Mini PET - Build a Commodore PET from all new parts!

25 aug 2020
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  • I like your proposal of moving the keys to be VIC/64 like. Might as well since its not an original PET anyway.

    Douglas CrawfordDouglas CrawfordDag sedan
  • Why are you so against FPGA's and Micro controllers? why does it matter what they use?

    Ali Angel500Ali Angel500Dag sedan
  • The 8-bit guy should make a compilation of all soldering fails done on this channel…

    Bry10022Bry100222 dagar sedan
  • its great but emulation is better and cheap , plus there is no place for these old cranky computers that we grew up on , but emulation can keep them alive as to wasting money on hardware.

    jedi knightjedi knight3 dagar sedan
  • Why you do it? And why i see you do it? LoL...

    Aex TbAex Tb4 dagar sedan
  • Fucking hell how expensive these things are for being really fucking outdated technology

    Lone WolfLone Wolf5 dagar sedan
  • Why do these things always cost more than just buying the original system that they are copying.

    KlingonCaptainKlingonCaptain5 dagar sedan
  • im not an old computer guy, but your videos are very interesting to me. My tech ed teacher showed us your videos in class.

    TheSaltyPioneerTheSaltyPioneer5 dagar sedan
  • Just watched Ben Eater’s series on creating an 8 bit computer using a 6502 which has inspired me to get back into this, which also led me here. I know where my Xmas bonus is going now. How about making the keyboard using the desired layout then add circuits between it and the PET, either with another 6502 or a modern micro such an an Arduino nano. Seems you only need what, 8-12 lines and could do the mapping inside there and send the correct data to the PET. Have to buy one of those keyboards as well, I’d rather do that than pay £50 for that crummy one from the UK. Note, the base PET is now £225 and the keyboard is £50. By the time you add that, the PS adapter and the SD card part you’re over $400.

    Darren YoungDarren Young5 dagar sedan
  • 3D Printed Key caps:

    Aaron YourkAaron Yourk6 dagar sedan
  • I counted, the intro has 12 sounds on the same sound wave

    DanTDMJace 200DanTDMJace 2006 dagar sedan
  • 24:39 was this the origins of "ATTACK OF THE PETSCII ROBOTS!" ?

    Josue RoseHebertJosue RoseHebert7 dagar sedan
  • Yes when I had sinclair zx-81 and commodore 64 so long ago, I wished I can expand it to match much better computers like Ibm pc and macs and do some serious programing. LOL

    springer 11724springer 117247 dagar sedan
  • Best retro computer for assembly learning = ZX Spectrum Soviet clones!

    Alexey FilippenkoAlexey Filippenko7 dagar sedan
  • you sound exactly like the guy from liberal hivemind check out his page

    beatvampirebeatvampire8 dagar sedan
  • 10:22 Guys! do u know the name of this font? I'm makin' a game and need to find this font for the game

    SerdSoftSerdSoft9 dagar sedan
  • Use the Price Is Right losing horn next time

    CPWolf 24CPWolf 2410 dagar sedan
  • Is it not possible to simulate the keypad on the first row and if you hold one of the spacer keys, the original symbols work?

    AlienRendersAlienRenders11 dagar sedan
  • You babble way to much.

    Scott RScott R12 dagar sedan
  • Saving and loading programs and games from cassette wouldve blown my mind as a kid. Sadly I was born too late, in 1987, so I missed out on that technology.

    Ryan AmbergerRyan Amberger12 dagar sedan
  • I hope the replica PET keyboard eventually has an option for a backlit version. Would love a backlit version for my PET (so my original PET keyboard can be preserved as a spare),

    93シャドウ93シャドウ12 dagar sedan
  • I noticed the makers name on the board is Tynemouth Software I live on the North East coast here in the uk and not far from the coastal village of Tynemouth.

    Jim GibsonJim Gibson13 dagar sedan
  • I don´t get it, you can get an original Pet for 300 euros on eBay

    shape shiftershape shifter15 dagar sedan
  • I think it's interesting to see how the KIM was used in the real world by tinkerers, engineers and inventors. Kinda boring taken out of its' historical context...

    trent halingtrent haling15 dagar sedan
  • Do you actually need CRT for this? Im glad those bricks are not used as widely anymore. Yes image quality may be a tad better and original experience, but I dont have big muscles to carry those.

    effexoneffexon16 dagar sedan
  • i have a question can you please say the name of the chips?

    pc nikospc nikos16 dagar sedan
  • So I have to wonder, can you destroy it with that naughty POKE?

