President Trump Will Always Be #1 - In Impeachments!

12 jan 2021
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James Corden looks at the news of the day including Trump's final visit to his beloved border wall, impeachment efforts in the House that would make Trump the only president impeached twice, news that Rudy Giuliani may be disbarred and California's plan to turn Disneyland into a mass vaccination site.
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  • President Trump: The looser in chief! 🤣

    Tommaso Starace MusicTommaso Starace Music25 minuter sedan
  • If Trump is ever inaugurated as a President maybe The Congress could impeach . His very famous inauguration picture with his fingers crossed behind his back is enough to know . Long live President Pence . amen

    Ronald TatroRonald Tatro4 timmar sedan
  • Hi, I'm German. It's neither Deutsch Bank nor Porsch. It's DeutschE Bank and PorschE. It's NOT a silent E. You do that in French (except it's an é) but not in German.

    Joe JupiterJoe Jupiter7 timmar sedan
    • Oh, and you pronounce that E at the end just like the "uuuuuhhhh" your mouth makes when your brain doesn't know what to say because it's still loading the next part of the sentence into the RAM. Just a little bit shorter.

      Joe JupiterJoe Jupiter7 timmar sedan
  • why is he walkingggggg its so distrcting

    Samantha DeanSamantha Dean23 timmar sedan
  • Can't wait for the "Patriots Day" style movie about the Capitol.

    Finding A Stranger In The AlpsFinding A Stranger In The AlpsDag sedan
  • Impeachment is a claim. These have not been proven to be true.

    Robert DouglasRobert DouglasDag sedan
  • He will ALWAYS be the only one who kept promises made and more. What he did in 4years other president could eg middle east peace. Get real and a bit balanced. Brits love ❤❤✊✊ President Trump. It is shameful to see relentless trashing of a man who has done so much for Americans than any other world leaders put together. 1. Clintons...went to war multiple times ...never forget deaths happened. Talk to those families who lost loved ones. 2. Bushes. ..went to wars many died 3. Obama ..byden ...multiple wars ..including Bengazi. = deaths and carnage. 4. President Trump: NO war at all...brought soldiers home and successfully acheived middle east peace. We love❤❤ you PRESIDENT Trump.✊✊

    NiksNiksDag sedan
  • Does James know Bolsonaro is worse?

    Izabele A L SoeiroIzabele A L SoeiroDag sedan
  • in the uk we think corden is an overweight non funny tosser.

    fbd 2000fbd 2000Dag sedan
  • The rest of your crew is great👍👍

    Wasin MayaliWasin MayaliDag sedan
  • Get rid of your zoinest comedian

    Wasin MayaliWasin MayaliDag sedan
  • James, Disneyland is the greatest place on earth! And let me tell you, it is MUCH MUCH MORE FUN now that my kids are adults!!!

    Dawn ParcelDawn ParcelDag sedan
  • No not the Mask Singer... Rudy will be on Dancing with the 🌟 Stars

    Autumn HuttonAutumn HuttonDag sedan
  • The duck must be a professional, it has pants...

    Elvira CanaveralElvira CanaveralDag sedan
  • From uk london. Used really love what u did but now it is sickening that u make fun of trump to get your laughs. Half of the country feel that he has given them a voice. I was sucked in my msm and it seems u have lost the ability to step back and see what u r doing. I walked away from the vicious dem attack mentality. Hope u have the intelligence and English fair play quality to consider whether what u r doing is fair and funny at all in these difficult times. Shouldn't we all question the media rubbish??? Unfortunately the algorithm keeps showing u more of your bias so I know it's hard to get out of the bubble. If I'm honest I'm now ashamed at what u r doing when 12 months ago I would have been laughing with you. I was hoodwinked by the media and forgot how to think for myself. Hope u will think about this....

    Lesley TaylorLesley Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, let’s impeachment every president going forward. Great fun and good use of time.

    RJ LeeRJ Lee2 dagar sedan
  • 👎👎👎👎👎

    Russell Ricks BooksRussell Ricks Books2 dagar sedan
  • "Where the wild things are" I bought that book for my daughter a long long time ago, great kids book, she loved it.

    Jeannette SikesJeannette Sikes3 dagar sedan
  • We should change school fight songs to school positivity songs, the word fight is riotously negative and wicked. Trump used it 28 times. Orange man bad.

    MichaelMichael3 dagar sedan
    • @Cherry Red Even Obama sang "Amazing Grace" that celebrated how a hardened slave trader turned to God then changed and forgiven!!! God loves us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. He loves us as we are but too much to leave us as we are. :)

      MichaelMichael2 dagar sedan
    • Orange Oligarch evil, not just merely"bad".

