6 jan 2021
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  • Thank you for saying this. I’m sure this will help with the situation at hand. If anyone, not just Schlatt, cares to read this, take a break from Twitter. That is where all the drama is coming from. Especially all this “canceled” shit

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  • youre a good friend schlatt

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  • Why dose this video feel so much longer than 6 minutes?

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  • Someone should go check on Carson though. Just to make sure he hasn’t hurt himself or worse

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  • 3:32 LMAO door stuck

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  • You handled this very well. I'm sorry about this whole situation. Personally, I never knew Carson but I can only imagine how much this hurts. I hope Carson gets the help he needs. Take care Schlatt, we're all here for you.

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  • Everyone: Listening to Schlatt's explanation Me: Yo those are some good plays

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  • yikes

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  • This is literally the best thing you could do

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  • The big man upstairs has spoken

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  • imagine tipping off the FBI about your friend.

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  • Three weeks from then, I still can't believe this had happened...

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  • I dont think the power dynamic is an issue. The way I see it Carson seemed pretty vulnerable. I could see how if someone was in a bad place and also had thousands of people loving them they would give in and message some of their fans, even in sexual ways. Im sure a few of the fans were mentally healthier then Carson. Carson seems more like the victim to me. But this is just something to consider since you know him a hell of a lot more than I do Schatt.

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  • There is no possible way schlatt could have said this better. Thank you schlatt you did the right thing instead of trying to be a prick and cancel him you were honest and understanding.

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  • 0:52 amung us

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    • when the syndrome is sus! 😳

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  • 4:32 I cannot get over this flashbang

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  • I think it's kinda baffling that we are close to February and Carson has still not responded to the the controversy.

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    • @Henry Does Vids No he didnt its from other streams of his

      JonasJonas6 timmar sedan
    • Didn’t he go live on twitch and say he regrets everything he did?

      Henry Does VidsHenry Does Vids8 timmar sedan
    • I just choose to believe that he’s either getting help or taking it easy until he feels secure enough to address it. I just hope that he eventually says something

      Gianna LinaresGianna Linares10 timmar sedan
  • ngl, Carson didn’t do anything wrong. 19 and 17? Bro seriously? And Carson just can’t get in any kind of relationship at all now. He can only get with like the few streamers that he can hope like him and he hopes he likes and works out? There’s power dynamics in every relationship and using that fan and streamer power dynamic and calling him a predator because of that is bullshit. So is he supposed to find someone who doesn’t know about his career and keep it a secret? What if they find out? Then he has to break up with them?

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  • 2 years is fine nothing more or its bad

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    • The problem is that he posed child pornography... you can argue that 2 years doesn’t matter but the law is the law

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  • I don't know what to feel about this. But like, I think it was bad that people from the group went on Drama Alert for this. Keem blew it out of proportion. I hope everyone from this situation is doing ok tho

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  • I don't know who carson is but i also didn't know a 19 year old and 17 year old was considered weird not that i would do it or defend it just didn''t know

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    • @Antoninmp ah ok sorry i didn't watch the whole thing

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    • That’s not the problem... it’s him exchanging photos

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  • i was never one to really even watch schlatts videos, i’d love him in carson’s videos but i would only really watch carson. i have gained so much respect for you in such a little amount of time. shit is not easy talking about and coming out about but i think you did it in the best possible way. I both hope carson gets the help he needs and you have a positive future. :)

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  • "Use his power to repeatedly take advantage of vulnerable people" it's easy too use words like that along with the words "victims" to try and paint this incriminating image. But when you actaully take a step back and look at the situation -she was fully aware of what was happening ( her being a fan doesn't automatically put her in this vulnerable helpless situation she was still at liberty to leave anytime she wanted too) -she was also romantically interested in him, it isn't a crime for a teenage boy at the time to have a crush on a girl( 2 years younger than him and with the Rome and juilet laws legally allowed to be physically intimate together) - he didn't use his fame nor "power" to manipulate her in anyway, it was completely consensual. I'm not comfortable with the way everyone is okay with not only throwing him under the bus but criminalizing a 19 year old at time for doing something completely normal and consensual on both parties.

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    • I didn’t know I was going to read the Bible

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  • damn, it's been 3 weeks since, and i still shed multiple man tears hearing the name of callmecarson.

