Tango Delta - Perseverance Begins Life On Mars

20 feb 2021
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Mars 2020 AKA Perseverance arrived safely on Mars on Thursday afternoon and is in the process of transitioning to surface operations, preparing for years of exploration of Jezero crater - an ancient lake on Mars.
As of right now we're waiting for thousands of images to be downlinked from the descent and landing while the rover updates its software and deploys its instruments.
We're hoping for have some more substantial data on Monday.

  • The NASA public feed was worth it for the kid going "Hello Space Nerds!"

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide4 timmar sedan
  • Seeing a dead planet like Mars reminds me of the ongoing desertification of the earth. At least we can't kill anything on Mars! Or maybe?

    Hendrik BarboritschHendrik Barboritsch12 timmar sedan
  • What a lot of $h1t. They were supposed to be broadcasting LIVE & taking phone calls from the president on the moon in the 1960s?

    GVAjaxGVAjax14 timmar sedan
  • Question is, will there be a Starship on Mars before the 2031 return mission......

    Matt FarrarMatt Farrar14 timmar sedan
    • That dropping samples thing is really DUMB in my mind set. Just creating more obstacles to attend to.

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide4 timmar sedan
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  • The giggling is strong with this one.

    blizzy1978blizzy197816 timmar sedan
  • if this concept has been proven to work safely for 99% of the time, cant be just shoot the same rover up, say, every year ? Maybe with a little variation in instruments or entirely new tools, so that they could start digging or building habitat asap.

    RodebertXRodebertX18 timmar sedan
    • Money, money, money

      Szymon BrzezinskiSzymon Brzezinski2 timmar sedan
  • so awesome. Now I have to get back to throwing objects in Kerbal with a 10% success rate of landing :)

    Peter WoodPeter Wood22 timmar sedan
  • After a monthPerseverance says, “Needs input, more input!”

    Emily AnEmily AnDag sedan
  • Mars rover hoax 1. Curiosity rover image P1A6204 a rodent, an arctic lemming seen at left side of image. 2. Image 0109MR0684022000E1 right side vertabrae of marine animal. 3. Image 0719MR0030550060402769E01 walrus arm bone at middle. 4. 1n13838824 eff 2700pl994r0m1 right side lump of drift wood from near by railway 3×2.

    Jesus Christ is my God To the glory of the FatherJesus Christ is my God To the glory of the FatherDag sedan
    • @Szymon Brzezinski I sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.

      Jesus Christ is my God To the glory of the FatherJesus Christ is my God To the glory of the Father2 timmar sedan
    • And no one in power full mason and illuminati NASA didn't see this things LOL

      Szymon BrzezinskiSzymon Brzezinski2 timmar sedan
  • Humans, please stop leaving your trash all over our planet. It's ok if you want to come have a look but please clean up after yourselves. Part of that last one you sent crashed in my back yard.

    AtomicskullAtomicskullDag sedan
  • This is the best thing I ever saw.

    Monkey SpunkMonkey SpunkDag sedan
    • NASA has been landing these stupid machines on Mars for decades (if there's any truth to it), now what? you still can't drink the water in Flint Michigan....what a waste of mone

      Emily AnEmily AnDag sedan
  • "Years later we're gonna have a rover come along..." A red rover?

    Drew DuncanDrew DuncanDag sedan
  • You are associated with an individual trying to extort money from known respected youtubers.

    Di9ital ZeroDi9ital ZeroDag sedan
  • "destroying the land that you're trying to land on as you're trying to land on it" 😂

    mrmoomrmooDag sedan
  • After the *skycrane* does the drop it flies off and crashes itself = what a waste.

    Blue SteelBlue SteelDag sedan
    • @Blue Steelbabysteps. this was the first autopilot landing of any craft outside of Earth and was successful.. And you're complaining the skycrane didn't parallel park itself lol. Plenty of disposable pieces in space flight are just apart of the equation as of now but that's why space X self landing rockets are so advanced.

      This GuyThis Guy18 timmar sedan
    • @This Guy - I realise everything, I've been watching space missions since the Apollo moon landings, I've seen how wasteful of technology and equipment it all is and it's about time a new less wasteful way was found = YOU can't tell ME anything - NOT LOL.

