NHL Game Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Flames - Apr. 4, 2021

4 apr 2021
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John Tavares scored the game-winner in the third period as the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Calgary Flames 4-2.

  • Terrible female commentator

    Spotless MindSpotless Mind12 dagar sedan
  • Lol 50 dislikes. 😂 People legit get mad when the Leafs win.

    TMBTMB17 dagar sedan
  • 4:14 Kids, whatever position you play, don't ever, ever, EVER play defense like this.

    Closet Hockey FanCloset Hockey Fan17 dagar sedan
  • Easy wins

    43 Azeem43 Azeem17 dagar sedan
  • lol at woman commentary

    Michael MagicMichael Magic17 dagar sedan
  • Wow... It's deja vu again. What do you when you're a half step behind, all the time. 🤔🙃

    Gene SturbyGene Sturby17 dagar sedan
  • 2 goals directly caused by the Mathews forecheck, nice to see the kid work hard and get rewarded

    MrGetBodiedMrGetBodied17 dagar sedan
  • Hanifin had a rough game he was on for all the goals and either turned the puck over, lost his man or put it in his own net.

    Evan HugginsEvan Huggins17 dagar sedan
  • With all the firepower on the leafs you think they’d smoke most teams. But they struggle and eventually pick things up.

    Jake MJake M17 dagar sedan
    • True, it’s like how the Tampa Bay Lightning should be undefeated on paper but they’ve lost games too.

      Owen RonaOwen Rona16 dagar sedan
  • Break out the hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and put people in the stands. It looks like a joe biden rally.

    Jayde ShawJayde Shaw17 dagar sedan
  • open canada now , cease the covid propaganda

    rudy begoniarudy begonia17 dagar sedan

    Billy JackBilly Jack17 dagar sedan
  • The *Mayhem* line did their work again.👍

    Barbarian ArmwrestlingBarbarian Armwrestling17 dagar sedan
  • Good win for Hutchy!

    xSMOKExxSMOKEx17 dagar sedan
  • Galchenyuk looking great this game and since hes been a leaf has produced well. His defensive game has even taken a boost. Flames looked like they could have controlled the game after the first, but was lazy on some defensive plays that led to goals. This flames team looks like they are in a rough spot, flames are falling even more in the standings.

    Dan WeggDan Wegg17 dagar sedan
  • 166th comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du17 dagar sedan
  • 166th comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du17 dagar sedan
  • Nylander sucks?

    Tobias JanssonTobias Jansson17 dagar sedan
    • Then why did he get 1st star of the game

      Fredrik OlssonFredrik Olsson17 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the Leafs of old. The Canadians are my Second favourite. The Flames lack pace at times. Forget about checking and winning puck battles. Hope the Leafs are bounced early. It’ll look good on them.

    Don’t Poke The BearDon’t Poke The Bear17 dagar sedan
  • Hanafin is god awful. Why in God's name did he step up there. That's something a high school kid would do by by accident.

    aaron maximaaron maxim17 dagar sedan
  • Thornton can’t play anymore it’s brutal health bomb all playoffs

    B AttB Att17 dagar sedan
    • Hopefully he comes back as a coach after retirement so he has a chance to hoist the Cup.

      Snake EyesSnake Eyes17 dagar sedan
  • sutter is god. no more blow out lost only by couple goals. thats big improvement. lames pretty much need to win all games to make playoff. but if it's possible i am willing to bet lames can do it cos sutter is god.

    dnl4everdnl4ever17 dagar sedan
  • I’m not a extremely hatred leafs and the hatred flames fan . But I’m a hart and soul of my cauncks thank you Toronto maple leafs for winning the game now my cauncks will seer pass the 35 points to make it 37 points in the North division

    Olmr GoshOlmr Gosh17 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why Hanafin broke his stick. It went in off his skate :P

    Shawnaldo 7575Shawnaldo 757517 dagar sedan
    • Jus annoying aint it...