    Rick DRick D16 dagar sedan
  • I'd say this is a fine kit for an experienced builder. But it's definitely not a kit for a first time builder.

    Deirdre HebertDeirdre Hebert17 dagar sedan
  • What kind of solder do you use? I can never get it to flow like that and I've even gone and bought a soldering station cause I thought at first my radio shack iron wasn't getting hot enough. Also nice job on the RTS project! If you did something like that for the Zenith Z100 series computers I'd just about keel over. lol

    Transcendental AirwavesTranscendental Airwaves17 dagar sedan

    MINKIN2MINKIN218 dagar sedan
  • you should have built it all in a Vic 20 case and used that keyboard

    phil brooksphil brooks19 dagar sedan
  • Nice click sound!

    LeifLeif20 dagar sedan
  • You should have called it Petris not Pet Tetris. Missed opportunities

    flamosaflamosa22 dagar sedan
  • If this was a pet I would spank it because it doesn’t even play fortnite and Xbox! Why are people so exicted it is so bad fortnite doesn’t even start up!

    Aptra StudiosAptra Studios22 dagar sedan
  • While they’re not the same font as the PET, there is a store on Amazon that sells key caps with fonts very similar to popular keyboards used in kits of the 1970’s.

    Mr. GarbageMr. Garbage23 dagar sedan
  • 10:14 ¨...and this monitor has no controls on the back for horizontal position...¨ there is! its left to that brightness dial, called ¨h-hold¨ if you want to turn it, you need to use a flat head screw driver, my crt has this too!

    Fernan SchouffoerFernan Schouffoer23 dagar sedan
  • 12:37 "PORN1"

    Jason CameronJason Cameron24 dagar sedan
  • Why would u waste cherry mx switches on an old pc wtf lol

    EmbraceAetherEmbraceAether26 dagar sedan
  • That solder bridge is like missing a semi colon while programming, they can be impossible to find but they are so simple.

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment27 dagar sedan
  • but i like the z80 better then the 6502

    qwerty keyboardqwerty keyboard27 dagar sedan
  • @The 8-Bit Guy I love how you narrate these videos like they are happening in real time even though you already know whats gonna happen. It's fun but in a dorky way. This video convinced me to try to build a kit computer. I have purchased an RC2014.

    Joseph Robles Jr.Joseph Robles Jr.29 dagar sedan
  • Just curious, how did you find out you were color blind, I remember in a previous video you commented how you used a resistor color scanner for your phone since you were color blind. And other then reading color coded resistors how has it impacted you?

    JSN GamingJSN GamingMånad sedan
  • Sell the X016 as a DIY kit!!! They are fun and helps you understand how the whole system actually works. Back when I was a kid my dad used to get some complicated HeathKit stuff and I would be his "construction" assistant. That set the stage for my whole career as a EE in advanced research.

    Jack El DogoJack El DogoMånad sedan
  • But I don't see an FPGA on this board. I am confused you put an X in that field. Beautiful project!

    FlyMarioFlyMarioMånad sedan
  • You know what would be really cool? A Commodore C64 Style Case for the Minipet. Although I'm not sure how the Number-Keys could fit...

    RobertRobertMånad sedan
  • Our school had fund drive to buy a PET to bring us into "The Computer Age".

    Patrice ColasPatrice ColasMånad sedan
    • @Aptra Studios i am not sure if your comment is supposed to be joke. If it is a joke, good for you, but if it is not get out.

      DamnMerasmusDamnMerasmus3 dagar sedan
    • @Aptra Studios Bro! It could play Fortnites! It was just a text based early telephones tapes cassettes modem version. It was Sweeeeet!

      Patrice ColasPatrice Colas14 dagar sedan
    • @twistedyogert Just one. Small school and only the smart kids got to use it. We eventually got an Apple II as well.