      Blue SteelBlue Steel18 timmar sedan
    • I don't think you realize how many components break off during different phases of space travel lol

      This GuyThis Guy19 timmar sedan
  • Common Folks. I seen the first man in space. On the Moon. I need man on Mars before my soon coming END GAME. You can do this.

    pulesjetpulesjetDag sedan
  • I have little faith in the Copter flying never mind being controllable. A Blimp would have been a much safer air craft to employ. Hell You could have had several Hydrogen Blimps to employ .

    pulesjetpulesjetDag sedan
  • That dropping samples thing is really DUMB in my mind set. Just creating more obstacles to attend to.

    pulesjetpulesjetDag sedan
  • What did they do with the skycrane? Yeet it off somewhere and crash it?

    C MeltonC MeltonDag sedan
  • When I first saw your "Tango Delta" I inferred, mistakenly, "Ta Da!" rather than "Touch Down". Silly me.

    Richard RiglingRichard RiglingDag sedan
  • Is there any way you could do a video on the logistics of upgrading data transmission speed from Mars? Like what would it take and is it possible?

    sourdieselalldaysourdieselalldayDag sedan
  • did the sky crane control its final landing or did it simply smash into the surface ?

    cozak23cozak23Dag sedan
    • Smash

      Scott ManleyScott ManleyDag sedan
  • Love SM but "life on mars" feels clickbaity, or... algorithm-baity.

    Nomi-HikingNomi-HikingDag sedan
  • Why 6 wheels? Since 2001 the rovers the US has sent to Mars all have 6 wheels. Why 6, why not 4? Is 6 wheels more stable? I would think 4 wheels would be lighter and just as stable as 6.

    Dana Lee GibsonDana Lee GibsonDag sedan
    • They have independent motors, previous rovers have had wheels fail and the redundancy lets them continue.

      Scott ManleyScott ManleyDag sedan
  • I take it it's the first time they use this sky crane technic.

    Retro AmateurRetro AmateurDag sedan
    • Second.

      Scott ManleyScott ManleyDag sedan
  • NASA has been landing these stupid machines on Mars for decades (if there's any truth to it), now what? you still can't drink the water in Flint Michigan....what a waste of money.

    H smithH smithDag sedan
    • @Scott Manley Wow, OK .

      H smithH smithDag sedan
    • What are you doing to make things better for humanity? Billions of years ago Mars was covered with water, it might have supported life even, and then its climate changed, the planet dried out and it’s now looks pretty dead. One reason scientists want to study Mars is because they’d like to understand what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen on Earth.

      Scott ManleyScott ManleyDag sedan
    • @Scott Manley I'm saying, what are we going to do on Mars? What's the point? What is the real plan? and Why? we know there's nothing living on Mars, what are we looking for? we also know, no one is going there any time soon. Just saying.

      H smithH smithDag sedan
    • Are you saying we should defund federal programs because states can’t manage themselves?

      Scott ManleyScott ManleyDag sedan
  • I am sure they are forensically going through every frame before making them public.

    LittleKing ArcheryLittleKing ArcheryDag sedan
  • i hear voice from NASA live say that "PBA is nominal" during the landing,,does anyone know what is PBA mean?

    Seika TohnoSeika TohnoDag sedan
  • I was there live. CAM /2

    MMCarbonMMCarbonDag sedan
  • The rustic jogging previously tap because rub appropriately yawn out a real pakistan. useless, witty shelf

    Ebenezer SamEbenezer Sam2 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused. Why are merika saying this is an achievement when it has all been been done before. The only thing that's changed is the image quality

    Last & FirstLast & First2 dagar sedan
    • First auto landing, first skycrane use, first quadcopter on another planet, hd video, microphone, orbitors watching the landing... A lot of reasons to be excited about this rover.

      This GuyThis Guy19 timmar sedan
  • Was cool to watch

    Bobby BenfieldBobby Benfield2 dagar sedan
  • Somebody is excited!

    TexasCat99TexasCat992 dagar sedan
  • Slightly off-topic...The gravity problem on the trip to Mars can be solved by launching multiple numbers of starships for redundancy but more for counterbalance by creating a central hub consisting of one-Km long tethers connected to the nose of even numbers of starships and rotating them at one RPM. I can't figure out why this is not a good idea.