      VinigarVinigar17 dagar sedan
  • Stop jailing Asian woman Meng Wan zhou! Stop jailing Asian female virus scientist Qiu Xiangguo! 释放孟晚舟,释放邱香果! 加拿大不是亚洲人的监狱!

    Gang GangGang Gang17 dagar sedan
  • Easter Bunny

    Jozef JanicekJozef Janicek17 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍 Anytime the Leafs can "Hutch-Oven" Tkachuk .... you know it was a Great game. 😏

    Will StuartWill Stuart17 dagar sedan
  • I rip on 91 as much as anyone but that was a slick touch to assist Galchenyuk's first as a Leaf. And, of course...11 creates a turnover that directly led to the insurance goal. Love that kid.

    angrydalailamaangrydalailama17 dagar sedan

    Rowdy_Roddy67Rowdy_Roddy6717 dagar sedan
  • Hanifin scored in his own net. That's a Dang-It.

    Aric CuaAric Cua17 dagar sedan
  • These game callers are awful poor Calgary

    shayne0424shayne042417 dagar sedan
  • I hatE to be that person but Cassie Campbell is horrible. Pierre Mcguire bad...

    Its GinnyIts Ginny17 dagar sedan
  • I thought the Leafs were supposed to fall in Spring though?

    Baby Fark McGee-zaxBaby Fark McGee-zax17 dagar sedan
  • Leafs win + Jays series win = Great night!!

    F DF D17 dagar sedan
  • He weak, let’s face it. The good thing, I guess, is that when Hutch plays the team knows they’ve got to pay attention and work hard. They did that in this game.

    Jeffrey AdamsJeffrey Adams17 dagar sedan
    • @Alto’s Edits all due respect I have more confidence in Hutch & Soups

      Golf4u BacknineGolf4u Backnine17 dagar sedan
    • @Golf4u Backnine Injured?

      Alto’s EditsAlto’s Edits17 dagar sedan
    • If he is weak 🙄 What is Anderson?

      Golf4u BacknineGolf4u Backnine17 dagar sedan
  • Weak D, not going deep in the playoffs , so just relax there is always next year. Remember Reilly = Early playoff exit.

    Only GknowsOnly Gknows17 dagar sedan
  • So wierd with no fans...

    Ky 87Ky 8717 dagar sedan
  • Canada's team wins again!

    Tl2aV WTl2aV W17 dagar sedan
  • Canada’s team wins again

    Zeke ElliottZeke Elliott17 dagar sedan
  • It was so funny when I was watching this on a stream and fans of the flaming toilet seats were saying they had this game in the bag after the 1st...maybe flamer fans should lay of the hot sauce and there won't be so much fire in the hole!

    cryogenic35cryogenic3517 dagar sedan
    • Let the hate flow 🔥

      VinigarVinigar17 dagar sedan
  • We all know Calgary was gonna lose when they started No Save Dave in net lol

    Doodles666Doodles66617 dagar sedan
    • Ironically rittich has been better against the leafs then markstrom imo. Remember the 2 game set. Im pretty sure the dude allowed like 5 goals against ottawa tho so i think its just a toronto thing

      Paul KimPaul Kim17 dagar sedan
  • Tomorrow night let's make it a triple win for Toronto. Blue Jays, Leafs and Raptors. Be only the third time in the city's history that has happened. GO TEAMS GO!!

    TheTarbender1TheTarbender117 dagar sedan
    • Well... all three won :)

      AsmahdanAsmahdan16 dagar sedan
    • Blue jays up 6-1

      TMBTMB17 dagar sedan
    • LETSGO that would be so sick!

      hans yolohans yolo17 dagar sedan
  • You know your good when you get a win with hutch in net

    marciokopmarciokop17 dagar sedan
    • Take him over Anderson

      Golf4u BacknineGolf4u Backnine17 dagar sedan
  • Letsss gooo

    SoulsikkSoulsikk17 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations Toronto Maple Leafs On Your 4-2 Win Over The Calgary Flames, Hopefully Soup Is On The Menu Monday Night. Time For That 4 Game Win Streak, Go Leafs Go.