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  • anyways that wall bang 1:41 was so unfair

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    • Ikr like how

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  • Thank You Schlatt, This Video was very well said and you did a good job

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  • Wow I just heard about this situation in this video and I know this might be late but.... Wish you all the best.

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  • This is such a vague video. People act like it's a bombshell but almost nothing new was revealed besides a couple of vague comments about his roommates and the **possible** implication he did it with other fans recently (none of whom's ages are revealed, which makes me think they were probably 18+). Why is everyone hyping this video up? Because he lied to his friends? Okay, but that's garden-variety drama, and now we've went from "carson's a groomer" to "carson's a bad friend". What a lame pile of nothing. inb4 "power dynamics": If you think "power dynamics" are the problem, then clearly you must think pewdiepie, pyro, most celebrities, and every rockstar ever should be cancelled for relations with fans. inb4 "he manipulated her": if you genuinely, actually read the logs and thought she was manipulated, I really don't know what to say to you. Just looks like awkward/creepy DMs to me. She was OK with it the whole way through. Dumb. As for the other girls, we have no evidence about them that has been leaked. I think one other girl came out but it was nothing special. Everything else is speculation and vague gesturing. inb4 "it was illegal!": Law != morality. If you want to go down this route, the girl he DMed is also culpable since it's also illegal for her to have sent those messages. Yes, you read that right. People can and have gotten in trouble for **sending** nudes as a minor, or even just having nudes of themselves. So, this is a stupid argument.

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    • @Optimalleech77 this is going to turn into the longest reply argument like the one charie covered (critikal moist)

      TelenTelen12 timmar sedan
    • @Gargee Banerjee fair enough

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    • @Addazarmy i am not debating the point of the video in this instance i am saying the other guy didn't give valid reasoning for his side and is being a baby hurling insults .

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee17 timmar sedan
    • @Gargee Banerjee as crudely as it was put I think this comment misses the point of the video

      AddazarmyAddazarmy20 timmar sedan
    • @Optimalleech77 some knight in shining armour protecting children

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee20 timmar sedan
  • oof

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  • I hope most people see him as a person. Honestly he deserves the negative attention from his viewers and peers, but the worst thing that happened is Keemstar getting involved. I hope Carson's alright..

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  • Schlatt thank you

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  • Disclaimer: I DO NOT in any way want want to seem rude this is just my opinion. I think one reason probably the most likely reason why content creators like Carson would take advantage of their viewers and fans is because of their place in power over other individuals and their mental state. You can have someone like Carson but with a very good mental state and probably do the exact same thing because of his position of power, or have someone with a very bad mental state who doesn`t care about their position of power over others but their mind has been twisted so much from life and daily occurrences and such that they essentially go into a state of mind were they don`t feel anything or do something and regret it later only once they realize the severity of the situation. In Carson`s case personally I believe that he desperately needs an extremely good Psychiatrist and Therapist and at the same time a friend because yes you were being his friend but then you cut ties with him when it seems like he needs help most, and as a friend help him, maybe every once in a while have him give you complete access to his social media accounts, etc., When Carson first reached out to the other members of the lunch club and everybody left him but 3 people I think that broke him, the fact that people he considered to be friends just leave him, no one feels good after loosing friends but loosing multiple at once is what really hurts. To be perfectly honest I know you don't want to be associated Carson in any way possible at the moment but at the same time as a friend, you did the worst thing possible and walk out on him and now he has gone completely silent on everything except discord I believe and yes I see that you walked out in him because of what the messages were and that he didn't change anything but again now he seems alone at a time of real deep depression because he could loose absolutely everything and this is all he has and think about it if you were his parents you wouldn't want him home after all of this. What Carson needs is a month with no social media to help his mental state, have him do something calming, No SEworld for a month. What he needs is a new beginning, start with deleting his socials, and remaking them so that the messages are gone and wont be a constant reminder, deleting his discord so that messages on there wont be a constant reminder. ((Edit 1) At the same time watch his content it shows you guys also making fun of him, yes it might just be a joke to you, and even Carson might understand that it is a joke but I think you guys also need to stop with that because that might also be hurting him and he might just not be saying anything.) Now I'm not saying that Carson is the victim here at all what he did was bad and he acknowledged it and that1s a step in the right direction. Now this message isn`t done being said, if you have more info with Proof I will accept it, such as did the girls say they were under age in their socials/ messages sent with Carson or not, Did he 100% force them to send pics such as he threatened them if they didn`t and etc. So please if anyone has anymore information let me know.