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • The last freely elected President. Think.

    rockerdad2rockerdad23 dagar sedan
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • "But it might be cold" 😂😂

    rugby846rugby8463 dagar sedan
  • shout out to my peeps Reggie Watts and Tim Young! thanks for sporting a SPECSWIZARD tee, Tim!

    BALAKTUS of EarthBALAKTUS of Earth3 dagar sedan
  • The mask singer will take Rudy on the show if his farts don’t stink.

    Jelly WhitJelly Whit3 dagar sedan
  • I miss the Garage :(

    loverrleeloverrlee3 dagar sedan
  • Please Audrey Hubbard to repost the comment addressed to me, because I can't find it in full anywhere.

    gianni paladinigianni paladini3 dagar sedan
  • I swear, I love this show man!!!

    scattaman1scattaman13 dagar sedan
  • Trump Speak _People say_ = What I believe or wish to be true _Nobody knew_ = I just found out. _We’re looking into it_ = I have no idea. _Fake news_ = You just said something really mean about me.

    MyQueenFreddieMercuryMyQueenFreddieMercury3 dagar sedan
  • The impeachment, that was not a... HOAX!!!!

    cheryl laneycheryl laney3 dagar sedan
  • Good jokes tonight!

    Barbara SquyresBarbara Squyres3 dagar sedan
  • Reg looked like Slash's slightly wired cousin noone talks about 🤣 and yes I meant wired not weird !

    QuiltygalQuiltygal3 dagar sedan
  • Give Reg a top hat, cigarette, guitar and he's SLASH!!

    Shane TarrShane Tarr3 dagar sedan
  • Y’all so obsessed with trump like y’all don’t even talk about Biden

    Katelynn SalinasKatelynn Salinas3 dagar sedan
    • Why should we?

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • Stop showing clips of his rhetoric

    muzzy9267muzzy92673 dagar sedan
  • biden has already been impeached. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Wednesday said she plans on filing articles of impeachment against President-elect Joe Biden on his first full day in office next week.

    immortal scurdsimmortal scurds3 dagar sedan
  • actually biden's record of being impeached before taking office will never be beaten or even equaled

    immortal scurdsimmortal scurds3 dagar sedan
  • He reminds me of cousin Itt from the Adams family.

    Erika BonaparteErika Bonaparte3 dagar sedan
  • Reg as Esmeralda 🤣🤣🤣

    SNIB DOGGSNIB DOGG3 dagar sedan
  • You idiots really need a life. To spend so much time and energy on someone you hate is just disturbing. I'm really concerned on what you all will do with yourselves after President Trump. Get depressed and have withdrawals no doubt. Go get your head examined. Seriously!

    Beth MendezBeth Mendez3 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes u forget Liam was a Jedi!

    Paul SchubertPaul Schubert3 dagar sedan
  • Why do these talk shows need to get involved with politics I think it would be better if they stay out of it and try to entertain people with good entertainment

    Bow WinkleBow Winkle3 dagar sedan
  • 3:21 it's so cute how he pronounces 'Deutsche Bank'. It's more like Döitsch Bank. Thanks for the great show, James!

    InschenörInschenör3 dagar sedan
  • Without Deutsche Bank, how will Putin fund Trump?... Perhaps it's Putin whose lost interest in Trump.

    John WangJohn Wang4 dagar sedan
  • Always funny to see all the media coverage is focused on the people that are rioting and impeachment. While the media had a decisively more sympathetic slant on people that were rioting, killing, burning buildings and looting over the summer. I guess as long as you agree with the views of the mainstream media, rioting, looting and taking over whole blocks is OK…lol Where was the democratic appalled reaction over the rioting this past summer? Who was impeached when the thugs were burning businesses and livelihoods in Portland and Seattle? But don’t worry folks lets worry about impeaching a billionaire during a pandemic, who is going to write a book in a few days and make millions more. Why focus the people dying of COVID-19 lol! What a joke!

    MIke PetrilliMIke Petrilli4 dagar sedan
    • Because that wasn't sedition, genius 🙄.... And you can't compare fights for the right for black and brown people to stop getting murdered by cops to people trying to overturn a democratically run election anyway!!!

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah the democrats have accomplished alot. Turned black people against white people and fixed an election!!!!!!

    Steve ScurriaSteve Scurria4 dagar sedan
  • 9:31 Just put a top hat on Reggie and call him Slash!

    VampireLoganVampireLogan4 dagar sedan
  • looks like Reg has a Tina Turner wig on backwards

    topcat2069topcat20694 dagar sedan
  • What a surprise. Biden seemingly going to the White House you loser pukes get out of your garages. What a coincidence?

    Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Young ArtistYoung Artist4 dagar sedan
  • This is why celebrities should not be involved in current affairs, I can see the hand sticking out of his back.....

    Copy and pasteCopy and paste4 dagar sedan
  • THE bill for Trump of Giuliani is 16.000 dollar for one Day !,, what do you think about that !,

    M EversM Evers4 dagar sedan
  • James. As soon as we safely go to Disney World, we are doing a girls trip. No kids!

    VinaluvVinaluv4 dagar sedan
  • "Tv hosts ? just punch them." Title of of a song in a album called "liars and bullies use cameras", I dreamed of.

    Stan StanislashStan Stanislash4 dagar sedan
  • giuliani used to be a lawyer, then he became a politician

    JustmiiJustmii4 dagar sedan
  • Everyone is talking about Trump and I'm just like "dogs? Peanut butter and pretzel ice cream sounds like something *I* would like!

    Jesus ZamoraJesus Zamora4 dagar sedan
  • nobody knows more about impeachments than trump

    JustmiiJustmii4 dagar sedan
  • Most of that was replacing aging infrastructure and not new construction.

    ToughAncientSparkToughAncientSpark4 dagar sedan
  • Reggie's hair is MAGNIFICENT!😍

    Global WarmhugsGlobal Warmhugs4 dagar sedan
  • Got to go now. Good luck with your SEworld show.

    GugenheimerGugenheimer4 dagar sedan
  • When you are impeached twice, it means you are doing something GOOD in Washington. You are messing with the swamp's gravy train. You are changing the old business and usual and power plays. Thank you for an EXCELLENT effort, President Trump! Unfortunately we are now back to our old ways due to a spineless House and Senate.

    Gary LeeGary Lee4 dagar sedan
  • Strangers crotch 🤣🤣🤣

    Road BeautyRoad Beauty4 dagar sedan
  • Well ... is cheaper to have Donny make the Deutsche Bank popular free advertising than paying billions for it?... am asking because there should be a reason...

    Blanca IbsenBlanca Ibsen4 dagar sedan
  • Cousine It with curls : CUTE

    Mira LongMira Long4 dagar sedan
  • Nancy Pelosi impeached the sh*t out of Trump. She totally owned him. It seemed like he had completely submitted in his speech he made yesterday. Now it seems like he is making an effort to be "nice."

    Pollyanna PrinciplePollyanna Principle4 dagar sedan

    Anmol KPAnmol KP4 dagar sedan
  • Number one in impeachment’s is the least thing President Trump will be remembered for.

    Lenny OatmanLenny Oatman4 dagar sedan
  • BIN Laden used Planes ! Trump used Stupid People !!!

    Joe WeisJoe Weis4 dagar sedan
  • You guys are doing such a great and noble job healing people after this pandemic!

    Prathmesh KulkarniPrathmesh Kulkarni4 dagar sedan
  • Day 4 of requesting James to invite Lou to the show🥺

    Priyali SharmaPriyali Sharma4 dagar sedan
  • It's a shame for the American Democratic Party, just sitting around eating the people's taxes, stalking the impeachment of Trump, who is making America strong again.

    Truong Minh LeTruong Minh Le4 dagar sedan
    • This is a joke, right?? April Fool's Day is April 1st, not in January.

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • many germans here?

    Art XenArt Xen4 dagar sedan
  • Rudy would make a great coke dealer hahahaha

    Joanne FarakerJoanne Faraker4 dagar sedan
  • Reggie's hair best bit😂😂😂

    Blue FoxBlue Fox4 dagar sedan
  • Reggie's hair reminded me of "cousin it". Funny show. We need all the laughs we can get. Sorry about the desk defilement 🤪🤣

    Tana GriggTana Grigg4 dagar sedan
  • Orange Poison Sack 🤢is clearly the Best President ever ..... AT GETTING IMPEACHED ! 😂

    Mark DowseMark Dowse4 dagar sedan
  • what a hair!! woow . amazing ! :)

    Andrej ŠándorAndrej Šándor4 dagar sedan
  • ---------------No, it's extremely inappropriate and unacceptable denigrating Trump when he is the only President who has genuinely prioritized the lives, safety and welfare of every living American; isn't a leader you target and lambast with your cheap Marxist shenanigans!

    Traditional ValuesTraditional Values4 dagar sedan
    • Is this a joke???

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • Reggie could play a great cousin "IT" Really beautiful hair!! Loved it!!

