23 jul 2018
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We are giving away a beginner level Huion H950P drawing tablet. The rules for the giveaway are presented at the end of this video!
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Music used in the video:
Background track 1: Hand Trolley by Kevin MacLeod
Background track 2: Blues Blast by John Deley
Outro song: Joakim Karud - Loudness & Clarity
Main animation by Andrei Terbea
Additional cleanup and additional lipsync by Stefan Popa:

  • Funny, i was still in high school when i watched this video, and the fun fact is that i didnt really cared about drawing tablets or even bother to know the brands, and now that i needed one for college and i was interest in a Huion canvas pro this video pops up again and its super helpful. Funny how things change in just 2 years...

    Daniel MarquesDaniel MarquesDag sedan
  • Andrei pls make a behind the scenes on how ksi saved logan Pauls career.

    Aliasgar KanchwalaAliasgar Kanchwala2 dagar sedan
  • No wonder why this was created in 2018

    Thomas The TrainThomas The Train4 dagar sedan
  • Wilfur is bout to be mah eaifu xDDDD

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  • me: I want one Me watching in 2020 me seeing the price me remembering it's 2020 and the giveaway is over..... shiz

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  • wilfur is lit

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  • My drawing tablet (a nintendo DSi) is fine for now. Wait... DARN! IT CAN’T DO COLOUR

    pokebrouserkatpokebrouserkat27 dagar sedan
  • i just saw this dudes face!

    AustinDehSlothyAustinDehSlothy29 dagar sedan
  • Bussines duck 2:12

  • Please I want an I pad for my animations

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  • Great no drawing tablet for me I'm just gonna have to use my small af tablet to draw

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  • I wish I was here on time , I really need an tablet . Broke !

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  • Watch older videos he ahows his entire face in them

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  • what programs do you use?

    ItsMariaItsMaria2 månader sedan

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  • Is the giveaway still open?

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    • its ben 2 years, i dont think it is

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  • I believe a purple goose is in my house. HELP!!

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  • Ah yes, clickbait

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  • Who got recommended this in 2020

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  • "You have 30 days!" Me: but....the video is 2 years old...

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  • Hi I'm 10 can I get a tablet

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  • I wished I went back in time 2 years to watch this

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  • What type of colour blindness do you have I bet red and green colour blind because I have never seen him use those colours.

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  • okay, now I understand why you animate in black and white...but dude...the colors are so correct?? You always do hair in the right colors

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  • 3:45 have you considered talking to george from the dream team?

    fermin fernandezfermin fernandez3 månader sedan
  • Hold on to mean right and left leg reveal arm reveal body reveal and table reveal with the table review

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  • Huh I never knew that drawing tablets are that big till now 👁👄👁

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  • Oh my good the length

    Jasmine CromartieJasmine Cromartie3 månader sedan
  • Wait hes colorblind? I now a bit wonder how does he make this great animation?

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  • what was it like growing up color blind.

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  • Wait if Andrew is blind how does he draw wilfur’s color

    Sofa7713Sofa77134 månader sedan
    • With his hand

      bill cipher ツbill cipher ツ3 månader sedan
  • I want it because I'm a spoil kid so I deserve it if you dont give it to me I will tell my mom

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  • I cant belive he is color blind

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  • Is he actually colour blind?

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  • I wish that I had seen this earlier. I would’ve drawn andrei and wilfur in the TARDIS from Doctor who

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  • The Back to the Future thumbnail 👌

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  • The characters in penguin in mandarin mean business goose

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  • Wait, if you went farther back in time, could you say no to the sponsorship? But then your channel might not have blown up... And we would not get a free tablet... So don’t go further back in time please.

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  • This will be 2 years old tomorrow

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  • Andrei and Wilfur traveling through time🎵 Where will we go todayyayyayyyyyyyy? Couldn’t get the bftt theme out of my head.