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  • I forgot to say but Who fucking asked?

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    • The 388k people who liked this video. Are ya missing some brain cells bud?

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    • You want a manifesto?

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    • plenty of people tbh

      RachelleRachelle22 timmar sedan
    • 🙄

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  • Imposter sus

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    • imposter syndrome

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  • Pain

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  • You probably never will answer this and I don’t blame you it’s a very sensitive question but why did you guys choose to address this only when your carriers where in jeopardy? It makes sense that you did it to help yourselves but why didn’t you do it when was morally right?

    • so they look good as a group

      LoliLickerLoliLickerDag sedan
  • I don't know about you guys, But I grew up watching Carson. It was because of him that I found Schlatt, Ted, Charlie (Slimecicle), and a bunch of others. Hearing this news really hurts. I want to hear what he has to say, yet at the same time, I don't. I hope he uploads something giving an explanation about this.

    I Am MoraI Am MoraDag sedan
    • I also hope he doesn't respond I just hope that he stops being a internet famous person and starts being a normal person for his own mental health

      JonasJonas6 timmar sedan
    • @Stephano7740 Technically, yes. I've been watching him since 2018 though. I didn't really "grow up watching him", I just have watched him for a long time and when you do that with someone like a SEworldr, you feel somewhat connected to them,

      I Am MoraI Am Mora13 timmar sedan
    • No you didn't hes only been doing youtube for 2 - 3 years

      Stephano7740Stephano774021 timme sedan
  • Ayo watch this shit carsons gonna off himself i can see it now

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  • This is so weird. I love how Schlatt has a “funny mode” where he often acts intoxicated and just goofy, but the actual Schlatt seems to be a very mature, intelligent, and well mannered person.

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  • wtf is this mans loadout???? dog water

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    • @MidasT2R [Music] im just being honest man this dude is total dog water at the game

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    • Bruh wtf

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  • kill pedos.

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    • He's not a pedo wtf he's a man who makes mistakes , get a life man

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  • Wow ur really bad at cod

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    • @Dom McCb that isn't the definition of sarcasm lmao

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    • @Henry Does Vids it’s called sarcasm

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    • That's... what you take away from this video?

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  • Love chain: ❤️

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  • Keen star blew this shit out of proportion he’s not the person who should’ve broken the news it should’ve been Schlatt or the lunch club altogether

    FlitzFlitzDag sedan
    • But didn't two members of lunch club come to keemstar? Seems a bit irresponsible on their end ngl.

      London NanningaLondon Nanninga2 timmar sedan
    • Exactly.

      jamjamjamjamDag sedan
  • Why did all the accounts that said Carson did that disappear

    Brothers 76Brothers 76Dag sedan
  • Schlatt is one of the only people on this platform I genuinely love

    gobzillagobzillaDag sedan
  • Imposter sindrome? Guys, i think carson Is sus!!!! get It? amongos regference

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    • when the sus is inposter

      AODAOD11 timmar sedan
    • gorg floid playes a mongoose :joy:

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    • lamao!!! amoung sus game!!!!!!!!

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    • Hahahahahahhahshaahhahahaahahhaahahah funy mong us refermance

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    • lol!!!! thats is funny!! XD😂

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  • The amount of Carson stans calling schlatt a fake friend in the comments is honestly painful

    Deema AaDeema AaDag sedan
    • @Gargee Banerjee man followed every comment I made lmao I cleared my point.

      Deema AaDeema Aa19 timmar sedan
    • You aren't Any better

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee23 timmar sedan
  • Now watch this kill streak

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  • this is one of the dumbest things i have ever seen in my life

    Live 25Live 25Dag sedan
    • @Shrek is love Shrek is life wait a person with brain cells?

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee11 timmar sedan
    • @Gargee Banerjee true, they’re were both consensual, not illegal, but the things he did are looked down on. The whole thing is has been hyped up by third parties who have nothing to do with it. He needs help, it’s true, and hopefully within a couple months he will resurface a changed person. If he does it again, it would be really sad, but if he does change it would be great.