    7thsn1per7thsn1per17 dagar sedan
  • I’m still a sad sabres fan

    ItBeMikeItBeMike17 dagar sedan
    • your sad ?? imagine how you team feels !

      NorthlanderNorthlander17 dagar sedan
  • Embrace the tank

    • I blame one lame-brained GM and one Matthew Tkachuk for Calgary's ugly appearance.

      KS DonaldKS Donald17 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant deflection pass by Johnny T to give galcheyuk his first 👏

    Chris BattistiChris Battisti17 dagar sedan
  • Well we know who Canada's weakest team is lol.

    Sportsfan99Sportsfan9917 dagar sedan
  • If anyone deserved a goal lately it was Galchy

    ShawnBlaqueShawnBlaque17 dagar sedan
  • Looking good, BOYZ! 👌 GO 🍁 GO!

    I AM RitaI AM Rita17 dagar sedan
  • B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X-..❤️⤵️ 18cams.xyz !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,.💖🖤 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1617597645

    ALWANALWAN17 dagar sedan
  • That was a gooder!

    Rita I AMRita I AM17 dagar sedan
  • Leafs can hit the snooze button for 40 minutes and still win games. As long as Spezza tosses up a mean pizza after the 2nd intermission.

    Impulset0Impulset017 dagar sedan
    • Laughed, thanks.

      Renegade CzRenegade Cz17 dagar sedan
  • I can't stand the Commentator with the least amount of testosterone , i literally have to mute the volume.

    Larris The Black SwanLarris The Black Swan17 dagar sedan
    • yup. always hard to watch an oilers game whenever she is the other announcer. i feel your pain.

      MrCanadianheroMrCanadianhero17 dagar sedan
    • YES!!!!! ... The icing on Calgary's cake. It's TORTURE!!! ... Call Amnesty International FFS!!

      KS DonaldKS Donald17 dagar sedan
  • Canada's Team Wins Again

    Connor MumfordConnor Mumford17 dagar sedan
    • @flyin brian whats wrong with Trudeau LOL I'm happy with my vote

      Connor MumfordConnor Mumford17 dagar sedan
    • You sound like Trudeau....Oilers got your back ☺

      flyin brianflyin brian17 dagar sedan
    • Mark CollinsMark Collins17 dagar sedan

    Rand'Y TRand'Y T17 dagar sedan
  • Flames are a joke to the north

    Gabe and Kalan the friends foreverGabe and Kalan the friends forever17 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if the sens overtake the flames in the standings😂😂😂

    • At this rate, they will overtake the Flames in points. The Sens won the season series against the Flames.

      MikeTheKoopaWarriorMikeTheKoopaWarrior17 dagar sedan
    • Honestly I would not be to surprised if it happened based on how the flames are playing right now

      Sebastian Ruiz RochaSebastian Ruiz Rocha17 dagar sedan
    • You mean 'when' 😭

      VinigarVinigar17 dagar sedan
    • Fingers crossed

      Matt Oilers12Matt Oilers1217 dagar sedan
    • I wanted the Flames to play the spoiler game today & win. But since they lost, I want the Senators to overtake them!

      Daniel DengDaniel Deng17 dagar sedan
  • Happy to see Gally get his first one for the leafs today

    Jimmy SoxJimmy Sox17 dagar sedan
    • The Belarusamerican

      McLaden JankovicMcLaden Jankovic17 dagar sedan
    • @Andy Vu Galchy sounds dumb AF

      GoHabs 89GoHabs 8917 dagar sedan
    • Chucky

      Rita ChengRita Cheng17 dagar sedan
    • Chucky

      JayBlack_02JayBlack_0217 dagar sedan
    • Nice avatar bro

      alexey shelalexey shel17 dagar sedan
  • Hanifin directly responsible for 2 of the goals against lol

    Keegan MoonshineKeegan Moonshine17 dagar sedan
    • That's a Double Dang-It.