      Patrice ColasPatrice Colas14 dagar sedan
    • Just one?

      twistedyogerttwistedyogert15 dagar sedan
    • Wow that's great! My school never did this...

      Fungi artsFungi arts18 dagar sedan
  • 10:32 "Halfway useful" "Commodore PET in 2020" Pick one.

    DocIncredibleDocIncredibleMånad sedan
  • I would really love DIY Accessoires like SD Station or new controller for Commodore/Atari system. It would be way Cheaper, easier to build and a lot more more popular.

    Jacek-JanJacek-JanMånad sedan
  • Do you know that PET in France is : fart 😂

    rene lefebvrerene lefebvreMånad sedan
  • Where i can buy this kit please???

    SaiNes CzESaiNes CzEMånad sedan
  • Really interesting video, the new keyboard PC is a work of art - amazing. But gawd, I hate soldering... I reckon the extra 99 quid for a fully-assembled kit is money well-spent!

    rolands50rolands50Månad sedan
  • what about Dream Computer ? Did you finished? COngrats for the channel

    Bruno DragoBruno DragoMånad sedan
  • May I inquire as to when you will treat us with a video with an update on your dream computer? Thanks!

    Matthew MillerMatthew MillerMånad sedan
  • At 11:04 his hand is twitching when he lays down the pen

    RealTimeyt #4857RealTimeyt #4857Månad sedan
  • Just thought I would share, since I've gotten into mechanical keyboards recently. I understand you're not a fan of microcontrollers with these builds, and that makes sense. But for keyboard alternatives, you could definitely adjust layout much farther than you might think with off the shelf modern parts without adjusting anything with the computer. For example, I have an olkb planck 6.0 board, which runs the seemingly ubiquitous QMK firmware, and with some C code (or online QMK modifier usage - my friend doesn't touch C at all for his board, whereas I only use C) and a keyboard firmware update, I can make my keyboard send any keycode across that I want, no software on the computer at all. I think from the char charts you've shown that the character sets would work with QMK, and I don't know about the pins, but from my understanding you would be able to adapt it relatively easily, just most QMK based boards are using USB connections of course. So, for another example, if I had some magical adapter for usb-c to ... Commodore PC connection, then I could modify my QMK firmware, with my cursor keys at the bottom. Then, without any software on any of the computers, only the necessary adapter cable so the data actually does come across, I can have the exact same keyboard working exactly the same on a pet, a vic, and a 64, with my own choice of the exact mechanical switches I want, whatever keycaps I want, and always with the same layout. Like I said, I just wanted to share. It could definitely be an option. I think without too many crazy modifications, and playing around with QMK you could even make a single modern board work with dozens of old machines, without having to adjust the keyboard itself, or the machines.

    Ethan HendersonEthan HendersonMånad sedan
  • You inspired me to purchase the deluxe mini pet A and go deluxe keyboard edition and sd2pet cartridge withpre loaded sd card.. im left arm paralyzed from a stroke.. im compensating by using soldiering paste and smd iron and old butane iron that never let's med down i forgot to refill it after a long session of use... I'm looking forward to building it.. I used to repair botched ps2 botched self installed mod chip install with no experience in soldiering and I had half circumference kynar silver wire re connecting burnt traces and lifted traces too v9 ps2 hardware seemed popular for failed mod chip installs the dms 4 se with toxic os was popular.. I put one in my v9 ps2 and love it Its a 10 to 15 wire chip but worth the 90 to 120 min to install it.. ive built a few ham radio kits too.. and your assembly video helped me figure out how to adapt to do it...