      Shrek is love Shrek is lifeShrek is love Shrek is life11 timmar sedan
    • @JWebToRian no crime was committed

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee23 timmar sedan
    • He did terrible shit, but he is at a low state of life so he's not terrible.

      zidane gamimgzidane gamimgDag sedan
    • How? Carson has committed a crime that now he doesn't want to do anymore. He just needs help.

      JWebToRianJWebToRianDag sedan
  • So getting canceled because your 19 talking to a 17 year old

    Lord QuasLord QuasDag sedan
    • @LoliLicker didn’t even read my comment smh

      Deema AaDeema Aa20 timmar sedan
    • @CrazeTheSlime Tired of this stupid argument. It was creepy, yeah, but he didn't abuse his power. Do you want to cancel Pewdiepie, Pyro, every rockstar ever, and most celebrities next? Dumb.

      Gianni HGianni H21 timme sedan
    • @LoliLicker nO A Bout tHe ChilDren WHo wILL thiNk Of tHE chILdRen

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee23 timmar sedan
    • @Deema Aa about what? flirting?

      LoliLickerLoliLickerDag sedan
    • @CrazeTheSlime + he lied to his friend who tried to help him

      Deema AaDeema AaDag sedan
  • Yooo did you win the game?

    JuniirJuniirDag sedan
  • bruh, why did it disgust you? are you being a lil bish right now? I honestly don't trust anyone that used to call Carson a friend and is now on this side, like there's little to no proof of abuse of power, it's all just talk, and that includes the first girl that cried "I'm a victim"

    Epic RandomnessEpic RandomnessDag sedan
    • @LoliLicker I agree with that. Both should get help.

      JWebToRianJWebToRian15 timmar sedan
    • @JWebToRian manipulated? jesus i swear you people learn a new word ("grooming", "power dynamic") and just run with it without ever knowing what that actually looks like. what a reach.

      Gianni HGianni H21 timme sedan
    • @blake the great Aw man the god tier manipulate that Carson dude did

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee BanerjeeDag sedan
    • @JWebToRian yeeah i agree. he manipulated her because the fetus of a woman was too young to consent to sending nudes.

      LoliLickerLoliLickerDag sedan
    • Those screenshots show an abuse of power

      blake the greatblake the greatDag sedan
  • Schlatt talked about this better in a few minutes than the entirety of twitter in a few weeks

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  • You Are a good friend

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  • Matt was right, this video's a banger

    Guiseppe FalzaranoGuiseppe FalzaranoDag sedan
  • Jschlatt this video was very well said. I know it was probably hard talking about this but thank you for explaining it.

    LexypieeeLexypieeeDag sedan
  • :(

    Console AdminConsole AdminDag sedan
    • :(

      jamjamjamjamDag sedan
  • i never watched this until now because i never watched carson so i sorta ignored the situation in a way. but after watching the whole thing i have the biggest gut ache and i almost cried twice. this isn’t any guilt comment or whatever but this genuinely hurt me. i am not a victim of anything mentioned in the video other than poor mental health, which i can’t be a victim of kinda. but this hurt me so bad to hear schlatt so monotone and sad. this whole situation happening sucks

    joelle sjoelle sDag sedan
  • Jschlatt is such a good person

    Tommyinnit tvTommyinnit tvDag sedan
  • she was 17 almost 18 i don’t think that’s bad but the pictures are a bit weird

    Cat lover 9000 KCat lover 9000 KDag sedan
    • @blake the great yup

      CrazeTheSlimeCrazeTheSlimeDag sedan
    • That’s not the issue, he used his power of a ‘famous’ person to get nudes, that is manipulation

      blake the greatblake the greatDag sedan
  • If anything this should paint all of you in a bad light for turning your backs on him over a legal girl.

    Colin LappColin LappDag sedan
    • @Deema Aa and that's if you are assuming they were friends to begin with.