      Aric CuaAric Cua17 dagar sedan
    • Oops

      Mark CollinsMark Collins17 dagar sedan
  • TOUGH night for Noah Hanifin 😬😬😬

    Reilly TurnerReilly Turner17 dagar sedan
    • lol it was funny, many people wanted the Leafs to take Hanifin instead of Marner

      Waseem SakkaWaseem Sakka17 dagar sedan
    • You have to believe he's getting used to it ...................

      KS DonaldKS Donald17 dagar sedan
  • Maybe the Flames should fire their coach?

    Blog Man RyBlog Man Ry17 dagar sedan
    • @KS Donald ah yes a couch will be very good

      Bjsc12Bjsc1212 dagar sedan
    • Hire a COUCH ... !!!

      KS DonaldKS Donald17 dagar sedan
  • The good team won tonight.

    Stephane OuelletteStephane Ouellette17 dagar sedan
    • @Johnny Dong wdym?

      ----17 dagar sedan
    • Leafs not good

      Johnny DongJohnny Dong17 dagar sedan
  • I almost forgot Milan Lucic plays for Calgary.

    Glasgow Celtic Toronto St. PatricksGlasgow Celtic Toronto St. Patricks17 dagar sedan
    • @KS Donald he’s not that bad this season just has that terrible contract

      Man MMan M17 dagar sedan
    • Yeah ... Edmonton off-loaded that sac-o-shit to Treliving's Flames. Good trade. LOL!! ... I imagine Oiler fan could hardly believe his good fortune that day.

      KS DonaldKS Donald17 dagar sedan
  • When I heard they were starting Hutch I was worried but he did pretty good. Great to see Galch get a goal, he's been working hard. First half of the game pretty lacklustre for the Leafs but they did it again: 2pts. GLG

    Peter StephensPeter Stephens17 dagar sedan
    • I was worried because it's a Sunday game. We never win those

      Mason ZikmanMason Zikman17 dagar sedan
    • @Tl2aV W I 2nd that. Soups badass this season. Still, I’ll take a win from our 3rd stringer.

      Daniel De VallDaniel De Vall17 dagar sedan
    • @xXxRawkFistxXx he's no SoUp

      Tl2aV WTl2aV W17 dagar sedan
    • Other than the game against Ottawa, Hutch has been pretty solid.

      xXxRawkFistxXxxXxRawkFistxXx17 dagar sedan
  • You can tell by the like to dislike ratio who won

    LoudPack BronnyLoudPack Bronny17 dagar sedan
    • lmao

      Adamn adissidentAdamn adissident17 dagar sedan
  • Flames suck. Blow that team up.

    Vgcv VjjvVgcv Vjjv17 dagar sedan
    • YES!!!! .. It's time to go NUCLEAR on that pitiful organization. Where is ownership bunkered?

      KS DonaldKS Donald17 dagar sedan
  • Canada’s team wins yet again!

    szeenszeen17 dagar sedan
    • @broody snoody cry

      szeenszeen17 dagar sedan
    • @broody snoody stay salty

      Rand'Y TRand'Y T17 dagar sedan
    • Barf

      broody snoodybroody snoody17 dagar sedan
  • Definitely not the best game from Canada's team but glad to see them pull out the win

    AlexAlex17 dagar sedan
  • Hutch played arite. I approve.

    Meme Braden HoltbyMeme Braden Holtby17 dagar sedan
    • Played much better than you would

      Wes McCauleyWes McCauley17 dagar sedan
  • Leafs win. Gally gets his first as a Leaf. Blue Jays win. Vladdy gets his first HR of the season. Good night

    Toronto Sports NetworkToronto Sports Network17 dagar sedan
  • Lmao i see less and less secret fans with the "no cup since 67" or "1st round exit" or "jets, oilers, or habs are better"...

    Wowtepentepz WowWowtepentepz Wow17 dagar sedan
    • @James Daddy wtf

      Mark CollinsMark Collins17 dagar sedan
    • Inferiority complex.