    Yasha YMarshallYasha YMarshall2 dagar sedan
  • "Least interesting place to land is on another spacecraft" - only if that craft came from earth 😉

    Mark PictorMark Pictor2 dagar sedan
  • Very happy for you Scott.

    asmacarthurasmacarthur2 dagar sedan
  • ass cams LOL

    Joseph HaydenJoseph Hayden2 dagar sedan

    Stephen KramerStephen Kramer2 dagar sedan
  • Now the video is out and THAT is cool.

    Gabriel James EramianGabriel James Eramian2 dagar sedan
  • Love your passion for exploration of our solar system. I have a buddy who wrote code for the Viking Lander. I've been hooked since. Lotsa very smart engineers and scientists used their talents. Now we get to follow Percy and Ingenuity (mini copter) and hope Scott Manley will be our collective guide.

    MrSwimfinz123MrSwimfinz1232 dagar sedan
  • I tend to avoid getting worked up about photos. I know they're coming and I know the transfer rate is shite, so I just accept it and wait until something significant comes out. I'm the same way with new consumer tech and new movies actually

    BlackOakBlackOak2 dagar sedan
  • UH oh, first WORKING microphone on Mars robot, it recorded loud buzzing sound of ITSELF drowning out the sounds of Mars. Sheesh.

    NeverTalkToCops1NeverTalkToCops12 dagar sedan
  • Ok, it's now 2 days later, and I'm thinking maybe the wait for images wasn't that bad after all..... :D

    MyndaleMyndale2 dagar sedan
  • They got a drone right? I hope they got cameras on it too!

    Two Left ShoesTwo Left Shoes2 dagar sedan
  • "Flee-R" There is no U in FLIR.

    Jason WildeJason Wilde2 dagar sedan
  • Considering we kinda already know where most of earth's space vehicles are on mars,. i'd say landing on another vehicle would be quite interesting indeed... :P

    Robert AdamsRobert Adams2 dagar sedan
  • How freakin awesome is that sky crane maneuver. And the technical term should be space crane.

    Tarrell HughesTarrell Hughes2 dagar sedan
  • So what happens to the skycrane after it drops off the rover?

    Geebax2Geebax22 dagar sedan
    • it detaches and flies away to crash somewhere else so it won't damage the rover.

      Josiah FergusonJosiah FergusonDag sedan
  • who came up with the idea of putting a camera pointing at a wheel?

    Timothy RoblesTimothy Robles2 dagar sedan
  • They said there is a coded message in the patern of the parachute. Who will be the fist to figure it out?

    Dan SevernsDan Severns2 dagar sedan
  • The landing video is now available, in case anyone has been living under a rock and hadn't noticed.

    Owen SmithOwen Smith2 dagar sedan
    • @Ink_25 In 4K? Really? That's absolutely amazing. Where?

      Silvio KrummSilvio KrummDag sedan
    • And it's awesome :D They put it online in 4k quality!

      Ink_25Ink_252 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love jargon... Tango Delta is twice as many syllables as simply saying touchdown.

    Ravi MehtaRavi Mehta2 dagar sedan
    • Didn't he say "We got rover wheels on the surface of Mars" was what it actually ment ?

      Clubster NuonClubster NuonDag sedan
  • To quote Perry White, that was Great, Scot! Every time I listen to you not only do I learn something, but now I start jonesing for the next season of "Outlander".

    Craig MooringCraig Mooring2 dagar sedan
  • Per today’s press conference, they were within five meters of the targeted landing location. Amazing stuff.

    A. K.A. K.2 dagar sedan
  • Hint by JPL engineers that pattern of red and white in parachute is a code.

    Graham RankinGraham Rankin2 dagar sedan
  • Where did the 'descent stage' go? Did it crash in a heap, or was it landed under control to minimize debris?

    Hydden N. PlainsyghtHydden N. Plainsyght2 dagar sedan
  • lest interesting? Bottom of mile deep creator did they include lights?

    Martin PenningtonMartin Pennington2 dagar sedan
  • Why say Tango Delta, when it's longer to say than the words it represents? Pointless :-)... Not you, I mean NASA

    Andrew RiddleAndrew Riddle2 dagar sedan
    • @Andrew Riddle I see. ;) Thank you.