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  • Wow, I never even considered that posture thing! I got a screen tablet for Christmas like 2 years ago and I can only imagine what my back looks like now.. my tablet doesnt have a stand so I have to hunch over it

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  • I am 12

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  • I wish I had a tablet

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  • :(

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  • Hand reveal

    {gurls hot tea}{gurls hot tea}6 månader sedan
  • Is the tablet a stand alone? ( does not need a pc )

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  • Everybody’s talking about how he’s colorblind, really? You believe that? Either someone colors for him, which he isn’t giving credit to at all, or somehow he hits all the colors of boxes and light perfectly? Yeah, sure

    brrPlays PokémonbrrPlays Pokémon6 månader sedan
    • Jokirby I guess? -_-

      brrPlays PokémonbrrPlays Pokémon6 månader sedan
    • What does he have to gain from this maybe he can read the name of the colour or is partially colorblind

      JokirbyJokirby6 månader sedan
  • Is the drawing tablet still up for offer? We going back yo the future with that offer?

    Gabriel TobingGabriel Tobing6 månader sedan
    • nope this was 2 years ago

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  • Andrei is colorblind no wonder he uses black and white mostly

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  • lol this is kind of like homework hahahahaha

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  • ugh,i would love to have a drawing tablet,I srsly have talent with drawing cartoon,and detailed characters...

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  • Me: :0 giveaway Looks at date Oh... Nvm

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  • Me watching this a year after it’s posted: We’ll that sucks

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  • when you watch this 2 years after but still want the tablet...

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  • he is colorblind? i didnt know that

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  • So I'm sad I'm here a year later but oh well... I am thinking about changing to a screen tablet tho...

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  • I wish I was here back in 2018 for this

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  • If you’re colourblind then how do you do the right colours for your animation

    illocialillocial6 månader sedan
    • @illocial I read that most of colorblind people can actually see colors and Andrei is not using too many colors in his animations. Maybe sometimes he is just asking other people about what color he should use. I’m just guessing here, but it is interesting.

      Storm 96Storm 9623 dagar sedan
    • @Storm 96 but everything else is good

      illocialillocial25 dagar sedan
    • Well he draw a purple goose

      Storm 96Storm 9625 dagar sedan

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  • Time Travel is impossible for now

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  • This video is just a reviw

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  • He’s color blind?

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  • Are you really colourblind? Or joke?

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  • clickbait :(

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  • Nooo I wanted it but it is 1 year ago😭

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  • You have a beard?

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  • Has it been 30 days?

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  • what is it like being color blind

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  • Ur colorblind, no wonder u mainly draw in black and white

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  • Can I have one plzzzzzzzz I love your videos sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plzzz give me it plzzzzzzz

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  • if your color blind how did you know how to paint wilfur and the time machine

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  • Im new here and show me wilfurd irl or pictures (no drawings)

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  • 1:01 - I like how he sticks out his little tongue when drawing :D

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  • Quarantine makes SEworld recommend the best but weirdest stuff ngl

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  • I'm an eight-year-old plan on getting a $30 drawing tablet off of Amazon sorry I meant to say nine-year-old

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  • Well if you are colorblind it explains why you always make yourself gray and Wilfur is purple

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  • Thats on my birthday

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  • Your one of the less youtubers that are really honest with there thoughts 👍

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  • "Hey Doc, There isn't that much views to time travel" "Where were going, we don't need views"

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  • Guess i cant get the tablet:-(

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  • 3:46 oh that's why wilfur is purple

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  • You really colorblind?

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  • NANI!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  • Lol

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  • Does he know that wulfer has purple fether

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  • wait a min if you are color blind how did you draw yellow helmet #isitevenbusted?

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  • Ok give me

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  • He is clever

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  • U sound like my teacher sometimes. Your a good youtuber Beacuse I’ll just make people like in subscribe you want to see what the person is like that’s good

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  • Why do animated characters almost always have four fingers?

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  • I’m don’t aren’t wouldn’t couldn’t

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  • I don't deserve it

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  • He's color blind that's y the bird is purple😂

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  • It runs on magic 😂

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  • Wait your colorblind???

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  • I still had hair back then...huh

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  • Are you partially colourblind? Because you clearly still know your colours

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  • Please give me the tablet l also want to become a animater l am 10 years old

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  • Just use an iPad with apple pencil.

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