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee16 timmar sedan
    • @Deema Aa i have watched the video and people do in fact yeet their friends for clout ever heard of slazo

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee16 timmar sedan
    • @Gargee Banerjee and your acting like a said the Stan thing is a fact you lmao it’s my opinion+ I don’t think you understand how much these allegations are serious??? Like if you had common sense you would understand that not all people would yeet their friend for clout. i don’t even think yo watched the jschlatt’s video? Like do some goddamn research before calling someone a fake friend

      Deema AaDeema Aa16 timmar sedan
    • @Deema Aa just because you think so doesn't mean it's fact take me for example when they went to keem they forgot to add a bunch of details that changes the entire story. They are accusing a beloved content creator and there former friend of committing a heinous crime yet they can't even get the crimes they accused him of right.

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee Banerjee17 timmar sedan
    • @Gargee Banerjee + I think that all the people who call the lunch club fake and shit are Carson Stans because the evidence against Carson being a generally shitty friend (other than the main reason for the whole cancel thing which I’m gonna ignore because it’s a can of beans I don’t wanna open)are A LOT and these people just chose to ignore it and yeet the blame at the lunch club like how do you think The edit is for something I forgot to add and spelling

      Deema AaDeema Aa17 timmar sedan
  • So umm Carson is literally innocent. The one girl was literally legal....LITERALLY LEGAL.

    Colin LappColin LappDag sedan
    • @Dr Bright so believe his hearsay with no evidence while in the discord messages the girl was manipulating Carson

      Gargee BanerjeeGargee BanerjeeDag sedan
    • listen to the part where jschlatt mentions that carson pursued this

      Dr BrightDr BrightDag sedan
  • Came here for the gameplay

    Mansoor AlhameliMansoor AlhameliDag sedan
  • If that’s true, I think you did the right thing Schlatt. This is where friends are proven: when calling out is necessary.

    Deutsch AmerikanerDeutsch Amerikaner2 dagar sedan
  • I’ve never seen schaltt this way I’m genuinely sad now 😔

    yashikaboiyashikaboi2 dagar sedan
  • Hurts to hear Schlatt so serious, love ya man.

    BagBag2 dagar sedan
  • dude you suck at mw3

    Eazy_100sEazy_100s2 dagar sedan
    • @NTF Operative there is always times for funny comments

      zidane gamimgzidane gamimgDag sedan
    • @zztailsMKW - Clips and Highlights ok but this is on a serious subject dude yk that plus is this probably gameplay from like way back

      NTF OperativeNTF OperativeDag sedan

      zztailsMKW - Clips and HighlightszztailsMKW - Clips and HighlightsDag sedan
    • k brb gonna find out who the fuck asked

      NTF OperativeNTF OperativeDag sedan
  • There’s a huge chance that he’ll end himself. He probably already did it since we have no updates or and apology video from him.

    XxXSukina_ChanXxXXxXSukina_ChanXxX2 dagar sedan
    • @Dr. Hummbox We don't need to because it's private information. I can guarantee high profile people like this can't just disappear without anyone knowing lmao

      sandlerrsandlerrDag sedan
    • @Dr. Hummbox I think he still lives with his parents, after the house in California didn’t work out

      blake the greatblake the greatDag sedan
    • @sandlerr also do we even know any of Carson’s family anywhere

      Dr. HummboxDr. HummboxDag sedan
    • @sandlerr well yeah but none of those people live with him

      Dr. HummboxDr. HummboxDag sedan
    • @Dr. Hummbox His parents, his friends, etc. It's not like this guy has absolutely no one lmao.

      sandlerrsandlerrDag sedan
  • Carson is still a good person to me.

    AndddrewAndddrew2 dagar sedan
    • @CrazeTheSlime ok same to you

      NTF OperativeNTF OperativeDag sedan
    • @NTF Operative right back atchu fam

      CrazeTheSlimeCrazeTheSlimeDag sedan
    • Why?

      blake the greatblake the greatDag sedan
    • @Obye ew you

      NTF OperativeNTF OperativeDag sedan
    • ew no

      ObyeObye2 dagar sedan
  • I don’t want to know the extent of the allegations but I really don’t want know I’ve talked to Carson maybe twice in my live on discord he seemed so nice and supportive I don’t want him to fall from my eyes I hope he addresses this and gets better

    Ay_ RABAy_ RAB2 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt I really appreciate the maturity and seriousness of this video, thank you

    Allana ChaseAllana Chase2 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Schlatt

    Dukthemuk123Dukthemuk1232 dagar sedan
  • you fucking camp in cod wtf

    NineCrayFish474NineCrayFish4742 dagar sedan
    • Schlatt is speaking about allegations But this absolute chad of a gamer is worried bout cod

      ZappariteZappariteDag sedan
  • I honestly feel bad for the guy.