    Xeveniah DarkwindXeveniah DarkwindMånad sedan
  • Cherry does have a key for a locking shift key, Cherry MX Lock Switches.

    xander10xander10Månad sedan
  • that board is sooo expensive though even in DIY form

    khaled fazzanikhaled fazzaniMånad sedan
  • 12:37 "PORN1" .... ? :D

    TimonTimonMånad sedan

    Edward BrocklesbyEdward BrocklesbyMånad sedan
  • can it run minecraft

    Jinglemybells23Jinglemybells23Månad sedan

    Vinícius PavãoVinícius PavãoMånad sedan
  • Well the guy who liked my first video

    CoffeeCoffeeMånad sedan
  • my tv and a toshiba always 14 tube chassis model 1452av entered the manufacturer's service mode via the remote control and corrected the horizontal position to better fit the image of my tvbox mx9 which also had this problem of distancing the picture frame but ended up abandoning and I am now using an LCD monitor with HDMI ... I design mini circuits with the PCB- DROID Downloading the free version but it does not export the gerber files because it is free I believe that Linux is dominating the world alias Android and a Linux kernel right ... give some linux classes

    Valter negao NegaoValter negao NegaoMånad sedan
    • no

      PetraplexityPetraplexityMånad sedan
  • you could have entered the service mode of your 14 inch sansundered tv and moved it in the horizontal alignment ... i have a tvbox and had to do this to use it in my 14 color tv .. this is done by entering the mode service these data are programmed in eeprom as adjustments that would be mechanical adjustments such as agc linearity adjustment horizontal vertical adjustment like others I advise you to backup your tv's eeprom this tv does not exist new nor sells the preprogrammed eeprom for being offline

    Valter negao NegaoValter negao NegaoMånad sedan
    • no

      PetraplexityPetraplexityMånad sedan
  • you buy these replicas to test what? for what purpose? practically nothing for kkkkk except to play games under DOS kkkkk start writing windows 11 with that some .dll kkkkk

    Valter negao NegaoValter negao NegaoMånad sedan
    • no

      PetraplexityPetraplexityMånad sedan
  • you buy these replicas to test what? for what purpose? practically nothing for kkkkk except to play games under DOS kkkkk

    Valter negao NegaoValter negao NegaoMånad sedan
    • no

      PetraplexityPetraplexityMånad sedan
  • If you use 2 Cherry MX reds on the SB it will feel better as they are lighter than MX blacks.

    Drew FraserDrew FraserMånad sedan
  • How about a Commodore Amega 500 build? Great computer. I never knew why the company folded. Imagine a single board computer with cheap chips to protect the LSI's and all the colors, more than any other computer today. I designed and made a cassette dongol that interfaces any tape recorder for my previous Amega 500. Total bi-directional. I still have a working timex, with 16 k memory extension. These were a few of my first home computers. A lot easier to move than a mainframe.

    theodore robertstheodore robertsMånad sedan
  • 12:36 Porn1! OK

    drysoridrysoriMånad sedan
  • Man those monitors hurt my ears. I'm glad I don't use CRTs anymore that high pitched tone sucks.

    Oliver JohanssonOliver JohanssonMånad sedan
  • Can it play fortnite?

    it's redit's redMånad sedan
  • Really nice video. One of your best, in fact. Well done.

    Alpha8713Alpha87132 månader sedan
  • Great job!

    Antonio MaglioneAntonio Maglione2 månader sedan
  • the commodore pet is stupid

    ReconQuest2429ReconQuest24292 månader sedan
  • IEEE-488 cables sure send me back. The bus is still used in test and measurement equipment.

    David GreerDavid Greer2 månader sedan
  • It would be cool if you could make the monitor part of the case and make the computer, keyboard and monitor look like a commodore pet

    The Retro GeekThe Retro Geek2 månader sedan
  • ithough this was gonna be fucking boring, it was awesome. thank you 8 bit guy

    Cesar PeñaCesar Peña2 månader sedan
  • Your beer gut is showing and you need a hair cut !

    MatlockizationMatlockization2 månader sedan
  • Something that I want to accomplish with having only one functional arm.. retro computer kits bring back memories of childhood being an early 80's born and video game nut and computer nerd or geek the ham radio operator and diy radio kits are in my blood and this interests me..

    Xeveniah DarkwindXeveniah Darkwind2 månader sedan
  • I don’t like non transparent solder mask. I want to see pcb traces.

    antronx007antronx0072 månader sedan
  • Re: the "fake" CRTC chip, I don't know if it makes it any better, but I can attest from working on a project that I suspect uses almost identical code to the Mini-PET's Atmega CPU that basically all it's doing is counting to a few hundred over and over again while banging the address lines on that memory chip and triggering the '166 shift register at regular intervals. In other words, the same thing that a CRTC would be doing.