      6ix God6ix God17 dagar sedan
    • The Leafs are the Nickelback of the NHL. Cool to hate them

      James DaddyJames Daddy17 dagar sedan
    • Don't worry. The next excuse will be North division is easy. No matter how successful the Leafs are, you'll have an entire legion of envious haters. If the Leafs win a cup, they'll say "that's just 1 cup on 50 years". So I say embrace the hate.

      Meme Braden HoltbyMeme Braden Holtby17 dagar sedan
  • marner's pass was supernatural wtf!!! dude's chris angel

    Jean ClaudeJean Claude17 dagar sedan
    • @SilverTele actually when is sauced over for a one timer its spelt "crisp"

      pacd61pacd6117 dagar sedan
    • he spells it criss

      SilverTeleSilverTele17 dagar sedan
  • Canada's team tramples another unworthy foe!! Woooo!! Go Leafs Go! 💙🇨🇦

    Marco ReyesMarco Reyes17 dagar sedan
  • Thanks U Leafs! From a Habs Fan✊✊👌

    Hassan Al HousseiniHassan Al Housseini17 dagar sedan
    • Oh no ones gonna catch the Habs, the flames are poop, the Canucks are infected poop and the sens have a ton of fight, maybe even enough to pass a few teams but they're still poop on paper. The top 4 currently or some version of it will be how the regular season ends.

      JD MarshallJD Marshall17 dagar sedan
    • @Philippe Beaudry The logic is that no one likes the flames

      Waseem SakkaWaseem Sakka17 dagar sedan
    • There is no logic behind this comment wtf???? we are chasing the leafs, if they lose its good for us

      Philippe BeaudryPhilippe Beaudry17 dagar sedan
    • @Alex Visco uh oh cool guy alert

      Will the guyWill the guy17 dagar sedan
    • U guys acting like u play for the teams lmao

      Alex ViscoAlex Visco17 dagar sedan
  • /\_______ Toronto Maple Leafs

    Canada's TeamCanada's Team17 dagar sedan
  • happy steve

    Manuel ElliottManuel Elliott17 dagar sedan
  • The Leafs are Alberta’s weakness

    Wendel Clark’s MoustacheWendel Clark’s Moustache17 dagar sedan
    • @The21abc Is he tho?

      Caleb ChramowCaleb Chramow17 dagar sedan
    • @Caleb Chramow he’s not wrong tho...lol

      The21abcThe21abc17 dagar sedan
    • @Sportsfan99 Joke is unoriginal, irrelevant, and doesn't actually make a ton of sense when you were the much lower seed in each series.

      Caleb ChramowCaleb Chramow17 dagar sedan
    • And the playoffs are the leafs weakness lol

      Sportsfan99Sportsfan9917 dagar sedan
  • Decent game for Hutchinson. You can complain about the second goal, but 2 goals against is good enough to get wins.

    Aaron GraceAaron Grace17 dagar sedan
    • @Matt Oilers12 did you just call Rittich an AHL goalie? He’s played more NHL than AHL games. And you can only beat who you play.

      Aaron GraceAaron Grace17 dagar sedan
    • You beat an ahl goalie lol and it’s the flames

      Matt Oilers12Matt Oilers1217 dagar sedan
    • It's easy to rip on him, but he's a 3rd goalie, and to play the way he did last night, he met my expectations.

      Matt CMatt C17 dagar sedan
    • Hutchinson's rebound game has to get better. Take a page out of Campbell's book with whatever makes him stick

      GyrateGyrate17 dagar sedan
    • The rest of the team bailed him out. Good win none the less.

      Daniel De VallDaniel De Vall17 dagar sedan
  • Calgary has turned to crap. Too much arseholery. I think it stems from Tkachuk.

    Hollywoodin2001Hollywoodin200117 dagar sedan
    • 100 POINTS and the championship for "arseholery" and correctly identifying Tkackuk!! ... Well done!!!

      KS DonaldKS Donald17 dagar sedan
    • Agree

      Peter StephensPeter Stephens17 dagar sedan
    • Maybe the North division is just really good. I think they are.

      jb castrojb castro17 dagar sedan
  • Habs fans thanking the Leafs!

