills are fucking your wife"

    Nicholas FitzpatrickNicholas Fitzpatrick5 timmar sedan
  • Seth, your Bernie Sanders impression is awesome!! Makes me laugh every time!

    t landist landis5 timmar sedan
  • This guy isnt even funny

    JATYJATY5 timmar sedan
  • The spin meister.

    Live Free or DieLive Free or Die5 timmar sedan
  • The abrasive line formerly pause because card exemplarily man plus a lowly canada. cagey, elite lipstick

    Yolanda ShikersYolanda Shikers5 timmar sedan
  • Once you start lying it becomes a curse, There's a normal liar that can be cured and there's a pathological liar that can't be cured once they reach to a certain degree as Trump and Right-Wing cults. Because telling the truth is the same as admitting defeat or admitting they were wrong and liars, which they are. The best medication will be some Seth Meyers Debunk prescriptions and more.

    Peter AngeloPeter Angelo5 timmar sedan
  • And the follow up "is that the same thing that happened when Al Gore was running?"

    aicram62aicram625 timmar sedan
  • The elite wrinkle aditionally shop because steel perceptually face failing a zesty discovery. jolly, scared fire

    Cameron DicksonCameron Dickson5 timmar sedan
  • V

    Betty TillisBetty Tillis5 timmar sedan
  • And Seth Meyers lies about virtually everything.

    Richard ChappellRichard Chappell5 timmar sedan
  • Can we talk about Cruz’s poodle that he left in his freezing home? I live in Texas and it was friggin cold.

    Tabitha BlakemoreTabitha Blakemore5 timmar sedan
  • I'm waiting for somebody to start a Ted Cruz's dog Parody account like they did with Devin Nunes cow and Roy Moore horse.

    Lion LicksLion Licks6 timmar sedan
  • How would like to listen to a bag of wind like tucker

    namalmgren1namalmgren16 timmar sedan
  • Oh the good ole days when late night was funny, instead of being an sjw.

    Bryan PBryan P6 timmar sedan
    • But politicians give so much material to work with!

      Brent CarringtonBrent Carrington6 timmar sedan
  • "I'd rather be run by a company, not a government" Trumpers

    Paul McGrievyPaul McGrievy6 timmar sedan
  • What a bunch of boiled over crap.

    The Gnostic TruthThe Gnostic Truth6 timmar sedan
  • I love how these guys want regular people to donate money during a pandemic. When politicians, wallstreet, pharma, athletes and celebrities' are the ones holding all the money. The government is afraid to release a penny to the citizens but hand out billions to corporations. All these campaigns are a joke. Hey Seth hit up your billion dollar entertainment industry friends to donate not people trying to get by right now.

    Kevin KhanKevin Khan6 timmar sedan
  • The messy poland cranially decay because rise microcephaly measure till a illustrious euphonium. draconian, dysfunctional chicken

    nicolas oviedonicolas oviedo6 timmar sedan
  • Why are you not showing Abbott admitting to the factt he was wrong about the windmills causing the problem because it's out there. He admitted and apologize that he blame it on the windmills to the public. That should have been talk about.

    Lady DiLady Di6 timmar sedan
  • I knew this would happen. No more Trump, late night guys have nothing to talk about.

    Mike O'BrienMike O'Brien6 timmar sedan
  • Man, you're the best Republican troll rn.

    Alex ObedAlex Obed6 timmar sedan
  • those trios are nothing but a dog-bully...

    john santosjohn santos6 timmar sedan
  • I fell hurt by not having a Heath Ledger "Joker" Photo

    MrSerphyMrSerphy6 timmar sedan
  • These people are stupid beyond belief. How can they go from ignoring Trump to this Obama era Fox News scandals? They disgust me.

    TragicArchAngelTragicArchAngel6 timmar sedan
  • I am in agreement. Mark Hamill's Joker can be the only one.

    Matthew KnightMatthew Knight6 timmar sedan
  • Thanks for telling the truth about how absurd these selfish bas****s are. It's insane. I'm glad I don't live in that red state Texas, I feel bad for those that do and are suffering

    Maureen Ahern-LunaMaureen Ahern-Luna6 timmar sedan
  • And people tell me that CHINA manipulates it's people every single day...

    GhostlyGhostly7 timmar sedan

    Joe BecerraJoe Becerra7 timmar sedan
  • Windmills in Russia do not freeze, Hmm, maybe they are winterized, something private company do not do because they want to make money of our backs.

    Elisabeth HenningElisabeth Henning7 timmar sedan
  • "... kicked off the quiet-car again..."? Give that writer a raise!

    Ernest PeeleErnest Peele7 timmar sedan
  • seth's joe biden impression sounds more like luke wilson

    KATIEKATIE7 timmar sedan
  • all these active repubs are all going out of their way to sound like trump

    Roger ExpositoRoger Exposito7 timmar sedan
  • These guys never grow up...

    Malcom LaheyMalcom Lahey7 timmar sedan
  • The anti-science Republicans are ignorant and need to be schooled. Sixth graders know better than these adults.

    Bearlady5Bearlady57 timmar sedan
  • Remember when the religious right screwed everyone over....back before ancient Greece....back before people understood the sun and moon.. They have been screwing us over since an asshole realized they could screw us over? Welcome to understanding religion.

    John TaylorJohn Taylor7 timmar sedan
  • They may have lied about the green new deal. But Tucker was right about one thing. Windmills do chop the heads off birds.

    Sun FlowerSun Flower7 timmar sedan
  • Seth's Tucker Carlson is so good it's disturbing.

    LizzardLizzard7 timmar sedan
  • How is a 16,000 dollar heating bill legal?! That man is on the hook for that money, why has no one stepped in!!

    Stephanie CodyStephanie Cody7 timmar sedan
  • Seth's Hertzog > his Bernie

    Ben IntentionalBen Intentional7 timmar sedan
  • 02/24/21 As an Austin, Texas, resident; the disaster that we had in Texas was a result of the refusal of the Texas government to provide the equipment required to ensure that power is available under any conditions, for example winterizing windmills and ensuring that gas lines are protected. Texas needs to have it's power sources re-engineered to ensure that a needless man-made disaster like this does not happen, again. Before moving to Texas I lived in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canadian provinces, which have temperatures far lower than those in Texas and Austin and they have had no power outages due to cold weather. My brother living in Regina, Saskatchewan, said that their wind chill factors were -55 and -50 degrees during the midweek of the storm in Texas. They did not have power outages. The water supply in Regina, Saskatchewan, was also not contaminated as it was in Austin, Texas. As of 02/17/21, the water in Austin was identified as contaminated and water needed to be boiled before it was used. I’m grateful that the water no longer needs to be boiled. There is no excuse for the inadequate engineering for the systems put in place by the government of Texas, which resulted in the power outages, the City of Austin for the loss of water systems and the contamination of the water supply. I can guarantee you that AOC or the "Green New Deal" are not responsible for the completely inadequate power and water systems which have failed Texas and Austin residents. The problem is the completely inadequate systems, which have been put in place by the governments of Texas and Austin.

    Teddy BearTeddy Bear7 timmar sedan
  • Pitiful ignorant fools commenting over a dog! Fyi the dog is handsome unlike these ugly creatures so called wmen

    Maria GomezMaria Gomez7 timmar sedan
  • Now there is no news to the truth And no truth to the news,=fox news..

    Vince VaranoVince Varano7 timmar sedan
  • Who is Seth Myers related to that keeps giving him these gigs? If it’s not a relative then who is he blackmailing to get these gigs. He sure didn’t get them because he is funny or talented.

    Quote Me NotQuote Me Not7 timmar sedan