    Paleozoic PCsPaleozoic PCs2 månader sedan
  • 7:42 do yourself it

    Super TuneSuper Tune2 månader sedan
  • Please replace Sesame Street with the 8 bit guy!👍

    tongsautongsau2 månader sedan
  • When making button labels (or anything else for that matter) please don’t squish fonts! If you need wide and short letters, just find some that were drawn in those proportions. Seeing these poor defenseless characters crushed is torture to us -- designers. ((((

    oprionoprion2 månader sedan
  • I've been looking for one of those monitors forever! that is my favorite monochrome monitor. And, forgive me if I'm wrong, but, is that a horizontal hold access hole, on the left of the other two pots?

    Heather FrancisHeather Francis2 månader sedan
  • The compatibility issues may also be the BASIC version. I have a PET 2001 and Space Invaders, for instance, will only work on BASIC 2 IIRC. BASIC 1 and 4 it just hangs.

    PeowPeowPeowLasersPeowPeowPeowLasers2 månader sedan
  • 5:20 thats an arduino microcontroller lol so if that controller brokes u can program an removable arduino micro controller and put that arduino controller in it (:

    DrutziDrutzi2 månader sedan
  • I always tape the component in place with a little piece of kapton or paper tape, so soldering through -hole component is not a pain

    Matheus MendesMatheus Mendes2 månader sedan
  • The goal of making basic programing available to a larger group of people, while simulators would be the easiest way, doing it in hardware has other challenges. The total 70s/80s experience is not a must. To reach more people, let them use the tools they have, cheap and available. This would include some sort of PC case, LCD screen, and keyboard adaptor. The SD adaptor is already done, as you have shown. Outside of that, an option for a modern 2020's PET AIO solution might be cool, then lastly a 1970's for the truly orthodox solution. Pulling out that green screen CRT, is sort of an orthodox resource, not everyone has the luxury to have in their kit.

    danilko1danilko12 månader sedan
  • Wow this is awesome! I have a defective PET 3032 that I've been wanting to fix for years, but I might just pick up the B kit and replace the original board!

    Sean DuffySean Duffy2 månader sedan
  • 5:10 I'm very happy to learn that you got some actual good taste, 8-bit guy! However, while I don't know the PET in detail, I don't think it's 6502 was clocked at 2 MHz. I actually belive it used the exact same simple method as the VIC-computers did for video access, i.e. employing the fact that the 6502 can access memory only on the first half of each clock cycle, leaving the other free for the video circuit to use.

    Herr BönkHerr Bönk2 månader sedan
    • @Curt Sampson His model is probably fine for many people, even though some of us may choke on (4:27) saying "the bus usually running at 2 MHz and the CPU and RAM each ran at 1 MHz". A bit contradictive. First, it's not possible to have a 6502 bus at 2 MHz with the 6502 still working at 1 MHz. Secondly, RAM was not even clocked in the 70/80s. All RAM chips had an asyncronous interface (no clock pulse), up until the late 90s. One access per half cycle may perhaps be described as "doubling" the frequency in some sense, but using both half cycles have been very standard in digital electronics since the 1940s. Some would perhaps call it a "double pumped" bus at 1 MHz today (PC-lingo). The other question is that old 6502/Z80 debate :D There is no simple scaling factor there. It all depends on what type of program we are talking about. The slowest instruction group in the Z80 was ALU A,im. It took 3.5 times as many cycles as on the 6502. So if these are not optimized away (say by ALU A,reg instead), a 3.5 MHz would have the same low 0.5 MIPS performance on these instructions as a 1 MHz 6502. (The 6502 would still demand faster memory, however.) On the other extreme are ADD/SUB HL,reg. These uses 11 cycles on the Z80, while the 6502 would need at least 20 cycles to do the same calculation using 8-bit operations via carry. 20 cycles at 1 MHz is about seven times as slow as 11 cycles at a typical 4 MHz. So for "number crunching" like floating point arithmetic or vector games, a 3-4 MHz Z80 was typically several hundred procent faster than a 1 or 2 MHz 6502. That's what I meant by being able to do more internally at higher clock rates. (This is also the reason an ultra simplistic computer like the ZX Spectrum stod a chance against the VIC-64 here in Europe. Unlike the latter, the CPU had to do everything, including scrolling and all "sprite" movments.)