    Ryuko called me poggersRyuko called me poggers2 dagar sedan
    • @CrazeTheSlime Because he went down the wrong path..? At least have a little sympathy for the man.

      Ryuko called me poggersRyuko called me poggersDag sedan
    • for Carson? You feel bad for a guy who straight up lied to his friend's face? ou feel bad for a guy who used his power to manipulate people? Why in the world would you feel bad for a guy like that

      CrazeTheSlimeCrazeTheSlimeDag sedan
  • But did he kill that guy coming around the container at the end?!

    Lil_BesseTVLil_BesseTV2 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been seeing a ton of memes about Carson, but didn’t know the context, now I do. I’m sad now bc I still like his SEworld personality, but don’t know.

    Fortunate BumFortunate Bum2 dagar sedan
  • shouldve took his social media

    IMANOOBBIMANOOBB2 dagar sedan
  • I hope Carson gets the help he needs, and doesn't become another MiniLadd situation.

    Noob AnimationsNoob Animations2 dagar sedan
    • @Andddrew he's in a low state of life unlike you

      zidane gamimgzidane gamimgDag sedan
    • @Andddrew hes clearly fucking not

      NTF OperativeNTF OperativeDag sedan
    • He doesn’t need help he’s ok lol

      AndddrewAndddrew2 dagar sedan
  • Carson

    The EngineerThe Engineer2 dagar sedan
  • thank you Schlatt we love you for this

    Bex CruzBex Cruz2 dagar sedan
  • schlatt actually reaches out about the position that CARSON is in this is why i love him

    Moth xDMoth xD2 dagar sedan
  • This nigga rly playing mw3

    SEKTORSEKTOR2 dagar sedan
    • @OakNight he sucks at it

      zidane gamimgzidane gamimgDag sedan
    • Yes and?

      OakNightOakNight2 dagar sedan
    • he clearly likes it!

      KuwiKuwi2 dagar sedan
  • I used to watch Jschallt a lot last year, I had no idea he did minecraft stuff or any of this stuff happened. I don’t even know who this Carson person is, whoever this guy is he needs serious help. I hope your ok Schallt.

    It’s Clem Time!!It’s Clem Time!!2 dagar sedan
    • Epic spell time

      Deema AaDeema AaDag sedan
  • petition for schlatt to start an advice podcast

    Max FinkielsteinMax Finkielstein2 dagar sedan
  • Thankyou

    TerrorbiteTerrorbite2 dagar sedan
  • Wow im going to sound like a jerk i feel like kate and Carson are both in the wrong and Carson just didn't know kate was being sarcastic

    Landon RuddyLandon Ruddy2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for addressing things.

    Shadow666Shadow6662 dagar sedan
  • Man’s shit at cod

    Chris EncisoChris Enciso2 dagar sedan
    • k gonna go find out who the fuck asked

      NTF OperativeNTF OperativeDag sedan
  • Thanks schlatt

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  • Carson? More like arson

    Ur Dad lolUr Dad lol2 dagar sedan
    • What?wtf does arson have to do with the situa- ohhhh

      ZappariteZappariteDag sedan
  • So did Carson khs or something because I’m so confused about why this video popped up or something and I’m so confused about all of this I only knew a little bit of what happened but not a lot

    alecrocksable gamingalecrocksable gaming2 dagar sedan
    • You would know if he did

      IndyanaIndyanaDag sedan
  • One word “Damn😞” know all of this is exhausting

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  • 3:35 door stuck

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  • thank you

    CoolConman DudeCoolConman Dude2 dagar sedan
  • I’m not entirely sure what happened?

    Jillian BergerJillian Berger2 dagar sedan
  • you can hear the disappointment in his voice...

    JudenzJudenz3 dagar sedan
  • You know I didn’t know what had happened until I saw this in my recommended I was always wondering why did Carson stop uploading why is he not in any videos well now I know sadly

    Nicholas EmsleyNicholas Emsley3 dagar sedan
  • One of the biggest power duos on SEworld and twitch, its sad to see this happen. I hope Carson can get his shit together and get on the right track.

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