    Olivia GallagherOlivia Gallagher17 dagar sedan
    • @Asmahdan imagine losing to the sens lol

      jordan ibrahimjordan ibrahim17 dagar sedan
    • @cryogenic35 I did not say a Good Team... I said a Good Young Team.. there is a difference, and if you do not know the difference then I can't help you

      AsmahdanAsmahdan17 dagar sedan
    • @Asmahdan a gd team? 🤣

      cryogenic35cryogenic3517 dagar sedan
    • They ain't gonna pass you, no problem though haha

      ShawnBlaqueShawnBlaque17 dagar sedan
    • @Asmahdan agreed!

      Olivia GallagherOlivia Gallagher17 dagar sedan
  • Another great win by Canada's team 🍁

    Harleen KaurHarleen Kaur17 dagar sedan
    • Take your pills 😜

      Henry DuongHenry Duong16 dagar sedan
  • Canada’s team wins again!

    joejoe17 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Noah

    exalt klynexalt klyn17 dagar sedan
  • The ultimate test is always making a deep playoff run against teams in the other divisions, not just getting past the first round. Teams that will be challenging for us are the Flyers and Islanders. We are easily on track to securing 1st place in the North Division, barring any major breakdown's, which I do not foresee for the remainder of the regular season.

    Noah SchusterNoah Schuster17 dagar sedan
    • @Wendel Clark’s Moustache Yeah they have not been doing well recently, but remember they made it to the second round of playoffs last year and took the Islanders to a game 7. Also, if they do make it into playoffs and they get matched against us, they will take away a lot of our speed and get us easily hemmed into the defensive zone. The Islanders are even better at doing this and have a proclivity for odd man rushes...cough...Matt Barzal.

      Noah SchusterNoah Schuster17 dagar sedan
    • 17 years of not winning a playoff series must be tough on fans.

      The WeaselThe Weasel17 dagar sedan
    • Last time I checked the Flyers lost to the Sabres and aren’t even in a playoff position lol

      Wendel Clark’s MoustacheWendel Clark’s Moustache17 dagar sedan
  • Canada’s team wins it again! 🤌

    ----17 dagar sedan
  • Hutch should’ve stopped that 2nd goal. Still not a bad night out. Lots of saves.

    racegod09racegod0917 dagar sedan
    • I disagree i watched the goal it was a flip shot over the shoulder good shot most goalies would be down on the shot it was upper corner just a good shot he had a good game could we not leave it at that

      mad labmad lab17 dagar sedan
    • Idk, it looked like it ramped off Galchenyuk's stick.

      RandalPlaysRandalPlays17 dagar sedan
    • Can't criticize every goal a 3rd string goalie gives up. He's played well for them this year given his role

      James DaddyJames Daddy17 dagar sedan
    • He should've, but he had a great 2nd period to make up for it. Good performance at the end of the day forsure.

      Need RevivingNeed Reviving17 dagar sedan
  • In Hutchinson We trust

    NICE 1 SONNYNICE 1 SONNY17 dagar sedan
    • I'd rather trust Soupy .

      NorthlanderNorthlander17 dagar sedan
    • @Mark Collins lol

      NICE 1 SONNYNICE 1 SONNY17 dagar sedan
    • No choice...

      Mark CollinsMark Collins17 dagar sedan
  • Another win for Canada's team!

    Jake HamillJake Hamill17 dagar sedan
    • Okay, sure, another win for Canada's team but let's just save some of this momentum for the playoffs. GO LEAFS GO!!

      TheTarbender1TheTarbender117 dagar sedan
  • Markstrom made a mistake,

    Jared ChristensonJared Christenson17 dagar sedan
    • Well considering Vancouver's situation its more of double whammy lol

      Adamn adissidentAdamn adissident17 dagar sedan
  • Canada's most beloved team wins again!

    EmperorTaebokEmperorTaebok17 dagar sedan
  • Canada's team wins again!

    OriginalWRecKagEOriginalWRecKagE17 dagar sedan