    Suzanne LeMaySuzanne LeMay4 dagar sedan
  • Love the "lost interest " comment about the Deutsch bank!!, thanks!!

    Suzanne LeMaySuzanne LeMay4 dagar sedan
  • Guiliani, has more money than a bull can shit, no need to work even if he was barred.

    Mark TuckerMark Tucker4 dagar sedan
  • Remember when James Corden was funny? Me neither.

    Matt CandlerMatt Candler4 dagar sedan
    • Then go one is making you stay on this channel.

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • I guess he can only bank with douche bank.

    Revolutionary ThinkingRevolutionary Thinking4 dagar sedan
  • Who's the guy in the band on the top left?? Is he on a treadmill?! 😂😂😂

    Amanda FordAmanda Ford4 dagar sedan
  • Cousin It!!!!!

    marie andersonmarie anderson4 dagar sedan
  • Try the traitor.

    Laughter TalksLaughter Talks4 dagar sedan
  • See this the problem in the world,its monologues like this that keep this world jugdeing people and creating bullies. Your showing kids that it's ok to make fun of people,you should be ashamed dude

    Joseph ChiassonJoseph Chiasson4 dagar sedan
    • Someone call a WAAAAAAAMBULANCE....

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • 5

    Uli De la cruzUli De la cruz4 dagar sedan
  • lies, sedition, inciting and supporting insurrection and domestic terrorism. Choose wisely GOP. The WORLD is watching you and you will be judged. Our own president incited an armed insurection on democracy from the inside. United States does not negotiate nor “unify”with terrirusts

    jan morganjan morgan4 dagar sedan
  • Q) 1:30 - 1:35 A) I was all me and my homies 😎

    GyanPrakashGyanPrakash4 dagar sedan
  • SEworld don’t ban my account for saying this but why are they impeaching him? They have no reason. It’s not his fault people protested the capital. Plus, most of the people who stormed weren’t trump supporters they were anifta. Trump is a good president. He should be the president for the next four years if it wasn’t a false election. There is proof of this. Thank you. If you don’t agree with my opinions pls don’t say anything. If you disagree pls don’t hate and pls don’t ban me SEworld for having a opinion

    Cake CraftCake Craft4 dagar sedan
    • @Cherry Red I can’t tell if your agreeing with me or not

      Cake CraftCake Craft2 dagar sedan
    • There's always more stupid people coming out from under rocks wherever you go....

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • WBK

    Mehedi HasanMehedi Hasan4 dagar sedan
  • I used to love watching your show until you decided to ramp and rage about President Trump every...single....night. Your face appears at the top of Facebook and I press start and Trump's name is in your first or second sentence. So over it! Find something else to do comedy about. Are you going to poke at Biden every night? We'll wait and see.

    Lis GreenLis Green4 dagar sedan
    • Boo hoo hoo....

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • Came from communist country. I am shock to see the media spread propaganda, manipulate it. Great job James.

    Julie NJulie N4 dagar sedan
  • China is very happy now. Imagine 4 more years with Trump. China would be crushed. Now they can go back start stealing from USA. Great job senior home (democrats)

    Julie NJulie N4 dagar sedan
    • Oh 🐂💩!!! Trump is in China's back pocket!!!

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • Democrats or seniors house so hypocrite . They divide us people even deeper. Great job China. Communism now in USA.

    Julie NJulie N4 dagar sedan
    • Wow, yet another ignorant tRumper speaks and reveals their Dunning-Kruger effect outlook 🙄 And bad grammar.

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • The prickly stranger mathematically list because father compellingly carry alongside a dark jacket. colossal, wide copy

    Puff OpperPuff Opper4 dagar sedan
  • Da da da Double, double up, double up Da da da Double, double up, double up On Trump's impeachments, On Trump's impeachments. Seriously, America is becoming great again, leading the democratic world forward. I am appalled by Trump's treachery, but thrilled by 'the beginning of the end' of Trump's reign of stupidity and grifting fascism. Captain, Captain! The Trumpists are revolting! Constable, constable, tell me something I don't know..

    Reginald JacksonReginald Jackson4 dagar sedan
  • Hold up, is there a bandmate walking on a treadmill while working on Zoom? 😂

    Billy ChenBilly Chen4 dagar sedan
  • Will trump be tried as an adult? Should he be?

    knowtube1knowtube14 dagar sedan
  • Trump is hero..

    BOIH TEABOIH TEA4 dagar sedan
    • Of the stupid.

      Cherry RedCherry Red2 dagar sedan
  • Yes, DJT wins again, in impeachments! Winning everyday for him.

    Angie HebbleAngie Hebble4 dagar sedan