      Clubster NuonClubster NuonDag sedan
    • @Clubster Nuon Meant to be short for Touch Down - T D - Tango Delta, but as you can see its longer and longer to say lol

      Andrew RiddleAndrew RiddleDag sedan
    • Didn't he say "We got rover wheels on the surface of Mars" was what it actually ment ?

      Clubster NuonClubster NuonDag sedan
  • I saw that this rover has a microphone. Would sounds be different on Mars because of the different atmospheric density? Is the speed of sound different on Mars?

    David KaminskiDavid Kaminski2 dagar sedan
  • : Where did the skycrane go? 🐢🚀🐢🚀🐢🚀👍

    Anthony ShepardAnthony Shepard2 dagar sedan
  • can you do a vid on upload/download data rates for stuff like this? The mechanism behind it and details for the rovers and stuff?

    Dave OrilianDave Orilian2 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the sky-crane? Did it just get out of the area and crash or did it have enough fuel to set down mostly intact?

    lohphatlohphat2 dagar sedan
  • They’ve released more videos and pictures now 👍🏼

    ALNEROALNERO2 dagar sedan
  • please tell me why we don't have gps on Mars? Do we even know where the North and South poles are?, Then we have gps!

    KitsuneKitsune2 dagar sedan
  • The lastest videos showing the landing are epic! Does anyone know why the landing proceedure is so complex and why they don't glide in like the shuttle, but then land vertically so that the vehicle could take off again? Seems odd to have something that can hover to drop a rover and then just fly off and crash.

    Richard MarkhamRichard Markham2 dagar sedan
  • 10:16 - Scott Manley: "I suspect the least interesting place to land would be on top of another spacecraft." Somehow this blew my mind. Now I need a T-shirt with this quote on it.

    tubularAptubularAp2 dagar sedan
  • "the least interesting place to land would be on top of another spacecraft". lmao

    TheDr00gTheDr00g2 dagar sedan
  • I watched it live omg the waiting until they confirmed was huge. I am happy that that " liittle " rover made it's way safely :)

    WazheadBociWazheadBoci2 dagar sedan
  • Off-the-shelf equipment for Mars lander missions. Yes boys, we are surely on the way. Let's eat plenty of veggies and try to stay alive long enough to see the apex.

    Zod of HeavenZod of Heaven2 dagar sedan
  • Scott! You are going to want to learn about alluvial fans! I’ve lived in Death Valley in a very similar area geologically. I believe from personal experience and comparison that the vesiculated “rocks” we see are what I called “fluffy mudstone” In DV, the fluffy mud was typically down below the alluvial fan, just like Perseverence is. The fun thing about the alluvial fan here, is that it was formed by water flowing through a newly formed crater rim. The exciting thing there is that type of environment creates all kinds of useful mineralization. I myself have recovered gold and zircons from a similar impact here on earth at the Rock Elm disturbance.

    CaseyCasey2 dagar sedan
  • What happens to the sky crane?

    Vlad ApostolVlad Apostol2 dagar sedan
  • 0:44 Power on confirmed.

    Google SupportGoogle Support2 dagar sedan
  • Just seen Nasa's amazing footage released today, really looking forward to your comments.

    Neville PalmerNeville Palmer2 dagar sedan
  • LOL Hahaha so stupid!

    Jon BernhardsJon Bernhards2 dagar sedan
  • Brooo this is Monday where the video at ? 😉

    konnel madibakonnel madiba2 dagar sedan
  • Landing on another spacecraft boring? The odds. Short yes, but not boring. I guess maybe for the geologists.

    S. SmithS. Smith2 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE seeing Scott so giddy that he can barely sit still! 😄

    LurchieLurchie2 dagar sedan
  • We come in Peace!

    Christopher StubeChristopher Stube2 dagar sedan
  • NASA didn't have time to release images because they were too busy setting up plexiglass dividers for press conferences.

    YouTubalcaineYouTubalcaine2 dagar sedan
    • yeah but this is worse than the black plague, hundreds of millions are dead now oh wait

      Aspen BridgeAspen Bridge2 dagar sedan
  • Scott, why isn't the red planet that red?

    cacarey01cacarey012 dagar sedan
  • All Mars images go through the JPL "Agency" hub for clearance before public release. Don't know why and I'm smart enough not to ask why.