      Herr BönkHerr BönkMånad sedan
    • @Herr Bönk Sure. Though while you are correct with your more detailed analysis of timing, you would also do well to point out that "doing more internally" does not necessarily translate to a particular program running faster (or even as fast) on a 2 MHz Z80 as it would on a 1 MHz 6502. Regardless, I think it's pretty clear in the video that he stated that the CPU is running at 1 MHz, not 2 MHz.

      Curt SampsonCurt SampsonMånad sedan
    • @Curt Sampson Perhaps. But in a somewhat wider perspective, there is no such thing as "effectively" X MHz. No standard design that uses exactly one clock cycle for memory access. The 6502 uses less than half a cycle, or 30-70% of it (depending on versions and "analog" factors) and may do this each full clock for most instructions. The contemporary Z80 of 1976 uses 1.5 or 2 clocks (depending on decoding) to access memory, and may do this each three clocks, while the 8086 of 1978 or 68000 of 1979 uses 2-3 clocks and may do it each four clocks, and so on. This relatively slower memory access timing demands a higher frequency clock crystal, of course, but is also why these CPU's can do more internally (such as 16-bit ops) than a 6502 using the same speed (cost) ROM+RAM. I looked it up afterwards, and it seems it's actually just the later PET models that implemented this halv cycle scheme. Early versions used a very slow SRAM manufactured by MOS Technology (like the 6502). This gave that infamous "snow" when writing to the screen. (This was also present in some other computers, btw.) Later models used snappier SRAM chips from other manufacturers that could deliver data in less than 500 ns, i.e. fast enough for this method.

      Herr BönkHerr BönkMånad sedan
    • That is indeed how the PET worked, and I interpreted his explanation as saying that the memory was running at effectively 2 MHz, not that there was an actual 2 MHz clock driving any of the chips.

      Curt SampsonCurt SampsonMånad sedan
  • 7:42 do yourself it

    ChromaCat248ChromaCat2482 månader sedan
  • Ive been pondering building a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series by simply ordering the parts from toyota using parts numbers

    gullf1skgullf1sk2 månader sedan
  • I feel inspired to go dig out my old C64 now. :-)

    AUScainWAAUScainWA2 månader sedan
    • Just finished digging it out. Once I worked out where it was exactly. Lol. Hope it still works.

      AUScainWAAUScainWAMånad sedan
  • A trick that I was taught in the 70s was to solder in on corner of the chip. Then Use something like a tissue and your finger of the other hand and press and reflow. Check to see if it is in flat. The do the same on the diagonal opposite corner. I did all the sockets. When all are in and flat, I would begin doing the rest of the pins in a group. We did soldering at the time to mil speck. Our inspector looked for pin holes and other defects. This was for prototypes.

    David DayDavid Day2 månader sedan

    Luci RosseLuci Rosse2 månader sedan
  • Youre using Fiskars scissors. A good choice.

    Sim PSim P2 månader sedan
  • nice, good job! this would be interesting to try!

    b00gie'manb00gie'man2 månader sedan
  • Yeah that microcontroller kinda ruined it for me. I'm taking taking a class on Microcontrollers (were using an ARM Corttex-M4 ) and it's pretty powerful. Wish me luck, I've got an exam for that on Thursday and a lot of c/ assembler/machine code to learn for that. Looking forward to your kit.

    garthenargarthenar2 månader sedan
    • @feldim2425 Cool. Thanks for the info. I've done some work with an FPGA for a class (nowhere close to using it's full power). I still have a lot to learn about video and audio systems. (Currently using UART in my class, and transfered data over busses in machine code when we built a "nano" processor)

      garthenargarthenar2 månader sedan
    • Yeah the micro controller is somehow the ruining factor, but also unavoidable. The commander X16 will also contain a FPGA which is in some way even more powerful. There are just no new Video and Audio Chips made for these kinds of applications, most new chips are highly specialized for the application they are intended to be used, like video controllers for embedded user interfaces.

      feldim2425feldim24252 månader sedan