    Noe SchmoeNoe Schmoe2 dagar sedan
    • Almost as if they don't wanna just do a data dump of all the shitty pictures they get and wanna sift through the better ones to make it look cool

      LoganLoganDag sedan
  • "the least interesting place to land would be on another spacecraft"...that's a great quote! :)

    Joachim StadelJoachim Stadel2 dagar sedan
    • Seems like that would be pretty interesting unless it was one of ours

      Damon EdwardsDamon EdwardsDag sedan
  • Need commentary asap on that landing video CUZ OMFG THAT"S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    Jacob WJacob W2 dagar sedan
  • My mate Sriram took 23 attempts at passing his driving test. That's an achievement. A rover on Mars is child's play.

    Dynamo TightstarDynamo Tightstar2 dagar sedan
  • It takes loads of time to photoshop all the aliens out of the pictures...

    Peter DeryckePeter Derycke2 dagar sedan
    • How much time is in a load? Loads is at least two times that much, right?

      danlockdanlock2 dagar sedan
  • Let's be honest here, they didn't land on Mars, they dropped it off at South end beach. Who's gonna know given that we're in a MockDown currently. 🤣

    Dynamo TightstarDynamo Tightstar2 dagar sedan
  • I feel ya Scott. So much anticipation right now.

    James MartlandJames Martland2 dagar sedan
  • Absolute bullcrap. I've seen released CIA video of the moon landing on a movie set. This is the same fake crap. NASA is nothing but a money laundering operation for the CIA and if you believe this crap your really really stupid.

    John OrrJohn Orr2 dagar sedan
    • Show me this CIA vid, give me link, PROVE me that moon landing is hoax

      Szymon BrzezinskiSzymon Brzezinski2 timmar sedan
    • Oh yeah smart guy, I am sure you got it all figured out. Smartest guy in the universe right here, he has seen CIA footage.

      Joel RobinsonJoel Robinson2 dagar sedan
  • Re Geology: I recall watching the Opportunity landing live. As the first pictures started coming back, the team realized that the rover had landed in a shallow crater(it was using the giant rolling balloon system to cushion the landing, then) and one of the images clearly showed layers of bedrock about 5 meters away. The team went nuts when they saw this because it was the first time a rover had ever been close to bedrock and not just topsoil, which opened up a huge new opportunity(sorry)for them to study rock strata and see if there was any trace of water locked in the deeper soil.....OH, OH, OH! The Monday press conference is starting right now!!

    DJ WeidemanDJ Weideman2 dagar sedan
  • I watched it live, thought it was fake!

    Don BuddaDon Budda2 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations Mars touchdown

    rafd alirafd ali2 dagar sedan
  • Did I hear correctly; the helicopter is only expected to fly 4 times? It looked like it had a solar panel on the top (I thought, for charging)

    ThePianoMan1953ThePianoMan19532 dagar sedan
  • Hello Scott, I tried to find info on the rocket engines and their fuel type, to no avail. Can you get some info on that? Thanks, Chris

    Chris P.Chris P.2 dagar sedan
  • Humans: Lived on Mars --- Destroyed it by depleting its resources and destroying its Atmosphere, then went to Earth to Terraform it. Humans: Currently destroying Earth by depleting its resources and destroying its Atmosphere & Environment Humans: Lets go to Mars to Terraform it and live there. Humans: Repeat process.

    Michael SterlingMichael Sterling2 dagar sedan
  • Bad commercial

    Mtume 505Mtume 5052 dagar sedan
  • I like your joystick and throttle flightsim setup. What equipment is that?

    Joy LJoy L2 dagar sedan
  • ;-; me thinking about the sky crane broadcast its final video, thank you skycrane ;-;

    HonorNecrisHonorNecris2 dagar sedan
  • Came for Mars and stayed for the "Ass Cam."

    Michael BazikMichael Bazik2 dagar sedan
  • What happens to the "sky crane" afterward? Does it fly off and crash elsewhere?

    ꧁༒Andy Harris༒꧂꧁༒Andy Harris༒꧂2 dagar sedan